The clitty is so much fun

female led relationshipWhy do I insist on keeping the one remaining significant indication of Alice’s male side? Her clitty and pussy balls. In all other ways, I want her to look like and be like a girl physically and in her ways.

So to answer my rhetorical question, it’s because I have so much fun with Alice’s clitty on so many levels. We are married and we do as all married couples do albeit with me in the lead of course and her clitty performs the role it’s supposed to.

Ok that’s the most obvious reason it’s so much fun but there are many others too. Firstly it’s been completely feminised which is wonderful. It’s a clitoris and the rest is her pussy. It’s shaved of course except for the small feminine triangle of pubic hair above it. This leads into the second area of fun; making it pretty. I adore decorating itΒ  – with a pink bow for example, or I occasionally use pink body paint to colour it or draw flowers on it. I sometimes like to clip dangly earrings from her pussy or tie necklaces around it and make her stay like that for the evening. Thirdly it’s such a pleasure to tell Alice how feminine it is, such a “pretty little thing” or “girly clitty” and so on. Finally an important area is discipline. I spank Alice on her clitty when she’s been naughty, this may be through her knickers or skirt when it’s an immediate punishment I need to make or mostly I tell her to lift her skirt and drop her knickers and she has to hold it out while I spank it with a crop or often a wooden spoon or spatula when I can’t be bothered to go looking for the crop. It’s also enjoyable to pull Alice around by her clitty when I want to take her somewhere in the home and I also want to buy a leash to tie around it. Another area of discipline or punishment is some minor torture. I have these strong plastic clothes pegs and I like to see how many I can get clipped on to her clitty and pussy balls. You wouldn’t believe how much fun that is although Alice’s eyes do water by the end.I do have some photos somewhere which I must post

So whilst I really wish I could give her hormones to make her breasts grow and her body feminise, the side effect of her having a non-working clitty would be too much and destroy my fun. So I will have to shape her body in the more practical ways. All in all, Femdom is such a brilliant lifestyle!!!




About Lady Alexa

I am a writer and a believer in the immense benefits of male feminisation and female domination. My blog records my true-life experiences in these areas. I also have several novels and a non-fiction book published on Amazon about forced feminisation which you can find under my pen name Lady Alexa. I live in a quiet corner of North London with my obedient and feminised husband/housewife.
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12 Responses to The clitty is so much fun

  1. Emma says:

    Thank you Lady A. I love reading your posts but always I leave thinking I wish I was Alice and had a woman like you in my life. My wife has no interest whatsoever, no matter how many hints I drop!
    Thank you again.


    • Lady A says:

      I really believe Emma that all women would enjoy a feminised man, it’s just a question of them overcoming the social stereotypes and seeing the benefits. Your wife needs to see the benefits of you being her housewife. Start off by doing things for her and making her life easier. It’s a gradual thing, increase the things you do, cooking, cleaning, looking after her by foot massages and so on. Eventually it will happen I’m sure. Think about what’s in it for her…..

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  2. maidsally69 says:

    Love the idea of decorating her clitty with a pink bow and jewellery Mistress. Really reinforces her feminised state.
    She should be displayed to other ladies so they can enjoy her total humiliation and subjugation.
    Real Role Reversal


  3. corsetjane says:

    i can really relate to Emma’s comment above…
    Thank you again LadyA for highlighting how you have added another colourful dimension to Alice’s feminisation.. put like that i can understand….and coming from someone locked 24/7 in chastity, who has come to want more of it, that is quite something! Please keep the developments coming…i await every one with great anticipation..especially the first piercing…
    cj πŸ™‚


  4. Lady Amanda Fullmore says:

    Lady A, I fully understand your pleasure in alices little clitty and balls, there is no doubt whatsoever that the control of the submissive males genitals is extremely pleasing to a superior Lady. If the world was run by Female,s (which I firmly believe will happen sooner than later) the proper ideal for ALL males born would be to be registered at birth and given a unique code (either by brand or mark) when the male is approaching puberty he should be firmly locked into a secure chastity device and the control of the male would be assumed by the Mother or Female member of the family until such time as he is taken in either marriage or slavery to a Female. prostrate milking in chastity would be done say once per month whilst he is trained by the Mother or Female or by a state run training school for all males which would teach the male the basic,s of Female servitude and start the male on a feminization course.Those males not taken in marriage should be automatically enslaved to single Females who would then take control of that male and it,s sexuality. Once taken by a Wife the male,s chastity key would be given from Mother or Guardian or state to the Wife, where she could continue it,s feminization. For males that are unsuitable either for slavery or marriage I feel there should be no other course than castration as it would become unruly and untrainable and therefore resort to masturbation or worse.Personally I feel a Lady who is either married or owns a male slave should have the right to train the male for how she wishes which would include her right to have him castrated should she desire. In my cases I certainly would advocate the castration of my male slave. I feel these measure,s would solve many problems facing the Female and the future of humanity. Males trained as alice is would still be able to produce the sperm for procreation if desired but kept firmly in check and trained and feminized to become a better person and would still be able to work in the outside world. A more liberal attitude to this should be accepted in the outside world so as to see a feminized male being led down the high street by a Lady wouldn’t be a uncommon sight. feminized male nudity should become fully accepted in society also.Females on the other hand would be schooled from an early age to expect the male as feminized and taught the benefits of this and of course Lesbianism would or should become properly accepted with of course a feminized male as an escort and servant. Oh yes I can hear the outcry already !!!!, but as I and I am sure Lady A already understands a feminized male companion in both forms (either castrated or controlled) is far far better than what we now have. trust me I know.

    Lady Amanda


  5. Lady A says:

    I like your approach Lady Amanda. Yes it’s the Lady’s right to do as they please with her feminised man. I also note your comment about feminised men also having to be naked at times and I totally agree. My wish to to be able to take Alice for a walk in the street naked or in a very short skirt with a leach attached to her clitty.


    • Lady Amanda Fullmore says:

      Thank you Lady A your thoughts and comments are kind. I suppose in reality your life with Alice is about as complete as can be in the current climate apart from a few more modifications you plan for her and my thoughts and desires are perhaps a little more extreme in today’s climate. However behind closed doors and within my circle of like minded Lady,s I do take the more extreme measure,s I believe in and feel necessary for any male in my and Our Company. Yes I am extreme and I do firmly believe the majority if not all male,s should be firmly controlled by the Lady. My upbringing and my life with male,s has not only taught me how easily they are controlled by the Female but also I feel and know there are a great number of male,s out there that actively seek to be controlled, more than the average Lady realises. As a Female I know and believe in my superiority over any male. They are basically weak, ruled by that little pouch they carry around between their legs and for the most let it do their thinking. As a Female, I see (and enjoy) most male,s looking at my Femininity as I walk down the street, knowing in my mind that they are sexually lusting. This in it,s self is quite complimentary as it should be, however my train of thought goes further and I see and know that many male,s will uncontrolled masturbate furiously over porn and sexual images of Female,s at any chance they get, which is where I come from in my train of thoughts. I find it repulsive to think of these male,s masturbating and spewing their filth when they should have those urges controlled. A Lady friend of mine run,s a male chastity holding program for single male,s it is well run and she has over 500 male,s in chastity all over the world many are properly locked and under her full control. She does not basically see them personally except for a select few which are married male,s who have realised their masturbatory habits are out of control and some are sent by their wives to her for fitting and occasional inspection, the rest have to prove their chastity with photo,s with current newspaper dates etc or numbered special tags that cannot be changed except by her instruction. My point here is. there are many male,s who do need locking and controlling and are more than willing to suffer under her to be controlled by a Female and if the truth is known properly there are many more husbands of wives who IF they could discuss it properly without the kink side would actually prefer to be locked by their wife and be controlled by her. Then of course there are and always will be the extreme male perverts that actually need a step further and I am sure you know what I mean by that Lady A. My advice and I feel your,s also is for us Female,s to wake up and smell the coffee and take control of the male and insist on them to be put into a controlled chastity device you would be surprised how many would allow this, and the benefit,s the Lady would experience. Once controlled they will do virtually anything to be allowed an occasional relief and I do mean an occasional relief.

      Lady Amanda


      • Lady A says:

        Yes, one of the reasons for this blog is to spread the word that this is how our lives should be. I really believe that women should lead and subjugate males and most women haven’t yet realised the power they have and the fact that most men would acquiesce (a word I use from my experience with Alice).


  6. sara elise says:

    Wow… one thing my Wife has not done is decorated my clitty! Sounds delightful (and perhaps painful at times)…but if it’s pretty…hmmm πŸ™‚ sara


    • Lady A says:

      It’s very necessary to feminise and humiliate a man’s clitty to ensure they realise that it has no power or masculinity. Plus it’s a lot of fun for me


  7. whyguys says:


    Lady A. – You have just dispensed with a few thousand generations of phallocentric pride with a laughing Womanly dismissal. Dear little males’ hope to recover but the smallest hope of self-esteem when considering their comical protruding sexual member may have been dashed FOREVER.

    One can hear the sad teary-eyed little ‘missies’ embarrassingly pouting,

    “Why do we have to be boys… our little parts are only fun to our Female Masters ’cause they say it’s cute and they can decorate it pretty and make fun of it like it’s a toy for them to play with… NOT FAIR!”

    Lady A. – Now You’ve got them crying so hard, they’re going to run their mascara…


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