Feminisation upgrade for the end of Feb

forced feminisationTwo posts in one day!

Anyway, I told Alice last night that this week’s upgrade was make-up. She already has to wear perfume everyday so why not? I bought her a lot of make-up for Valetine’s night so she should use it daily. I don’t mean full lip stick and eye shadow outside the home (yet), but I do now expect her to tint her eyebrows and use blusher and foundation.

As her eyebrows have some grey hairs this has worked quite well. I threw in a bit of plucking while we were at it.

Anyway I’m getting impatient so I told her next week’s upgrade as well which is to wear female trousers outside the home. We didn’t get time to go shopping so I think I’ll treat her by buying a couple of pairs online.

What a caring Mistress I am

About Lady Alexa

I am a writer and a believer in the immense benefits of male feminisation and female domination. My blog records my true-life experiences in these areas. I also have several novels and a non-fiction book published on Amazon about forced feminisation which you can find under my pen name Lady Alexa. I live in a quiet corner of North London with my obedient and feminised husband/housewife.
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18 Responses to Feminisation upgrade for the end of Feb

  1. corsetjane says:

    I sense the temperature is rising!
    Wow…two posts…love the latest thoughts on Alice’s encouraged feminisation earlier and its nice to see that there’s also a little bit of enforcement going on as above! As someone in a similar decade of male world i can imagine how it takes a bit of “turning around the ship!” …but turning it around you are Lady A…and with a very strong hand on the tiller it seems to continue with a nautical line! My mind is already racing ahead trying to imagine more turns of the screw and what you have up you sleeve…i can only imagine that Alice is going through the same process..with somewhat more focus! Its a n exciting and delightfully scary experience… can’t wait to hear more from you…and also Alice’s thoughts as she takes on more and more gurly duties and appearances….
    Thank you
    cj 🙂


  2. Steven Sims says:

    My fiancĂ© and now mistress found this site after doing some research and told me to read it over. In the past 6 months she has had me reading rules, from Femdom, feminization sites. I was very much against all of this in the beginning but she said this is what she wants and how it’s going to be if we are to stay together. I ve always been slightly built and submissive to women , she’s picked up on this she said and now this is where we are. It went from pleasing her all the time orally and not being allowed to cum, then panties, bra, fake silicone breasts, heels, dress, baby doll nighties. Of course all the while doing all the cooking, cleaning, taking care of her house. Makeup, which I’ve had to study tutorials on, nail polish. Wig, Shaving legs, underarms, chest, always and genitail area save for a triangle above what she refers to as my sissy clit. Like I have read here I also am only allowed to pee sitting down. 3 months in she began the strap on training. Ouch. But getting better. The assignments have been imasculating, embarrassing. Sent to buy a bra and ask for help getting the right size, from the sales lady, while my fiancĂ©/ mistress stands beside me, trying on skirts etc, asking sales girls for help in finding panties that I must say are for me.. Oh well I love her and will be her ” girl” if it makes her happy! She’s been talking about a chastity device lately for me. We are both in our early 30’s .. In just these 6 months I have almost lost all maleness it seems.. It’s been embarrassing. Tho seems like may be going to get worse since she is hinting about making me go out in full dress feminized mode soon.. Humiliating but I will follow her orders!

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    • Lady A says:

      You will need to go outside feminised eventually as will Alice


      • Steven Sims/Stephanie says:

        Your right Lady A. I had asked about the humiliation angle for a Mistress in another post being a turn on, more I have thought about this today ,sometimes I have found the humiliation,imasculation as some what arousing at times. Smh. Thanx Stephanie


  3. Girl louise says:

    I’m sure Girl alice will be enjoying this upgrade and looking forward to the next. I rarely get to be properly made up and correctly dressed so when I do I get the same pleasurable experience each time as if its the first time.
    For makeup I look my best with really really heavy makeup so that as little as possible maleness shows through; I never go out with it on although I’m pretty sure it would draw attention which is something I would have to get used to.
    I’m a great believer that us girls should only wear skirts and dresses that are above the knee; or for housework and DIY etc it should be a full length dress like Victorian maids as a protection of the legs, Victorian maids were capable of working in them. [The reason for leg protection is personal because of my diabetes poor circulation making leg injury risky and very slow to heal; alternatively, which I think would be more practical and if the Mistress of the house preferred, it would be boots which covered my legs up to the hem of my skirt/dress -it would be the Mistress choice]
    On the occasions I’ve worn female trousers I’ve always found the way they are cut to be very very comfortable especially when worn over stoking and suspenders; the sensation and sound of them as I walk makes me very self conscious and positive that everyone knows and can see what I’m wearing {I’m sure the novelty of first wearing them would pass with repeated exposure}

    Girl louise

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    • Lady A says:

      Hello Louise. I’m not entirely sure that Alice is enjoying every aspect of the upgrade and the changes are permanent and apply to outside the home too which is new. I only permit Alice to wear short skirts and dresses, micro or mini, as you’ll see from the photos I occasionally post. I allow a slightly longer skirt if it’s a bit chilly but still well above the knee. I believe this is appropriate clothing for all feminised males

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      • Girl louise says:

        LOL My Lady I guess in your house I would not be allowed to request long protective skirts, looks like I should think in terms of boots to protect my diabetic ulcers. Micro and mini skirts sound reasonable to me, something like micro as standard, mini in December and February (or perhaps only when it snows) and an extra inch in length if in temperatures below freezing.
        I always find stocking preferable to tights, however, I worry about the ‘thing’ showing below. I know there are things now can prevent this, that’s why top of my wish list is something like the Neosteel Enforced Feminizer a silicone body form that locks on and then there is no alternative but to look female with female actions in the toilet etc even when you are not being watched.
        I saw mention of ‘forced feminization’ If you think about it there isn’t really such a thing its just a dramatic name for encouragement. Nobody would be feminized without Consent so in reality ‘forcedfem’ is just the Mistress giving strong encouragement and assistance to someone who wants it but hesitates. There are many things I would ‘hate’ but really want to do, so enjoy and dread can go together. I think in deciding the goal to be aimed for when giving the initial Consent a Plan should be drawn up between the parties. For example in line with what has been said I think the Plan for my lower half would be. Silicon body form to allow micro skirts and stockings – no exceptions because they are always complimented with boots (for leg protection) these would keep me warm enough at all times. Yes I would love it, yes I would dread it, yes I would need ‘forced’ and yes I would Consent to it; loving and hating it at same time. What I don’t know is if this would be an acceptable thing to ask from the Mistress of the House, is it a realistic goal, or is fantasy taking over. What do you think My Lady ?

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  4. maidsally69 says:

    You are very kind to allow longer skirts if it’s a bit chilly


  5. rene says:

    Lady A,
    I recently discovered your blog and thoroughly enjoyed reading all your posts. Alice is a very lucky girl to have you as her mistress. You and Alice seem to have a beautiful marriage. I am a submissive husband to my Mistress/Wife who I adore and serve. I do all the housework, cooking, laundry and provide intimate personal services. My mistress has made no effort to feminize me, she seems to accept me as I am. I do wear panties ever day and keep my body hair free (except for a feminine triangle like Alice). I wish that mistress would require me to wear a bra, skirt, blouse, and heels around the house but like Alice, I would not want to dress while going out.
    Thank you for sharing your relationship with us, I look forward to your future posts.


    • Lady A says:

      Thank you for your comments and it’s nice to hear from you. I really believe that you should wear skirts and dresses and female underwear. I actually believe that all women should ensure their partners are dressed this was. Have you tried speaking to her about it? It makes the job so much easier if the male is prepared to be feminised rather than having to force things along

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  6. Sissy says:

    Lady A, have you ever considered Alice getting a nice 2 piece bikini tan? Have her lay out or send her to tanning salon with a bikini to really develop those tan lines!


  7. Maggied says:

    Sounds like though Alice might occassionally get a bit embarrased that by the fact that she does agree to wear a bra and perfume to work on a daily basis that she is indeed on board with the process. The trick I would assuse it to get her to accept that fact that wearing prefume whether male or female is perfectly normal and that unless someone in the immediate viciniy has alergys to said perfume is is non of their business. Good luck.



    • Lady A says:

      Actually is much easier than that as Alice generally works from home and only goes into the office occasionally. She is therefore in full female clothing all day most of the time.


  8. jim sedrut says:

    Lovely comments and ideas.


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