Great comments and more progress

One of the advantages of writing this blog is the comments I receive. In reality I am quite new to this having discovered feminisation only around 3 years ago so the ideas such as summer shoes and flowery skirts cement in my girlie’s mind that she’s a girl as did the comment about her wearing female trousers and blouses outside the home so she was always feminised. I will also take her to a fetish club to get her used to dressing in front of others but in a safe environment.

What started off as purely a bedroom game mushroomed quickly. I so enjoyed seeing my husband in feminine clothes and manner that I’m completely committed to turning him into a female although, I stress, not in the department down below where I continue to want him to operate as before. I’ve even feminised that calling it a clitty and making him shave his pubes into a female triangle shape above it; his clitty and balls of course completely shaved as is the rest of his body.

I continue to have progress on the wearing of female clothes outside the house. Wearing a skirt/dress in the garden has now become normal for her and, as in every part of this process, it’s about pushing her to the next increment of feminisation which then becomes normal and then you move onto the next one. So with her more used to wearing skirts outside albeit in the garden and occasionally in the car to pick me up from the station in the evenings, I’ve moved things onto the next small increment. Yesterday when I returned home from work around 6pm I announced I’d like to go out for a drive into the countryside. Alice was of course working at home in her nice white summer dress. It has straps and bare arms and shoulders and was perfect as it was quite humid yesterday. Alice said she’d change into trousers and blouse. “Oh no, I want you to drive in the dress”. Alice looked horrified. I did allow her to put on a cardigan but other than that she had to drive in the dress. Alice did want to put some trousers in the car in case of emergency, flat tyre or whatever. I did allow this but they were folded on the back seat. We drove north out of London which is of course in bright daylight at 7pm up to about 10.30ish at this time of year. She drove in her dress and flat shoes and we got back a couple of hours later without incident. We didn’t leave the car but I think you probably know where this is going. Tomorrow we’ll be going out again but during the day. Alice doesn’t yet realise it but she’ll be going in a little skirt and blouse and we’ll be going to the countryside again but this time we’re going to go for a short walk somewhere secluded. Each time little increments. I’m getting there and to be honest I’m in the mood to push a little faster to complete the process.


About Lady Alexa

I am a writer and a believer in the immense benefits of male feminisation and female domination. My blog records my true-life experiences in these areas. I also have several novels and a non-fiction book published on Amazon about forced feminisation which you can find under my pen name Lady Alexa. I live in a quiet corner of North London with my obedient and feminised husband/housewife.
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16 Responses to Great comments and more progress

  1. Michelle says:

    So glad to hear things are starting to progress more outside the home Lady A. With her continued feminisation with make-up, hair, jewellery, nails etc then Alice won’t stand out anyway! She’ll just look like any other pretty girl enjoying the sunshine. A great idea is to have her wear a strappy summer dress so then 1, her pretty bra straps will be on show too but 2, hopefully she’ll also get some tan lines which will reinforce the change in her every time she looks in a mirror. Maybe a lovely picnic out in the sunshine too would be nice for her? Nothing quite beats the feeling of air blowing around your legs and up your skirt but also the feel of sitting on grass in a skirt too. I’m sure she will love it and actually want to be outside dressed more and more. How is she with doing her own make-up now? Does she wear it all day every day, even if it’s just mascara and lipstick?

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  2. Lady A says:

    Yes good ideas, grass on her legs and skirt sounds great. She’s struggling with the make up I’m thinking of taking her to a sissy training place. However she does wear lipstick, mascara and eyeshadow every day. As for the tan lines, I’ve bought her a pink bikini and I’m going to make her use it in the garden once the weather picks up. I’m also thinking of going for a walk late at night with her. Things are going well. Lady A

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  3. maidsally69 says:

    It’s amazing how many of us have become subjugated in to wearing feminine clothing and make up and also feminine mannerisms such as keeping legs together, the limp wrist and the pout and fluttering eyes become second nature.
    I cannot imagine not experiencing the thrill of a breeze under my skirt.
    Your training seems to be going so well and the results seem to be self evident and it has all happened with little resistance and quickly.
    When she is ready for outings to clubs etc I would be happy to assist and she can experience finding out what happens to girls who go out in too short dresses etc

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  4. Lady A says:

    Thank you for your offer Sally, do you get down to London at all? I like the idea of girls with their dresses too short. There is some resistance from her to some things which are not gradual such as earrings. I do find that the incremental approach works very well though in other areas.


  5. abezure says:

    I am thinking this is great. Maybe we should do it ourselves as well


    • Lady A says:

      Yes Abezure, you should do this too. In fact all men should experience feminisation and be subjected to female feelings. This would make the world a much better place. I look forward to reading about it in your blog. Lady A

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  6. Michelle says:

    Though your using Alice clitty for your own pleasure Lady A do you also think you’ll ever let Alice experience what it’s like to pleasure another man? Though you may not require her to do it full time I do think it really emphasises femininity in us when we know what it’s like to be with a real man and what turns them on. There’s no greater feeling than choosing your pretty lingerie and outfit to turn your man on. I’m sure Alice would benefit from it, at least once.


  7. Lady A says:

    Hello Michelle. I went to a Mistress event in Hackney the other month. I did comment on a post about it. We got to practice on male slaves and sissies for the evening. One of the things I really enjoyed was when one Mistress made one slave suck another slave’s cock, It was wonderful to witness the humiliation. However although I would personally find your idea exciting, I know that my Alice, although now effectively female, is only attracted to females and would find the idea of having any kind of contact sexually with another man quite awful for her. It’s the only area where I’ll allow her to decide. We’re like lesbian lovers but with a real rather than rubber cock. We are married and have a wonderful loving although nowadays an unusual relationship.


  8. maidsally69 says:

    You are right Michelle being made to please a real male is ultimate humiliation but also being forced to perform with another sissy is quite an experience.


  9. Lady A says:

    I like the concept but because of Alice’s aversion to any kind of contact with men, I’m thinking of making Alice perform with another women, but with someone she knows and someone Alice isn’t particularly attracted to. I think this could do the trick. I hadn’t thought of this until reading your comments.


  10. Michelle says:

    Lol I understand what your saying Lady A but I really think you should try it, voluntarily or otherwise at least once. It completely confirms her feminity. And once she’s had the feel, and taste, I’m sure she’ll change her opinion. Sucking on a real mans cock and feeling him pulse before he cums in your mouth is a feeling ALL girls should enjoy.


  11. Melissajane says:

    Dear Lady A,
    Absolutely loved this post from you!
    I do adore your methods with Alice, I am really enjoying your description’s of your wonderfully methodical approach. I want to say that I think you are right to continue with your feminising of Alice in the dressing, appearance and getting her out in public aspects first. With all due respect to any other comments you may yet receive or have had, I am sure you know Alice better than anyone. Please enjoy and savour your feminisation of your girl in your own chosen ways and don’t feel pressure to meet penis’s unless or until it’s right for you. Clearly It’s not just about seeing how far Alice can be pushed straightaway. As I see it you are enjoying your journey!
    And I’m quite jealous of her!
    So if you’d like some nice pretty company sometime……
    Much admiration
    Melissa xx


    • Lady A says:

      Thank you for your comments Melissa. My blog is a record of some pretty big changes in our life which have entirely been instigated by me but, it has to be said, would not have happened without my husband’s (or is that wife’s) acquiescence and, in the end, her enjoyment of what we now do. She is reluctant at times and even refuses some of my ideas it’s true and she does many things because of my strong willed personality but I always get there in the end. I really know she won’t get there with other men and this could break all my hard work even though I might enjoy it having witnessed it at the Mistress event with two slaves. Keep reading, Lady A


  12. Gay Jason says:

    As a sissy myself I admit I now love having both of my ears pierced. I had my left done first then my right and wear them freely now. And I have since gotten a small diamond stud in my left nostril to further my feminization. 🙂 Oh I hope your sissy gets her ears done soon. It is blissful to feel them pierced. 🙂


    • Lady A says:

      Hello Jason and I agree. I’ve been making the point that they would be so much nicer and more comfortable than clip-ons. She is starting to waver. I know she’d like it really now but worried what neighbours and friends would think. I like these things to be a joint decision although they are always pushed through by my constant discussion on the topic.


      • Gay Jason says:

        yes far more comfy than clip ons once healed, and so liberating to have them pierced. I love how females notice them now and smile. i no longer care what others think regarding them. I am proud to have my piercings and wear them with sissy and gay pride 🙂


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