How I feminised my husband part 2

Step 12 shave, shave shave

So I had my husband wearing dresses, skirts and tights. There was a problem. He had male hair on his legs which showed through his new tights. Plus some hair on his chest which showed on the low cut dress. Worse than that, his genitals were quite hairy and this looked far too masculine. Time for the next big step.

It was a warm evening and I was feeling sexy and persuaded my husband to put on his dress but without tights. Time to play the unattractive card again.

“You have such lovely long legs. Sooo sexy” she said to him. I love to see them in a short dress or skirt”. He looked very embarrassed but also he liked the attention and having me so attracted to him.

I looked longingly at him. “Couldn’t we just remove the hair on your legs and chest. It would look so sexy.”

He was again, not keen on this idea. I kept on and eventually produced hair removal cream. I led him into the bathroom and applied  it. He was quite embarrassed again but the idea was also exciting.

“We can’t use this on your sissy stick and balls so we can just shave them” she stated after washing the hairs from the legs and chest down the shower drain.

He objected. However I offered to do it for him and led him naked into the living room. I ordered him to lay on the floor with his legs wide and I would shave it for him. Again I liked it with an erotic act and he complied. he did enjoy it. He was shaved.


Step 12 overcome all his objections by being inventive

He will lapse, ‘forget to wear a skirt’, make excuses and so on. You need to overcome all objections by being inventive. For example he was doing some diy in the house and put on his old jeans. I went straight to the charity shop for two casual skirts in his size and came back. He had to wear skirts for decorating no excuse and here are some old skirts to wear. Another time he objected to shaving his legs as they would show in the gym and be too obvious. Answer: long track suit bottoms. Problems solved but always be on your guard for his objections.


Step 13 Feminise his sissy stick

If you’re not careful he will always have one part of his anatomy that shows him to be male. I came up with a great solution; feminise it. two ways to do this. 1, Re-name it as a pussy in general and a clitoris or clitty for the sissy stick. 2. I now makes him shave a nice little triangle of pubic hair just above his clitty, the rest being completely shaved.This has worked beautifully.


Step 14 make him sit down on the toilet.

One of the most important changes you need to make is to get your feminised man to sit down when going to the toilet. This single act really emphasises his feminisation and has the side benefit of making sure there are no splashes to clean up around the toilet afterwards. In fact it is this logic that you should use to get him to sit down.

I started the sit down campaign by constantly highlighting the splashes around the toilet and the toilet seat, even when there weren’t any they would be invented. By constant reinforcing the problem of splashes he will eventually give in. It might sound strange but it is very satisfying to see my girly husband sitting on the toilet with his knickers round his ankles and his little skirt across his thighs.

Of course it is necessary to continue to monitor this and ensure he always sits down. One way is to occasionally check with him by asking if to confirm he always sits on the toilet. Another way is is to regularly go in the toilet with him when he needs to pee and stand over him.

It’s worth the small effort and of course puts you as the mistress completely in charge of things, as it should be.


Step 15 female only beauty products

I got rid of any male products. Even his razor was replaced with female razors. No more after-shave just female perfumes, in fact we share the same perfume. Deodorants and moisturisers, shampoos, shower gels and so on. This is necessary to reinforce his feminisation.


Step 16 make up and nail varnish

Buy him his own female make up bag and stock with his own make up, lipsticks and nail varnishes. There is now no excuse for him not having beautiful pink nail varnished toe nails at all time. It should all be reinforced continually by showing how lovely you think he looks.


Step 17 A bra

Without a bra he just can’t feel as we feel. I made him put a dress on one day. “Some thing is still wrong” she said. “You need to fill out your dress at the front. You need a bra”.

“Men don’t need bras. There is nothing to support”, he objected.

“Yes I know but the dress doesn’t fit properly so it’s just to make it work”. With that she went upstairs and came back with a large bra which she made him put on. Again she complimented him on just how lovely he looked and rewarded him with a great evening of…. well you know what.

There was still a problem. Although I had got him to wear female clothes at times, they were still associated with sex and she really wanted him in female clothes every time possible. He had to think of female clothing as the norm.


Step 18 Call him a girl at all times

I had stopped calling him a man and had often referred to him as girl. I don’t actually use any name at all most of the time and just refer to her as girl as in “come here girl, beautiful girl, good girl, bad girl” and so on.


Step 19 Ban trousers in the house

Now the key objective of the process, to get him/her to wear skirts and dresses whenever possible. He should wear skirts and dresses as normal wear only reverting to trousers to leave the house. He was now the housewife and he must be female.

I realised that I needed to be tough again. No more persuasion. I had the upper hand now so I just needed a final push.

It was a romantic evening meal, one Friday evening at home in September. Prepared by my part time housewife and girl. We sat down and my girl opened the wine. We ate the meal and drank the wine and were feeling quite relaxed. I had made a point of being quite direct that night, giving her instruction. “Dinner now girl” and “good girl” and so on.

My girl cleared up the dishes. “Sit down in here please girl” I ordered as he/she was stacking the dishwasher. “Now!”

My girl came in sheepishly and sat down.

“I”ve been thinking my pretty girl”, I said. “I love to see you in skirts and dresses. I think they suit you and you are so much more gentle and compliant. And it makes me so hot”.

“Thank you Lady A”, said my girl.

“So I’ve made a decision and I want you to follow this. I don’t ask for much but this you will do.”

“Ok anything Lady A”

“From now on you will wear only skirts and dresses. No more trousers unless necessary. You obviously have to wear trousers outside the house, to work and if someone comes round but otherwise you WILL wear skirts and dresses only. If you have to wear trousers such as for work, you will wear knickers underneath. When you pick me up at night in the car from work or a night out you will do so in a skirt or a dress. This is not negotiable. It’s a rule”.

He stared at her. “I’m not sure that’s practical”

“I don’t care, you will make it work. Mission completed.


Step 20 clearing up loose ends

There are still a few things I have to do to complete the transformation. One is her girlie husband’s hair. As a man in his 50s, his hair is a bit thinner than it used to be. She has made him grow it a bit longer to take hair clips with pink bows, an Alice Band and a small pony tail but in reality a wig is going to be needed.

Another change in the planning is pierced ears. This one is tricky as the holes will be obvious to people and he does have to go to work. I have bought him some clip-ons but my real wish is for him to have proper pierced ears and feminine earrings  but so far a solution eludes me unless I just goes for it.

Yet another change I’d like is to get my girlie husband waxed at a beauty salon by a female beauty therapist. I would just love to see a female waxing his pubic hair into a little triangle and then doing his pussy and legs completely. This is a big step as she doesn’t know how the salon would react. More thought needed here too.


About Lady Alexa

I am a writer and a believer in the immense benefits of male feminisation and female domination. My blog records my true-life experiences in these areas. I also have several novels and a non-fiction book published on Amazon about forced feminisation which you can find under my pen name Lady Alexa. I live in a quiet corner of North London with my obedient and feminised husband/housewife.
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25 Responses to How I feminised my husband part 2

  1. Maggie says:

    Wonderful philosophy about life and gender fluidity after all why do we have to follow an arbitrary set of rules set by a bunch of prudes scared of change. I must commend you also on the gentle intuitive way in which you implemented the changes in your spouse. My own transition was similarly a slow methodical but very effective process and though I wasn’t aware of everything that was happening I am quite pleased with my life as it now is. I find it interesting that both your husband and I started with panties and I sometimes wonder how common that is in society. Mine was a matter of practicallity as I found myself with no clean underwear one morning so my wife insisted that I wear a pair of hers as noone would see anyway. Much like you she reinforced these panties with continuous questions about how the fabric felt and with comments about how sexy i looked. Of course I did like the way the silky fabric felt on my body and was flattered by her compliments, little did I know that within a couple of months all my male underwear would disappear and I would find multiple pairs of panties in thier place. Sometimes I wonder why it didn’t occur to me back then how well that first set of panties fit when she was so much smaller in size then me.

    As for piereced ears they came a bit earlier on than with your husband. My wife and I were watching a movie where one of the male characters was wearing earrings and she commented on how attractive she thought they looked on men. She suggested that I would really look nice with earring whearas I sort of laughed it off but she wasn’t done. A couple of days later we were at a mall and she asked if I had given earrings any more thought and I said I really wasn’t comfortable showing up at the office with earrings. But she was persistant and pointed it out that that was antiquated thinking and anyway a lot of me wear one earring and if I was too much of a sissy to get both ears piereced for her we could just get one piereced and noone would probably even notice. After all she said who would you rather pleare, are you going to cuddle up with our friends at the office. Who could argue that logic so off to the Kiosk where I had my left ear pierced with a small stud. About six weeks later when the stud could be removed I found myself back at the Kiosk in the mall with here looking for a nicer earring I could wear. It was then that she reasoned that since that earring could come out and didn’t cause all that much of a stir that I could take that earring out and get the other ear pierced and noone would be the wiser. I was reluctant but my wife and the sales lady behind the counter were so excited that I went ahead and got the other ear pierce.

    Perhaps that logic will work for your girl too.

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    • Lady A says:

      Thank you for your story Maggie. Your partner had a great way to get you into knickers by accidentally not having any clean ones around. I found linking it to sexual games works very effectively too. The earring problem for Alice is tough as she looks so conservative in male guise that they would look out of place. She was a very straight very traditional male for many years. My idea is to change this male guise so that earrings don’t look strange.

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      • Maggie says:

        Lady A, I have been looking forward to a reading a progress report on how the feminization with your husband is going. It is funny how natural it begans to feel wearing feminine clothing around the house. Earlier I spoke about how I came to wear womans panties and how I got my ears pierced all without a clue of what was to come. It seems that there was no force just gentle persuasion that came in baby steps. I suppose after getting my ears pierced the next step in my feminization was wearing tights and then panty hose under my clothes all out of practicallity. I was working construction at the time working inside a lot of new contruction without the benefit of a lot of heat and one morning out of concern for my health my wife suggested that I wear a pair of tights under my jeans. I was reluctant but she went on as to how she had read that not only was it a great alternative to help men and women who worked outdoors stay warm but it was also a good health habit to help people with the blood circulation in their legs. I took the bait and never even questioned why she had a pair of new tights in her drawer who fit me. Once tights became a day to day habit the tights became thinner and eventually one morning when all my tights were in the wash I found myself being given a pair of panty hose with the comment “don’t be silly their one in the same thing”. Small changes that don’t seem to have a lot of meaning but definitely a step towards feminization. I don’t think most men realize how small changes can make such a big difference in a persons life.

        Next even before the skirt and bra came the nightee or as she referred to her gift that she had made herself a mans nightshirt. It was the evening before my birthday and she said she had made me a special gift that she wanted me to try on. When I opened the box and pulled the satin night shirt out I was confused. You want me to wear a nightgown I said to which she replied sarcastically no it’s not a night gown it’s a nightshirt, besided she said would it be so bad if I did, would it make you less of a man?” I felt bad I thought she had gone to all this trouble and I hurt her feelings so I put it on. I had never worn a night shirt before and it felt stange coming to just below my knee. It will be more comfortable then those icky pjs you wear an a lot more convenient when we are intimate, continuing to tell me how nice I looked. It did feel nice and withing a few weeks of persuasion I was wearing a nightshirt (night gown) to bed every night starting about an hour before we retired and found I was the proud owner of at least 4 different style shirts including a coulple with spagetti straps and lace and not complaining.

        Let’s talk soon.


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      • Lady A says:

        Very nice Maggie.It seems your mistress applied similar techniques to me to feminise. Small steps which become the norm then move on to the next small step

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      • Roxanne Lanyon says:

        Oh, how I would love it if my “hubette” pierced my ears! I would be such a wonderful lady for her! I surely would! Roxanne, her sissy boi forever!


    • georgiakevin says:

      It seems from this comment that Maggie you and your Mistress have a wonderful life together. You must feel very lucky. Ypu must look perfectly lovely.


    • John Doe says:

      I need a woman in my life like you Maggie. 🙂 I secretly wear women’s panties and pantyhose under my jeans. By the way I only own ladies jeans because for some reason they have a lot more stretch to them. I love going out for walks in public places wearing leggings that are skin tight and possibly a little see through. I only do this where no one knows me. I am presently having laser treatments to remove the hair from my legs permanently so I can wear shear pantyhose with shorts. I do all my own shopping for pantyhose, tights and leggings and I have a huge selection. My wife does know that I have a prescription for Sigvaris 782P Evershear 20-30mmHg pantyhose that I do wear around her. What she does know is these are strictly women’s pantyhose. Thanks for your very interesting article.

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  2. jim sedrut says:

    Great shares ladies…………………

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    • Maggie says:

      Lady A, I was hoping for an update on your husband and weather or not you were able to get her ears pierced or able to get her to a salon for waxing. The hardest parts of going to a salon for me were fear and anticipation. My wife had insisted that I looked like an old man with short hair and that I should let my hair grow out and maybe get a short curly perm that was all the rage for men back then. I finally agreed and after about 6 months it was looking rather shabby and hard to comb back for work so she made the appointment for me at her salon. I was petrified at the thought of going into a woman’s salon and as the day came near I tried to get her to cancel the appointment but she told me that I was just getting cold feet and it would really look nice. Besides she said we really needed to do something in the interim to make my hair more manageable while it continued to grow out. I was a bit shocked we had never really talked about just how long she wanted my hair to be but she quickly changed the subject. I will never forget how I felt that day as she escorted me into the salon and the smell of chemicals as I was led back to a chair and draped in a black cape and my hair was pulled tight with colorful curlers. It felt as if everyone in the entire salon was staring in my direction. It seemed as if we were there for an eternity and I was shocked when the curlers were in place and another older lady with meticulous makeup came over and said we might as well get your waxing started while your perm is taking hold. Like a little puppy I just followed, For the most part I was used to shaving my body hair as my wife had insisted that I kept it that way for intimacy but I hadn’t shaved in several weeks for some reason. That was the first time I ever had my body waxed including a Brazilian and I actually liked how it felt as she rubbed my body with oil afterwards and I since that time waxing is just a normal part of my hygiene routine. After the waxing, I was led back to my beauticians chair where my curlers were removed and she combed my hair out. I was shocked seeing all the curls but even more shocked to see that it wasn’t a short curly perm at all but I had large curled combed out like a woman would. I was shocked looking into the mirror but my wife and the beautician assured me that my hair would relax and I would have great body waves. And if necessary my wife could teach me to curl it at night to help relax it a bit so I had nothing to worry about. Besides they both assured me that it looked really sexy and that they both loved men who had enough confidence to step outside the box. We did curl it that evening but it was still pretty curly as I left home for work and I tried to wear a ball cap but the women at work noticed almost immediately and the rumors and comment began. I took a bit of ribbing and everyone was calling me sweetie but it only lasted a few days and coincidentally I was let go for what my boss referred to as corporate down sizing.

      Six months later I was still unemployed and took a job working with a friend of my wife’s who cleaned offices after hours a job where my appearance wasn’t an issue. By this time I was used to curling my hair before bed on a regular basis. And as my hair continued to grow out my appointments at my wife’s beauty salon took on a regular schedule and every six weeks I had my waxed and gradually we started manicures and pedicures with clear polish and by bushy brows were thinned out and the gradually process of brow shaping began. Little steps with big consequences, but in reality why I began to question my masculinity or what was left of it I was really enjoying the pampering from my wife and the women at the salon as well as the compliments from her other girl friends and the woman I worked for. I was working in an apron with a coif and thinned brow but I somehow felt closer to my wife and the woman I worked for.

      Enough about me, sorry to bore you but please continue to write about your husband and his feminization, somehow hearing about it makes me feel more normal.


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  4. Isabella says:

    Lady A can you help me?
    what should I do to make more feminine to my husband and my son of 14 years, i am already tired of men in my house, I would now like 3 girls in the house.

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    • Lady A says:

      There’s nothing stopping from feminising them. I would start slowly and change their clothing to something softer. Why not start off with knickers for them and throw away all male underpants. That’s how I started with Alice. You’re right, it’s much more desirable to have a female only household.

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  5. Mark C says:

    Hello Lady A,

    I’m a professional, 40ish man in the DC suburbs. I used to crossdress years ago before I met the woman who is now my wife, so I know I make a pretty girl. She knows that I tried crossdressing, and I even showed her some pics of me dressed as a woman. She thought I was cute. I would love to implement this at home, but my wife is not at all the dominant type, and she’s not terribly kinky either. We both have professional careers we must maintain outside the house. Is there any hope?


    • Lady A says:

      There’s always hope. We too have professional careers outside our home and families that don’t know. In your case you may need to take the initiative to kick start things. Why not ask if she’d like to see what she saw in the photo in real life? She might just like it. In our case Alice was also not very kinky and a typical straight Englishman. I implemented very small incremental changes so he was not scared off. Try the same. Don’t push too hard too soon or too fast. I’m sure she’d get used to it this way and eventually get into it. I hope this helps, do let me know

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      • Brigitte says:


        Thank you so much for your kind and thoughtful reply. My wife is very open-minded and accommodating, so even though she’s attracted to my “manly” demeanor, I think we could have fun with this.

        I do a fair amount of the housework, but I could always do more. I’m thinking I could tell her one day that I’d like to clean the apartment very, very throughly all day long dressed as a French maid named Brigitte. Of course I’d have curtesy and avert my eyes when she speaks to me. What are your thoughts?

        Additionally, I have some nice, tasteful pics of me completely cross-dressed, looking passable in a photo shoot. I’d be so honored to share them with you, M’lady.

        Your obedient servant,



      • Lady A says:

        Hello Brigitte, it’s always lovely to hear from someone on the road to feminisation, you should definitely go for the next stage you describe. Please do send me your photos along with a little about you and your mistress and why you’re being feminised. I look forward to hearing from you.

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  6. Megan H says:

    Here is how I feminized my husband…we were heading to an out of town wedding. We packed an overnight bag and I purposely took his sweat pants out of the bag that he planned on wearing to bed. I also packed a pair of pantyhose even though I had no intention of wearing of them (it was a summer wedding, heehee). When we first checked into the hotel, made sure I turned the A/C all the way down so the room would be freezing when we got back. After the wedding was over and we were back to room, I changed out of my dress and heels into my comfy clothes. My husband of course was surprised when his pants were missing…he could of sworn he packed them! I told him no matter, just to sleep in his boxer shorts. Like clock work, he started complaining about how cold it was in the room. I told him I would see if there was anything I could do, so I reached into my bag, acted like I was looking around and pulled out the pair of pantyhose. He just stared at them and didn’t say a word at first. I “can’t” wear those, he didnt say “wouldn’t”, so I knew it was just a matter of time. Why can’t you wear them and I’ll just wear your sweat pants. No way hun, I’m not the one who forgot to pack any pants and besides, I’ve suffered through pantyhose for years. It either these or be cold. He balked for a few minutes but once I finally swore that I wouldn’t tell anyone, he said, fine give me the pantyhose. Now do I wear these over my boxers or under he asked? No that just won’t work, here put these on. I handed him a light blue thong that I had worn all day to the wedding. At this point he was already committed to the pantyhose so I was curious to see how far I could push the envelope. He took the thong with little debate and within minutes little miss hubby was in panties and pantyhose! He was like puddy in my hand, he instantly became so submissive. I teased him, maybe you should throw a robe on and go down the hallway and get some ice. He shuttered at the idea…oh I get it, you might run into someone you know! Well considering I’m wearing the pants and you are wearing the pantyhose in this relationship, my feet hurt from dancing in heels all day, I need a foot massage. Once that was done, I told him to put his tongue to good work or I would have him shaving his legs in the morning. This was going to happen in due time anyway but I wanted him to associate pleasuring me while he went down the path of femimization.

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  7. Peter says:

    Oh my god I wish I was in his place wld love you
    To change me babe


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