Encouraged feminisation

Lady A and her feminised husband often think a lot about why we and others enjoy ‘forced feminisation’. To start with we’re going to disagree with the term ‘forced feminisation’ since this implies that the feminisation was imposed by just one party, the female, when in fact it was certainly wanted by both. Ok the man probably didn’t realise at first, he just needed some encouragement due to his internal social and physiological rules making the idea of being feminised seem not be be the natural order of life.  For this reason we prefer to call it ‘Encouraged Feminisation’.

Submissivefemdom Husband-Brings-Mistress-Wife-Breakfast-in-Bed

We often discuss this and ask ourselves why? These are some of our thoughts and what we believe are the answers.

From birth our society teaches us that females have the feminine supporting role and males the macho provider and leader role. As we grow older females are taught, encouraged and shown how to dress more feminine with pretty dresses with long hair, colours such as pinks, whites and yellows.  Their appearances becoming increasingly sexual as they get older.Males on the other hand are encouraged to wear plain clothes that cover them fully with colours like blues and greys. Males are taught by society to be the providers and leaders and women the supporters. Ok this has changed somewhat over the past thirty years but go to any office and you’ll see that the majority of workers are male in grey or blue suits, no flesh showing besides their faces and hands and short cropped, often military hairstyles.  However, how many of the women will have dresses or skirts, legs showing through sheer stockings or tights, probably quite a lot of neck and neck line showing. Maybe some chest on show. Long or longish pretty hair, maybe some nice hair clips. If there is a role reversal in a family with the women as the provider and the man staying at home then it usually makes the society or home sections of the newspapers or there is a documentary about it on the telly.  I have worked with a married couple where each has a similar senior management role but when there have been problems with their baby sitter or other domestic situations then it’s the woman who goes home to sort things out.

We know that structure has been loosened somewhat but it’s still there.

So what’s our point? Our point is that the current social structure is actually UNNATURAL. Why are men supposed to be the providers? Why are women expected to dress more provocatively for the enjoyment of men? Don’t women also like to look at men’s legs, necks and bums? And more? Why shouldn’t men be expected to dress more sexual for the benefit of women.Why shouldn’t men wear pretty dresses and skirts, stockings, pretty pink blouses? Why can’t men wear long styled hair as the norm for the benefit of women? Why is this considered wrong? I don’t think the world would stop turning. Why do men wear trousers and women dresses? No reason, these are just made up rules.

The fact is that some men do like to be in charge but then so do some women. Other men most certainly do not and neither do some women. Isn’t the natural order of life really between the Alpha men and WOMEN of the world as leaders and providers and the non Alpha men and women as the feminised supporters?

Our relationship and attraction was certainly that Lady A is an Alpha female and her husband is not. Lady A led him into the world of feminisation where it enabled him to escape from the expectations of being an Alpha leader/provider 24/7 to being a supporting housewife at home, which is indeed the more natural order. Lady A loves to see his long legs in beautiful stockings and therefore ensures he wears nice pretty short dresses and skirts. He enjoys the attention and the fact she’s attracted to his body. It’s true that our relationship also includes some discipline but that is also necessary to maintain control in a natural alpha / non-alpha relationship.

Feminisation of your menfolk is not therefore a strange fetish as some may have you believe, but a very natural order of life. Let’s hope it becomes even more common and we encourage all readers to either do it in your own relationship or if that’s not possible find someone who is your natural fit.

femdom sissy-seervant-chained-washing-dishes_image

(We found these drawings on this post on the web but apologise as we can’t remember where from. If they are yours please let us know and we’ll reference them).



About Lady Alexa

I am a writer and a believer in the immense benefits of male feminisation and female domination. My blog records my true-life experiences in these areas. I also have several novels and a non-fiction book published on Amazon about forced feminisation which you can find under my pen name Lady Alexa. I live in a quiet corner of North London with my obedient and feminised husband/housewife.
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2 Responses to Encouraged feminisation

  1. Giles says:

    Hello Lady A,
    Firstly thank you for your liberating comments and thoughts about the feminisation of men. I just wanted to say to all of your female followers out there to not hold back on feminising your man. From a male perspective i find it extremely arousing to think that i could be dominated and feminized. It is a fantasy of many men and it really wouldn’t take too much effort to begin to turn your man because secretly we have all been waiting for this revolution to happen. I have begun my journey in a very different way to what has been talked about on this blog and i have embraced all aspects of my training and feminisation so far.

    I do not wish to completely transition and am very happy sampling the delights that the ladies of today enjoy. I also shave parts of my body so that i may experience the erotic sensation of satin and lace garments on my soft bare legs . I also wear a long satin nighty to bed which feels amazing as it touches different parts of my body. I guess what i am trying to say here is that i am experiencing new sensations that have previously been out of bounds to me because i am a male. I have had several bites of the apple and now i want to try more. It’s very addictive and highly intoxicating. I have had make up applied, worn wigs,sexy clothes and lingerie and i do look amazing when i am allowed to.

    Why do i do it you may ask ? Well it’s fun and it feels so damn sexy and naughty all in one. It gives me a great thrill to be able to wear sexy clothes behind closed doors. I love it when i am told to strip and put on items of female clothing to do chores around my mistresses home. It allows me the chance to really let go and be myself and to drop the male expectations that Lady A has been talking about. I consider myself to be a non alpha male and i am happy with that. I have been caught by my wife wearing hot pink panties and she was ok with it. She was shocked but didn’t make a scene or a big deal out of it. I actually think she knows me way better than i could ever had imagined. She’s just not willing to take it any further….sadly.

    The relationship you have with your husband is very unique and special Lady A and i can relate to everything that you have spoken about especially with regards to how you feminised your Husband Parts 1 & 2, it is spot on and makes complete sense.

    So come on ladies take the step be bold and dominate your men and start the feminisation revolution because you will be suprised at how easy it will be because this is what we want and desire….as men.

    Thanks for your time and i hope you enjoyed a male perspective.


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