A constant touch of humiliation is always necessary

I’m still feeling good about Wednesday’s successful showing of Alice in her skirt. It was very low key but the ice has been broken. Next time she’ll be a little more feminine and I am already thinking of a friend of mine who may well be amenable to the idea of being served by my very feminine husband/wife.

However that’s for next time, in the meantime I’ve written about the fact that feminisation of the male is also about exerting control as well as the fact it excites me. Discipline is of course part of this control so I practice this regularly. Humiliation is also very important, not just in Alice wearing very feminine, revealing clothing, being spanked and so on but also in the humiliation of her by her lack of privacy and my ownership of her body,especially her clitty and pussy area. One way I continue to ensure humiliation is through regular exposure and display of her clitty and pussy and by me doing what ever I fancy to it. Many evenings and at weekends I like Alice to be without knickers and the front of her skirt clipped up to expose her genitals. She will otherwise be completely feminised. These days I actually generally prefer her to have them on display and I sometimes decorate them with a bow or other articles. I will also discipline her by slapping her in that area and I will often pull her around by her clitty. I also enjoy her laying down with her skirt raised and legs wide apart so I can clip things to her clitty and pussy such as clothes pegs and I will make her wear hem for a time. It does get a little sore for her and I don’t want to damage her down there but for a while it’s good.

Tomorrow is our girl’s night in and Alice generally wears a nice dress but she will have to wear it with the front clipped up. I will allow a small apron to cover her when she’s cooking to avoid any accidents but otherwise I think gential exposure to the female lead in our relationship is important to show submission. Here are some photos from my Pinterest page which shows what I mean.



About Lady Alexa

I am a writer and a believer in the immense benefits of male feminisation and female domination. My blog records my true-life experiences in these areas. I also have several novels and a non-fiction book published on Amazon about forced feminisation which you can find under my pen name Lady Alexa. I live in a quiet corner of North London with my obedient and feminised husband/housewife.
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13 Responses to A constant touch of humiliation is always necessary

  1. myarousal says:

    This sounds very exciting. While I am not a feminine guy, I do love seeing a sissy girl being trained and humiliated by a strong woman, and used by others when appropriate. Exposing her clitty is so arousing for all lucky enough to be a privileged to be a part of it…….you are a lucky lady to have such a lovely little girl…….

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    • Lady A says:

      Hello Myarousal and thanks for your comments. Yes it is very arousing but it’s also necessary to ensure complete submission. By having her clitty exposed she is utterly vulnerable. I like that

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      • myarousal says:

        I love it as well. Yes having her clitty exposed is extremely vulnerable. The balance of complete submission and freedom to be aroused is a delicate position….conflicted at times. My experience is with younger fem boi’s…..I love having that control over them…..exposing them…..arouses me greatly…..I do love to hear them whimper and beg for release…..


  2. brenda says:

    love your storys mistress I to undergo genital exposure at my mistresses command with my dress pinned and knickers removed if its my mistresses wish I comply without question I curtsey to you mistress . love sissy brenda

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  3. sadie says:

    Such a lovely thought of Your sissy wife serving You and Your friend a formal dinner or tea in a very nice frilly dress. I look several times a week for Your updates

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  4. brenda says:

    hope there are a lot more to come mistress. my mistress allows me to read the storys after which I get a spanking I know its to keep me in my rightful place mistress but I do enjoy your storys curtsey to you mistress sissy brenda


    • brenda says:

      im having a clitty training day today mistress.i am to present myself at 10 am in full makeup bra suspender belt and stockings and high heels.i am to have my bottom slippered to warm it up and a butt plug inserted and at 2 pm mistresses friend is coming with something to make me squeal.i thank you mistress for giving my mistress these ideas of making me her owned sissy curtsey to you lady a sissy brenda

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  5. Lady A says:

    I’m always pleased to advise on aspects of male feminisation and humiliation. You know I’d really love it to be the norm and not be so concerned about conforming to the societal rules


  6. sissymaidsue says:

    loving your style Ma am , your sissy is very lucky


  7. Steven Sims/Stephanie says:

    I guess mistress’s are different. My feminisation, by my mistress / fiancé She considers me her sissy submissive, her girl. The humiliation tho you mention really is a good way to control/break maleness from a mistress’ submissive/feminised male. I ve written before but for me the clothes/ lingerie shopping while not dressed but I with nail polish/perfume etc.. will really immasculate your submissive in the feminisation process. Asking help from the sales girls with my mistress/ fiancé really a deep humiliation/ immasculation. She loves every second tho , the control, power, sexual arousal she says. No matter how many times I’ve been subjected to this its humiliating. To relate one particular time Lady A while lingerie shopping and being assisted by a sales lady for a bra fitting, the lady was asking my mistress/ fiancé I’ll about the whys/ how’s of what was going on with me. Mistress/ fiancé explained Femdom/FLR to her and how she loves having a feminised male to serve her. While the lady was helping me with the bra fitting in the room, she giggled and said is he wearing panties now? Mistress/ fiancé said of course, all her male underwear was thrown out. Correcting the woman saying its she not he anymore. Then the WORST mistress/ fiancé said Stephanie lower your trousers a bit girl so the lady can see your panties.. I turned red. The sales lady giggled and said nice panties girl! Then said to my mistress/fiancé you sure have this ones make spirit broke!! Just wanted to share. Prob my biggest humiliation to date. Stephanie

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