Girls’ Grooming

hairI enjoy Saturdays. I know we all do if we don’t have to work but in recent years they have become even more special. Saturday afternoon is generally girls’ time. Alice has always looked after herself even when she looked after himself in the personal hygiene and grooming areas. Now she’s a girl she’s found out that it’s a whole new level of grooming.

So Saturday is often a girls’ night in and tonight is no different. So we shave, do hair, do nails, dress pretty, make up and have a nice meal in with wine and music. The best thing is that I get to oversee Alice going through her stuff. She’s going to do her legs with the shaving machine I bought her and paint her nails bright pink. First though she’ll shower and tint her hair silver. Now it’s a bit longer I’ve found I can put pretty clips in so we don’t always need a wig. I say long, it’s not long for a girl but she has something to work with.

I get her to use a 24 hour lipstick which is difficult to wipe off easily. Clip on earrings are necessary for tonight and I’ve asked (told?) her to put on a nice pretty dress with high heels. I’ve also recently re-discovered her suspender belt. She usually uses hold-up stocking but on nights like tonight we have time for her to put on the suspender belt which isn’t strictly necessary to hold the stocking up but look very nice.

It’s so good being a mistress to a pretty girl.




About Lady Alexa

I am a writer and a believer in the immense benefits of male feminisation and female domination. My blog records my true-life experiences in these areas. I also have several novels and a non-fiction book published on Amazon about forced feminisation which you can find under my pen name Lady Alexa. I live in a quiet corner of North London with my obedient and feminised husband/housewife.
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16 Responses to Girls’ Grooming

  1. collysis says:

    Heavenly! Does Alice enjoy these girlie nights as much as her Lady now?


  2. corsetjane says:

    Mmm…the scene set beautifully as ever Lady A… Much as Saturdays are fun for me too…i am so jealous now…


  3. patti59 says:

    It will be so delightful when all husband’s are having a Girl’s night in Saturday. The more feminine husband’s there are…the more happy women we will have! Great job Lady A! Keep him feminine and pretty!😃

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  4. Connie Amanda says:

    I would love to spend some afternoon,or even a full day like this. Feeling pretty and accepted is something to cherish and to dream about for the rest of the week,the first half of the week looking back,and the other half thinking about what to wear and prepare for the next Saturday.
    That is what I would do.

    Kind greetings
    Connie Amanda


  5. I always make the most of my girly time and often plan out outfits and styles in advance, after I have enjoyed my outfit and shown off in front of the camera and cam I will often change outfits to whatever my mood is or maybe my fall back comfort lingerie and skirt and blouse. Keep up the good work Alice, Janine xx

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  6. B says:

    Hello Lady A,

    I am from India, me and my GF are in live in relationship, she was reading was your blog since last 1 year and in last few months she has started asking me bizare type of demands like wear her bra and panty during romance time and kiss her sandals while kissing her body, which i was saying no due to which our love session didn’t reach desired results.

    So, just to make my GF happy I did what she asked and last few sessions has been good…..but now she is asking me something out of this world and its crime or you can say sin in our society:

    1. she wants me to wear her bra and panty daily to office under my shirt and trouser and said no under vest is allowed as she want to show my bra straps under my shirt esp. to my female colleagues so that other friends of mine don’t engage me more.

    2. She want me to wear her old skirt and blouse over her padded bra and panty 24×7 in my flat and also want me to become her full time maid doing all chores.

    3. I dont understand what is this Chastity device she said that she want to lock my penis, means anything now she can fantasize which cant be possible silly things.

    3. and last and most shocking now she wants me to wear ladies shirt/ blouse and ladies trouser and sandal with 2 inch outside home along with small ladies purse in summer and ladies cardigans and blazers over my blouse/ shirts in winter when we are together at evening or in slight dark while roaming around or late night movie shows.

    Now I am really scared of all these and I don’t think in this way this relationship can proceed pls lady A can you guide my GF that pls she shouldnt do this as I love my GF so don’t want to quit but this is also cannot be possible to do and live my life like her way, what everbody will think n how will i face people everybody will think as I am a gay and what guard will think at pvr when he will see and feel that i am wearing bra n all under female blouse.

    Sorry for my long letter but lady A pls give my gf advice and ask her to quit her bizare demands and my GF dont know about this letter so pls guide me and my GF told u also did same things to your husbands but couldnt able to find any pics can you share some recent pics of your husband so that i can tell my GF the differences here in my and her looks and culture in india n london.

    kindly revert in details and share ur thought over my critical situation n also share some recent pics and my gf also told that alice wear blouse and trouser outside home so pls share pics of them also.




  7. georgiakevin says:

    Alice is soo lucky to have a Mistress and loving as you are Lady Alexa . By the way you have such a beautiful name.


  8. i get so much enjoyment from my weekends….shaving, dressing and serving. thanks for your blog

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