Happy Feminised Sunday

feminised manShe entered the room, eyes heavy with eye-liner and blue-grey mascara giving them a smoky mystic look. A sharp face framed with straight brown hair, flicking around her chin and neck with a long fringe over her darkened eyebrows and across the top of one eye. She flicked it away with one hand in that feminine way I love to see.

Her deep pink skirt was possibly too short and too tight for a woman of her age but she has the legs for it; legs that were beautifully accentuated by four inch heeled silver sandals, artificial plastic jewels glinting from the lights above the cooker hood. It was muggy and humid outside although inside the house it was cooler. For this reason she had uncovered bare smooth creamy white legs. I looked down her legs from her skirt hem which just covered her tiny pink knickers, thin but defined thighs leading to knees that broke the line of her long gracious legs in two incongruous lumps. Her calves defined in the same way as her thighs showing an athletic almost masculine line before reaching the ankle strap of the sandals wrapped around feminine slim ankles broken again by lumpy ankle bones. What could I do about these things?

Her blouse fitted tightly too, outlining a small but obvious middle-aged tyre that still refuses to budge. It’s her age I guess. However my eyes were drawn to the bust area. Although fully covered, I could see her nipples through her white bra and pink patterned blouse. Exquisite. Up to her long neck, a dark thick necklace hanging like some ancient tribeswoman’s trophy which took my eyes away from yet one more little lump I’d like to smooth out.

She approached me at the dining room table. I waited and raised my eyebrows. She understood this signal through her training and curtsied deeply, one leg bending the other sliding along the oak flooring. Her skirt rode up, unable to resist the movement, her g-string knickers now fully exposed; as I like it. The tiny triangular patch of cotton struggling to hold in the growing protuberance beneath it and I could see that with a bit more pressure, would fail in its role entirely. I told her to stand up, her skirt now tight and screwed up against her stomach, her g-string fighting to retain its contents, which I could see clearly anyway. She looked embarrassed: perfect. My finger flicked out and hooked under the tiny triangle of material and her hard protuberance fell out, almost in relief, and now pointing at me like a finger of accusation. Accusation of what though?

“But you are a girl,” I said, “what is this? How can such a pretty girl as you have such an excrescence of this kind?”

She looked mortified, her eyes falling to the floor but she recovered a little as I told her I was only joking. I told her I love her little clitty, it’s so pretty, so cute and such fun to play with. She told her she can carrying on with the cooking now but to mind her little clitty on the hot oven. Ooh makes my eyes water to think what could happen if she wasn’t careful

Yes weekends are so good now I have Alice how I want her. Well maybe not quite but that’s for another day…..

About Lady Alexa

I am a writer and a believer in the immense benefits of male feminisation and female domination. My blog records my true-life experiences in these areas. I also have several novels and a non-fiction book published on Amazon about forced feminisation which you can find under my pen name Lady Alexa. I live in a quiet corner of North London with my obedient and feminised husband/housewife.
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23 Responses to Happy Feminised Sunday

  1. corsetjane says:

    hehe LadyA… i didnt want that account to end…
    Sounds like you are moving forward with amazing results… you set the perfect scene there…
    ..bet you cant wait for the first dinner party….
    (nor can i now!)

    cj x 🙂

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    • Lady A says:

      Thank you Jane. It was just an image in my head from yesterday that I wanted to relate. We have had a couple of dinner parties with another FLR couple locally who we met though Fetlife. I’m not sure I wrote about the dinners? I can’t remember, I’ll need to look back. Four females together although two were doing the serving and cooking work while two others weren’t. Also I also wanted to be the first forced feminisation blog to claim to use the word ‘excrescence’. It’s been in my head for a while so I went for it today.

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  2. jim sedrut says:

    Hot story……………


  3. patti59 says:

    So nice to see women taking the lead, with their feminine husbands in pretty skirts and dresses. The day of the Feminized husband is here. Very nice when men can be pretty and sweet!

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  4. Dear Lady A, some weeks ago you talked about adding a chastity device, I can only speak from my personal circumstances but the addition of a chastity device will make a hugh difference to your ability to control and move things forward at your pace, speaking from experience I would do anything for my mistress for just a few minutes of relief after being in chastity for a week. Chastity must be the ultimate tool in control.

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  5. whyguys says:

    OHMIGOSH… haven’t been at the site for a little while and then entered to find this….

    AMAZING LADY A! You definitely are spearheading the advancement of the new hierarchy of the sexes in marriage. Wish i could give you all the laud to which you are entitled. The re-training and feminization levels you’ve achieved are a chilling promise to what Females can and should do to correct sex roles throughout the world. Particularly wonderful is when you narrate the joy and sense of accomplishment on what you’ve done and also contrast it with the increasing awareness of your male wife as she realizes the awe (and rather cute girlish embarrassment) she feels towards the new superior sex, the Female, in general and to You in particular.

    *sigh* Oh so good to see Female Supremacy spreading, especially at the feminization of previous false ‘masculinity’!

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  6. i agree with undermythumb10..a good secure chastity will help with unsightly bumps..and near a hot oven will keep that clitty safe..health and safety above all…lol

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  7. Sophie says:

    Lady A, its so lovely and i love this way you are developing Alice into a complete woman!. Alice is truly lucky to have you as her owner Sundays may be so nice for both of you – Curtseys Sophie


  8. stephaniefeminized says:

    Chastity Lady A . Since Mistress K put me in chastity she’s says I became more attentive, willing to please. More attentive in my feminine routine. So many benefits for a mistress to have their feminized male in chastity. I admit. I sometime cheated as to peeing when standing. With chastity you always have to sit to pee . Mine is pink naturally. Longest I went was 1 month. After my last release I was immediately locked up again this time 2 months . No exception except for weekly cleaning supervised of course and if I’ve been a good ” wife” through the week she will release me for a sexual service session. She likes to watch me dress for the session because as soon as the stockings, garter belt go on and panties my cliitty gets hard.. and laughs, I do love the feeling tho..she always locks me back tho when she’s finished with my services and takes me with her strap on

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