Obedience and Discipline

We haven’t covered this area that much in our blog. That’s probably because we like to think of ourselves as quite normal. That’s to say that we believe a wife led marriage with attraction, affection, love and a feminised husband is normal. As we’ve written before, why should a male led relationship with a feminine supporting wife be normal if a female led relationship with a feminised supporting husband cannot be. Of course it’s perfectly normal. And this is why probably we haven’t gone on much about discipline and obedience to the lady of the house. It takes us into the possible realms of  fetish lifestyle and we want to feel ‘normal’.

However, in a wife led relationship with a feminised husband, discipline is a key part of the deal and we are no different to any other couple in this regard. Lady A’s girlie husband has the housewife tasks to perform and above all, he has to show respect and devotion to the Lady of the house at all times. Lady A therefore has two types of discipline: management discipline and punishment discipline. Management discipline is the everyday discipline that Lady A uses to manage the relationship and ensure obedience. Punishment discipline is obvious and occasionally necessary.

Management Discipline:

Lady A will spank her girlie husband when she feels like it. This is not associated with any misdemeanor that her girlie will have done. Lady A believes that management discipline is vital for any female led relationship to ensure that standards never slip and to demonstrate who is in charge. The discipline can be a number of things:

1. Lady A has recently started using a belt to spank her girlie. Girlie has to bend over, drop her knickers to her ankles and raise her skirt to show her bare bottom. Lady A will spank it with a belt. She feels the belt is a very suitable article to demean her girlie husband with.

2. Lady A will use a riding crop using the same approach as above but usually when Lady A is feeling very ‘mistressy’.

3. Lady A will use a hair brush or bare hand as for 1 and 2.

4. Lady A will tell her girlie to drop her kickers and raise the front of her skirt/dress to expose her pussy and clitty stick. Lady A will slap girlie’s clitty stick with her hand, slapping it from side to side. On other occasions she will tell girlie to hold out her clitty stick by holding the end. Lady A will then slap girlie’s clitty with a ruler or with her riding crop.

5. Clothing discipline. Lady A will ensure humiliation every so often by ensuring that girlie will wear something extremely humiliating. For example girlie husband will have to wear a very short and frilly pink ballerina type skirt that doesn’t actually cover her pussy. Girlie will not be permitted to wear knickers, just the skirt and a pink blouse. Oh and 4 inch heels to accentuate the showing.

6. Clitty and pussy decoration. Aside from slapping it, Lady A will occasionally decorate her girlie’s clitty stick and pussy when she’s feeling arty. Girlie will not be permitted to wear knickers or a skirt for the evening, just high heels, stockings and a top. Lady A may tie a pink bow around girlie’s clitty and pussy, or paint it nice colours with pink or yellow body paint. She may tie beads and rings around it or maybe clip things to it such as hanging earrings. She will possibly tie little bows into the small triangle of pubes above girlie’s shaved clitty stick. Girlie has to then wear these decorations on her pussy and clitty for the whole evening.

7. Girlie must always curtsey after serving Lady A something or doing something for her. Failure to do so will lead to the next stage below.


Punishment Discipline:

This is used for any misdemeanor that girlie may do and annoys Lady A. It could actually be for anything so is difficult to list anything specific. Maybe girlie was too slow to serve a drink, maybe girlie forgot to curtsey which is something that happens far too often. Maybe girlie was getting too fond of wearing a beautiful dress and forgot to compliment Lady A on her beauty. All the punishments involving spanking above are used, often with a bit more force. The belt has become the favourite of late.

When girlie is becoming too immersed in her own femininity and forgets about Lady A, Lady A will force her girlie to remove all her clothes and remain naked for the rest of the day/evening. After a good spanking with the belt that is.

To be honest, Lady A does have to keep on top of things to stop her girlie forgetting the situation. Lady A feels that all ladies in this type of relationship need to do the same, even though their girlie husbands may be enjoying the situation. Selfishness or complacency will always creep into the the girlie husband’s thinking and this needs to be spotted and stamped on immediately and eradicated.

Encouraged feminisation

Lady A and her feminised husband often think a lot about why we and others enjoy ‘forced feminisation’. To start with we’re going to disagree with the term ‘forced feminisation’ since this implies that the feminisation was imposed by just one party, the female, when in fact it was certainly wanted by both. Ok the man probably didn’t realise at first, he just needed some encouragement due to his internal social and physiological rules making the idea of being feminised seem not be be the natural order of life.  For this reason we prefer to call it ‘Encouraged Feminisation’.

Submissivefemdom Husband-Brings-Mistress-Wife-Breakfast-in-Bed

We often discuss this and ask ourselves why? These are some of our thoughts and what we believe are the answers.

From birth our society teaches us that females have the feminine supporting role and males the macho provider and leader role. As we grow older females are taught, encouraged and shown how to dress more feminine with pretty dresses with long hair, colours such as pinks, whites and yellows.  Their appearances becoming increasingly sexual as they get older.Males on the other hand are encouraged to wear plain clothes that cover them fully with colours like blues and greys. Males are taught by society to be the providers and leaders and women the supporters. Ok this has changed somewhat over the past thirty years but go to any office and you’ll see that the majority of workers are male in grey or blue suits, no flesh showing besides their faces and hands and short cropped, often military hairstyles.  However, how many of the women will have dresses or skirts, legs showing through sheer stockings or tights, probably quite a lot of neck and neck line showing. Maybe some chest on show. Long or longish pretty hair, maybe some nice hair clips. If there is a role reversal in a family with the women as the provider and the man staying at home then it usually makes the society or home sections of the newspapers or there is a documentary about it on the telly.  I have worked with a married couple where each has a similar senior management role but when there have been problems with their baby sitter or other domestic situations then it’s the woman who goes home to sort things out.

We know that structure has been loosened somewhat but it’s still there.

So what’s our point? Our point is that the current social structure is actually UNNATURAL. Why are men supposed to be the providers? Why are women expected to dress more provocatively for the enjoyment of men? Don’t women also like to look at men’s legs, necks and bums? And more? Why shouldn’t men be expected to dress more sexual for the benefit of women.Why shouldn’t men wear pretty dresses and skirts, stockings, pretty pink blouses? Why can’t men wear long styled hair as the norm for the benefit of women? Why is this considered wrong? I don’t think the world would stop turning. Why do men wear trousers and women dresses? No reason, these are just made up rules.

The fact is that some men do like to be in charge but then so do some women. Other men most certainly do not and neither do some women. Isn’t the natural order of life really between the Alpha men and WOMEN of the world as leaders and providers and the non Alpha men and women as the feminised supporters?

Our relationship and attraction was certainly that Lady A is an Alpha female and her husband is not. Lady A led him into the world of feminisation where it enabled him to escape from the expectations of being an Alpha leader/provider 24/7 to being a supporting housewife at home, which is indeed the more natural order. Lady A loves to see his long legs in beautiful stockings and therefore ensures he wears nice pretty short dresses and skirts. He enjoys the attention and the fact she’s attracted to his body. It’s true that our relationship also includes some discipline but that is also necessary to maintain control in a natural alpha / non-alpha relationship.

Feminisation of your menfolk is not therefore a strange fetish as some may have you believe, but a very natural order of life. Let’s hope it becomes even more common and we encourage all readers to either do it in your own relationship or if that’s not possible find someone who is your natural fit.

femdom sissy-seervant-chained-washing-dishes_image

(We found these drawings on this post on the web but apologise as we can’t remember where from. If they are yours please let us know and we’ll reference them).



How I feminised my husband part 2

Step 12 shave, shave shave

So Lady A had her husband wearing dresses, skirts and tights. There was a problem. He had male hair on his legs which showed through his new tights. Plus some hair on his chest which showed on the low cut dress. Worse than that, his genitals were quite hairy and this looked far too masculine. Time for the next big step.

It was a warm evening and Lady A was feeling sexy and persuaded her husband to put on his dress but without tights. Time to play the unattractive card again.

“You have such lovely long legs. Sooo sexy” she said to him. I love to see them in a short dress or skirt”. He looked very embarrassed but also he liked the attention and having Lady A so attracted to him.

She looked longingly at him. “Couldn’t we just remove the hair on your legs and chest. It would look so sexy.”

He was again, not keen on this idea. Lady A kept on and eventually produced hair removal cream. She led him into the bathroom and applied  it. He was quite embarrassed again but the idea was also exciting.

“We can’t use this on your sissy stick and balls so we can just shave them” she stated after washing the hairs from the legs and chest down the shower drain.

He objected. However she offered to do it for him and led him naked into the living room. She ordered him to lay on the floor with his legs wide and she would shave it for him. Again she liked it with an erotic act and he complied. he did enjoy it. He was shaved.


Step 12 overcome all his objections

He will lapse, ‘forget to wear a skirt’, make excuses and so on. You need to overcome all objections by being inventive. For example he was doing some diy in the house and put on his old jeans. Lady A went straight to the charity shop for two casual skirts in his size and came back. He had to wear skirts for decorating no excuse and here are some old skirts to wear. Another time he objected to shaving his legs as they would show in the gym and be too obvious. Answer: long track suit bottoms. Problems solved but always be on your guard for his objections.


Step 13 Feminise his sissy stick

If you’re not careful he will always have one part of his anatomy that shows him to be male. Lady A came up with a great solution; feminise it. two ways to do this. 1, Re-name it as a pussy in general and a clitoris or clitty for the sissy stick. 2. Lady A now makes him shave a nice little triangle of pubic hair just above his clitty, the rest being completely shaved.This has worked beautifully.

Step 14 make him sit down on the toilet.

One of the most important changes you need to make is to get your feminised man to sit down when going to the toilet. This single act really emphasises his feminisation and has the side benefit of making sure there are no splashes to clean up around the toilet afterwards. In fact it is this logic that you should use to get him to sit down.

I started the sit down campaign by constantly highlighting the splashes around the toilet and the toilet seat, even when there weren’t any they would be invented. By constant reinforcing the problem of splashes he will eventually give in. It might sound strange but it is very satisfying to see my girly husband sitting on the toilet with his knickers round his ankles and his little skirt across his thighs.

Of course it is necessary to continue to monitor this and ensure he always sits down. One way is to occasionally check with him by asking if to confirm he always sits on the toilet. Another way is is to regularly go in the toilet with him when he needs to pee and stand over him.

It’s worth the small effort and of course puts you as the mistress completely in charge of things, as it should be.

Step 15 female only beauty products

Lady A got rid of any male products. Even his razor was replaced with female razors. No more after-shave just female perfumes, in fact we share the same perfume. Deodorants and moisturisers, shampoos, shower gels and so on. This is necessary to reinforce his feminisation.

Step 16 make up and nail varnish

Buy him his own female make up bag and stock with his own make up, lipsticks and nail varnishes. There is now no excuse for him not having beautiful pink nail varnished toe nails at all time. It should all be reinforced continually by showing how lovely you think he looks.

Step 17 A bra

Without a bra he just can’t feel as we feel. She made him put a dress on one day. “Some thing is still wrong” she said. “You need to fill out your dress at the front. You need a bra”.

“Men don’t need bras. There is nothing to support”, he objected.

“Yes I know but the dress doesn’t fit properly so it’s just to make it work”. With that she went upstairs and came back with a large bra which she made him put on. Again she complimented him on just how lovely he looked and rewarded him with a great evening of…. well you know what.

There was still a problem. Although she had got him to wear female clothes at times, they were still associated with sex and she really wanted him in female clothes every time possible. He had to think of female clothing as the norm.

Step 18 Call him a girl at all times

Lady A had stopped calling him a man and had often referred to him as good girl and at one time Cindy. However she stopped using his name at all and just refers to her husband as girl as in “come here girl, beautiful girl, good gilr, bad girl” and so on.


Step 19 Ban trousers in the house

Now the key objective of the process, to get him/her to wear skirts and dresses whenever possible. He should wear skirts and dresses as normal wear only reverting to trousers for work and to change when he was at home and to wear female clothes at weekends. He was now the house wife and he must be female.

Lady A realised that she needed to be tough again. No more persuasion. She had the upper hand now so she just needed a final push.

It was a romantic evening meal, one Friday evening at home in September. Prepared by Lady A’s part time housewife and girl. They sat down, her girl opened the wine. They at their meal and drank the wine and were feeling quite relaxed. Lady A had made a point of being quite direct that night, giving her instruction. “Dinner now girl” and “Good girl” and so on.

Her girl cleared up the dishes. “Sit down in here please girl” ordered lady A as he/she was stacking the dishwasher. “Now!”

Lady A’s girl came in sheepishly and sat down.

“I”ve been thinking my pretty girl”, she said. “I love to see you in skirts and dresses. I think they suit you and you are so much more gentle and compliant. And it makes me so hot”.

“Thank you Lady A”, said the girl.

“So I’ve made a decision and I want you to follow this. I don’t ask for much but this you will do.”

“Ok anything Lady A”

“From now on you will wear only skirts and dresses. No more trousers unless necessary. You obviously have to wear trousers outside the house, to work and if someone comes round but otherwise you WILL wear skirts and dresses only. If you have to wear trousers such as for work, you will wear knickers underneath. When you pick me up at night in the car from work or a night out you will do so in a skirt or a dress. This is not negotiable. It’s a rule”.

He stared at her. “I’m not sure that’s practical”

“I don’t care, you will make it work. She had done it. Mission completed

Step 20 clearing up loose ends

There are still a few things Lady A has to do to complete the transformation. One is her girlie husband’s hair. As a man in his 50s, his hair is a bit thinner than it used to be. She has made him grow it a bit longer to take hair clips with pink bows, an Alice Band and a small pony tail but in reality a wig is going to be needed.

Another change in the planning is pierced ears. This one is tricky as the holes will be obvious to people and he does have to go to work. Lady A has bought him some clip-ons but her real wish is for him to have proper pierced ears and feminine earrings  but so far a solution eludes her unless she just goes for it.

Yet another change she’d like is to get her girlie husband waxed at a beauty salon by a female beauty therapist. Lady A would just die to see a female waxing his pubic hair into a little triangle and then doing his pussy and legs completely. This is a big step as she doesn’t know how the salon would react. More thought needed here too.

A final change is for Lady A to regularly invite her friends home or to go to their home and her girlie husband to be in a nice little skirt or dress. Although there have been two ad-hoc occasions, this continues to be an ambition on a regular basis. Lady A would particularly like to spend a weekend and evenings with her female friends with her girlie husband feminised the whole time, or  feminised with stockings, high heels, a nice blouse but her pussy on show to all.

Suggestions for the pierced ears and waxing would gratefully received as would any examples of how any of you have done it without a scene.

How I feminised my husband part 1

It’s so important to feminise your husband or boyfriend. The improvement in your relationship and the behaviour of your man are incredible. Above all it’s such a turn on for women to see their men in pretty clothes especially little skirts and nice dresses. A man in a dress, high heels and make up will act more feminine, more gentle and is more submissive. Lady A does like to be in control. A man will be more willing to do housework and serve her in feminine clothes and let her be in control.

Lady A absolutely does not want to turn her husband into a real girl, just a feminised man. She wants a sexual relationship with her partner but she just wants him feminised and submissive and to follow her instructions. Our relationship has nothing to do with those blogs where women turn their men into actual females with hormones and surgery. Oh no, this is not just more realistic but we believe how most couples would live in the real world.

What was in it for her husband? He found that the feel and flow of female clothes were much nicer than male clothes. Silky nighties were much better than cotton pyjama bottoms. A soft cotton skirt felt so much freer around his (her) legs compared to a pair of trousers which were restrictive. It was a great turn on, in particular the humiliation of it all. Being called a naughty girl and to be disciplined was highly erotic. Which takes us to the final point. For him it was to be able to escape the social expectations and responsibilities of a man. The excitement of breaking social norms is highly erotic and exciting.

He will get to love it too if you follow the right approach. He will need to be encouraged and this is how I achieved it with the key points highlighted.

Step 1. Make a plan and implement it gradually

It all began around February 2011. Lady A had a plan: she really wanted her husband to be feminised. He was completely unaware of he plan but now enjoys it too.


Step 2. Link increasing feminisation with sex

So Lady A made her plan and  laid her first trap and picked her moment. One evening at the height of passion a small request… sort of. Close to his bursting point she whispered that she had a naughty idea. “What?” was his breathless and short response.

“Oh I’m not sure” she mumbled.

“Please, just tell me” he said a little frustrated as she’d stopped.

“No it’s ok, forget it”

“Please just tell me what you wanted.”

“Would you wear something for me?”

“What?” he said yet again, his frustration mounting a little with his increasing desire.

“Please don’t be annoyed but it would be nice if you wore something naughty while we made love. It would be exciting.”

He waited to hear what Lady A wanted, “Wear what?”

“Knickers?” she whispered nervously. He thought for a few seconds. “Knickers?” He thought a little more. “Why not. OK.”

Lady A, then just plain A, rushed out and came back with a pair of black g string knickers. He put them on, they didn’t really fit or hold anything in but the love making came to its desired conclusion with a whole lot more excitement.


Step 3. Increase the level of feminisation bit by bit

So Lady A had made the first move and things had now changed. Her husband had worn an item of women’s clothing for the first time and she had associated it with great sex. The stage was set for the next stage, to move things up a notch. They continued to use knickers for a couple of times in their love making before Lady A ‘couldn’t find’ the black g string and introduced a pair of lighter coloured knickers but this time with a frill, again at an advanced stage of lovemaking. There was a protest but she pointed out that there was no real difference they were knickers and he’d worn them before and he should put them on. So put them on, he thought ok it’s not that different.But they were more feminine.


Step 4. Get him into a skirt as soon as possible

Once you get him into a skirt you’ve won and things will be much easier from then on so do this as soon as feasible. You will need to use subterfuge of course.

Over the next few days Lady A introduced increasingly feminine knickers into the love making and finally she produced a pair with a frilly lace attached skirt which largely covered the knickers. They looked like just a small skirt. She had got him to use knickers every time they made love and now got him into something resembling a very short skirt ready for the next stage. This would be a big jump and she had to be careful.

“Oh it looks like you’re wearing a little skirt in those knickers” she said jokingly as the first part of her move

“Yes I suppose so” he replied.

“How do you feel? They look really nice actually.”

“Yes they feel nice. Nice material, it feels naughty like I shouldn’t be wearing them”

“Yes that’s the excitement isn’t it?” she added “It looks like you’re wearing a skirt. It’s nice. I really enjoy seeing you in them. It’s quite exciting.”

“Ok” he replied, “it does feel quite nice”.

Her plan was ready for the next stage. Part way through their next love making session she asked him if he wanted to do something very exciting. “Of course” he said.

She went off and came back with her little black sports skirt with an elastic waistband.

“I’m not wearing a skirt” he protested.

“It’s no different to those knickers with the skirt frill and you enjoyed them. They are in the wash so you could wear these instead and there’s no need to take them off or slide the front to one side. It makes a lot of sense”.

He did as she asked. Once they finished lovemaking he took them straight off as he had with the knickers. However she had got him into a skirt, even if it was just for a short time. Success; and now for the next stage. To get him to wear a skirt around the house. This was the next big step, however much easier now he had worn his first skirt.


Step 5. Get him to start agreeing that female clothing feels nice

It’s very important to bring your man into the discussion and to admit he enjoys the experience. Once on the feminisation path men will see the benefits, they will feel nice and start to enjoy it.


Step 6. Use logic to increase the feminisation

Men relate well to logic so when feminising your man you need to use logic.


Step 7. Start to get him to wear female clothing around the house

The trap was set again. She produced the skirt again as before and it was a little easier to get him to wear it during love making than previously. However this time once they had finished she stopped him removing them and insisted they cuddle first. Lady A kept him in a hug for some minutes to get him used to wearing a skirt outside sex. Then she suggested they have a cup of tea in bed. Could he go and make it for her and bring it up. She threw him his tee shirt but suggested he keep the skirt on as no one would see and since he had been wearing it he might as well keep it on to go downstairs.

“Why not it’s just an item of clothing. What’s the problem?” (apply logic)

He did exactly that, albeit reluctantly. he brought the tea up. He’s served her for the first time in a skirt. This was going well.


Step 8. Involve him in choosing and buying his feminine clothes

So onto the next stage, buying him his own skirt together.

They went to a charity shop, which is always a good place, to look for some clothes for her, she said. She found a very short pleated black skirt and a short frilly grey cotton summer skirt.

“What do you think of these?” she asked her husband. “Feel them. Nice aren’t they?”

“Yes very nice although I’m not sure they are your style” he replied.

“What do you think of the material. It’s not fair is it? Woman get to wear much nicer material don’t you think? Feel it. Do you like it?”

He fell for it and agreed it was very sexy material and felt lovely.

“Good. They are not for me they are for you. We had some great fun playing our new games, it was exciting don’t you think? It would be nice to carry on playing. I’m going to buy them for you for our game”. And she did as he looked on a little shocked

When they got home she insisted he try them on. He was embarrassed but she asked so nicely,. “Oh please, it would be so nice for our ‘game’.”

So of course he did as she asked.

“Oh you need to take off your boxers and put on some knickers”. She went and got a pair and made him changed into them.

“Ok let’s go up and play” she said with a broad smile. “But let’s have a coffee first. Can you make it for me please?”

She now had him wearing skirts and knickers around the home and making drinks for her. This was was going very well. Ready for the next stage.

Another trip to the charity shop. This time she found a blouse. Now she had him wearing skirts, knickers and a blouse. It was still associated with sex so another stage was planned. Nightwear.


Step 9. Make him wear nighties and baby dolls every night in bed

Lady A’s husband usually wore pyjama bottoms and a tee shirt to bed. At the same time as the move to skirts, she started her campaign to get rid of the pyjama bottoms. She told him how un-sexy pyjama bottoms were and how old fashioned they were . It’s important to appeal to a man’s thought process. Compare his pyjamas to an old man’s clothes. Believe me, that will work.   “Let’s just throw them away. They are what an old man would wear.”

That of course hit the spot and he agreed. So now he just wore a tee shirt with no bottoms. Not bad but only half way there. Small steps, now to get rid of the tee shirt. Lady A used the same tactic about how un-sexy it was to wear tee-shirts to bed. He had to stop wearing tee-shirts and he went to bed naked. This was good. It’s ok to have your man naked but you really want him feminised.

So one cold night she offered one of her larger satin nighties in a dark mauve colour. After explaining that there was little difference to a skirt (logic) and he wore skirts with no problem so he could put it on for now. He did as it was cold. She had him in nighties. It is important to praise him and say how lovely he looked and how attractive he was. Lady A did this regularly and let him know just how sexy it was. And it was for her.

Another shopping trip. They ‘just happened’ to be wandering around a clothes shop when Lady A found a pink silky nightie with thin shoulder straps. Again she asked him to feel it and agree how nice it was. She then pointed out how his current nightie was a little tight and anyway it was hers. “Lets get you this one” she said.

He obviously objected. However Lady a applied logic again. “Well you’ve been wearing my nightie so we should just get you one that fits you and is yours.”

She bought the pink one in pink and explained that he was wearing a nightie to bed so a ‘slight change’ in colour was no problem, was it?”

Now she had him wearing nighties to bed every night. She made it clear every night that it was very sexy and attractive for her.


Step 10. Make him wear feminine clothes every evening.

So onto the next stage. One evening she asked him to wear the skirt and blouse for the evening. Please just for me she said. “A build up for our early night in bed.” She said with a big smile. Once he has worn them all evening you can use logic to get him to dress feminine every evening.


Step 11 Get him to wear dresses

Getting you man to wear dresses is a step up from skirts and is an important change. He has to be made to wear dresses as they are such a feminine item of clothing.   Lady A encouraged him to look through mail order clothes and she ‘came to’ the dresses. She enjoyed asking him what styles he liked. “So if you had to choose one what one would you choose?” she asked innocently.

He picked a short red skater style dress. “Ok let’s order that one for you” she said.

“I’m not wearing a dress, what on earth are of thinking” he protested.

“Well you’re wearing a skirt and you enjoy it and you wear a pink nightie to bed so this really isn’t any different (logic). Please just for me” and with that she ordered it.

And here he is with the dress and a nice pink cardigan.

cindy knickers

cindy dress


We will continue with the steps in the next post.


We’re back!

After a long break we’re back writing this blog. We have lots of new experiences in feminisation which we’re going to share with you, plus some new pictures and photos and a new area for our fictional stories.

Here’s a photo of Lady A’s husband looking very beautiful in his mini skirt and shiny tights. If you had a husband with legs like this wouldn’t you want him in a nice little skirt with shaved legs? Lady A certainly thinks so.

stair in blaclkmini



A Feminised Husband – the first weeks and a few snags

So after a few weeks the increased feminisation of Lady A’s girlie husband is in full swing. Every night she (cindy) does indeed wear a girlie nightie to bed. She also wears lady’s knickers, most of the time. Many, but not all evenings and at times over the weekend, she wears a dress or a skirt around the house. And she keeps her privates nicely shaved and bare. The legs have been a problem. We use the gym a couple of times a week so cindy has to now wear long tracksuit bottoms to avoid the obvious problem of showing shaved male legs to the macho gym fraternity. This also means not being able to get changed in the male changing rooms without the same level of embarrassment being encountered. Showers have been at home. It’s part of the game to appear like this in front of Lady A’s female friends, it’s quite another in front of a macho body builders.

Anyway this is all well and good to wear long trousers in the gym in the cold weather but will be trickier when it starts to warm up. The stockings and tights are doing a grand job of covering the new hairs for now though at home.

Despite the joys of central heating, at the moment with temperatures in the evening dropping below zero at nights here in London, trousers are really the most comfortable option. So all in all the feminisation has been patchy at times due to external circumstances.

However Lady A is very excited about the nicer weather. This is not just for the more pleasant climate but for the fact she is very excited about seeing her girlie wearing a flowery cotton summer dress or skirt around the house. She has decided that this will be mandatory every day during the warmer months. Although she’s allowing her girlie to revert to being male at times the moment, this will not be an option come June or July. There doesn’t seem to be much choice in the shops or on line at present so we’re waiting for the seasonal changes there. Cindy does however already have a couple of light cotton flowery pleated style mini (micro) skirts but the dresses are what lady A wants her girl in. So that’s what it will be.

Our first feminised Valentine´s evening

We wanted to have a romantic evening, just the two of us, Lady A and her girlie housewife. This obviously meant staying in for a meal. A six foot abeit slim cindy might have raised a few eyebrows in the local restaurant. Luckily cindy was able to get home earlier on Thursday to prepare for Lady A who was working in the city and would be arriving a little later.

Cindy had to shave (legs and private parts) and dress up in a nice dress, shiney skin coloured tights and, for tonight, a fitted lady´s jacket. Actually one of Lady A´s that is a little too big for her. Cindy also applied red lipstick, red nail polish and very green eyeshadow. She was ready. Cindy then prepared the 3 course meal whilst Lady A was on her way home.

We also had some Prosecco chilling in the fridge with the dining room lit by candles. Lady A was very pleased to see cindy so pretty when she arrived at home. Of course she knew cindy would be dressed as a girl but cindy had really tried hard to look beautiful for Lady A.

Cindy spent the evening finishing the cooking and serving each course. Lady A was very pleased with her Valentine´s evening and with her girl. Of course when cindy was serving Lady A couldn´t resist lifting her dress and pulling down her knickers in order to have a little play with her sissy. Valentine´s night was not a night for smacks but Lady A couldn´t resist being a little naughty.

We are not sure why but cindy was looking more feminine that night than ever before and this made us both very hot and an early night was necessary. We´re not sure how many hetrosexual couples made love that night whilst both were wearing baby doll nighties though!