Feminising your man requires continuous patience and determination

Unless you have one of those husbands or partners who really does want to be a woman or a sissy or is very weak, then feminising him is going to require effort on your part. But it’s really worth it I believe.

Alice is a case in point. She enjoyed playing dressing up for bedroom games but didn’t want to be a girl full time. It was just a fun game for her. She was and is a successful professional business person with confidence and assertiveness. In addition, although slim, she is tall with broad shoulders and what you could call a chiselled masculine face. All very nice as a man but quite a challenge for me once I’d decided to feminise him.

However it has certainly been worth the effort. And if I’m honest, seeing residual masculinity in her face and body only enhances the experience and feeling of control.

There are and I believe always will be a need to continually maintain Alice’s femininity now I’ve got mostly her there. When I’m at home it’s very easy as I can control things. However I’m out at work from Monday to Friday so some ‘maintenance’ is required. One simple way I do this is by setting Alice little housewife tasks. Another simple way is by sending daily text messages asking “how is my pretty girl doing” or “Are you having a nice day Alice?” “Are you being a good girl?” or “you looked really pretty in your little skirt this morning” and so on. It’s very effective. When I get home I always make sure I tell her she’s pretty or mention her dress for example. It’s also very important to strongly associate my loving behaviour, my praise, rewards and sex with her femininity in everything I do. I buy her little presents such as new lip stick, pretty knickers, hair clips. I do things for her such as brush and style her hair or help her with her lip stick or make up. I then associate any anger and coldness with her not doing as I want and her not being feminine enough. Alice doesn’t really like conflict so I provide it if she isn’t sufficiently feminine.

The other area where I face challenges is that when we’re not alone, usually outside the home, Alice has to dress as a male. Sometimes she wears ‘unisex’ clothing but that’s not always possible. She always wears knickers of course, often a bra and usually hold up stockings under her trousers. Again it’s important to call her Alice and a girl and I use both at all times outside the home in our general conversation reverting to dear, dearie or darling when it’s not possible. As you will have read, growing her hair means she can now feel in on her neck and over her ears. I also apply perfume to her face whenever we go out and  I’ve started applying a little foundation at times.

At home, regular inspection is vital to ensure that Alice is following all her feminine routines such as hair removal. To be honest though the small gradual incremental changes means that Alice has got used to being female and always wears her female clothes at home without me doing anything more besides some gentle reminders occasionally if she’s a bit slow to change. I have to revert only occasionally to being aggressive if she’s been lazy. Being a girl means being ladylike and taking great care of your appearance.  She’s learning.

It’s the little things that keep it real but to all you ladies out there, you do need to keep on top of it.

About Lady Alexa

I am a writer and a believer in the immense benefits of male feminisation and female domination. My blog records my true-life experiences in these areas. I also have several novels and a non-fiction book published on Amazon about forced feminisation which you can find under my pen name Lady Alexa. I live in a quiet corner of North London with my obedient and feminised husband/housewife.
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12 Responses to Feminising your man requires continuous patience and determination

  1. melissa jane says:

    Dear Lady A,
    Loved reading this!
    Your care and attention to details as you describe, show your very well considered and comprehensive methods and determination. Alice is very lucky indeed! This will surely continue to bring the results and outcomes you seek. It must be thrilling for Alice to be in the hands of a wife/partner with such potential for bringing about her change.
    I do admire you both
    melissa x


    • Chloe says:

      A beautiful read. It’s a gradual change but I have found it to be an irreversible one. I had help from a real girl once who had experience of girls like me. She asked “how often do you dress?” I replied “at least a little everyday” “and does it feel good when you are dressed?” “It…it feels wonderful” ” Good. If you continue to dress daily then your femmy transition will be quicker and more permanent. If you get lazy then you will have slows and starts but the result is the same. You will be feminised either way”. When I started this journey it was a rare kink. I wanted to feel the materials and power (it actually also left me utterly submissive) that women commanded in attracting men (didn’t want to pleasure men but that may be changing as I want to feel more feminine) by wearing their clothes and makeup, just for a brief solo sexual pleasure. Now it feels unusual for me not to be wearing a bra. I am starting to let all women I meet that I am a sissy in subtle ways. I compliment them on articles of clothing and makeup and ask far too much detail for a non femmy man. I’m also thinking of starting off wearing tiny kitten heels when ever I am out, with some high waisted women’s jeans and a woman’s leather jacket. Then I would gradually increase the heel. The more Alice is exposed to contact with real girls while dressed the easier it will become. Chloe


      • Lady A says:

        Hello Cloe thanks for your comments. It’s not just that Alice is lazy although she can be, it’s that she sometimes needs my ‘encouragement’ to be more feminine and to be feminine at all times. Your point about getting used to things such as bras is very true and this is exactly what I look to do with Alice.


    • Lady A says:

      Hello Melissa, yes I think it’s exciting for Alice but at the same time change is worrying and it will take time for her to be completely comfortable. When she is I can relax my control which will be nice.


  2. asha m says:

    I have just discovered your blog and enjoy it. In our family also I lead. I enjoy dressing up my husband although he is not a full time cross dresser. I employed corset training to reduce his waistline and encourage you to try it. I used to really lace him tight till he was almost gasping and teary eyed with pain. His waist came down from 40 to 32 over six months. Although my husband now wears skirts and panties, he often baulks at putting on a bra and I have to resort to punishment. Did you face any resistance and how did you overcome it? I understand that now Alice wears her bra and inserts without much prodding. Please guide me. Love. Maggie.

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    • Lady A says:

      Hello Maggie, I’m always pleased to hear from another lady who’s feminised her husband 🙂
      I see you have tackled the problem I am facing in that my girlie has developed a slight paunch. I may try your corset idea but first I’m going to try a pretty severe diet and restriction of the things she loves such as chocolate and wine.
      As for you question regarding a bra I wouldn’t say that my girlie husband wears her bra and inserts without prodding but she does put one on when I tell her. She would avoid it if I didn’t tell her to be honest. So how to get your husband to wear one without aggravation? From my experience you need to do two things. First I note you refer to your husband as ‘husband’ and ‘he’. I suggest you now find a female name for him and use that. You should now call him ‘her’ and ‘girl’ all the time. I do this and it has made her far more malleable and feminine. Secondly I always associate any increase in my girl’s feminisation with nice things rather than punishment. So when I first started getting Alice to wear a bra I always told her just how lovely she looked, how sexy, how attractive and showed it too!!! Yes I do have to get tough at times but I find the positive approach very successful.
      I hope this helps, do let me know – Lady A

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  3. heathersissy says:

    What a wonderful post! I am a sissified male but unfortunately my partner has no interest in my femme side. I try and wear panties (and sometimes pantyhose, stockings, or a bra) on a daily basis. I also love shopping especially for high heels and makeup. I have now grown used to female underwear and feel uncomfortable when I’m not clad in a pretty pair of panties!


    • Lady A says:

      Thank you heather I’m pleased you enjoyed the post. It’s a shame your partner has no interest in your femme side. I find that strange so maybe you should show her some of the benefits of you being a girl. Such as doing things around the house and generally being a housewife for her. Also don’t forget to pamper her with rubs, massages and painting her nails and running around for things she wants. I’m sure if you don’t already do much of this, she will soon realise that the best kind of male is a feminised male.

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  4. Lady A says:

    She has to see the benefits to her of having a girlie partner. Don’t forget to refer to her as Goddess too. You need to be submissive to her needs. Eventually she will realise that that men should be feminised.


  5. sara elise says:

    Lady A- You were very smart to associate positive femme comments with your training. So lovely 🙂


  6. Lady A says:

    It’s all part of the conditioning if I’m brutally honest – feminine = good, positive, happy, agreement. Male = bad, nasty, negative, arguments.


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