So where are we?

feminisationWe’re doing well in some things and less well in others.

Let’s take the bad things first. Another week and no real progress on the weight and body shape side of things. Alice is conforming to my diet regime but nothing has really happened. Her waist seems fixed at 37 inches and her weight at around 12 stone 8 pounds (176 pounds), whereas my interim target is 32 inches and 12 stone (172 pounds). She hasn’t had any exercise but I forgive her as she’s had the flu. Yesterday she went back to the gym and she will have to do this four times a week. I’ve imposed a low carb diet on her including no alcohol but that hasn’t shifted anything on its own.

I will now restrict the calories (now she’s over the flu) which added to the exercise should start to have an effect. Longer term I want her with a 28 inch waist and this is my target. Corset training to shape her body will happen once I’ve got those final few pounds off her.

On the plus side though I had a great idea which I’ve now implemented. I decided that Alice will add one feminine thing a week to her lifestyle. This can be anything at all but it has to be something new and something feminine. I’ve told Alice that she will have to think of what the feminine thing is to be although I may give her some ‘guidance’ and if she doesn’t think of anything then I will which worried her. This has been a great success as Alice is now thinking of how to be more female. Last week was a nice start as she said she will now read a woman’s magazine every day. Simple but definitely in the right direction as she never read them before.

Her idea from this week onwards is that she will now buy all her own make up and female products including sanitary towels without me being there. I like this one too, so far I’m very pleased with her and it makes up a little for the lack of weight loss.

This is all really good but I’ve told her that for her feminine addition for next week I’m giving ‘guidance’ and she has to choose something new to wear outside the house and it has to be visible and a permanent female addition. It doesn’t have to be clothing although that would be very nice.

That’s got her thinking. I’ll let you all know what she comes up with. I think this game was one of my best ideas so far.



About Lady Alexa

I am a writer and a believer in the immense benefits of male feminisation and female domination. My blog records my true-life experiences in these areas. I also have several novels and a non-fiction book published on Amazon about forced feminisation which you can find under my pen name Lady Alexa. I live in a quiet corner of North London with my obedient and feminised husband/housewife.
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18 Responses to So where are we?

  1. continue your good work


  2. Lady A says:

    Thanks I most definitly will


  3. whyguys says:

    Quite brilliant, Lady A, that your wife must now redevelop her thought processes with continually new feminine goals. This shall eventually dismantle all those false ‘masculine’ underpinnings she once had of mind and body. You are transforming her psyche so much she never shall be able to envision herself as anything other than a fully submissive and loving feminine adjunct to you as her superior.

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  4. corsetjane says:

    So pleased to see that you are tightening the screw Lady A…and hopefully the corset!…
    Another exciting post…even if i feel a bit for Alice, her forthcoming decision makings and tasks..and no doubt squirmings. i added up a few thoughts of my own in my head on that and then thought…o wow.there are 52 weeks in a year…and i was only less than half way on that score..i wonder how long Lady A will continue this for…and guessed that a few months would not be enough! Little Alice has an interesting ride ahead lol.
    There are a number of us who love your posts and what is happening but would be nervous of the reality on our own doorsteps no doubt.. but it is the sheer fact of losing the control and having limits pushed that makes the whole thing so exciting and wanting more! Especially knowing that this is being transmitted to the blog community. Adrenaline mixed with sexual tension and eroticism makes for a very powerful drug of craving! Alice will dread and want more all at the same time, i am sure!
    Your obvious affection for Alice always shines through and this is lovely as you are doing this out of love for her too and not just some hurtful humiliation that you sometimes see elsewhere. If its any consolation for Alice in terms of weight…i too have not faired well…and blame a number of late nights including perhaps too much alcohol which is obviously high in calories, so your limit on this will undoubtedly cut in soon, mixed with the rest of your regime…Good luck to you both .. i suspect from what you have written, there will be a marked improvement over the next couple of weeks.
    ..and as a final note…perhaps a little help for Alice… how about a subtle but cute little ankle chain..subtle but definitely a constant reminder when out…
    cj ๐Ÿ™‚

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  5. Lady A says:

    Yes I am sure that Alice will lose weight eventually with what I’ve done. As for the weekly feminisation game, the changes can be quite small, such as the ankle chain, so I’m sure that Alice will be able to think of 52 new things over the next year. That said I will provide occasional guidance of course.

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  6. gayjason says:

    Ankle bracelet is a good choice ๐Ÿ˜‰ still wear mine now as well as my toe ring to match my earrings and nose stud


  7. maidsally69 says:

    I think your obvious dominance is awesome Mistress

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  8. Lesley says:

    An excellent idea, Lady A. It will become more enjoyable as the weeks go by and she starts to run out of easy choices. Then the fun will really begin!


  9. Not to tell a Mistress her business, but it’s unlikely that diet and generic exercises alone will achieve the body-shaping effects desired. Men have ridiculously poorly developed hips and upper legs, and less calories with more aerobic exercises will simply reduce the little they have. Carbs tend to settle in the gut and lower torso, so reduction (elimination?) of those is an excellent discipline. On the other hand, fats tend to settle in the hips and lower body. To be surest of good results, include generous quantities of both saturated and unsaturated fats. You know the effects of butter, certainly. Goes straight to the booty in women, as we know, and has a similar but less pronounced effect in males. Omega 3 sources should also be considered, Cod liver oil is a proven performer here. Alice no doubt will enjoy having a tablespoon upon first rising and just at bedtime. It’s for her health, after all. In place of added aerobic exercises, I suggest you try isotonic leg exercises to enhance development of the glutes, hip adductors and abductors, as well as the upper hamstrings. Dancers have known the value of the exercise bar for centuries. You needn’t install one in your home, but there are scads of exercise programs for the bottom, thighs and outer hips readily available on the web. Couple these with crunches and other ab exercises, I think you will be pleased with the hourglass enhancements these dietary and exercise modifications will produce. (Think also about including good sources of phytoestrogens in Alice’s diet. In addition to OTC herbal supplements, many dietary staples contain good levels of these feminising chemicals. Don’t pour your efforts in a sieve. Ensure that the fundamental biochemistry of dietary support is well in place first.)

    Hope some of this helps your efforts! Cheers.

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    • Lady A says:

      Thank you for this advise it’s very useful. I hadn’t thought about the fats going on Alice’s hips which would be a great result. Alice’s biggest problem currently is her slight male paunch which seems to be refusing to go. When she was younger she could lose weight easily but now in her middle age it seems to hang around. Reducing carbs and making her go to the gym have to date had little effect and I’m quite frustrated. Others have told me to be patient as it just takes a little longer but it’s been three weeks and a couple of pounds loss is not success. The only area of your advise I am not sure about is anything which increases estrogen. Whilst I’d be very happy with the physical changes it may bring to Alice’s body I don’t want her to lose her performance in the bedroom or indeed anywhere as I love to play with her clitty and it is of great importance to my fun despite her being feminised in all other ways. So currently I avoid any feminising chemicals

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      • Lady A, I wholly understand your circumspection regarding increased estrogen availability through diet. One additional thought that occurs to me since you mention the male “paunch” — elastic waist cinchers used in connection with catalysing gell have been reported to yield remarkable results in fat reduction and redistribution from the belly area. I apologise for not knowing all comments in this thread, but have you tried that? I confess it is a technique I haven’t tested myself. But it’s my understanding that the cincher with gell worn during 30-45 min. of exercise, say, on a treadmill, produces rapid, positive results when used regularly (3-5 times per week).

        I do regret any tediousness on this topic. Only seeking to be helpful in seeing you reap the results you want.

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      • Lady A says:

        Thank you for your suggestion I hadn’t heard of this and there is no tediousness on the topic. I’m at a loss so I need help. I can’t seem to remove the paunch and there is no fat anywhere else on her body at all!!!


  10. sara elise says:

    Lady A- just found your blog, and have enjoyed Your ideas here.. as a writer above said, this really would make a sub *think* about becoming more feminine. Fascinating and exciting.. sara

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  11. georgiakevin says:

    My question for you is what if you had a male to feminized that truly wanted to be feminized who has always thought of herself as a girl, who would do anything to show gratitude for being feminized, for being who she is 24/7 would you have to discipline her, especially if she tried soo very hard in every way to be feminine as she thinks of herself as a girly girl?


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