My New Year’s Resolutions

feminisationI’ve been thinking. I’ve had a number of comments on this blog regarding my success in feminising my husband. Yes life is good but there is still a little way to go although we’re a long way down the feminisation road and it’s largely been a success. However not everything is quite in place yet and I’ve realised that I’ve ignored some fairly straightforward areas of Alice’s feminisation process, mainly because of my inertia.

The first area to address is Alice’s hair. I had told her to grow it longer, despite a thinning top. I also quite enjoyed seeing Alice with a male hairstyle but the rest feminised, it was sort of humiliating for her. However we’re past that now as I move on to moulding her into a female rather than a humiliated male in female clothing. However the longer hair didn’t really work as she has quite thick hair at the sides and much thinner on top so a female style was not really possible in the end. So there’s only one solution and that’s a more regular use of a wig. In fact I’ve told her to wear it whenever I’m at home as she has to really look like a girl now. So I think I’ve resolved that piece of inertia.

The second area which I’ve written about regularly is her weight and physical shape. She’s very slim but over the past couple of years she’s put on a little fat around her waist, going from a 32 to a 36. Because of her height she can carry it off but it’s not feminine. The problem is that we enjoy nice food and wine, cakes and so on. I can only blame myself here. Not much is going to happen before Christmas let’s be honest, in fact things could get a little worse. However, January will be a month of abstinence; Alice is going on a diet. I need to get her down to around a 30 or perhaps a 28 inch waist. This will be my real focus now in order to get her to look like the feminised men in the pictures below.

So these will be my two New Year’s resolutions for Alice. Well more like January resolutions really as after January I have more plans for Alice……


About Lady Alexa

I am a writer and a believer in the immense benefits of male feminisation and female domination. My blog records my true-life experiences in these areas. I also have several novels and a non-fiction book published on Amazon about forced feminisation which you can find under my pen name Lady Alexa. I live in a quiet corner of North London with my obedient and feminised husband/housewife.
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17 Responses to My New Year’s Resolutions

  1. martinez854 says:

    If she loses that much weight clothes will fit better but her butt will be too masculine I’d imagine, not very curvy.


    • Lady A says:

      Yes good point. In fact her bum is masculine as are her shoulders. It’s a bit of a problem but at least I’ll be an improvement with the weight loss. I’ll take suggestions on the bum?


  2. Connie Amanda says:

    My girlfriend also told me recently that it is time for me to go on a diet. I do not know how this will be achieved since we are living apart and see each other only once or twice in the week. Maybe that there will be some wooden spoon involved here? We still have to figure that out I guess. Further it is no option for me to grow out my hair because I am rather bold on top of my head. So when I become Connie I am obliged to wear my blond half long wig. Just got a telephone call from my girlfriend ,Connie has a day with lot’s of chores to do tomorrow. I hope to be the best household help .

    Wishing you all the best.


  3. Lady A says:

    Yes she should punish you if you don’t lose weight. I need to do the same with Alice and also be stronger myself to ensure that during January I make it happen. I have the benefit of being with Alice every day

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  4. Kitty says:

    Over a period of time a good corset and a large butt plug will give the desired shape for her bottom and increase her curves.. If you can find a ” cheek spreader ” that would increase the roundness of the cheeks, A bonus when using the butt plug is, her ” sway ” increases significantly which is very pleasing.


    • Lady A says:

      I didn’t know abut cheek spreaders? I have never tried a butt plug as I wasn’t sure what it was for but if it increases her femininity in any way then I’ll give it a go


  5. Shelby says:

    i too need to cut down and be slimmer..but i had not anticipate this problem about butt.. but cheek spreader and butt plug do seem to be nice ideas, Main focus is to reduce cos my look as a female will be very real then..Shelby


    • Kitty says:

      Focus on the diet first then, using a large diameter butt plug will certainly improve the ” bubble / apple ” effect and cause you hips and derrière to swing and sway as you walk. The plug will physically increase your hip size and your stride will be shortened. Linked with the confinement of a good under bust corset, you and Alice will feel incredibly feminised.


  6. Cindy Travesta says:

    This sounds so delightful for Alice! I’m sure she’ll be walking like a catwalk model on eggshells 🙂

    However, buttplugs are not so easy to use as they require a whole lot of cleaning and maintenance, but they’re worth it as they do indeed make one feel very feminine.

    I’m sure it won’t be a simple adjustment at first, so to make things easier for her, perhaps you could reward her in some way for any improvement in her feminine walk and posture – e.g. by letting her wear a nice girdle? Just an idea…


    • Lady A says:

      I’m going to give it a try and see how it goes. I’m not bothered about the cleaning as that would be Alice’s problem to deal with


      • Kitty says:

        …some advise for Alice, get her to clean inside her butt using an enema / douche on a regular basis, it stops all those nasty smells. helps with the weight reduction and keeps her smelling nice and fresh for you. Instruct her to use the scented ones. There are many tutorial videos on You Tube.

        I forgot to mention the obvious, start her off on a smaller diameter plug before inserting the very large diameter plug, she will need some lubrication. One fun idea, you can purchase plugs with horses tails attached, some Mistresses do like to see their gurls with a tail.


  7. Lady A says:

    Oh Kitty what a brilliant idea…. I never knew such a thing existed, a little horses tail!!!! Oh how I want this for Alice. A nice pink bow on her clitty and a horses tail behind. This is wonderful.


  8. sara elise says:

    Always good for us to go on diets! i have to get back to my 5-mi per day running to drop some of this horrid winter fat! i’m one who doesn’t thing buttplugs will help with the look of her ass, but you’ll find they certainly will make her more submissive, ha ha! i haven’t done the horse-tail thing, but it looks suitably humiliating! sara

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