The ramblings of a feminised husband and girlie.

Lady A’s girlie husband writes his views.

So I sit at home on this wet and cold Sunday afternoon writing this post in a knee-length patterned flowing skirt, a pink jumper and skin tone shiny tights. At home I am nearly always a girl now. There was a big change in our game a few days ago. Lady A as she always does, came up with a new idea. “I´d like you to be my girl and my housewife whenever we´re at home” she said. This has been a major change in the game but so far very exciting. In fact as I sit dressed in a pretty flowing skirt, Lady A is wearing black trousers and boots. A complete role reversal.

I did miss one day last week but it was for a good reason, I was watching England beat Brazil on the telly and having a couple of beers. I stayed in my man clothes. Sometimes I have to enjoy my male side too!

However, usually at home I now wear female clothes. I return from the office after work and change immediately into a skirt or a dress if we´re staying in for the evening. At night I wear a silk effect nightie or baby doll in bed. My legs are completely smooth as we use hair remover cream and my crotch area is shaved smooth. Day to day in the home Lady A now just calls me girl or girlie, often prefixed with good, naughty, pretty and so on. Weekend evenings at home I wear make up and paint my nails. In my wardrobe I have two of my own dresses hanging up and several skirts and tops. I can also fit into two more of Lady A´s looser dresses, just. Lady A wants to shop with me for another dress for me and it has to be said, I want a new one too. We’re also looking for a light summer dress and a couple of micro skirts for the warmer weather. The looking for it and buying  can be just as much fun as wearing.

I am not a psychologist so I can´t offer a scientific rationale as to why both myself and Lady A are so excited by the feminisation game. Lady A and I have read a fair bit of literature on this subject and I certainly fit the profile: middle class, well educated professional in a managerial position at work and lots of responsibilities at work and in private. I never felt the urge to be feminised before I met Lady A though. In fact I enjoyed my typically male activities and still do. I am also 100% heterosexual, again according to the literature, very typical of a male cross dresser. Yes I think that is what I have to now admit I am.

Whilst I enjoy male activities, I am actually more comfortable in the company of women. In fact I prefer their company. The majority of my friends were and are female, completely platonic. I went to three football cup finals with one of my female friends!!  I also think about my childhood where I lived a very typical boy´s childhood. There were none of the things you read where the mothers or grandmothers dressed their boys in girl´s clothes. No that did not happen, quite the reverse as I was encouraged to follow male activities.

However I now love being Lady A´s girlie at home and she encourages this. Well it´s all usually her ideas. Baking and cooking for her, clearing up the house, combing her hair and painting her nails are the most relaxing way to forget about other things going on. I don´t think I fit the sissy profile as they seem to like to wear those over the top pink silk dresses with long wigs and lots of bows. No we enjoy that I wear something that any girl or housewife would wear. That said Lady A and I usually like it that I wear quite short skirts and dresses, however, I´m a girlie rather than a sissy I would say, if I can invent a subset of feminisation categories.

However another aspect of this game is humiliation.  This has many forms including showing me off to other females and is very sexually exciting for us. It can give me an erection and make me very damp, Lady A too. She calls my willy a sissy stick or often just a sissy. It´s her toy,she owns it, does whatever she wants with it. She likes to play around with it a lot actually. I don´t know why we enjoy this area of the game and I can´t see a background for it´s reason. However it is thrilling so we do it.

Lady A´s latest idea is to want me to appear outside the house in female clothes. She does make me go into the garden to collect things and her latest plan is that I pick her up in the car wearing a dress or a skirt. Not getting out of the car of course but just to go out.

We also now plan to try to find others  who enjoy the the same game and to have more regular meetings such as coffee or dinner evenings, with me or other ‘girlies’ in the housewife role of course whilst the Ladies chat, relax and enjoy themselves. At the moment we´ve only had a couple of these events which were through Lady A´s friends or colleagues. This is unlikely to be a regular avenue for playing as it was a little embarrassing in real life after and the other friend lives up north. So to find others not in our current circle of friends whilst avoiding the obvious weirdos out there will be our next challenge. I guess some careful internet searches on sites that cater for this type of interest is required.

So to finish my ramblings we wonder where this could go next. In recent weeks our feminisation game has escalated. I think beyond finding some others to regularly play the game with, we’ve probably reached an area and a level of playing where we are both happy. We will add a female wig into the game. Our first attempt to use blond hasn’t worked so well (see below) so we need to find something more suitable. We do not want to move into BDSM or anything sordid. This makes us think we’ve pretty much arrived where we want to be although we didn’t know where that would be when we started.

pink nightie  nightie and wig

About Lady Alexa

I am a writer and a believer in the immense benefits of male feminisation and female domination. My blog records my true-life experiences in these areas. I also have several novels and a non-fiction book published on Amazon about forced feminisation which you can find under my pen name Lady Alexa. I live in a quiet corner of North London with my obedient and feminised husband/housewife.
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4 Responses to The ramblings of a feminised husband and girlie.

  1. Rita says:

    There are few pleasures in life that top being dominant over your partner, when I feminised my partner it totally changed my life, and definitely his 🙂
    I want to take this as far as I can with him but I just want to chat with other ladies that have achieved the same and I would love to learn more about it, maybe even some guidelines?


    • ladiesontop says:

      Thank you for your comment Rita. I would love to chat with you about dominating our partners. I have sent you a private message and I look forward to discussing techniques. Lady A


  2. sissy bun says:

    yes i too like been the women of the house it started one day a few week ago when i lose my job i was renting a room from a older lady i went and told her i could not pay for the room since i lose my job well maybe we can work some thing out she said i told her that would be nice well you know i do not have time around her to keep this place clean with all the work i have at the office and the only you are is because in need the money but now i do not i told her look if you want me to stray i will help around the house and clean for you she said that be good as a joke you be my maid well one she came home and i had a apron on well you look cute in that i found it in the kitchen on a hanger i hope you are not mad she said no you can wear anything you want around here well that night i had a bath and when i got out and went to my room i found some clothes on the bed with a note if you like you can wear this in the morning i look at the clothes it was panties and bra dress i went to bed in the morning when i got up i put on the outfit and went to make coffee when i got to the kitchen she was there she look me over what a lovey maid you made she walk behind yes this will work out very nice as i got coffee i told her you know what she ask what i been in this outfit to then you do not mine been dress as a girl no i do not mine well you wear that for to-day and do the house work and the wash and my dear sissy wife i like my pantie and bra wash by hand i said yes as i joke i call her master she just smile well i work all day dress as a maid well after a few weeks i got to wear more women clothes it was like i was made too then one morning it happen she told me how would you like to get your hair done and nails i told here can i yes you can and i think you need some fake breasts too well after that morning i was turn into a girl and that night she toke me in her room and made me feel like a women and after that night i now how a women feel when a cock go in there pussy she then ask me how i felt i told her i felt good and do this mean i now the wife she told me not only the wife but you will become my sissy wife from now on well after a few years i had my own breasts and i never look back and i because a house wife even the other house wife knows and they love me to one even ask if i would help with her husband i said yes


  3. Ramsh says:

    I would love to know more about the feminisation of men. I want to get feminised myself and i m slowly giving subtle hints to my wife, I have become very submissive to her and she has also realised she can dominate me as she wished. However whether she is in for feminising me is what i am wondering. I will be subtly giving her hints and hope she realises it is for the good of both of us that she could do so.


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