Ladies, you must take ownership

I have been reflecting on the process of feminisation. I realise that probably the most important and key element of the process is not generally described in any great detail on the many blogs and other documents I have read on this subject. This is the fact that all you ladies out there need to take complete ownership of what your man has between his legs. Once owned, you must feminise, humiliate and disrespect it. Without these three things you will never quite control your man.

This is how I went about this. Firstly I had to get him to agree that I owned his bits. This was quite easy as men liked them to be played with and to have their lady focus on them.

Next, I had to stop him thinking of it as a cock. The word is masculine and assertive and he had to be stripped of any notion of masculinity. Initially I started calling it a ‘willie’ since this was childish and took away that implication of assertiveness and of him being a real man. But it was still male and a male sexual organ. Of course I eventually found the answer and that it was a ‘clitoris’ or a ‘clitty’. It is only ever allowed to be referred to as such. So we have a female description but it was shaved and it looked a bit like a little boy’s thing. The answer was to have Alice grow a clear triangle of pubic hair above her clitty. Much more feminine and I now call her whole genital area her ‘pussy’ and I don’t even have to use the word balls. “You need to shave your pussy my girl” I like to say if she’s been a little lazy for example.

In conjunction with this, you must of course get him to sit down on the toilet. Obviously this is an basic rule to act like a girl. However, equally important is that she doesn’t stand like a macho man holding her little thing to urinate. She cannot do this, she must not do this. Do everything you can to get your man to sit to cement to the idea in her girlie mind that she has to sit as she has a pussy. It’s so so important.

But this was still not quite enough.

It’s good it was feminised but to control and disabuse a man of any thought of masculinity through thinking he has a  ‘cock’ even if feminised, you need to show it complete and utter disrespect. I do three things. One is to sometimes make Alice dress without knickers or skirt, but still in her stockings, high heeled shoes and female top. Her clitty and pussy will be decorated, always with a large pink ribbon in a bow, maybe some jewellery hanging from it, necklaces and the like. I also clip on earrings onto her pussy area behind her clitty. Finally I use her clitty for punishment. If I am not pleased by something Alice has done I will often slap her clitty through her skirt. If I want to make a stronger point I will tell Alice to drop her knickers and lift her skirt and I will slap it directly. I like to scold her like you do with children by slapping on each syllable I say. I’ve also started getting her to lay down with her knickers off and skirt up and legs wide open. I will then put clothes pegs on her clitty and pussy bits and make her keep them on. She says they sting after a while. Good. Other times I will tie the pink ribbon very very tight around her clitty and separate her pussy balls and then make her keep that on for some time. The penultimate step will be a clitty cage, I now think that this is vital.

The final step will be to show her clitty off to selected female friends and allow them to play with it. I’m still not sure which friends to approach.

So from my experience, all you ladies out there feminising or thinking of feminising your man, you really need to take complete control of his clitty stick immediately. As I said, men love their little things being played with so it’s not so difficult as it seems. The rest will follow.

See my new Pinterest board on this subject.


About Lady Alexa

I am a writer and a believer in the immense benefits of male feminisation and female domination. My blog records my true-life experiences in these areas. I also have several novels and a non-fiction book published on Amazon about forced feminisation which you can find under my pen name Lady Alexa. I live in a quiet corner of North London with my obedient and feminised husband/housewife.
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2 Responses to Ladies, you must take ownership

  1. maidsally69 says:

    Love the pink bow Mistress and the idea of exposure to your female friends


  2. Lady A says:

    Pink ribbons are very much an important part of Alice’s attire, especially her clitty of course but also in her hair. A very visual display of her femininity


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