How I Feminised my Husband

feminised husbandMy latest book deviates from my usual fictional novels to give a personal view of how I feminised my ‘husband’ Alice.

I realise the ending isn’t exactly a cliffhanger but, for me, delving into the how and why of we got to where we did was the real point of me putting into print our unusual and amazing life journey.  It’s helped me to understand I need to take Alice much further, not only into  deeper feminisation, but also into greater submission to me and to women generally. 

Here’s an excerpt of the prologue to the book to whet your appetite or you can click on the UK or USA Amazon logos below to go directly to Amazon. Or go to your local Amazon store.


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How I Feminised my Husband

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Copyright © Lady Alexa / Alexa Martínez 2016


My husband is a girl. I wrote husband but what I really meant was housewife in the old-fashioned sense of the word. I also mean girl as a gender, not biologically. I have uses for her still fully-functioning vestige of her former gender.

It wasn’t my plan initially to write a book about my personal lifestyle and it certainly wasn’t my husband’s. I usually write novels based on my love of the femdom and feminisation lifestyle under my pen name and my femdom scene name of Lady Alexa. However, as I’ve got to know one or two others who live the femdom lifestyle, they told me that my own story was just as interesting as the novels I write with the added bonus of it being completely true.

So my story. I didn’t start out with the idea of feminising my husband, not at first anyway. I have always been a dominant lady and I always led in my relationships before I met my husband later in life. I didn’t lead then in the classical femdom way, I was just in charge of things, decisions and so on. I was never in the femdom scene or any other fetish scene nor did I know much if anything about forced feminisation and petticoating. I just liked being in charge which is not uncommon in couples, one is usually the leader and it’s often the woman. Once I’d made the decision to take control of our previously democratic marriage and to force feminise my husband, I looked for guidance online and found mainly porn, wild unbelievable tales of forced feminisation and stories of cruelty including forcing males to take female hormones, chemicals or even surgery. This type of thing is unacceptable and clearly both fantasy and not appropriate in a loving relationship such as ours.

I therefore adopted what I believe to be a natural approach to femdom and feminisation within a permanent relationship. I have tried to bring my husband along with me towards his fate as a submissive girl within my female led relationship. As I had no guide in those early days, I made it up as I went along and made some mistakes and, on reflection, I could have probably achieved my objectives much sooner if I’d been firmer and surer about my goal. My desire to remain in a happy loving relationship with the man I was feminising and taking control of did colour my approach and I was occasionally too soft. I sometimes listened to what he wanted. This soft approach wasn’t always necessary as our marriage is still strong despite becoming tougher and more demanding as time has gone on and I therefore now realise I should have been firmer with him early on. When I do apply strong leadership and discipline things go far smoother for both of us. It is a balance though as this was a significant lifestyle change for the two of us and we’ve come out of it the other end having enjoyed the journey and still enjoying it, even when I look back at those difficult situations where my husband didn’t always want to comply with my demands on him. He got there though and he accepted it in the end.

When we first met, he was a successful businessman working for a company. He, I’ll use her former male pronoun for clarity for now, wasn’t what you would call a typical macho alpha male but neither was he a soft touch. He was confident, independent, articulate and assertive. He was always sensitive though and often seemed to prefer the company of women although he wasn’t averse to an alcoholic night out with the boys or an afternoon at the football. He was, and is, 100% heterosexual and now he’s a girl he still only finds women attractive. He told me he had always liked strong women although he had never allowed them to dominate him, until now. Ours was the first relationship I’d been in where I wasn’t the lead, instead we had been equal partners to start with. I mostly liked that at first.

So you might ask, why would I want to feminise a man like this and jeopardise a good strong marriage? Surely he would be many women’s ideal male partner and his soft confident masculinity was indeed what attracted him to me in the first place. But, was it entirely this or was there something else, something deeper in me and something deeper inside him that we both saw without realising it? Looking back I now believe so. What was it that made me change this tall slim assertive businessman into an obedient housewife and submissive girl? Why have I renamed him ‘Alice’, call him a girl and now refer to him as she or her? Why do I insist he always wears a skirt or a dress at home and knickers and a bra at all times? And why did I do this when I was faced with a sometimes strong reluctance from him to be feminised. It has taken considerable effort on my part to turn him into a girl.

If I wanted to analyse why I did it and I was writing a university thesis, I would probably write about breaking down the artificial social rules constructed over time and about him being released from the expectations and pressures of men within our society. There is some truth to this but whatever the underlying reason, I came to believe he needed to be feminised and that this would be good for me and for him and indeed, he is now far better off and happier as an obedient girl with all the expectations of manhood now stripped away forever. He would also be the first to admit, he now has the benefit of wearing much nicer clothing and beauty products.

The benefits to me and to any woman taking control in this way are obvious and immense. What woman wouldn’t like an obedient partner to put their needs first and to look pretty and sexy. I now have someone to not only maintain the home as a submissive housewife should, but also someone who does all that I want. Let’s also be very honest and admit we all like to look at the bodies of those we find attractive and I do find my housewife’s body very attractive now her masculinity has been smoothed away and she has a more female body type. I insist that Alice wear very short skirts and fine stockings. I want to look at her legs, it’s a pleasure for me and I don’t want to be denied this pleasure. At times I want her exposed and to admire that too as well as bathe in the pleasures of the ultimate control that this demonstrates. Her underwear is feminine, small and revealing or, at times, non -existent. She wears a bra. To be clear, I don’t want to turn my husband into a female biologically, I wanted to change him into a submissive female gender-wise which is what I did.

This then is the real-life story of how I gradually uncovered the incredible pleasures and benefits of a female led relationship and a feminised husband. Our journey isn’t yet complete and I still have some changes to make in our relationship in terms of control and to Alice to deepen her feminisation and submission. I have to be honest and say that it’s impossible to have Alice dressed as a girl in many situations; at work and with family and friends for example. Times will change but we’re not there yet.

This amazing true story is therefore about how I took a loving masculine husband and changed our lives forever by turning him into my very own loving submissive girl inside.

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About Lady Alexa

I am a writer and a believer in the immense benefits of male feminisation and female domination. My blog records my true-life experiences in these areas. I also have several novels and a non-fiction book published on Amazon about forced feminisation which you can find under my pen name Lady Alexa. I live in a quiet corner of North London with my obedient and feminised husband/housewife.
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8 Responses to How I Feminised my Husband

  1. Philipp says:

    Congratulations for being brave enough to write about your housewife and you! Hopefully many women will be inspired by the story of how you feminised her and will start to feminising their husbands or boyfriends too.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. mrbillsails says:

    Dear Lady A,
    Thank you for compiling your experiences in feminizing your husband into a book. I have read all of your blog from the beginning and would truly love to be feminized by my wife.
    I purchased your book and intend to share it with my wife. As you stated in your book, it is difficult to proceed with something like this while thinking you are the only one in the world doing something like this. You could have used advice from an experienced woman. I appreciate that you have recognized this and provided guidance for other women.
    Happy holidays and best wishes in the continued loving feminization of your girl.


    Liked by 1 person

  3. morgan- says:

    i read the ebook with pleasure and find that it helps one understand the earlier fiction.


    • Lady Alexa says:

      I’m pleased you enjoyed it. I’m also pleased you sported the connection to my fictional work as I like to identify with my female protagonists and the situations I write about.


  4. Ed says:

    Very interesting and insightful..
    I wish you had done this 10 years ago
    My former marriage may have survived…
    We both may have ended up happier…
    I know I would have if we had been brave enough.
    Now I know what her intent was,I wish I had let her have her way ,despite her saying ‘it’s just a bit of fun….’
    Looking back,I regret not letting her go ahead..I actually would have loved it to have happened. .

    Liked by 1 person

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