A Beautiful Letter

femdomI receive many comments and contacts from followers on this blog and I enjoy reading and responding to every one. However I recently received a wonderful letter from a feminised cross-dresser called Kendra in the USA. It was actually for Alice as clearly Kendra understood the concerns and conflicts going on inside Alice and wanted to make Alice feel more comfortable about being feminine. Alice was quite touched by the letter and I think it has helped her come to terms more with where she is going and I’ve found her more accepting and relaxed about being a girl since reading the letter.

Kendra kindly gave me permission to reproduce the letter below and here it is in its entirety. I hope you enjoy it as much as we did and if there is anyone else out there going through the same transformation as Alice whether from the Mistress’s side or the former male then I hope it strikes a chord for you too.

Hello Alice,

My name is Kendra and Lady A has allowed me to write you with some encouragement.

I live in the NW part of the US and am 55 years old. I am currently single but my ex-wife did one thing for me that I’m thankful for. Our split up was not a result of our sex life or my crossdressing. She did try to take the lead in our marriage and we both enjoyed it and learned from it. She also encouraged me to find my feminine side and did so by dressing as a woman and we both went out with a group of other gurls to restaurants, shopping, and even to a golf event.

At first I was reluctant to go out dressed as a woman and I was afraid someone would point at me and make fun of me. But with my wife by my side and all the other gurls, I found out that nobody really cared about how we were dressed. Sure, there were a few stares, but I realized they were more interested than being mean. Besides, what should I care about what they thought? The only people I cared about was myself and my wife. We weren’t doing anything wrong and we started to have fun shopping as two girlfriends and talking about fashion and shoes and other girly things.

As Kendra grew and developed she became more comfortable going out and soon it became natural. The more attention I took to my looks and most importantly, HOW I ACTED, fewer and fewer people even looked at me. I was blending in as a woman.
When you are out and about, look at how real women act in real world situations. Most of the time they are smiling and LOOK HAPPY. They hug and air kiss if they are with friends. Look at how they move, walk, what they laugh about, how they wear their clothes, shoes, hair, makeup, accessories and how they walk. Here’s a tip. When you walk, pull yourself forward when you put your foot down. DON”T push off your back leg, GLIDE and use your forward leg to pull you where you want to do. Don’t clomp like a man, glide smoothly like a woman. Give your hips a sway when you walk and keep your legs together and try to touch your knees when you walk. Not bow legged like a man, YOU ARE A WOMAN!
Women move with grace and poise. They flow and make everything look effortless. When you can move like that, you will look like a woman to the world and feel like one inside.
Lady A wants your feminine side to come out and if you want to please her you need to WANT to be a woman and ACT like a woman. That would make her VERY happy and proud, and I think you want that. If you walk into a room, act like you own the room. If you are confident that you are a woman, then the world will see you as a woman. If you are hesitant and have doubts, the world will eat you alive. YOU ARE A WOMAN! Act like it and the world will accept you and you will be happy and at peace.

I understand you have some hesitation about getting your ears pierced, don’t! I had mine done and nobody has ever said anything negative about it. I wear 4mm silver studs with a small diamond and they are not very noticeable. If you wear clip-on earrings, you know how they hurt your ear lobes after a couple of hours, well, with pierced ears, the earrings don’t hurt at all. Unless you are wearing huge, heavy ones that will pull down, but you don’t wear those very often anyway. The assortment of earring you can wear with pierced ears is incredible and you won’t regret it. If you have a small crease in your ear lobes, have them put the hole there and it will disappear if you aren’t wearing earrings. You will love the way earrings pull at your lobes and swing and the sound of the tinkle of some earrings. And besides, if Lady A wants you to have pierced ears, then that is all that matters. You have been given a gift of her power and dominance, bathe in it and accept her position and do what she says. It will make her happy and that is your job as her wife, to make her happy and her life easier. You are lucky Alice!

If you’re worried about having big shoulders, wear something to cover them. Your pink cardigan is cute and when your shoulders and upper arms are covered, they look smaller. I’m 6’2” so I’m tall too, but if you dress right, you look normal. I even wear pumps with 5 inch heels! Wear long flowing clothing and scarves are a wonderful accessory now that it’s getting colder. I know Lady A demands you wear short skirts at home, but outside if you wear long skirts, leggings or dresses, and then a long cardigan or other outwear, then it all flows together and if you walk like a lady, you will look like a lady. Be sure to clear your skirt before you sit down, even if it’s a micro skirt, it will be good practice. Look for websites that describe different fashion tips and ways to cover up things you don’t like. Be sure to get permission from Lady A first, if she demands it. If she doesn’t still ask her anyway, it will show her you are interested in advancing and taking your feminization seriously. It will be a nice touch and show of submission to Her power over you.

Alice, I’m sure you realize it already, but you are so very, very lucky to have found Lady A! She is a gift from the heavens. You can’t know how many gurls would kill to be in your position.
I’ve read her blog and I can tell you that she truly loves you and has only your best interest at heart. You can trust her to never do anything that would hurt you. She may push you out of your comfort zone, but that is okay. That is how we grow and develop. Think about where you were 3 years ago. How far have you come and did you ever think you would be where you are at now? Aren’t you happier now than back then? I bet you are. And you only have Lady A to thank for that. You both decided that she is the leader of your marriage and have become her wife. Because you are her wife, she is the ONLY person that you need to be concerned about pleasing. If she wants do to something to you, trust her! It is only for your betterment as a person and the woman she wants you to become. And I bet the woman you also want to become?!

I don’t know your situation with work or other commitments where presenting as a woman would be a problem, but I don’t think Lady A would jeopardize them. Trust Her.

If you ever have doubts, remember that your submission to her is a gift greater than any diamonds or gold. You are giving yourself to her. There is no greater show of love than that.

If Lady A will allow you, look at YouTube videos on how to walk in high heels, how to act like a lady and there are many websites that give tips and tricks to crossdressers on how to look more convincing and increase your femininity. After all, that is what SHE WANTS. And that is all the motivation you should need to increase your desire to become the woman she wants. You can also find hypnosis videos on YouTube for feminization and submission. There is one that has 16 videos that you can play one after the other and lasts about an hour. Listen to them with headphones and it is amazing how you feel after listening to them a few time. I’ve downloaded them to my phone and listen to them at night in bed. There are also hypno videos on relaxation and stress reduction.

Something I’ve found that has really helped my feminine feelings are by wearing a bra every day. I’ve even worn silicone breast forms in a B or small C cup and gone out. I do wear a jacket or something bulky to help hide them, but I do know they are there and the feeling is so very feminine it puts a smile on my face. And I figure if any one says anything it is probably out of interest and they want to know more. If you can’t wear a regular bra somewhere, you could always wear a sports bra. It would be easier to hide but is still a bra and you still know it there and is a sign of your commitment to your Lady. It is like your wedding ring but more feminine. And wear your bra and breast forms to bed. It will help your feeling of femininity and real woman don’t take their boobs off at night! Maybe Lady A will like reaching around you and playing with them, wishing they were real and not fake breasts.

As you become more feminine you will become gentler, kinder and more understanding and become a better lover to your Mistress. And that is a win for everyone!

Alice, I hope some of what I said makes sense to you and helps you realize how lucky you are and how proud of you Lady A is. Remember, IF YOU BELIEVE, THEY WILL BELIEVE!


About Lady Alexa

I am a writer and a believer in the immense benefits of male feminisation and female domination. My blog records my true-life experiences in these areas. I also have several novels and a non-fiction book published on Amazon about forced feminisation which you can find under my pen name Lady Alexa. I live in a quiet corner of North London with my obedient and feminised husband/housewife.
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33 Responses to A Beautiful Letter

  1. Kandia says:

    Many words of wisdom here. It helped me greatly as well


  2. corsetjane says:

    Truly something special… lovely letter…well said Kendra……
    cj 🙂


  3. Iann Travesta says:

    It is such a wonderful letter indeed! In the past I have also experienced the joy of cross-dressing with a dominant girlfriend, but that was back in the 90s and I wouldn’t have ventured out into the world. These days, I think most “regular” guys are indeed more curious and approving than critical. Perhaps every man has at least a bit of that somewhere deep in herself.

    What I used to love was to really dress up to the nines – e.g. pussy-bow blouse, elegant skirt and a couture cardigan with button-adorned pockets and cuffs, and then all the delights on top – a gorgeous wig, lots of pearls and, of course, make-up and perfume. A chichi clutch is always a nice touch as well, isn’t it? With Christmas just around the corner, why not let yourself go and dress up like a diva?!

    Finally, I might have an interesting suggestion for you, Alice. To practice being a woman outside the house, you could dress as a woman as convincingly as you can and (wig and all) and let your wife drive you through the city in your car – just observing the world outside from the “safety” of your passenger’s seat. You can fuss with your handbag, while the two of you talk fashion and make-up, and enjoy being out and having fun.

    Gurly regards,

    Iann Travesta


  4. Connie Amanda says:

    So many good pointers given here. Alice must feel very honored receiving such a nice letter. I watched some of these mentioned hypno video’s and they don’t do the trick for me.

    If you would like to ad some snow sounds to the falling snow go here. http://mynoise.net/NoiseMachines/winterSoundscapeGenerator.php for a complete winter feeling.

    Kind regards


  5. Cindy (Iann Travesta) says:

    In that case, I wouldn’t let Alice drive in case something goes wrong – like a fender-bender. Imagine that – her having to get out of the car and fill in insurance forms! Perhaps a lady friend of yours could drive, or a taxi driver…?

    By the way, it’s so wonderful what you’re doing with Alice. She is such a lucky girl, isn’t she?

    (Iann Travesta) – but please call me Cindy


    • Lady A says:

      Yes could be a problem although she does pick me up from the tube station at night in the car feminised. She doesn’t get out though. I think Alice is a very lucky girl and she’ll fully realise this one day


  6. ~sadie says:

    This girl is in Seattle its wonderful to meet you.


  7. Shelby says:

    Its really a lovely letter from Kendra. Offered many tips to us aspiring to be females. And I really endorse Kendra’s saying that Alice is indeed lucky to have you as her mistress, Lady A. You have made things so nice so easy.. And I am sure Alice too knows how much you love her and you are doing all this cos u love her so much.. She is indeed so lucky.. And I am sure Kendra’s letter has put to rest many inhibitions or fears Alice may have had.. Three cheers to you Lady A and all the best to Alice..- curtseys Shelby

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  8. Christina says:

    Lady A, Very lovely Job with Alice,continue the fine work

    Liked by 1 person

  9. Christina says:

    Keep up the great work with Alice


  10. Lesley says:

    I agree, a very nice letter – but, do you really want Alice to WANT to become a lady? My greatest pleasure (and turn-on) in my relationship with Penelope is the knowledge that he is only my maid because I WANT HIM TO BE! The thrill of imposing my will on my reluctant husband is the greatest pleasure one can experience, I believe. Sure, at some level he enjoys the feeling of wearing his frilly outfits, but he certainly DOES NOT enjoy being paraded in his finery in the service of my family and friends. Just take a look at the pictures in this month’s Petticoat Discipline Quarterly and imagine what he felt like wearing those outfits in my service over the years. Like yourself, Lady A, I enjoy my maid fully functioning as a male for my pleasure and really don’t want him thinking of himself as female at all. No, I never want him to forget that he is all male, but totally subject to my will, and resigned to wearing whatever I decree, anywhere, anytime. That, I feel, is what a Petticoat Discipline relationship should be about.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Lady A says:

      I think you’ve made a very good point Lesley. I want Alice to accept that she is going to live as a submissive girl BUT like you, my greatest pleasures is that she’s reluctant and I have to force or ‘encourage’ her to be feminine when she doesn’t always want to be. Her look when I call her good girl in public is priceless. She enjoys it as a game of course but would still prefer to be allowed to be male at times. The letter helped Alice in that she could could see that she could be accepted in female clothing and manner outside the home which is what I want next. I actually want her to look as female as is possible with the notable exception of her clitty for which I have many uses of course all for my personal pleasure.

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      • Lesley says:

        Yes, Lady A, getting Alice outside the comfort zone of your home should, as we have mentioned before, definitely be your next step, Perhaps that should be added to your excellent New Year Resolutions? Be aware that you will undoubtedly meet with an attempt at resistance when you take that big step – I am sure that you will not find it too difficult to overcome that and take your relationship to the next level. I look forward to reading about it sometime.

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  11. Cindy says:

    Wow, Mistress Lesley, you are soooo dominant! If I was your submissive sissy, I think I’d wet my panties with fear, or pleasure… I am in awe of your dominance, I truly am. Still, with submissive respect, it seems that Alice likes his wife’s approach and that it works for both of them.
    curtseys, Cindy

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    • Lady A says:

      Alice likes it to a certain degree but as I’ve mentioned previously, she would choose to have it as a bedroom game and revert to male other times which of course is not possible any more.

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  12. Christina says:

    Lady A, As you , Continue to keep her Petticoated at all times, She must become so accustomed to the textures and Tensions of Lingerie that she will feel absolutely strange in men’s wear, Keep up the great work

    Liked by 2 people

    • Lady A says:

      Yes this is so true. I would say that despite some of the tensions when she would prefer not to bother to be a girl, she now always chooses knickers over underpants witout me having to do anything as she prefers the feel. She also prefers the feel of a light skirt against her legs. I’m sure with continued pressure she’ll stop the occasional resistance. I agree with Lesley above, next year is the year of making her go out the house as a girl.

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  13. Cindy says:

    Yes, of course. Alice mustn’t ever be in charge and she must become fully feminized, but it might be a good thing to know her girly fetish or help her develop one – in the interest of getting the most out of her clitty. I, for one, would have a bulge in my panties every five minutes for any Mistress who forced me into the right kind of blouse or dress. And she could tease me with it and use it to her advantage to strengthen her grip on me. Just thinking aloud…

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    • Lady A says:

      Her future is indeed to be fully feminised at all times

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      • Christina says:

        Lady A,
        Exactly the best way, as you said, to have Alice Feminised at all times, I have done the same thing with my husband, Yes it takes time, BUT, as we know from our own experiences, getting used to a training bra does take some time BUT it is absolutely necessary in their cases,Why do you ask?
        simply as it is a constant reminder of Their vulnerability and Our control. With regard to Alice’s future developments, If I may offer a few things I did:
        I gave Michele (michael- my feminised husband) a written (weekly) by day, training schedule that included her morning daily weigh for me to monitor her progress to loose the weight along with exercise sessions in feminine leotards and tights
        if? there was not a positive wt loss, then there was a stricter diet and additional exercise time added each day, until she(he) developed to that goal, Also the written weekly schedule gives them something to focus on or “worry” about as they follow it ,when they see different things that are planned for them during the week:(such as day out for lunch in full feminine attire and shopping another day to look for cute shoes with :higher heel height and new lingerie ,Bra Fitting appointment?, jewelry( ? maybe get the ears pierced?at the same time) Salon appointment( possible Perm or highlites leg wax maybe a bikini area also ) Manicure ( possibly longer Acrylics) and Pedicure
        ,Always good for them to know what will be happening that week( or not), BUT gives them something to ponder regardless
        je ANY infractions or resistance is met with other assignment: additional body shaper like a long line bra or corset, girdle etc for insufficient wt loss , nails will always be flawlessly polished, clear on fingers in the beginning and color on her toes, I would inspect her work unannounced ( any chips or smudges?) that would be taken care of as her redoing them in various intensity of the finger nail colors to include bright red(,if it happened more than once or twice), in the beginning it was hard for her to accept this but Sometimes? I would offer an alternative punishment: the color on her fingers would be clear BUT she would be sleeping in curlers, when the warmer sunny weather came, Michele was made to spend time in the sun in a feminine swimsuit, that in itself, was shown to change her behavior very quickly, as it was difficult for her to think she would be seen laying in the sun outside in a feminine swimsuit ( a one piece suit to start with) is best and it is very devestational for a male to have Feminine or bra tan lines but I always told her(him) if? this type resistance continues then it will be a halter swimsuit you will be wearing ( try and hide that type tan line i told her), and don’t forget: soon as we get that weight off and you obtain a smaller waist, then we might have you in a bikini, needless to say the behavior changed very very quickly
        Hope this helps in her development, let me know if you need any more suggestions
        remember we are all in this together, we do want our husbands feminised and happy girls don’t we?

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      • Lady A says:

        I hadn’t thought of using coloured finger nails as a threat for Alice. Currently Alice uses clear varnish with pink toenails daily with pink or red shades some evenings on her fingers which I allow her to clean off the next morning before reapplying clear.

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  14. sara elise says:

    That IS a lovely and helpful letter! A couple useful tips!
    As for the bra-wearing, a thin bralette (and luv that word) also is a reasonable choice! sara e


  15. Shelby says:

    It is really a lovely piece of advice from Christina isnt it Lady A? ANd it is true you ladies want us to be feminised and kept as happy girls..Really that is so nice..In fact I made this my new year resolution..I m glad i have set off on the road to feminisation this year and by next year end I want to become much more feminised . Thank you Lady A..curtseys Shelby

    Liked by 1 person

  16. Lady A says:

    I like your ideas Christina so from Jan 2nd I’ll be measuring Alice’s waist and weight daily. I like the idea of Alice having bikini shapes on her body so come the summer, she’ll be made to sunbathe in the garden in a bikini. Thanks for these excellent ideas

    Liked by 1 person

    • Christina says:

      Lady A, It was my pleasure to be able to offer just a few ideas that have worked with Michele, I hope your efforts with Alice will work out equally as desired, IF NOT? well then there is also a more rigorous training schedule to bring about the desired behavior on track, a few ideas that I have shared previously, keep in touch anytime

      Liked by 1 person

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