Good Girl

A couple of months ago I spotted a couple in a supermarket and they looked quite normal until she clicked her finders at him and then moved her index finger to to tell him to come over to her. She then told him off quietly but firmly that she expected him to come to her much quicker and she’d punish him when they got home. He looked down at the ground in front of her.

From this time I realised that in every day life I can now speak to my girlie like this and to refer to my girlie as a female outside the home. I call her good girl and so on. Most people don’t seem to even notice as they are busy getting on with their own lives. I will also tell her she’s a bad girl when she hasn’t followed my instructions properly. I can also get her to do things such as carrying my things obviously, including my handbag, and getting things for me in shops or coffee shops. For example in a clothes shop I get her to pick up items of clothing for me with “be a good girl and pass me that” or in a coffee shop, “be a good girl and get me an Americano” and so on.

So I think the time is right to give her a new female name, especially with her nice new nails. I did used to call her Cindy but in the end I didn’t really think it was suitable so I have resisted up to now as I have enjoyed the anonymity of just calling her ‘girl’. Now I have started to always refer to her in the female form outside the home as well I realise it would be really satisfying to use a female name. I need to think exactly what and I have some ideas but I’ll announce it here when I’ve decided.

This is an exciting thought for me I can’t wait to use her new name outside the home.

About Lady Alexa

I am a writer and a believer in the immense benefits of male feminisation and female domination. My blog records my true-life experiences in these areas. I also have several novels and a non-fiction book published on Amazon about forced feminisation which you can find under my pen name Lady Alexa. I live in a quiet corner of North London with my obedient and feminised husband/housewife.
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6 Responses to Good Girl

  1. maidsally69 says:

    She is rapidly becoming so compliant as we all do once in feminine clothing


  2. Michelle says:

    What a great idea Lady A. She should now have a pretty feminine name that she should use all the time. As she’s no longer a male but a girl she should stop using her horrible mans name completely. I look forward to hearing what it will be 🙂


    • Lady A says:

      Yes I just need to decide on a couple of options. I stopped using Cindy as it was too obvious and I want a nice normal feminine name for her to show the normality of her life now as a girl.


  3. John P says:

    My girlfriend and I read your blog all the time and she has been getting some wild ideas. What started as just a bedroom thing is fast becoming a 24/7 thing and I am a little bit excited by it! Keep up the great work. We would love to see some photos of your feminine husband (with his face out of shot of course) so we can see how feminine she really is!


    • Lady A says:

      Thank you very much for your comments John. It started the same way for us, some kinky fun in the bedroom which expanded. It’s exciting for us women too to have our menfolk feminised and compliant. To be honest though, once we’d started playing in the bedroom I really wanted more so I kept pushing the boundaries deliberately so I suspect your girlfriend is now doing the same. Go with it. I’ll re-post a couple of photos from much earlier posts for you and your girlfriend (and anyone else who’d like to see) and I’ll take a couple of new ones. Lady A.


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