Ups and downs

female dominationA quick post today following a bit of a silent period. We’ve had a busy time of things over the past couple of weeks which has meant I’ve had other things to deal with. I think things will be back to some semblance of normality now and I can return to my version of normality which is pushing Alice’s feminisation a little further.

Just before we became preoccupied with other things, I had found a nice skirt for Alice in a charity shop in her size for just £5. I say nice because I had a plan. The skirt is slightly flared and black with a white stripe down each side. It is also mid-thigh length which is a little longer than I usually like Alice to wear. There was a reason in my apparent madness in not finding her something bright pink, micro length and frilly and that is that at first glance the skirt looks like a pair of shorts meaning that I’ve now pushed Alice into wearing the skirt outside. Not too far outside but outside in the garden and front drive. Coupled with a plain tee shirt of course (at this stage).

So today in the lovely weather, Alice is in the back garden in a skirt in broad daylight. Yesterday I got her to clean up the front driveway in the new skirt. Coupled with a plain tee shirt there is now little excuse for her to not wear a skirt anywhere on the grounds of our home; previously she would change into trousers to go into the garden, to put the washing on the line for example. She can also go out into the car and drive around in a skirt at all times. I know she has to change to get out at the supermarket for example, but for Alice, it is a big move.

Next step, next week if everything continues to remain calm elsewhere, then I’m going to get her to drive out to a secluded high street to walk for a few minutes one evening in the skirt (and plain tee shirt).

Outside feminisation -the final frontier

About Lady Alexa

I am a writer and a believer in the immense benefits of male feminisation and female domination. My blog records my true-life experiences in these areas. I also have several novels and a non-fiction book published on Amazon about forced feminisation which you can find under my pen name Lady Alexa. I live in a quiet corner of North London with my obedient and feminised husband/housewife.
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25 Responses to Ups and downs

  1. collysis says:

    Ooh what a wonderful development. Congratulations to you both. The skirt sounds divine though it must be a clever design to also pass as shorts. Hopefully a picture sometime might be in the offing. Meanwhile just the thought of it all is delicious x x x

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    • Lady A says:

      I wouldn’t say the skirt passes as a pair of shorts but maybe passes at first glance from a distance


      • collysis says:

        That’s even better in that case. Am sure it looks beautiful on her. Looking fwd to her high street adventure…after that she’ll be ready for anything. Thanks to You! xx

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  2. Sophie says:

    thats a lovely development Lady A…its a big step which you have made Alice take with a clever fact I would love to be in skirts all the time!! but need to control myself as I have to go by my owner’s wishes. Sometimes she treats me as a girl sometimes as her sub but all the time she commands i obey. I m glad about Alice and hope she gets used to wearing skirts outside too – Sophie

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  3. Paula says:

    Good luck with the high st evening out. I’ve seen a few transgender people shopping, normally in John Lewis dutifully following their other halfs around , no one notices or bats an eyelid. I hope Alice has a ‘man’bag to complement the outfit.



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    • Lady A says:

      I wouldn’t exactly say Alice is a transgender, more a girly on the outside. I hadn’t realised that John Lewis had such an interesting customer base, we’ll have to go


  4. Dani says:

    Lady A, I follow your blog very often and I love all of them so much. My Mistress has recently taken me to the park completely dressed up as her female lover. It was sooo very exciting for the both of us. We were in plan view of others but no close encounters. Although, she did get daring that evening and we went to the local adult store to look at some fun toys , as a pair of girlfriends.. I did have close encounters with men and women that night. I was very nervous but all went well. Keep up the progress, eventually she will get there.
    Love, Dani
    Oh btw, we do have pictures of me before going to the park.

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  5. Titiana says:

    I hope Alice wears her bra and breastforms under her T shirt. When you make her stroll outside will you insist on heels?

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  6. corsetjane says:

    Lovely Lady A….and so nice to see you back online…curtsy..
    Hopefully Alice will become accustomed and comfortable in this new attire and outside role… i must say i’m praying for good weather over the remainder of the summer in order to facilitate more outings….. am sure her legs will benefit from the sunshine too and add a nice golden glow to her complexion…
    Good luck in her further training…


  7. sewnigel says:

    I definitely think this path will help Alice discover herself. I believe that the more public experiences, even in slightly less feminine attire, have more potential in encouraging her to accept her new lifestyle. I’d love to see a photo the skirt. A plain tshirt is fine for now, but push her in lots of gradual steps when you think you can, perhaps a plain ladies cardie over the tshirt…

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  8. Maggie says:

    Sounds like a solid progression of a worthwhile plan. Congrats on getting Alice used to being outdoors in a skirt even if only privately for the moment, it’s a huge step.


  9. MistressK says:

    Pix posted or it never happened 😉


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