A bra and tits are not just for weekends!!!

forced feminizationYes we went to the Devotion Femdom event again. What a great time we had, well I did anyway.

Although sadly I have no photos, Alice was at her most feminine in her new powder blue dress with a pleated skirt part. In fact some of the other people there called her a T-Girl which horrified Alice but I was extremely pleased with this reaction.

Miss Treat and Alison (in male guise) were the perfect hosts, ensuring that the ladies were treated as we should be by the submissive males. I really enjoyed the games as the submissives, girls and sissies had to sit on the dance floor and play pass the balloon like good little girls. Each time the music stopped the one with the balloon had to pop it and there was a forfeit inside. Alice had to write a poem for his favourite Mistress and recite it at the buffet later. She did this but to be honest Alice is good with words as she’s in Marketing and has no problem speaking to an audience so she got away very lightly with this one. Others had far more humiliating forfeits to endure.

I also enjoyed the musical chairs which ends each time with spanking the subs. Fantastic although Alice managed to slip off without anyone noticing including me as I was having too good a time.

Alice also had to serve the Mistresses at the Mistress tea party. Most submissives are not permitted here as the waitresses have to be feminised (and fully clothed of course.) I think that Alice actually enjoys this bit although she won’t admit it.

To be honest I think Alice seemed quite comfortable with the day which isn’t entirely the point. So…here’s what’s happening:

  1. I asked Alice what she thought about the fact she wore a bra and C-Cup breast forms all day. She said they felt ‘quite nice’. Good I said as now you’ll be wearing them all the time at home and outside at times. The bra is a permanent feature now anyway. I really love her with tits.
  2. Alice is far too comfortable in female clothes so I think next time I’m going to spice things up a little. I think body paint, pink bows and clothes pegs could be used……mmm.

Anyway to finish, here’s a copy of Alice’s poem to me (from her memory) which she wrote in about 5 minutes and presented to everyone at Devotion on Sunday.


It’s no surprise what I will say

My beautiful Mistress is Lady A

When we first met it was brilliant

She was bossy, sexy and dominant

She said she wanted me feminised

I wasn’t too keen I quickly advised

Despite this she turned me into a girl

With big tits, a dress and a pretty twirl

And every day I have to serve

I tell her though “It’s what you deserve”

Because she’s the Lady, The Queen, the Boss of the house.

And I’m just her feminised spouse

But I really am pleased she came into my life

Even though she turned me into her housewife



About Lady Alexa

I am a writer and a believer in the immense benefits of male feminisation and female domination. My blog records my true-life experiences in these areas. I also have several novels and a non-fiction book published on Amazon about forced feminisation which you can find under my pen name Lady Alexa. I live in a quiet corner of North London with my obedient and feminised husband/housewife.
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10 Responses to A bra and tits are not just for weekends!!!

  1. corsetjane says:

    Lovely to hear things are progressing Lady A… as you probably guessed, i await each of your updates with some excitement…and a degree of trepidation on the part of Alice!
    It sounds as if Alice is settling quicker than you thought into the role..and i am so pleased the party went well and to hear that a T-Girl image is forthcoming…what will be next!??
    Love Alice’s poem…not bad at short notice!
    Almost inspires one to add to it…
    A short verse..

    Dear Alice, we all love to hear how your Lady transforms…
    Your behaviour and image away from the male norms…
    Like a butterfly emerging with its coloured wings to unfurl…
    You now sparkle and shine as your wife’s favourite gurl..

    You’re so lucky to enter this world every day
    Led by the woman you love and obey
    So savour the moment, straighten skirt and fill bra
    ‘Cos we want to believe that this hot gurl will go far….

    😉 cj

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  2. Sissy Chloe says:

    Such a wonderful poem from Alice! One can tell she really adores you and values your refined influence. A powder blue dress with a pleated skirt part – that sounds like a totally gorgeous look! So feminine – it’d be great with a lovely little handbag and a pretty cropped cardi. I just don’t understand why it’s a problem that Alice is “far too comfortable in female clothes” – I mean, that’s what you want for her, isn’t it? So she should be encouraged in that way with further girly delights until she can’t imagine being any other way, shouldn’t she? Well, perhaps it’s only me – I’ve always been more into pleasure than pain.
    In any case, Alice is clearly in very loving and competent hands, Lady A.

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    • Lady A says:

      Yes I want her feminised but it’s for my benefit not hers. If she becomes too focused on beautiful clothing she tends to forget her purpose is to serve me


  3. Candi June says:

    What a wonderful poem. It sounds like she is really enjoying herself now.


  4. Sissy Chloe says:

    Yes, of course, Lady A, Alice has to serve you. I hope she’s doing a good job. By the way, what kind of household duties do you require her to perform?


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