A little bit more feminised every week

femdomAlice had to stand up in front of me on Sunday evening to tell me what she was going to do this week which would be a permanent addition to her feminisation. It turned into a bigger discussion and quite a nice chat.

So Alice said she would wear coloured toe nail varnish every day. I did remind her that she was supposed to anyway but it had been forgotten.

So that’s this week’s feminisation upgrade – every day coloured toe nails. I have to confess it’s a little bit boring really as she should be doing this anyway but this time I will police it as I do with her body hair removal and clear triangular shaped clitty pubes and hopefully it will be come second nature. I enjoy Alice choosing as it makes her realise the gradual but certain transition she is going through.

I pointed out that I’m going to make my own choices for the next two weeks as she’s being too boring and conservative with her choices. Alice listened but didn’t actually flinch. I was quite direct that I want her feminised as much as possible and 24/7 is my goal. I do realise it would be difficult for her to suddenly start wearing dresses outside the house during the day however,  it was time to move into female trousers as a first step.I know we’ve also discussed this before it but making part of the feminisation weekly programme should make it happen this time. Secondly it’s really time for her to wear skirts outside the house and not just at femdom events. She does pick me up from the station in a skirt but doesn’t get out the cart. However it’s time we went driving more regularly with her in a skirt. I don’t mean just night time either. I’ll allow a change in the car to her (female) trousers if we have to get out in the day but we’ve really got to move this on. For night times then a little stroll outside with her fully female is really necessary now.

Alice knows I want this and it was always in my plan and I know I have to tread carefully to bring Alice along with me but a little bit of push and things do become normal eventually.

And this is where Alice is heading……

About Lady Alexa

I am a writer and a believer in the immense benefits of male feminisation and female domination. My blog records my true-life experiences in these areas. I also have several novels and a non-fiction book published on Amazon about forced feminisation which you can find under my pen name Lady Alexa. I live in a quiet corner of North London with my obedient and feminised husband/housewife.
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18 Responses to A little bit more feminised every week

  1. maidsally69 says:

    Nothing like getting in and out of a car in a dress or a skirt Mistress
    Really requires to be done in a graceful and feminine way to avoid showing too much


  2. corsetjane says:

    i do love discovering another post from you Lady A… and its with some trepidation and excitement that i read them! Another turn of the wheel another step into femininity and all to please you… its so nice..it gives me a warm feeling..
    i dare say that Alice will be wondering whats coming over the next 2 weeks…as will we all (well…i’ll be wondering…not coming..at least not whilst i remain in chastity lol)
    Please keep us posted and i love maidsally’s suggestion above about developing poise and elegance as a dressed gurl….
    Onwards and upwards…
    cj 🙂


  3. I would love to push my femininity along a bit more and going out in the car in a skirt then a stroll would be the sort of thing I would like to try. Maybe I will have to make some plans and sort it out. I love reading your blog.


  4. sewnigel says:

    The happy housewife in pink image is very pretty, but I hope Alice does the dishes by hand, rather than having a dishwasher do it. Same with the laundry! The dishwasher and washing machine could be sold, more space, a little extra cash, and more focus for Alice.


    • Lady A says:

      We have a dishwasher and her job is to stack it and empty it. Same with the washing machine. To be honest it would waste too much time for her to do things by hand as she not only has to do her housewife chores but all the jobs that a man would typically do such as decorating, repairs and garden maintenance. Apart from the outside work, she has a special set of old skirts and tops to do the house maintenance work


      • Christina says:

        Lady A, wonderful ideas you have as always. with the outside work and warmer weather. might be time to introduce a lil more Feminine tops and perhaps? sleeveless ones or a Halter top, we wouldn’t want Alice to have “farmer’s tan lines” as I surely didn’t for my feminized husband (wife) Michele so, Michele does all her/his outdoor chores in the feminine apparel of her choice as long as it is sleeveless, and shorts or a swimsuit on the Really warm days…. Keep up the great work…. Christina

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  5. Lady A says:

    Oh I like that idea Christina, feminine apparel of her choice. That would work wonderfully well and helps to bring her along with my plans without pressuring her (too much)


    • Christina says:

      Lady A, glad I could be of help,Just remember on bright sunny days, it has to be sleeveless of their choice, we don’t want them with the so called “Farmer’s Tan Lines” on the arms..Keep in touch,Have a great weekend…Christina


  6. Gemma says:

    Hello Lady A
    I’ve been an avid reader of your posts for sometime. I am or at least was in a very similar position to Alice a few years ago. (And i don’t think we live a million miles away from you actually) we went through a period where my wonderful wife found feminising me really arousing and although I really wasn’t keen at first and I really didn’t “get it” I went along with it because she lived to Dominate and it made her very happy. Over time I can honestly say I changed and seriously I grew to love the feelings of deep submission it gave me. Alas after some stressful family issues she lost interest and it’s never really come back. Bizarrely, I now really miss the whole concept and often find myself thinking back to those times. Your post about venturing out into the world en femme was what prompted me to write all this. I went through this, and really couldn’t go through with it. I just couldn’t bear to think of people seeing me like it. So after a few weeks of turmoil my lovely wife agreed a compromise, even though looking back I could with a little effort look quite convincing – a tad tall perhaps but I did in the end pass in some very feminine outfits including skirts!
    The compromise was exactly as you mention female trousers, we/she worked hard to find things that could pass as male but were 100% female. My first ever outing to a supermarket was truly terrifying but looking back I don’t know why because nobody even glanced at me! I was wearing female trousers, quite right fitting around the top but quite loose at the ankle. Panties that gave a frilly and definately VPL, loafers with black opaque trouser socks, a bra, camisole, a shirt that could pass as a mans but had some slight little frills here and there if you really looked. And a jacket, suit type but fitted and buttons on the other side. It felt very strange indeed. Slowly this progressed and eventually I we found some better fitted female trousers and I would wear tights underneath without exception. In the summer they were sheer natural shade and Matt finish so it looked as though I had no socks at all, in the winter i would wear black opaque tights just thick enough to make me feel slightly conspicuous. I found that I grew to really love the feel of smooth shaved legs in tights under silky lined trousers. The style of low waste trousers came in and I found this shamefully embarrassing as my tights waistband was always slightly higher than the trousers….this resulted in me wearing some very girly pink or purple high waisted panties under the tights just for her amusement and I would often be told to pick things up knowing it was exposing my underwear at the back for anybody who cared to look. I would always, much to her delight blush as I stood again! Jenni my wife also loved the fact that the tights “tucked” me quite well and we found side or rear zipped trousers gave me a very female appearance in that area.
    I all I spent about 3 yes dressing fully in female clothing outside whilst appearing like a normal male unless anybody really looked hard.
    I never thought I’d say this but I miss it terribly!

    So it is very possible and Alice will I am certain will in time really want to dress for the outside world…it’s a strange thing when you find yourself looking back into a mirror and being pleased by how your rear view. I never ever thought I’d do that!
    Keep up the good work you are clearly a very loving wife and very lucky to have each other x


    • Lady A says:

      Thank you very much for your story Gemma, it was lovely to read it. I’m sorry that things changed and I have to say there are occasions when something personal comes up that takes priority. It has happened on a smaller scale and for very short periods for us too so I understand. I think Alice gets it to some extent as she really does enjoy it as a bedroom game and we both get excited by her feminisation. She wouldn’t choose to be female permanently and therefore I do need to encourage her. I take her shopping in supermarkets too as it’s easy to pick things up and easy for her to try things on with no need for any involvement from the staff. We’re going looking at Gap and Marks for female trousers and blouses this weekend as I understand they do tall sizes – Alice being around 6 feet tall. Alice does actually prefer female underwear and this is no longer any problem. Neither are skirts or dresses at home at all times although I know she does it only because I demand it. That said she has admitted that they feel quite nice and have a kind of freedom. I also know if I didn’t insist she would slip back to trousers. Maybe with a bit of time your wife may feel ready to return to feminisation. If there’s anything I could do to help, especially as you say you are in the London region, then please let me know. I’m a great believer in the benefits of male feminisation and femdom.


  7. Steven Sims/Stephanie says:

    New to this site, my fiancé/mistress found it.. My process started 6 months ago , she keeps pushing the bounds of the humiliation,training. Have only been dressed made up in the house. Terrifying to think of the day she will have me in public dressed! My / our experience started as a bedroom game but has since become more slowly but surely. I love her so I will submit to serve her, be her girl. I ve always been submissive to a degree.


  8. Steven Sims/Stephanie says:

    I believe you are right about that Lady A. I was always submissive but the feminisation has made me more so, and eager to please and serve my fiancé/Mistress. In just 6 months things like shaving my legs, under arms, sissy clitty etc have become normal. Stephanie

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  9. patty swank says:

    Lady A
    I think your ideas of weekly progress in men’s feminization is very good. there is no sense in beating around the bush, with something as beautiful as male transformation into girly, docile “boys” The world will be better for this much needed change. plus the added benefit of humorous entertainment for women. As we know, more and more girlie white boys (like me) agree and love the concept of women in total control. ( the wave of the future ) as it is being brought into being by icons just like you.



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