Forced feminisation- using psychology

forced feminisationHaving a lot of contact with family and friends recently has obviously prevented Alice from being  dressed correctly but also allowed me to think about how we should go about feminising our husbands/partners/boyfriends and any man in general. This isn’t about allowing those men who want to be feminised to dress female but about force feminising those men who don’t initially want to be girls, such as Alice.

Some of the forced feminisation naturally has be be forced through orders and threats and by trickery. I got Alice into her first skirt using the trickery method and linking it to sex. I got her to wear knickers when we had sex and gradually increased their femininity until they had a little skirt attached then switched to a real skirt. Names are important and calling her girl and Alice repeatedly has become the norm.

Much of my encouraged/forced feminisation of Alice however, was and is achieved by applying psychology and getting Alice to think as a girl. De-programming I call it as in de-programming her male characteristics and then re-programming female characteristics in their place. One way to achieve this was to get her to do more and more of what would typically be called female tasks, such as sitting on the toilet and shaving her legs. In addition I have increased her submissiveness, it’s amazing what you can achieve by just asking firmly – “get me a tea would you?”, “Rub my feet please” and so on.

However this was a long-winded way to get onto my point which was to involve your feminised man, or to be more feminised man, in selecting the looks that she likes. Even when we were with family, at night in bed alone I’d open the iPad to show pictures of feminised men to ask which ones Alice would prefer to look like. I did this even in our early days of her encouraged (forced) feminisation and I continue it. I make it very clear that Alice will be becoming even more feminine in the future and while that’s not negotiable, she can help choose her preferred look and that is negotiable within boundaries. We scan through pictures of transvestites and feminised males and I make her tell me which she thinks are the most attractive. I think this makes the process more inclusive and takes it away from me just ordering her to be a girl to us both working together to achieve what I want. I then post some of her favourites on Pinterest to save them for use as a model when we shop for nice clothes or just to show her for a reminder.

I do have some rules of course. I stress that I want Alice to be a girl rather than a sissy so she needs to choose pretty but everyday female clothing. She can only choose skirts or dresses and they must be quite short. And finally they should be in feminine colours such as pink, yellow or white for example. Now sometimes I do have to get ‘firm’ with her of course if she’s being awkward and forgets to put on a skirt as soon as she gets up for example, but mostly it’s quite easy these days and I have her well trained and re-programmed.

Here are some of Alice’s favourite pictures or at least the ones she was made to choose within the boundaries I give her.



About Lady Alexa

I am a writer and a believer in the immense benefits of male feminisation and female domination. My blog records my true-life experiences in these areas. I also have several novels and a non-fiction book published on Amazon about forced feminisation which you can find under my pen name Lady Alexa. I live in a quiet corner of North London with my obedient and feminised husband/housewife.
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7 Responses to Forced feminisation- using psychology

  1. jim sedrut says:



  2. Connie Amanda says:

    I always find it nice to get up and being aware that I can wear a dress the whole day.Such a day is today . I am dressed completely in white today and feeling very pretty.I am very aware that getting out dressed the way I am dressed is out of the question.But nothing can stop me from feeling the way I do,and that is such a lovely feeling. ; )
    I love the second and the fourth pictures best.

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    • Lady A says:

      Yes I think Alice preferred those two as well. I think you should go out, in the car maybe where it’s not so obvious or in the dark? I make Alice go out in the car sometimes in a skirt. She picks me up at times. She doesn’t get out of the car of course and the run from the front door to the car and back is fun but I enjoy seeing her bare legs under the steering wheel when she’s driving

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  3. whyguys says:

    Lady A…

    Love your thought “my point which was to involve your feminized man, or to be more feminized man, in selecting the looks that SHE likes.”

    How powerful a tool in the reworking the male’s self-image by:
    1. having part in the decision of what type of femininity she thinks most compatible as the more subservient and feminine member of your relationship.
    2. seeing that other males are also learning the ‘norm’ of being pleasingly feminine in Female-male relationships.
    3. accepting that ultimately that her state of mind as well as her proper role is now entirely attuned to being the most perfect girl she can be for You.

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    • Lady A says:

      It’s so much more powerful if you include your feminised man and even if he/she complains I can pint out that he/she chose it

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    • patti59 says:

      This is such a wonderful point. Many men and boys want to be pretty and feminine. Wives and mothers need to first encourage the male’s interest in femininity, and then have them take part in the clothing selections. Once males are being directed by women in these directions, then the Female led relationship will be cemented into the minds of the males. The new society that this has the potential to create will be one of complete female control, with men and boys being pretty, sweet and docile for the superior female gender!

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