Reluctant Feminisation

alice-headAnother term I’ve seen used which I quite like. I like it in so much as I think it describes Alice’s approach quite accurately, she likes the feminisation game but has been reluctant to embrace the lifestyle more permanently so needs a little push now and then

Anyway, one such push has been a return back to her hair. I sort of gave up as she is greying and balding so she needs a wig, which is shown here. What I’d really like is for her to have real long flowing female locks. Well she can’t but I am revisiting the hair as I do need to think about when she’s in male guise which is some of the time.

So I’ve told her to grow it a bit longer again, over the ears at least. This softens her face somewhat. She already uses only female products such as shampoo and conditioners on it but I think we can go a little further. Women if a certain age do have to colour their hair so Alice is of a certain age and a natural greying hair in not suitable. She’s going silver. This ensures she follows a more typical female regime of caring for and doing her hair even if she’s often be-wigged.

These little things are so important in keeping them girly.




About Lady Alexa

I am a writer and a believer in the immense benefits of male feminisation and female domination. My blog records my true-life experiences in these areas. I also have several novels and a non-fiction book published on Amazon about forced feminisation which you can find under my pen name Lady Alexa. I live in a quiet corner of North London with my obedient and feminised husband/housewife.
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14 Responses to Reluctant Feminisation

  1. corsetjane says:

    Always so thorough in your approach Lady A…i do love it. She’s so lucky…

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  2. patti59 says:

    It is so delightful to see males being as feminine as possible. I think the hair issue is a great way to help Alice be more in touch with his femininity. The more feminine a male becomes, the better!

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  3. Maggie Detreich says:

    I have always found the topic of hair to be quite intriguing when used in the context of male feminization . Much like a male who is introduced into using cosmetic products designed for a woman the act of going to a beauty parlor once reserved primarily for women to get his hair permed, set or dyed can only serve to have a huge positive psychological benefit to the process. It is not so much about the act but about the feminine routine and the feelings associated with the experience.

    There are all sorts of ways for feminized me to deal with hair and male pattern baldness. There are many options such as wearing a wig going to the hair club for a somewhat more permanent solution, getting hair transplants, or even getting a hair weave that offer hope but not all are practical for a male who also has to work in male drab. Hair seems to be an important issue yet another solution we often overlook is that many popular models out there have walked the runways with totally shaved heads. These are beautiful women who use their other assets and refined makeup looks to show the world that it is not hair that makes the woman but attitude. Just search the web for an inexhaustible list of these women.

    Being a woman is not only about beauty products that I don’t want to understate but if not more about attitude and body language and above all feeling.

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    • Lady A says:

      Very true but Alice will never become a woman but is a girl. The difference in my mind is that I like her to be over feminine. That means lots of pinks and short skirts, pleated, ra-ra and so on. The hair regime goes with this and I really want to be able to put pink ribbons in her hair for example.

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  4. whyguys says:

    Sorry Lady A… for many reasons don’t often devote the time I should to your wonderful blog.

    This is another glorious step in your developing Alice’s consciousness of herself as a feminized male subordinate. Each time you add another aspect for her to remember that must conform to the ‘girliness’ you demand is another permanent change in her self image. And any repertitve activity that you teach her constantly to consider daily takes the male irretrievably farther from previous false “masculinity” permanently.

    Isn’t it delightful that today’s and the future’s Female’s ‘Crowning Glory’ is not how She takes pride in Her hair – but NOW rather how She sees Her little delicate male timidly concerned about taking care of his properly fashioned feminine tresses and hairstyles for Her viewing pleasure and amusement.

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  5. Rachael law says:

    Your blog is both inspirational and educative. I too have embarked upon a journey of feminization, based more upon coaxing and cajoling occasionally interspersed by firmness and dominance. I am sharing my experience. My wife was named Brad. I have not changed her name but call her Bra at home. Since she has to be in full feminine attire at home, the name reinforces her status. When outside I often use the pronunciation braad; indicating that she is donning her Bra. Sometimes I miss the d and find her red in embarrassment. Its helps to keep her on edge. Occasionally I play with her straps, pulling and leaving the elastic. She shudders and wonders whether anyone has noticed or heard the sound.
    I believe that constant reinforcement thru rules and rituals ensure that Bra always realizes her female and inferior status. When outside she has to walk half a pace behind me. I order all her food and drinks and forbid chocolates and alcohol. Often I maker her carry my handbag. At home she has to wait until I sit before being seated. My finger indicates whether she sits on a sofa or at my feet. All housework is her domain, although I inspect and correct mistakes. I rarely administer punishment, but when I do there are no half measures. She ends up sobbing in pain and fear and lessons are well learnt.
    Her rituals include kissing my feet every morning and before we go to bed, repeating a special oath of obedience and loyalty. She has to serve me during bath and toilet. No fetish, but to wipe and clean me.
    So far the changes are mental. I am contemplating some physical alterations like growing her hair, making her figure more feminine by narrowing her waist thru exercise. As of now I am not thinking of any hormone treatment or surgery although I have not ruled it out. She is nervous about how far I want to push this but knows the decision is solely mine.
    We live far away from her old place so neighbours and friends do know that Bra is a male in transition. She does go go for regular waxing, pedicure and other purposes to the same parlour I frequent. I am surprised how well she has been accepted and today even kowledgebly discusses lipstick shades and cosmetics with them and me.
    I wish you well and hope you continue to post more often about your life. Love. Rachael

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    • Lady A says:

      Thank you for sharing this with us Rachel, I really love to hear how other ladies are improving their partners this way. I believe you have hit the nail on the head with the comment about constant rules and rituals enforcing the changes. There is so much that Alice now does now as a girl without thinking thanks to this approach. I used to have to get quite angry about her forgetting to put on a skirt but it’s become second nature, the same with shaving and so on. Please do keep us up to date on your delightful progress and if you ever want to swap tips and advise please do contact me direct on my email Lady A

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    • patti59 says:

      Rachael! Thank You so much for what you are doing to your wife Brad!!! This is what must happen for Womankind to take total control of society, and have all males living as inferior, feminized spouses! The New World Order will be Female Led, and males need to be feminized and in a submissive posture! Thank you for sharing! Hopefully this will inspire more women to feminize the males in their lives!


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    • stephaniefeminized says:

      Sounds like you have things well in hand Ms. Rachael. Being in a Femdom relationship with feminization now for over a year with my fiancé Mistress K I can tell you chastity is a very good thing to try for your gurl. My Mistress introduced me to chastity around 4 months ago and it really made me more attentive to her, my house work, my feminine routine …

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  6. patti59 says:

    Don’t know if others have seen the latest report on men shaving their legs in the US. 30% are now said to shave their legs. I have been shaving mine everyday since 2011. Another 23% trim their leg hair. We are making progress. Women need to now insist that their men not only shave their legs, but also wear pantyhise or nylons everyday as well. Male feminization needs to continue!


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