A long discussion on feminisation in our marriage

As I’ve mentioned many times, on the outside we appear to be a normal middle-aged (sigh) married English couple. Although I write this blog about my increasing feminisation of my girlie husband Alice and the fact she wears entirely feminine clothes, our life isn’t just about Alice’s feminisation. We do everything an otherwise normal married couple does: shop, go to the cinema, cook, eat out, eat in, go on holiday, listen to music, watch TV and so on. We also talk to each other, of course about things other than feminisation: the news, the weather, what we want to do etc. etc.

So, I decided it was time to have a serious conversation on Alice’s continuing feminisation; my goals and hers. We are married, we live together and I do have to take into account her opinion obviously. Whilst we have both agreed that I lead the marriage, it’s not all about me just giving orders and spanking Alice when I feel like it. I had a strong feeling, well more of a realisation to be honest, that our feminisation goals may not be fully aligned. Time to talk. Alice agreed.

So Saturday evening, glass of wine in hand, we talked. I started.

“We have agreed I should be the lead in our marriage” I said and Alice agreed. This is really not in question. She has suffered from society’s patriarchal view of life where the man has to show leadership and take decisions. Why? Exactly it’s ridiculous. I on the other hand believe strongly in a MATRIARCHAL society where women lead. Alice is no wimp but she is happy with this view. So a good start to our discussion.

“As part of the matriarchal household where I lead, you have to be female.” Again Alice agreed. Well she couldn’t do anything else as she was sitting there in a white flared mini skirt, bra and tight pink blouse. However there was some doubt about the definition of being female. She explained that she had become used to wearing nice feminine clothing but she hadn’t had a wish to be a girl and didn’t want to be a real girl physically, as in taking estrogen and other pills to feminise her. She was heterosexual and attracted to women. She was uncomfortable with being obviously feminine outside the house. This included being embarrassed last week at the department store, my desire for her to have her ears pierced and to go to a nail shop to have obvious nail varnish applied. I had got to the bottom of the reluctance.

I explained that I, on the other hand wanted her to be a girl, but also not to have to take pills to remove her ability to use her clitty on me. I want her to have pierced ears and if I’m honest, to have implants and real boobs. I would also like her to have a hair weave to cover her thinning top and have hair extensions to her shoulders. I want to do things as two girls together, for her to wear dresses ALL the time even outside and for Alice to look just like a girl – but with male sexual abilities and this is my goal.

A slight impasse on the extent of Alice’s feminisation. Time for compromise. Alice agreed that my wishes are the most important but that if she was quite upset about something then we could think of a softer approach.

  • Firstly I agreed to stop embarrassing her in public by calling her Alice really loudly. I was not going to stop calling her Alice though and we agreed this but it would be at a normal speaking voice level. I also insisted that I would continue to call her ‘girl’ but agreed that it would be at a normal speaking voice outside the home, i.e. “be a good girl and get me a coffee”, or “silly girl” and so on.
  • I agreed not to hold female clothing up at her body in pubic in shops. We would go shopping together and I would still ask her opinion of her new female clothes.
  • I agreed that she didn’t have to wear coloured nail varnish outside the house and we wouldn’t have to go to a nail shop. We agreed we would have someone come to the house to do Alice’s nails. Alice’s toe nails would still be coloured bright pink or red but her finger nails could be clear.
  • I agreed not to force her to wear a skirt or dress in public. Alice still has to wear a skirt whilst driving and female trousers/blouse at other times outside the home. Skirts/dresses always at home of course this wasn’t up for negotiation. We would look for a fetish club where she will have to wear a skirt or dress. We also agreed that I will invite female friends to the house and she will have to wear skirts and dresses in front of them.
  • I agreed that she would not have to undergo breast implant surgery, which was a new revelation for her to be honest and a bit of a shock. In return she has agreed to have her ears pierced. I will allow her to remove the earrings for family get togethers and we will try to think of a reason for the two little holes. At other times she can wear two little studs outside the house and very feminine earrings inside.
  • We will look into the hair weave but for now we’re probably fine with the wigs due to cost.
  • Shaved body, make up, perfume etc. no change, as before.

All in all a fair compromise I think bearing in mind that many people are still very narrow minded. I’m pleased I have a girlie husband who accepts my view on the correct order of life.








About Lady Alexa

I am a writer and a believer in the immense benefits of male feminisation and female domination. My blog records my true-life experiences in these areas. I also have several novels and a non-fiction book published on Amazon about forced feminisation which you can find under my pen name Lady Alexa. I live in a quiet corner of North London with my obedient and feminised husband/housewife.
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