Life is good

This is really a follow on from the previous post as I think about husband feminised, situation normal. Normal in the sense that this is what our relationship is now; me and my feminised housewife and this makes me feel very satisfied. Surely this is the way to live for all women.

I got to thinking about this yesterday evening. I was invited for a quick drink after work by a female colleague meaning I wasn’t going to get to the tube station until around 8pm. In the past this may have meant one of three things. One, an unhealthy take-away, two having to cook when I’m tired and eating late or three, not going out! Now I have no worries as I have a housewife. So Alice picked me up from the tube station in the car at 8pm, looking very beautiful in a short patterned skirt. It’s lovely to see her long legs in tights and her skirt riding up as she drives me home. I told her how pretty she looked and she still gives me that sheepish look. In reality I want her to get out of the car and meet me outside but that’s not currently possible so she stays inside the car waiting.

When we got home and were at the front door, Alice opened it and waited for me to enter and curtsied slightly as I did. She closed the door behind herself and I could immediately smell cooking as she had the dinner ready. I turned my back to her and Alice took my coat and curtsied to me again when I turned round. Our front is mostly hidden from the road but if anyone were to walk or drive past the drive entrance and look in at the moment that Alice was standing at the door, they would see her in her pretty skirt although the rest was covered by a jacket.

Anyway, I went to the dining room and to the laid table and sat down and Alice brought my dinner to me and put it in front of me. “Oh you’ve been a busy girl” I said. She thanked me and curtsied once more, a bit deeper this time. I also told her again how pretty she looked. I really liked the skirt she’d chosen which was quite short of course, but also with a lot of material giving it a loose pleated effect. It was fairly dark, a pattern of dark reds and black. Very feminine all the same. She had a pretty pink jumper on which matched well.

It was a particularly pleasant evening which was completed by Alice massaging my feet once she’d cleared up. I actually fell asleep on the sofa while she was doing this.

Ladies; if there are any of you reading this who haven’t yet taken control of your relationship and gone on to feminise your man, DO IT NOW!!

A happy Lady A

About Lady Alexa

I am a writer and a believer in the immense benefits of male feminisation and female domination. My blog records my true-life experiences in these areas. I also have several novels and a non-fiction book published on Amazon about forced feminisation which you can find under my pen name Lady Alexa. I live in a quiet corner of North London with my obedient and feminised husband/housewife.
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10 Responses to Life is good

  1. jen smith says:

    It sounds like Alice is such a wonderful housewife to you! What a lovely evening!

    I personally love when I get to be the housewife. I love to cook for Miss and treat her properly. She has a bunch of male-like mannerisms that make it a bit of a role reversal which feels really good when they happen.

    You sound like a marvelous couple, thank you for sharing bits of your life with us!


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  2. ~sadie says:

    Yes Lady A, this girl really appreciates that You take time out of Your busy day to share Your life with us. It just goes what can happen when tow people work hard on making something come together.


  3. corsetjane says:

    Thank you again for sharing your thoughts here Lady A…i love to hear how Alice has become the dutiful housewife… as one who loves to please, i can totally relate to this. cj 🙂


  4. Lady Amanda Fullmore says:

    i fully agree there are very few males in my opinion that shouldnt be feminized leaving just a few alpha males the rest feminized and owned


    • Lady A says:

      Hello Lady Amanda, I’m pleased to hear from another Lady who understands this. I agree with you and your point that there are very few alpha males anyway. There are many men who seem to be alpha males but it’s an act that falls away once you take charge. Alice is a case in point although I obviously do have to keep on top of things due to her previous social conditioning.


      • whyguys says:

        Lady A, You and Lady Amanda are likely correct that the actual percentage of Alpha males isquite small. Their numbers in pas history were buoyed by false restrictions placed on Women. I would posit further that these societal conventions purposely were formed to be so that Females would live in a manner FEMININE that the male actually feared was truly part of man’s nature., i.e. that the male knew if all things were equal HE WOULD BE EASILY CONQUERED AND KEPT as the inferior, secondary, less intelligent, less capable sex and THEREFORE would be the sex more innately obedient, meek, weaker, timid, fearful, subservient member in a sexual dyad in fact to the point where nearly ALL definitions of ‘masculine’ and ‘feminine” were artificially reversed. (And this even influenced physical strength and dress because Females were never allowed to learn how to physically impose through lack of exercise, and ‘feminine’ attire was made to restrict the female physically as well. SO now that males are knowingly inferior and have lost precedence THEY shall be the ones naturally and properly to act and dress both to appeal and to amuse the Female who so increasingly shall rule in virtually ALL areas of endeavor.

        It is just the way the future shall be with it being only the male who shall adjust to the Female who has proven Herself Primary.

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  5. shelby says:

    Lady A and Lady Amanda I am on my way getting feminised. I love being a housewife and a dutiful one at that.. Alice is really doing great and become a role model for me. I love a female to take charge of me and i know my happiness lies in serving them.. Curtseys Shelby


  6. sara elise says:

    So nice to have a wife.
    Oops, that’s Me!!


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