You’re no longer a man, you’re a girl now

We started on the ‘encouraged’ feminisation road only some 3 years ago. For most of the journey we have gradually increased the time that Lady A’s girlie husband was feminised and gradually increased the level of feminisation.For example although now always in knickers with pink toe nails, girlie husband would always have times being a man such as when going out of the house. So we had a distinction between girlie husband and socially acceptable husband.

We do have to maintain appearances with family, friends and neighbours and we need to continue this. However Lady A really wants her girlie husband to be a girl all the time. She has put in place new rules, such as pink nail varnish on his toes at all times, and now she is ready for the next phase of his feminisation. This will start from tomorrow morning and these are the new things he must do (in addition to the exisiting rules of course).

1. From tomorrow her husband will no longer be referred to as her husband. He will be her wife. You will see this from now in the blog and he will be called Lady A’s wife or the girl.

2. He will never again be referrred to as a ‘he’ ever. ‘She’ and ‘her’ only. She is now a girl.

3. She (Lady A’s wife) will grow her hair longer. This will make her more female in appearence. However, it’s a bit thin on top due to some inconvenient male hormones remaining and her age so she will buy a wig and wear this at home. She will also at times wear a hair band or a pony tail when working or cooking.

4. Lady A’s wife will grow her nails longer and wear nail varnish at all times. Clear outside the home and pink or red around the house.

5. The girl will now buy some short housemaid’s dresses with a small apron when cleaning and cooking at home.

6. The girl will dispose of all her male socks and wear only feminine tights or stockings. Even when going out in male clothes for appearences sake, the girl will wear tights or stockings under her trousers.

7. The girl will wear female perfume everyday.

8. The girl will wear skirts when driving at all times. She can slip into trousers over the top when leaving the car for appearences sake.

9. The girl will dispose of her wardrobe of shirts used for appearences sake outside the house. She will buy replacement blouses  to wear instead.

10. The girl will get her ears pierced. She won’t have to always wear earrings outside the house (for appearences sake) but Lady A wants her to have her ears pierced like most girls.

11. The girl will wear a bra at all times unless it’s really a difficult situation.

12. The girl will dispose of her wardrobe of male pullovers, jumpers and cardigans. Female ones will be bought to replace them.

13. The girl will wear make up every day. Light foundation and eye make up for outside and full make up at home.

We are also looking onto where we can find flat female footwear in UK size 9 for wearing outside the house. Obviously high heels are always worn at all times indoors.

Lady A wants her girl to only wear female clothes so once the new clothes have been bought her girl will only have male trousers to wear outside the home. Lady A is looking at larger size (in leg length) female trousers on line to see if there is anything suitable. Once successful her girl will only have female clothes.

About Lady Alexa

I am a writer and a believer in the immense benefits of male feminisation and female domination. My blog records my true-life experiences in these areas. I also have several novels and a non-fiction book published on Amazon about forced feminisation which you can find under my pen name Lady Alexa. I live in a quiet corner of North London with my obedient and feminised husband/housewife.
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3 Responses to You’re no longer a man, you’re a girl now

  1. sissy bun says:

    yes i too am a sissy wife to a older lady it happen one day she ask me over for coffee to her place when i got there she let me in and her place was a dirty mess she told me she was sorry the place look a mess i told her not to worry she said please sit down i look even the chairs were dirty i pick up the dirty dishes and toke them to the sink there were dirty dishes in the sink too she came back out i told her for a joke you need some one to help you around here she said i know but i have little money then i ask her were her clean cup are i guess i have to wash some i told her look you clean up the table i will some cups out just for a joke i ask if she had a apron she said yes put you may not want to wear it look i wear any thing you want but this apron as a bra sew in it i said well do you mean i have to take my shirt off only if you want i told her it should be funny me in a apron with a bra on well then here the apron now take the shirt off then she put on the apron and she hook up the bra strap and tire up the apron are she did that for the first time i felt what a bra feel like and i love the feel i start to wash the dishes and then i clean up the floor she came back in the room well i see you really did clean up here then she ask me do you want me to take the apron off i told her no i like it feels on me she just smile at me you mean you like the apron no i like the bra too she just look at me then she ask would you like just to wear a bra i said yes wait here then she went and got some bras as she try some bras on me she said you know what a pair of panties would go nice with this bra i said if you think they will well now i am in panties and bra then she show me in the mirror how i look i told her as a joke if i had breasts i look more as a girl she told me i have some thing here it will help she pull out two fake breast and put them in the cup of the bra well after a few weeks of this i became her house maid and after that i ask her to let me become her sissy wife


  2. sissy linda says:

    i live as a sissy wife now with my hair to the middle of my back in a pony tail and ears pierced. i have never been happier or felt more complete. i am her woman and serve her in that way always.

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