The big evening part 1 – A story

A fictional story. We imagine this.

It´s taken a while to type this up as we´ve had quite a busy week. Unfortunately it was work that kept us both busy so we´ve had to wait until Saturday.

Lady A´s plan was for cindy to start the evening  fully feminised in a dress, make up, stockings, shoes and jewellery. We haven´t yet got round to buying a wig  as we´re not sure if this moves into the world of transvestite games when our game is about feminisation, humiliation and excitement. cindy had to prepare Lady A first, of course, by washing her in the shower and then drying her off and drying her hair and combing it through. She then dressed Lady A in her beautiful black designer dress, her stockings and red high heel shoes. Cindy can´t yet do make up so whilst Lady A was do this, cindy prepared herself by shaving to ensure a nice smooth sissy stick and surrounding area and legs and chest. Lady A then selected black hold up stockings for cindy, a pretty red dress and a  cardigan as it was a little chilly here in London last week. cindy put on some nice white knickers and her own girlie shoes with a little heel )cindy is quite tall). Lady A then chose a nice silver necklace, some rings and bracelets for cindy to wear and finally clip on drop earrings. Next Lady A made up cindy´s face and cindy applied her pink nail varnish to her fingers and toes. We were ready.

Cindy started preparing the food and laying the table when at just after 8 the door bell rang. “You have to answer the door cindy”, ordered Lady A. cindy was suddenly quite nervous and not a little embarrassed at the thought of it but Lady A was adamant that cindy had to go to greet their guests. Cindy opened the front door whilst managing to hide behind it. Lady A´s work colleagues, who we will call Lady M and Lady E  entered, dressed elegantly too in nice dresses. Cindy had to close the door and then they saw her. They said nothing at first and looked at cindy with both their mouths open in surprise. They knew it would be a femdom evening but hadn´t ever actually been involved in anything like this before. Lady A started to laugh and that relaxed them a little and they laughed too. cindy just went bright red.

We have a large kitchen and dining area and Lady A showed her guests into the dining area and instructed cindy to serve some drinks. “Don´t you think cindy is pretty in this dress”? asked Lady A. M and E both laughed again. Lady A was starting to enjoy this a lot. I have to sometimes show cindy who´s boss here” Lady A said to her guests and that means a spanking even though cindy hadn´t actually done anything wrong. “OK stand in front of me cindy and turn round, bend over and lift your dress and take down your knickers to your ankles”. cindy did as she was told and Lady A spanked both her cheeks. Cindy had to kiss Lady A´s hands and thank her. “There´s a good girl” said Lady A. M & E really just couldn´t believe what was happening but they had also started to enjoy the game and relax a little. The wine helped which we noticed they had drunk rather quickly. cindy topped their glasses.

Cindy served the starter she´d prepared and then had to sit on the floor by the side of Lady A whilst the girls chatted and ate their food. “OK” said Lady A, “cindy will wear a less clothing for each course and now cindy you should go upstairs and put on your little pink pleated mini skirt, g-string knickers, and your white fitted white blouse”. Cindy changed and came back downstairs. Lady A made cindy walk around the kitchen in front of them all and put a pink Alice band in her hair. “What a pretty girl we have”, commented lady A now completely in charge of things. “You can lift her skirt and touch if you want” Lady A said to M & E. M lifted cindy´s skirt  but dropped it again quickly, smiling nervously. E then lifted cindy´s skirt and stroked her sissy stick  through her knickers and then squeezed it quite hard. Both laughed again. Cindy served the main course, poured some more wine.  Lady A decided to administer some more punishment. Cindy had to stand in front of Lady A and lifted her pink mini skirt. Lady A slapped her sissy stick through her knickers. “Remember that you are just a girlie for our pleasure” she said. “OK M & E would you like to slap cindy´s sissy”?  Cindy had to then stand in front of each lady and raise her skirt for them to slap her sissy. The girls were now slightly tipsy and having great fun.

Cindy was now instructed to serve dessert but first had to change into nothing more than a little short frilly apron just about covering her sissy. M & E were obviously enjoying every minute of this now. The frilly apron was really not covering much as cindy had an enormous erection pushing the apron out so from the side there wasn´t really that much hidden from view. “If you want to lift the apron, go ahead” said Lady A. E lifted the apron to inspect cindy´s sissy and M who seemed a little more shy then also had a good look. They both squeezed cindy´s sissy a little and flicked it about a bit. They pushed it down so that it sprung up before collapsing into laughter again.

Cindy then cleared up and retured to the dining area. “Now we have some games to play” said Lady A. “Remove your apron cindy” cindy did as she was told which led to more laughter from the girls. We had put the ipod on shuffle and Lady A decided that cindy had to move her sissy to the music. This of course led to more laughter from the girls who were really having a party. cindy moved from side to side making her sissy slap against her legs. Then moved it in circles and also making it go up and down. “Next we have a sissy decoration game” said Lady A. She produced body paints and pens and various ribbons. The three girls spent the next 20 minutes painting cindy´s sissy and balls in pink and green then tying pink bows around it. cindy stood in front of them all. M drew flowers shapes on the top of cindy´s sissy stick and E drew big elephant ear shapes to make it look like a psychedelic elephant´s trunk. They then played a game of trying to throw large curtain rings onto cindy´s erect sissy stick but mostly just hitting the end. Each one then slapped cindy´s sissy stickwith their hands  to show they were in charge and then cindy had to bend over as each one spanked her bottom. Cindy was very excited but Lady A would not let her to cum. “Maybe later” she said. “Maybe we´ll make you shoot it at a target”.


sissy maid image

About Lady Alexa

I am a writer and a believer in the immense benefits of male feminisation and female domination. My blog records my true-life experiences in these areas. I also have several novels and a non-fiction book published on Amazon about forced feminisation which you can find under my pen name Lady Alexa. I live in a quiet corner of North London with my obedient and feminised husband/housewife.
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2 Responses to The big evening part 1 – A story

  1. Peaches x says:

    This is the dream. Your Lady showing you off and humiliating you in front of her friends. I am jealous this sounds like a great evening!


    • ladiesontop says:

      It was very exciting for us both. For cindy it was a strange mix of extreme embarrassment mixed with the dream. For Lady A is was exciting for the power and control. We’ve since had another evening like this with another friend. We’ll add this blog over the weekend


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