Obedience and Discipline

We haven’t covered this area that much in our blog. That’s probably because we like to think of ourselves as quite normal. That’s to say that we believe a wife led marriage with attraction, affection, love and a feminised husband is normal. As we’ve written before, why should a male led relationship with a feminine supporting wife be normal if a female led relationship with a feminised supporting husband cannot be. Of course it’s perfectly normal. And this is why probably we haven’t gone on much about discipline and obedience to the lady of the house. It takes us into the possible realms of  fetish lifestyle and we want to feel ‘normal’.

However, in a wife led relationship with a feminised husband, discipline is a key part of the deal and we are no different to any other couple in this regard. Lady A’s girlie husband has the housewife tasks to perform and above all, he has to show respect and devotion to the Lady of the house at all times. Lady A therefore has two types of discipline: management discipline and punishment discipline. Management discipline is the everyday discipline that Lady A uses to manage the relationship and ensure obedience. Punishment discipline is obvious and occasionally necessary.

Management Discipline:

Lady A will spank her girlie husband when she feels like it. This is not associated with any misdemeanor that her girlie will have done. Lady A believes that management discipline is vital for any female led relationship to ensure that standards never slip and to demonstrate who is in charge. The discipline can be a number of things:

1. Lady A has recently started using a belt to spank her girlie. Girlie has to bend over, drop her knickers to her ankles and raise her skirt to show her bare bottom. Lady A will spank it with a belt. She feels the belt is a very suitable article to demean her girlie husband with.

2. Lady A will use a riding crop using the same approach as above but usually when Lady A is feeling very ‘mistressy’.

3. Lady A will use a hair brush or bare hand as for 1 and 2.

4. Lady A will tell her girlie to drop her kickers and raise the front of her skirt/dress to expose her pussy and clitty stick. Lady A will slap girlie’s clitty stick with her hand, slapping it from side to side. On other occasions she will tell girlie to hold out her clitty stick by holding the end. Lady A will then slap girlie’s clitty with a ruler or with her riding crop.

5. Clothing discipline. Lady A will ensure humiliation every so often by ensuring that girlie will wear something extremely humiliating. For example girlie husband will have to wear a very short and frilly pink ballerina type skirt that doesn’t actually cover her pussy. Girlie will not be permitted to wear knickers, just the skirt and a pink blouse. Oh and 4 inch heels to accentuate the showing.

6. Clitty and pussy decoration. Aside from slapping it, Lady A will occasionally decorate her girlie’s clitty stick and pussy when she’s feeling arty. Girlie will not be permitted to wear knickers or a skirt for the evening, just high heels, stockings and a top. Lady A may tie a pink bow around girlie’s clitty and pussy, or paint it nice colours with pink or yellow body paint. She may tie beads and rings around it or maybe clip things to it such as hanging earrings. She will possibly tie little bows into the small triangle of pubes above girlie’s shaved clitty stick. Girlie has to then wear these decorations on her pussy and clitty for the whole evening.

7. Girlie must always curtsey after serving Lady A something or doing something for her. Failure to do so will lead to the next stage below.


Punishment Discipline:

This is used for any misdemeanor that girlie may do and annoys Lady A. It could actually be for anything so is difficult to list anything specific. Maybe girlie was too slow to serve a drink, maybe girlie forgot to curtsey which is something that happens far too often. Maybe girlie was getting too fond of wearing a beautiful dress and forgot to compliment Lady A on her beauty. All the punishments involving spanking above are used, often with a bit more force. The belt has become the favourite of late.

When girlie is becoming too immersed in her own femininity and forgets about Lady A, Lady A will force her girlie to remove all her clothes and remain naked for the rest of the day/evening. After a good spanking with the belt that is.

To be honest, Lady A does have to keep on top of things to stop her girlie forgetting the situation. Lady A feels that all ladies in this type of relationship need to do the same, even though their girlie husbands may be enjoying the situation. Selfishness or complacency will always creep into the the girlie husband’s thinking and this needs to be spotted and stamped on immediately and eradicated.

About Lady Alexa

I am a writer and a believer in the immense benefits of male feminisation and female domination. My blog records my true-life experiences in these areas. I also have several novels and a non-fiction book published on Amazon about forced feminisation which you can find under my pen name Lady Alexa. I live in a quiet corner of North London with my obedient and feminised husband/housewife.
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