A more feminine look

I’m in full on feminisation mode at the moment as I’m excited about completing the feminisation of my girlie husband Alice. Following the success of the weekend where I got her to spend time in the garden in a dress and heels, I’ve continued this using my technique of “but you’ve already spent time doing this so what’s the problem?” approach.

So Monday evening we again spent time outside in the garden but this time in the evening before it became darker. The patio area is directly behind the back of the house so is not visible from the neighbours’ upstairs windows. To be safe I got Alice to wear a little black skirt and a plain white blouse so no bright colours to attract any attention just yet. At a pinch the black skirt could possibly be mistaken for black shorts from a distance. Well that’s what I told Alice anyway even though it was pleated and quite short. Of course I will increase the amount of outside time and extend her usage of skirts to other areas away from the safety of the garden. That’s in the future for now, but not too far off I hope.

In tandem with the introduction of wearing of dresses and skirts outside I’ve put Alice on a diet. She was always very slim but some middle age spread has meant she has a waist of around 36 inches. When she was a man she could carry this with no problem due to her height. Now as a female it’s not really suitable as I want her waist to be down at 30 inches max, which she had when she was in her 20s so this should be quite achievable. The whole point of course is for her to look very feminine and in particular, for her to look the part when wearing her dresses. I really want to see her with a definite waist when in dresses. Maybe a corset if this doesn’t work but I’m trying for the natural look first. I think a small waist with her newly large breasts will look wonderful. You can see why I’m so excited.

About Lady Alexa

I am a writer and a believer in the immense benefits of male feminisation and female domination. My blog records my true-life experiences in these areas. I also have several novels and a non-fiction book published on Amazon about forced feminisation which you can find under my pen name Lady Alexa. I live in a quiet corner of North London with my obedient and feminised husband/housewife.
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7 Responses to A more feminine look

  1. John P says:

    Maybe it’s time to consider some implants. Nothing drastic of course, little B Cups to fill out any bras or corsets underneath a blouse or dress. Keep up the good work!


  2. Lady A says:

    I think that’s a good idea John P and thanks for the feedback. Currently I’m working on getting Alice to accept that her ears should be pierced and I believe I’m close to getting this done by wearing her down. Raising the idea of breast implants might freak her out at the moment but with the softly softly approach I do believe I can get there. Lady A


  3. timara says:

    I hope you have got him some nice edge heels to wear for the summer? Look nice with a flowery skirt.


  4. timara says:

    I hope you have got him some nice wedge heels to wear for the summer? Look nice with a flowery skirt.


  5. Lady A says:

    I’ve just been thinking Timara, I like the idea of a flowery design and I’m going to buy my girlie husband a flowery summer dress. Short of course


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