Gender Realignment

gender-realignment2I came upon this title from a book about forced feminisation and I really liked it. I Therefore thought I’d postulate a little on the term as I believe it fits with what I’ve done to Alice and what all good women should do to their menfolk.

I receive many questions regarding about where I’m going with Alice, either as comments on my posts or as private comments through the Contact Me page. I’m asked just how far I intend to take Alice in her ‘realignment’. One of the areas I’m very clear about is that I do not want to turn Alice into a biological woman though hormones and cutting off her little bits. But… I do want her to to be a girl from a gender perspective.

Gender of course only describes those characteristics that our Western culture proscribes to someone who is biologically a female and those characteristics that our culture proscribes to a biological male. I happen to believe that in this aspect of our society and culture our traditional beliefs of what gender should be male and what should be female  are wrong and it’s time to change them. Therefore I can be very clear that Alice’s gender is feminine although she performs the biological function that the male sex performs – Alice = male sex + feminine characteristics.

Anyway, I think I feel a change in the air towards my way of thinking, at least in the way that women have become more ‘alpha’. It hasn’t escaped anyone’s notice that here in the UK we have a Female Prime Minister and a Female Head of State. More than that though, the First Ministers of Scotland and Northern Ireland are also female. Head over to Europe and of course we have Angela Merkel, probably the most powerful lady in the whole of Europe, maybe the world. Then we have Hillary Clinton running for President over in the USA although I don’t think she has managed to feminise Bill, he’s just a naughty boy.

I haven’t seen so much evidence outside our little online circles and fetish clubs of men taking on the feminine gender role openly but I really believe that like us, it goes on behind closed doors and, like us, we’re reluctant to be too open and risk abuse or worse.

Of course, there’s a bit more to it than this as I like Alice to fill the role of typical pretty housewife in the 1950s sense and have an exaggerated feminine dress style but I do think that’s necessary as part of the overall realignment of our society.

Here are some ideas from my Pinterest page on enforcing gender realignment in your menfolk.


About Lady Alexa

I am a writer and a believer in the immense benefits of male feminisation and female domination. My blog records my true-life experiences in these areas. I also have several novels and a non-fiction book published on Amazon about forced feminisation which you can find under my pen name Lady Alexa. I live in a quiet corner of North London with my obedient and feminised husband/housewife.
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20 Responses to Gender Realignment

  1. explorer3000 says:

    What an amazing brain you have. Great blog.


  2. Maggie says:

    Lady A, I couldn’t agree more, the idea that we as a society should be bogged down in terms of traditional gender roles in not only no longer practical but ludicrous at best. We have now evolved to the to point that these standards no longer fit the needs of our society. While I do not advocate for a male or female ran society but rather one of true equality I do believe that to have a lasting long term relationship with teeth there needs to be one alpha partner and one someone submissive partner. In a growing number of relationships this is where the shift in power comes into play as the submissive partner is now the male.

    In accepting this role the male then becomes the homemaker and while still bringing in income takes on the household responsibilities while the alpha women then takes on traditional role that was once reserved for males only. Donning of female apparel in this role is then done out of respect for his partner and to demonstrate his acceptance of this change in societal values.

    Of course this is not an easy shift for many men but I believe a necessary one if we as a society is to progress. Submissive male homemakers need to challenge the status quo and we as a society need to openly accept that it is okay for a man to be submissive and want to look cute and pretty. That it is okay for a man to have a soft feminine side. Thus dresses, gowns and heels should no longer be reserved for gender but rather for emotion and feeling.

    I truly believe that there is a much larger preponderance of submissive males who would accept this change than people think, but being submissive they hide these feeling and are not counted. We need strong leaders like you Lady A. to step forward and lead this gender revolution.

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  3. Britney says:

    I’ve not worn panties for six months. I thought I’d beaten it. In my time I’ve worn panties, bra’s, worn a teddy to a restaurant. Worn a skirt, a ladies’ swimming costume, and worn a pink chemise to bed.

    Now I can’t stop reading this blog. Is a relapse inevitable?


  4. Maggie says:

    The only questions that remain are “Men are you too insecure about your masculinity to embrace your femininity” and “Ladies are you two insecure about your own femininity to embrace your husbands femininity”? Now that’s a mouthful.

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  5. Kendra says:

    Lady A, I love your blog and have been following it for a while. I agree that women are now assuming high visibility leading roles in society. However, Hilary is NOT a lady! She is something that I can’t say here.
    I have to say that when I dress as a woman, I feel happier and relaxed. Seeing my reflection in the mirror or feeling the swishing of a skirt or the tightness of a bra, I am reminded that admitting to my feminine side is a natural thing and should be embraced. Sadly, I am single and don’t have a mate to serve, but maybe some day? If I could live daily as a female and be a good wife to a loving woman, then I would be in heaven.
    As far as taking Alice forward to a more feminine lifestyle, you will have to decide how far you really want to go and are you wanting and willing to bring out her new self to friends and family. If she is to show up as a male to everyone who now knows her as a male, there will be doubt in her mind as to whether she is a male or female.
    The most extreme end would be for her to live as a female all the time and probably get breast implants so her “wedding vegetables” still work without using hormones. Of course she would have to go to work as Alice and to all family functions as Alice. If she had real boobs, then there would be no doubt in her mind that she is female.

    That’s a lot to think about, and you have to do what is best for you, Alice, and your marriage.

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    • Lady A says:

      Thank you for your comments Kendra and I’m very pleased you like my blog. Regarding Alice’s journey to ‘girl-hood’ I do have to confess a contradictory dilemma (a bit of a tautology?) in that I want Alice to be a girl but at the same time I enjoy seeing some element of male in her that has to be feminised which excited my dominant side.

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  6. Maggie Detreich says:

    It’s sad that we live in society that a person is forced to present as an either/or when it comes to gender. In a perfect world Alice would be able to blossom through acceptance presentation of the best sides of his masculinity and femininity on a daily basis without recourse. Until men and women can do that we will never have true equality of the sexes. It’s not necessarily only what we wear but the freedom to be who we are and true happiness that is at stake. There is something inherently wrong with a system where people are forced to feel that they are lying about how they truly feel or that they are made to feel ashamed about their feelings because or how they secretly want to present themselves.

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  7. explorer3000 says:

    I love your blog. So educational and a turn on!


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