Diet and exercise for the feminised male

feminizationI’ve had a couple of questions regarding Alice’s diet and exercise regime following the photos of her in a bikini. She did look very slim and feminine and, although she still has some work to do, her body shape has improved.

Now I do not pretend to be any kind of expert on diet and exercise so maybe some of you have some additional advise. However, I have been careful about my own appearance for many years and I’ve used this experience to work on Alice.

One lesson I have learnt is that once you get a bit older (we’re in our 50s) things don’t happen quite do fast as when we were younger. So maybe 10 years ago Alice would have lost her spare tyre within a couple of days with a bit of care but now it’s more like a few months and it’s important to recognise that and be patient.


I’ve changed her diet by stopping the obvious things like chocolate and cake. She didn’t eat that much but for now it needs to stop completely. I’ve also reduced the wine intake for which I also must share some blame as it is very nice. Otherwise, I have changed her carbohydrate intake. I haven’t stopped it but I have changed white rice to wholemeal, normal pasta to wholemeal. I’ve also taken potatoes out of her diet to replace them with sweet potatoes. Finally she’s not allowed carbohydrates for evening dinner, just meat and vegetables.

All obvious stuff but the main thing is that by watching her food, it’s probable that her overall intake reduces anyway.


Alice has to do a lot of aerobic exercise in the gym. That’s running, rowing, cross-training and so on to use calories. I’ve also enrolled her in Pilates.

She must also do weights BUT, it’s important that she has high repetitions and low weight to get her more defined without putting on muscle which we really don’t want. EXCEPT, I noticed that the male weightlifters in the gym all have enormous chests which look like ‘moobs’ man boobs, except they are of course all muscle. So I reasoned that if Alice kept the weights very low for her whole body but used very heavy weights for the chest area then the effect would be what I wanted. I think it is indeed starting to work as you can see from the photos of her in a bikini.

It’s important she uses a machine, NEVER free weights. Free weights require the use of a wider range of muscles to lift them as the lifter has to use their arms and other areas to balance the weights and we really don’t want her with big muscular arms do we? A machine focuses the weight on her chest as the machine balances the weight. Another reason is that the free weight area is full of ‘macho’ type men and I don’t want her mixing with these types doing any ‘man talk’., we want her in the area with more women.

So what she uses for the chest exercise is this, remembering never ever to use free weights.

  1. Seated Chest press: The standard chest exercise
  2. Pectoral flyers: The flyers really work and pump the muscles of the chest out and she has to do this after the chest press. Her chest gets really expanded after this one I love the look.
  3. Arm dip: This also pumps her chest muscles but be careful as it could build her arms. She uses a machine that has a balancing weight rather than her own body weight which reduces the risk of building her arms up. I also tell her to lean forward to put the pressure more on her chest and less on her arms.

Now the effect of building up chest muscle and no other muscle seems to have some effect but can never replace implants of course or falsies which Alice still has to wear inside her bra but, as we saw with the bikini, a smaller bra would be fin.

I’ve really given this some thought but I would love any other ideas.

Of course just taking your girly for a walk is a nice pleasant way to give them exercise….





About Lady Alexa

I am a writer and a believer in the immense benefits of male feminisation and female domination. My blog records my true-life experiences in these areas. I also have several novels and a non-fiction book published on Amazon about forced feminisation which you can find under my pen name Lady Alexa. I live in a quiet corner of North London with my obedient and feminised husband/housewife.
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29 Responses to Diet and exercise for the feminised male

  1. Christina says:

    Lady A, been a while since I tuned in here BUT congrats, you are doing a fine job with Alice and Exactly what I did with my Michele
    lots of reps, low lb weights, sit ups, leg lifts with 2 lb ankle weights, Pilates are wonderful as well, and Most important PORTION CONTROL with lots and lots or plain cold water
    she need to work on a flat tummy for a bikini and tell her; the ruler rules, have her lay on a flat surface and place the ruler across her tummy, if? it doesn’t lay flat and her tummy tilts the ruler then she needs need to ASK you for a further restricted diet and more exercise, then again? if she doesn’t like that idea? then you could always revisit getting her ears pierced, just might be enough incentive for her to watch her figure (smile)
    . I might suggest that you weigh her every day and any changes as in IF she gains any wt then she is further restricted on the calorie intake or perhaps punished in some other ways for her falling off her diet, certain you will think of something perhaps, daily firm control shape wear
    Keep up the good work and keep her in the gym and in the sun, she does want tan lines, doesn’t she?
    keep in Touch………..Christina

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    • Lady A says:

      Nice to hear from you Christina and so nice to hear your progress with Michele. As you may see from my hot hot hot post, Alice has a really nice colour at present 😄


      • Christina says:

        Likewise Lady A,, Always a pleasure to hear back from you, Keep up the good work……Christina


    • patti59 says:

      Hi Christina! Your advice is so awesome! Michele is so lucky to have you in control! Was just wondering, have you considered enrolling Michele in a female only gym, and perhaps have him working out in a leotard and tights, as women did in the 70’s and 80’s? Just a thought. I bet he would look so pretty in that outfit, and he would be nice “eye candy” for other strong and independent women.


      • Christina says:

        Patti, Thank you for the reply, Yes indeed Michele does belong to a unisex gym, However he only is allowed to work out in the female section,and do primarily feminine exercises and as such wears the ole 70’s style Leotard and tights. he has 3-4 sets that he wears as I make sure he works out every other day, the off days determine if he has additional gym time the next day as an infraction of not maintain his( her) feminine weight, hence the daily weigh ins, ( we don’t want a feminized husband that is a lil on the chunky side do we? (smile). As such, several times I have heard that he he tends to try and cover up the leotard that he is sent to the gym in with some sort of sweatshirt or something. as a result, I will only allow him to attend the aerobics class that is lead by one instructor/trainer. She believes in making her students get the most out of her classes and has a tendency to keep exercise room on the warm (very) side so the additional cover up he tries doesn’t last long. she does make the class sweat so I was told (smile)
        however she gets results and was able to get Michele into her bikini. which reminds me as I type this response, need to make a beauty salon apt for her soon. Thanks for the reply,chat soon? ……Christina

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      • patti59 says:

        Hi Christine! Thank you for the delightful response. I would love to chat sometime if it would work for you!



    • whyguys says:


      Your program for Michele is glorious… so well thought out and leaving no chance for Michele to see and feel herself anything but the girlish image you find appropriate for the new male. It goes beyond ‘feminization’ to nearly a self-concept of complete ‘dainty-ization’ . No male could ever emerge from such without total deference to the stronger Female Sex…. BRAVO!

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  2. Titiana says:

    Thank you very much. In addition to the exercises, I am exploring possibility of some form of vacuum suction or means to physically enlarge my Betty’s boobs. I intend to consult both my doctor and trainer. Both are aware of my plans to transform Betty to a full bodied girl and support the efforts. They are pleased with the progress I am making. Betty’s reluctance and hesitation is slowly being overcome. I know that she will soon happily embrace feminization as she continues to lose her last vestiges of masculinity. Presently the psychological conditioning is a bit ahead of her physical transformation . I want to balance both aspects as we continue. Love. Titiana

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  3. Witchlvr says:

    A couple of things that I do or have done @ the gym that Alice may want to try:

    a “barre” class; ie. ballerina workout


    • Lady A says:

      Thank you, we don’t have barre at our local gym but zumba and yoga are both available. One of the things I really like about Pilates and the other classes is that they are nearly always just females so Alice is in a better environment

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  4. Maggie says:

    Lady A,

    Speaking from my experience as a high school and college athlete you may want to visit with a trainer on the topic of increasing Alice’s weight size for chest exercises. Normally the heavier the weight the more benefit to the lifters inner strength. Using too light of weights with lots of reps normally gives you surface muscles pumping you up. Therefore you might ask if this is what Alice would want to do to pump up her breast muscles.


  5. whyguys says:

    Oh, Lady A… this is so delicious a post. Your serious attempts and regimen to “re-sculpt” Alice’s body into a perfectly feminine ideal: slim, girlish, graceful, while reducing any ‘masculine’ profile is the quintessential statement of how far the Female and male hierarchy is to be changed.

    Oh, someday it shall be the norm for the male body type: sleek, curvaceous, delicate, dainty, weak and yielding from times of yore when the male thought his physical being was broad, bulging, sinewy, hulking, brawny and forceful.

    Press on, Lady A., for the Female Sex’ rightful full development, and for the proper creation of a male sex as it should be ready to stand by and to serve Her in Her victorious journey.

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  6. patti59 says:

    In the new age of female leadership and control, it is essential that men and boys become Pretty, weak and dicile. Being submissive and sweet needs to become the goal of all males.

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  8. Dianna says:

    Hello, Lady Alexa,
    There are some key things to consider when dealing with a male who should look feminine.
    You have noticed the chest exercises; I would suggest looking at decline bench presses, which will build more of the lower pectoralis muscles, making more of a “breast” shape. Some additional research could lead to how to build more mass in the center of the chest, as opposed to the outer edges… I don’t recall, and the source I used to check on is no longer online. But by focusing the tension towards the center of the chest, some additional protrusion should be gained… Not very manly.

    Second point of interest is the hips. I’ve heard good things about yoga, Pilates, and hula hoop workouts, but one thing which should be added is an exercise to work the gluteus medius. Women naturally have more mass there. Also more gluteus maximus, but the gluteus medius will increase the side-to-side hip shape. The easiest option is called a “dirty dog” or a “fire hydrant.” Combined with high volume squats (bodyweight), and the high volume dirty dog, your husband should develop a more feminine set of curves there.

    Also for consideration, the vacuum, which will pull the abdominals in more.

    As for diet, one thing I’m noticing as I run into transgendered women: they often cut too much fat and calories. One, for example, had clear notches on her legs, between the front quadriceps, and the back hamstring – that line of gristle running down from the hips towards the knees?
    Not pretty. Made her look muscular though she wasn’t large. Depending on needs, topical application of estrogens can be used to counter this. Estrogens would cause female fat deposits as I’m sure you know, but between the options of pureiria mirifica, coconut oil or similar, and some massage, the body can be persuaded to grow more or less in certain areas. One male on the Ainterol herbs forum specifically grew his butt, but not breasts… Some are growing breasts and maintaining male function…
    And there are other tips and tricks, such as essential oils: rosemary essential oil causes increased circulation; spearmint essential oil is an anti-testosterone, protecting against hair loss…
    Maybe an appeal to vanity would assist in some further movement?


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    • Lady Alexa says:

      Thank you again Dianna. You certainly seem to be an expert in this area. I’d love to know more about your experiences in this area. Please contact me direct on my email if you would like to do so. In the meantime I will modify Alice’s regime to take in some of your points. I’m not clear what dirty dog and fire hydrant are but I’m guessing I can google them for an explanation. Thank you again for your insight


  9. whyguys2016 says:

    Lady Alexa…
    Loved this article entry. In re-reading it found especially interesting your insightful comment:

    “Another reason is that the free weight area is full of ‘macho’ type men and I don’t want her mixing with these types doing any ‘man talk’., we want her in the area with more women.”

    Then in thinking about this it occurred this would be a wonderful area for one or some enterprising Modern Female entrepreneurs to start a business training males under Female authority where they might be sent to take classes actual physical feminizing enhancement classes that increase feminine physique without increasing ‘masculine’ muscle increase… and perhaps even lessening strength substituted for more girlish use of body development. It seems that such physical training of males in groups under Females who actually were stronger than the males they instructed would even more swiftly dispel archaic notions of males that they were the ‘stronger sex’ and reverse all previous false images of the hierarchy of the sexes.

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    • Dianna says:

      Unfortunately, men ARE stronger, for several reasons, and some I don’t even understand. I know it won’t make friends, but…
      The shoulder girdle is different.
      Arm length ratios are different.
      Spine and therefore back musculature.
      Hips, obviously, but the width changes the lever arms, making men functionally… Stronger.

      Then, add in the testosterone effects. First, it causes hypertrophy of muscles… Stronger.
      Second, it will change the fibers of the muscle, denser fibers means more fibers per volume means more contraction means… Stronger.
      And third, though I don’t know the “why” on this, the energy use is different in men and women, and this is hormonal, but not necessarily estrogen and testosterone… Though FTMs will gain strength like this, so… Probably testosterone related.
      I’m guessing it’s ATP and oxygen utilization. It’s been said men sweat, women glisten? This would be part of the reason. (Other part being, women have larger surface area by comparison, and less muscle mass; they create less heat and can cool more effectively from larger surface area.)
      But also, having taken hormones, the strength as a man…? Disappears. Weight X, which was easy to lift, cannot be lifted… Period.
      Articles on support this, women apparently can get closer to failure routinely, and recover faster, than men. However, when she is at 90% max weight, he’s using one arm (or leg). There just NO comparison for over 90% of the population. You get some champion women who can exceed this, but… Most men are stronger than most women, full stop. Look at the transgendered MMA fighter and the recent FTM student in wrestling, and you’ll see just how bad that difference is.

      The dream of women controlling men physically is just a pipe dream.
      But you don’t need physical strength, just use your strengths to his weaknesses, as has always worked. A little leverage, too… “The hand that rocks the cradle..?”

      You know how people train elephants, right? A simple stick in the ground can hold an adult Indian elephant, because when the elephant was young, it learned it couldn’t uproot the stake. So with men (and women, limiting beliefs.)

      Add in the needs, you can do a lot. Google “Femme Your Hubby,” the document has some excellent ideas on rendering him malleable, and then in the face of adversity, using his own macho image of himself against her… 😉
      Though I would imagine everyone here has already read it.

      I’ll have to write more later, work needs to be done. Male life is not simple. 😉


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    • Jean says:

      Hello, Whyguys,
      I wanted to add a little, which could perhaps soften the points I made earlier.
      It would be easier to open a spa and massage studio, and then use the relaxation as a prelude to hypnosis. This would allow structuring of the treatment over time, along the lines of a “massage Envy” type chain, with the long term goal of feminizing a male. Through subliminal messages and outright hypnosis, coupled with the massage, the design is to make him relax, let down his guard around a beautiful woman, and then implant ideas of how wonderful women are, how easy it is to be feminine, and how wonderful it would be to imitate women….
      Over the course of a year, migrate the treatment using psychotropics, like poppers in the UK. Harder in the US, but as we see marijuana being legalized, and wine already readily available, things can be made easier.
      The objective would be to make him believe it is his idea given a year or so of “therapy.”

      It plays to his weaknesses, and a woman’s strengths. She builds his ego, builds his trust, seems weak, but is actually calling the shots… 😉


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      • whyguys says:

        Dianna… there’s no need to apologize, as you do have strong argument in your biological research that some of what we forecast may be ‘pipedream’. It is just that as mere observer for society since a child in the 1950’s, HUGE unalterable changes have occurred in the hierarchy of the sexes… and believe me as a youth they initially left me both terrified and at the same instant tantalized. And as the world has unfolded, dramatic reversals have become everyday fact, and thought to some extent the physical differences of the sexes may be etched in stone – or DNA – many seemingly have been ameliorated or even negated by social and interpersonal constructs. So much so, some as myself still see the possibility of Woman’s assumption of power exceeding even past male dominance in spite of genetic restriction.

        Females seem with but a small modicum of equal opportunity to have far exceeded male performance on nearly all societal, behavioral, and intellectual achievement levels, and it seems these shall likely have some great effect on ultimately even the physical self-image of Females over males in times to come.

        Yes, i realize mere observance is not scientific study, but on a personal level for some of us, for example, when we note that looking out the window in the neighborhood and note there are 5-6 times as many Females jogging to males, when in but 3-4 decades ago, the opposite was true… as Sheryl Holmes, Master Detective, might deduce, something is up, and the “(Role Reversal) GAME’s AFOOT, MZ WATSON!!!”

        (i know it’s still weak male conjecture on my part, Dianna…but a part of me does contend the mind, learned behavior and Female desire to excel and rule, just may trump an advantage of striated muscle (as found in the male head and also what he might learn to use to improve the pert growing busts in his bra for his amused Female Master…)


      • whyguys says:

        Oh yes… the jogging example was a joke. (from your article cited!) If you saw how out of shape i am. How girlishly attractive is the paunch of guys who don’t even do that.


  10. Dianna says:

    I apologize to everyone, this is a bit haphazard.

    First: – TBP-IV: The B.R.E.A.S.T. Plan
    Non-hormonal breast enhancement. No supplements at all. I still think anti-dihydrotestosterone drugs are essential for those born male, for preventing prostate issues, and preventing baldness.

    T-nation articles, among many… Working on how to filter things better, most of us don’t have the time needed… And we actually don’t want toned sissies, that is to me unfeminine. Strong muscle tone is a manly trait, though not as bad as bulging muscles.

    Feminization by jogging: – The Jogging Delusion by Charles Staley | 03/24/14
    Suggestion: add heels and make her wiggle, doing a light jog. Objective is to make her move her hips. Maybe adding a chastity and a prostate massager would produce good effects?

    A few articles on building a feminine strength routine, mostly backing up statements about women’s abilities compared to men. The article on women’s recovery is in here. – Women Shouldn’t Train Like Men by Jay Farrant | 10/29/14 – Hard Body Training for Women The 10-Week Transformation Program by Christian Thibaudeau | 08/18/14

    Gluteals for butt and hips:
    Note that gluteal group training must still be a big component as noted. I cannot get to the site from behind a corporate firewall; It’s another site in similar vein, but sells products, so I won’t link directly.

    So, if you google an image of the Gluteus Medius, you should note it comes from the spine to the upper ridge of the pelvis, which will make a smoother curve as it develops. Combined with waist twists, or dance, or yoga – the ratio will develop. That’s shoulders:waist:hips ratio, which should be 0.75 or LESS. (Male is 0.8 to 1.0; female is about 0.6 to 0.75 waist to hips & shoulders.)

    It is not just being skinny, either; it’s a question of having a subcutaneous layer of fat to conceal the muscle definition. Referred to as “Skinny fat”, the jogging should accomplish this fairly well.

    It also means tinkering with good diet::bad diet plans. Two days of high protein, say, followed by one of moderate carbs and high fat, with minimal protein. Using topicals like volufilene or essential oils could then draw blood into an area, enhancing the effects desired (I.E., more blood + high fat + topical dextrose or sudden sugar spike, to cause fat deposits…)

    This is a lot of work, too, as you’ll have her burning tons of calories to keep the visceral fat off… And you’ll be wearing the body out, so high food intake is a must…. But protein specifically builds muscle. You’ll want to use fish and poultry as the main sources of protein, as red meat contains cholesterol essential to making testosterone. (Cholesterol intake is not relevant to arterial plaque, however.)

    Sorry to drop and dash. My interests lie here, but work pays the bills…

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