femdomI wrote my previous post as I relaxed in my hotel room but as I was lying by the pool listening to music on my headphones I realised I missed a key point out of my discussion and that was on the psychology around ensuring success in forced feminisation.

My thoughts on a sissy’s clitty described what I do but not why. It’s on the theme of de-masculinisation, which I guess is a synonym of feminisation in some way but I do want to emphasise the removal of masculinity rather than then the implementation of feminisation so I’ll use the de-masculinisation expression for this particular post.

You can implement all manner of changes: from clothing to hair, to make up. to re-naming and so on but….., short of having it cut off which I certainly do not advocate, a male’s genitals continue to stare you in the face metaphorically and physically.

I covered the range of tactics I used to feminise Alice’s ‘bits’ and to humiliate them but why do it? The answer goes back to the whole reason for forced feminisation and is that feminisation of males needs to be enforced in order that any real female and society generally can gain the amazing benefits from removal of masculinity from society to replace it with submissive femininity. I’m not going to turn Alice’s true gender into a female though surgery or hormones but rather transform her into a female psychologically and then to gain all those incredible benefits this gives me (and her once she fully realises and, believe me, she is now realising more and more.)

So looking back I now know that my biggest challenge was not getting Alice to wear female clothing or even to accept being called Alice, girl or referred to as her but to get her to accept that it’s no longer a sex game but a real change in her whole way of living from masculine to feminine. Her visible reminder was my challenge therefore. So in general, a male’s clitty has to be feminised, renamed, shaved and a triangle of pubic hair formed above it. It needs to be humiliated as I described in my last post and what I missed out is she needs to know that it belongs to me not her. So I do need to take one more step and although I’ve resisted up to now, I know I need to fit her with a cock cage for all the times I’m not around. I had a realisation that if she uses male toilets in pubs or restaurants, for example, she may well stand to use the urinal which is a reminder of her past and undoes my work a little. A cock cage will force her to use the sit down areas. I know she doesn’t play with it any more but she needs to know that she no longer has any access to what she had when she was a male, it’s gone, finished and I think this could be a big step in her transition.

About Lady Alexa

I am a writer and a believer in the immense benefits of male feminisation and female domination. My blog records my true-life experiences in these areas. I also have several novels and a non-fiction book published on Amazon about forced feminisation which you can find under my pen name Lady Alexa. I live in a quiet corner of North London with my obedient and feminised husband/housewife.
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41 Responses to De-masculinisation

  1. maidsally69 says:

    Couldn’t agree more Mistress
    What you are proposing for Alice means there is no escape from behaving in a feminine way and total acceptance will follow.
    There is no choice.

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  2. elliot says:

    Dear Lady A,

    While I am not being feminised by my wife I am kept locked in my cage most of the year only being allowed to be free in summer. I am also in a steel ball stretcher which never comes off. My wife wants my obedience and undivided attention. Keeping my little cock in a cage ensures she has it.

    Part of my discipline is accepting that there is only one sexuality in our marriage, my wife’s. The fact my cockette might get engorged is my problem. My wife enjoys my oral attentions regularly and I get very hard when I lick her but I am almost always sent to my corner so she can enjoy her orgasm privately.

    I love her all the more for locking me up. I am sure Alice will be honoured to have her little clip under your full and proper control.


  3. R.N . Ashsa says:

    Hi Lady A,
    It’s been some time since I last wrote. Daisy is now looking a lot more feminine with her waist reduced from 35 to 32 niches. I was hoping for more but progress is slow and I intend to continue tightening her corset till she reaches at least 30 niches. On the domestic front she is now a busy little housewife. In addition to her daily house work, cleaning the bathrooms and hanwashing my lingerie, I set her a weekly task. This ranges from stitching herself a nice new dress, knitting , doing some embroidery work or looking up and cooking a nice new dish for our weekend. On the rare occasions she goes out, for shopping or for any errands, I insist she goes out in skirts or jeans with a bar and inserts along with heels. Her gait is now feminine and her make up skills are much improved. We have discussed electrolysis or laser for permanent hair removal. I am coaxing her to get her ears pierced but without luck. She complains that if she has to dress like a male ( as though that will ever happen) the holes will be very obvious. Recently i got annoyed and told her that since she refuses ear piercing, i will get her septum pierced and fix a chain tto pull her around the house. I have given her a fortnight to make her choice.
    Sometimes I feel resistance if allowed to persist can grow into defiance. I want Daisy to understand that my patience has limits.

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    • Lady A says:

      Very nice to hear from you Asha. I was very interested to her about Daisy’s waist reduction programme, this is wonderful. Instead of having her septum pierced why not a ring in her clitty foreskin or balls? It’s an idea I’ve had for Alice as I’ve had the same problem with the ears.

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    • patti59 says:

      Hello Asha! It is so delightful to hear what you are doing with Daisy! Womankind will greatly benefit from your great example. Is Daisy a full-time male housewife?


  4. mrbillsails says:

    “the whole reason for forced feminisation and is that feminisation of males needs to be enforced”
    “she no longer has any access to what she had when she was a male, it’s gone, finished”
    de-masculinisation: this appeals to me immensely, it is also rather terrifying

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  5. Paula says:

    What a delicious blog I’ve found. I’m deeply jealous and at the same time glad I’m not Alice. Your great blog poses a few questions which I hope you don’t mind me asking.

    What do family and friends know and if it’s nothing how do you think they will respond when they see Alice?

    Have you thought about insisting Alice carry a manbag or purse? Lots of Italian men seem to use them and whilst you are in Italy….

    ‘Turning to chastity please consider the ‘looker 02’ chastity cage, it’ll confine and minimise the appearance of her clittie. Oh and make her sit to pee.

    Will Alice be writing a guest entry on her journey , hopes and fears

    I look forward to reading your books.

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    • Lady A says:

      Welcome Paula. Regarding your questions I have written about them in previous posts but to answer briefly, family and friends outside the femdom scene don’t know about Alice being Alice. I don’t plan on exposing her to them as Alice at this moment and that was one of the reasons I’ve had problems with getting her ears pierced. Alice did do a guest post a little while back. Maybe I’ll ask her for an update as I’ve moved things on a little bit since then

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      • Paul says:

        Thank you Lady A, apologies I read many more of your posts this evening and found the answers to my questions. Enjoy italy and I look forward to hearing more about your journey to feminise Alice.


  6. corsetjane says:

    Yes…the sitting down really does get to you after a while… after a long period (eg 3 months) locked i tend to forget when in those rare moments i’m not wearing it, and automatically go to sit down on the toilet. Going for walks now has also changed. i like long walks in the countryside…you can guess where this is going… and have, only once, forgotten my restrictive cage and neglected to relieve myself before departing. i now understand the difficulties women have in trying to pee outside…as a man i was happy to just pop behind a tree for a quick pee… but on this one occasion had to find a more discrete area…to squat…
    Life will never quite be the same…. Alice….enjoy….and give in gracefully…
    cj 🙂

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  7. stephaniefeminized says:

    Haven’t posted for a long time Lady A. Glad to see Alice coming along well. So much has happened since I posted last. Mistress/ fiancé K had me quit my job, to concentrate on the house work and her needs. I’m dressed fem almost all the time now, a month ago Mistress K put me in chastity. Few months ago I was taken shopping dressed and had nails done at the salon, have had this before, and my EARS PIERCED!! Usual clothes and lingerie shopping also, remember we have a Femdom relationship and Mistress K likes humiliating me in public once in a while. From your other post Mistress has always reffered to my boy parts as sissy clitty, sissy pussy, was shaved completely for a long time, have the triangle above my clitty now! I’m a full service feminized sissy . Housework, sexual service, mani, pedi trained, massages. I really love my Femdom relationship and my feminization! All women should really do this to their men.. Women are superior and I live to serve Mistress K and whomever she asks.. Did mani and pedi for she and mutual lady friend of ours after dinner one night a while back. Our friend was shocked at first but at the end of the evening with the foot scrub, mani, pedi waiting on them she was like ” where can I find a guy that will submit to this” formerly Steven Sims.. Just Stephanie now 🙂

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    • Lady A says:

      Thank you for the update Stephanie. I think the little pubic triangle is so pretty and feminine for sissy boys.

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    • patti59 says:

      Mistress K has the right idea! It is so delightful when a woman that has feminized her male now shows him off to other women. By doing that, More women will see the great benefits of having a feminine man in their lives! Stay in dresses!!!!



  8. Dani says:

    Lady A, I couldn’t agree more, I will make a suggestion, my Mistress has recently purchased me a jailbird cage from Mature Metals, it’s custom made to my measurements, although it’s a bit pricy Alice will thank you for the comfort.



  9. sewnigel says:

    Add a girly tattoo, maybe even this one…


  10. Martina says:

    I like where you are going with Alice i must admit I would not object to being feminised but i guess it is a very individual thing fro each couple. couple of comments about Alice’s cllitty, a great idea having her naked a lot of the time, i enjoy using a ribbed penis plug which has a ring on the end to attach a lead to. it is something both you and Alice could enjoy, also check out the Oxballs website for various cockrings and genital containment Regards piercing maybe you you should start with the nipples, maybe Alice would like this enough to agree to have her ears done.You can also use rings to attach things to..


    • Lady A says:

      I didn’t know this website thank you Martina. As for the ear problem, I’m at the stage where Alice likes the idea in principle but not in practice as then everyone will see her with earrings which put together with other things would probably make her too obviously feminised. She’s thinking of family really


  11. blakstiena says:

    Without a partner what steps could Infowars take to sissify myself. While I’m living alone?


  12. MW says:

    LOL – terrific blog. Allow me to give you a case study in de-masculinization.
    My boss’s 19-year-old son is head-over-heels about his new (and first-ever) girlfriend (not hard to tell why – she’s drop-dead gorgeous). Only thing is, she’s a decade older than him and twice-divorced. His parents can’t stand her, but he worships the very ground she walks on.

    She’s a tough, brassy, no-nonsense, opinionated Philly girl, and she dominates the poor kid completely. She wears the pants, making every decision.

    When he dared to complain about how she’d shamelessly flirt with other men, she cut and styled his hair into a very girly Bob with bangs. A licensed beautician, I have to say she did a masterful job. He actually cried when she was done, and despite his heartfelt pleadings, she made it clear that as long as they were together, the only one who would ever be changing his hairdo would be her.

    She also insisted (again threatening to break up if he didn’t) that he carry a stylish black leather-like ladies’ handbag wherever he goes. She’ll treat him like a girlfriend, taking him shopping for accessories they will both wind up sharing.

    She flirts more brazenly than ever, sometimes even slow-dancing with other guys at clubs as he meekly sits, holding both of their purses. Or having him buy drinks for her and the other guy whose lap she’s sharing.

    He’s young, naive, and so enthralled to be with her that he’s willing to be severely humiliated. Personally, I think it’s gotta be more than just the fact that she’s his first real girlfriend – I think he’s naturally submissive as well. It wouldn’t surprise me if he eventually puts him in dresses, heels, and full makeup. Until and unless he starts seeing clearly and grows a pair, I predict many more crying jags in that young man’s future.

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  13. Maggie says:

    Lady A,

    Though my wife started me on a regular waxing routine several years ago, I was really taken by your blog on getting your husbands clitty waxed into a v-shaped triangle so much that I shared it with my wife. Up to that point my wife had always insisted that I get a Brazillian as part of my waxing routine. Now she still insists that I have my privates meticulously shaved but has my Esthetician leave a v-shaped patch of hair directly above my clitty. Since I get my waxing at the same salon where she sends me to get my hair done and I always wear a skirt or dress to my appointments my Esthetician is fully aware of my lifestyle choices and if very friendly always complimenting me on how nice I look after she finishes. Thank you for publishing this article.


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    • Lady A says:

      Thank you for sharing your experiences regarding waxing. I also used to insist on Alice having a ‘flightpath’ Brazilian but I was always a little concerned that it was too shaved. Then I thought about the little triangle and it is so feminine that this is how Alice has to be now. I’m pleased I could influence things a little

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  14. Katie says:

    Did you get the picture.


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