What I love about forced feminisation

I’ve had a few requests from readers to explain what it is that I and other women get from feminisation, submission and humiliation of men, in particular our partners. Phew! That question probably needs a thesis written about it. I’m not going to write a thesis but I will try to explain my personal feelings about what I really love.

Other viewpoints

Firstly though I need to say that every woman and every couple who practice this lifestyle are different. All are good if consensual and benefit the participants personal desires. Some prefer to have a BDSM relationship or a relationship where the man is most definitely still a male but kept under the woman’s control, for example through the wearing of a cock cage and other methods of control. Hannah Jay, a dominant wife, has a view and writes a great blog about her own views and also kindly referred back to my blog. Have a look here for her own opinions.





I love feminisation

However I will write about my own feelings about what I want and how we live as a couple.

  1. Feminisation – I have to say that my main interest is in enforced feminisation, as any reader of my blog will know. Intellectually, I really don’t understand  why society has decided that males wear short plain hairstyles, trousers and shirts covering their whole bodies yet women are expected to have ‘pretty’ hairstyles’, skirts showing their legs and other clothing to accentuate their body shapes. These feminine clothes put the female in a submissive position with regard to men due to the exposure of their bodies and the feminine nature of the clothing. I use the term feminine here as a description of the clothing rather than as clothes for women. I see no logical reason at all why men shouldn’t wear the same feminine clothing as some women. I see no reason why we shouldn’t have a fully matriarchal society.
  2. Power – As a naturally independent, dominant and assertive lady, I like to be the lead. In fact I thrive on the power I feel from feminising and humiliating Alice and seeing her enjoy it too, because she does. I know that my dominant side was one of the initial attractions between us and I detected a gentle side to him even though he was and is a successful professional in the business world. Discipline is an important element of maintaining power and again a huge excitement for me to have that power. However I’m excited to see men in feminine clothing and being submissive. I would go so far to say that the power of feminising a man  is sexually exciting and like a drug high. Our relationship has evolved over the past 3 or 4 years from a very conformist husband / wife relationship to one where I am the lead and my husband is now a girl in appearance and manner at home.
  3. A female friend – I don’t want a real woman as a partner, but I do want my husband to look and act just like a woman and for us to have shared female interests in clothing, perfume, make-up and so on. But I do want him with a fully functioning penis. I want to know that physically beneath the make-up and clothing there is a man, well hidden. I prefer that there are little physical signs that there is a man hidden there. When we make love I like to think that we’re sharing the penis between us. My real wish is that he (Alice) lives permanently as if he were a woman and for this reason I only think of her and refer to her in the feminine form and generally as ‘girl’ and as Alice of course.
  4. Humiliation – More than just feminine clothing, I prefer to dress Alice in much more feminine clothing than me. I wear dresses to the knee or trousers. Alice generally has to wear mini skirts or dresses, often white, pink or yellow and never ever trousers in the home. I’ve recently ‘encouraged’ her to wear schoolgirl clothing as I like her as a girlie girl rather than a woman since women are the lead. I love her body to be exposed and to be a sexual object for my eyes. It’s very important for me to denigrate her penis which is a clitty and her genital area a pussy. The penis can be a strong indication of maleness and therefore I just adore feminising it and telling Alice just how insignificant it is.
  5. Submission – I particularly enjoy Alice’s clitty on display. This is about submission just as as you often see animals open their legs to submit. By having to pin up her skirts she is completely vulnerable and I have the power. My dearest wish is to show her off to my friends like this but I haven’t yet found a way to bring this up with them although showing her in a skirt to the nail lady was a fantastic feeling. Curtsying is an important element to demonstrate her submission to the matriarch of the family.
  6. Pampering – Any powerful woman likes to be pampered. Alice does my hair, my nails at times, massages my legs and feet, applies mositurisor and generally runs the house. We do often cook together but Alice will always serve me and clear the table up afterwards including the obligatory curtsy of course.

Alice obviously enjoys the feminisation but has always viewed it as a game rather than a lifestyle for her. I have had to push it increasingly and methodically and sometimes she has been reluctant. I have to stay on top of things and inspect her pussy, legs and body for hair as she can be lazy. When we have been out and Alice has worn trousers I still sometimes have to tell her to change into her skirt on our return home. Again I enjoy the control over her clothing.

Finally I have to state that in all other respects our marriage is normal. We don’t spend all our time talking about feminisation as we do normal things in and outside the home such as listening to music, watching TV, reading, decorating, cinema, meals out and so on. Alice still enjoys many things that men like such as football and sports in general. The only difference is that Alice does all this at home as a woman and outside with knickers, bra and stockings under her clothes and perfume on her face and body. I no longer refer to her as a man or her old name just as a girl or Alice, even outside. If with family or friends I avoid her name of course and use darling or dear, but otherwise I call her Alice or girl.

What’s next?

If you’d have told me two years ago that we’d be where we are today regarding Alice’s feminisation and my control I would have laughed but here we are and I’m very happy and so is Alice. The next stages though are more complex.

  1. Weight reduction – The easiest is to reduce Alice’s weight and I really need to focus on this as the next step I’ve been lax but I can’t see a big challenge from Alice here just a few moans about not having chips or chocolate.
  2. I need to get Alice to continue to wear increasingly feminine clothes outside the house, which eventually will lead to skirts and dresses. This is a tough one and Alice is really not keen on wearing skirts outside. I need to return to some trips to more secluded places. Really it’s about Alice becoming used to something and it becoming the norm for her.
  3. Pierced ears – I haven’t forgotten and I will revisit this again in the near future.
  4. Longer hair – unfortunately Alice is thinning slightly on top but I’ve stopped her from having her hair cut anyway. Although not suitable at home where a wig will always be best, outside the house it has started to soften her face. It allows me to style her hair for her and I’ve started to curl it up a little at the ends with the dryer and a round brush. In a couple of weeks I’ll be able to put it her first little pony tail or side knots and maybe use straighteners. I wish I’d though of this a long time ago.
  5. Permanently remove body hair. Again Alice has balked at the idea but she has to shave her body anyway every other day so I think I will get my own way on this one. I have an electrolysis machine so we can do it ourselves.
  6. Boobs – I would like Alice to eventually have real boobs. This is a big big step. I have raised it with Alice who is obviously not keen but I think small implants will add a lot to her look. I have this one as longer term but it’s on my list.


About Lady Alexa

I am a writer and a believer in the immense benefits of male feminisation and female domination. My blog records my true-life experiences in these areas. I also have several novels and a non-fiction book published on Amazon about forced feminisation which you can find under my pen name Lady Alexa. I live in a quiet corner of North London with my obedient and feminised husband/housewife.
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8 Responses to What I love about forced feminisation

  1. Justin says:

    Hello, love the blog and always check back to see how you’re doing – very interested in seeing Alice involved with other people: either the nail lady, or perhaps someone else, like friends of yours, women in shops where you buy sissy clothes for Alice(*) or even getting Alice involved with another sissy.

    (*) I’m always ambivalent about getting unsuspecting bystanders involved as it is a bit abusive: I love the idea of being forced to admit in a shop that the size 16 pink satin panties in my hands are for me, but in reality I think it is an imposition. The one time that it really hit the spot for me was buying a thick black strap on cock from a very pretty young dominant girl at a fetish fair – she stared at me in a way that reached right inside me, but I could hardly look her I was that far into subspace. I guess in that circumstance it is less of an imposition on her, as she was the one waving a big black cock in my face :->

    Anyway the very minor point that prompted me to write was that I dont think the second link (above) is working, it takes me to a WordPress sign-in page.

    Thanks and keep up the evil work!


    • Lady A says:

      Thank you Justin, it seems you have to be approved to link to the second blog so I’ll change it. As for your comment about involving innocent bystanders in our lifestyle I completely agree and we avoid it. The nail lady was slightly different in that I did check with her first about doing Alice’s nails and she had no problem. Equally she said she wasn’t worried about Alice wearing a skirt, it was just business for her. This is why I haven’t yet involved any of my friends as I’m concerned about their reaction. I just have one where I’m planting the seed slowly and we’ll see where it goes.


      • Justin says:

        Many thanks for your reply – totally agree about the Nail Lady, that wasn’t a critisim that was in my mind when I wrote the comment.

        I’m really looking forward to hearing about Alice being introduced more widely, I think it will really help with the submission. What about other sissies and other Ladies (privately or at a club like Candy Girls or Pedestal)? Or perhaps asking him to out-himself to the world with a blog entry or tumblr page of things he/you think should be done to him? Have fun.


  2. chloe cashmere says:

    ThankYou for this, Lady A. An informative read for feminised girls like me.

    i am now at the stage of my femming where i get a ‘high’ as soon as i put my female clothing. i don’t recall how or when it started but now i feel shame and humiliation when i dress but am increasingly hopelessly addicted to my female clothes. The arousal i once felt has been replaced (not completely) by what feels like a constant release of dopamine. When i am not chloe i feel more depressed and irritated and other negative feelings so am trapped in this situation where i am helplessly driven to emasculate and embarrass myself. A lot of feminised girls feel this too and it is something that can be enhanced by chastity and a trigger,which is something else i think all girls like me have. For example, i feel especially high and feminine and submissive when i wear womens soft cashmere and angora cardigans and especially those in the style in this picture http://imgur.com/gallery/TFgvzHq/new
    and have a collection of “jackie” cardis in all kinds of colours.


  3. Lady A says:

    Thanks for your thoughts Chloe. Alice also feels a mix of humiliation mixed with arousal and nice feelings. I like the skirt in the picture as well. I’m going to get one like this for Alice as it’s sooooo feminine.


  4. Lesley says:

    Regarding your comment about Alice not liking to appear in public whilst feminised I do agree that it is important to persevere with this. The fact that he doesn’t like it makes it all the more enjoyable for you! Keep it to fairly quiet places after dark and you won’t have any problems and he will soon come to accept that it is not optional. Visits to an ATM in a quiet location, or to a post box, whilst dressed quite conservatively, are ideal for this purpose. Some of my most exciting times with my dear Penelope have resulted from such adventures. You, quite rightly, expect Alice to be a fully-functioning male in the bedroom and if my experience is anything to go by he will certainly function very fully after a little public exposure!

    Liked by 1 person

    • patti59 says:

      Always a Delight to hear how Women are controlling and humiliating their males. men and boys belong in skirts and dresses, looking pretty for the Strong, Independent Women in their lives1


  5. Lady A says:

    Hello Lesley, I think your advise is excellent. Yes I do get a big kick out of making Alice squirm at the risk of being seen feminised and I need to restart the outside trips. I like the idea of conservative clothing as I think that would work, including flat shoes. I used to make her wear skirts while driving so I’ll restart that. I have a post pending about a private showing of Alice planned for a couple of weeks – stay tuned. Thanks for the nudge on Alice appearing in public Lesley and please tell me more about your own experiences and successes with Penelope. Lady A x

    Liked by 2 people

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