a very dominant woman

Aretta put a finger to her maid’s face and ran it along a strong jaw line. Aretta’s face fixed in displeasure at what she could see.

I can feel stubble here Juanita,” her face darkened further. “How many times do I have to tell you to be smooth. You are a girl now so you must have a smooth face.” Aretta never raised her voice, her assured authoritative manner made that unnecessary. She stared at her maid with undisguised disgust, her head lowered and her eyes narrowed. The maid cringed down, his head moving into his shoulders, eyes fixed on an imaginary spot on the wall, avoiding eye contact and awaiting the inevitable punishment. He didn’t know how to respond, he had been sure he had shaved smoothly using a five blade razor in the morning and then again in the afternoon just as Mistress Aretta insisted. He must have missed a bit; that was careless. Aretta missed nothing.

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fetish-black-lady-4I cannot trust you servant girl. This now means electrolysis to permanently remove your facial hair. Clearly you need something done to make it permanent because you are so useless, you all are. Useless girls. Anyway,” she continued calmly but in a tone dripping with anger and menace, “I probably needed to do something more permanent generally with you so it’s for the best in the long run.” Aretta sighed loudly at the inconvenience of having to arrange this.

I’m so sorry Mistress, I really thought I’d..,” she cut him off with a long elegant finger towards his lips, leaving his protestation hanging sharply in the air. He could see her talon-like dark red varnished nails.

I don’t want to listen to your snivelling excuses you stupid girl.” She slapped him hard around his face. His hand instantly went to his reddened cheek, eyes wide with anguish, flicking from side to side as if looking for an escape route. There was none just the long light pink nails on his fingernails blending with his now inflamed cheeks.

A dominant womanYou will stand in the corner with your knickers down,” Aretta flicked her fingers together twice to snap him into action. Juanita pulled his knickers to his ankles immediately as instructed and waddled to the corner with small steps. A grin swept over Aretta’s face as the sight of his desperation to do as he was told and his difficulty in achieving it in stiletto heels and ankles bound by knickers. His discomfort offering some compensation for her.

Candie,” Aretta called and a second maid tottered from the kitchen in high heels, dressed identically to Juanita in a pink short revealing frilly maid’s uniform. He curtsied, asking how he could serve.

Candie, get me the large wooden spoon.” He curtsied again but his eyes showed apprehension as they swept across to see his colleague Juanita in the corner and then he disappeared back into the kitchen. Juanita was standing, worried, facing a corner of the apartment with his small frilly pink knickers hanging loosely around his ankles, his knees touching. The shortness of his dress exposing the bottom of the cheeks of a taut naked arse. A small but bright luminous pink rubber flange covering the area of his arsehole indicating an inserted butt plug. Five inches long but she would soon be switching it for one of six inches. Candie returned from the kitchen with a twelve inch long wooden spoon, glancing momentarily at Juanita again before handing the implement to his mistress. Aretta grabbed the spoon, her sparkling blue eyes full of restrained anger. Angry but in control.

a dominant womanTaking the wooden spoon from Candie, Aretta strode over to Juanita with the implement held high as his head turned to see her arrival. She raised his dress hem with a manicured hand to expose his entire arse and told him to bend over. The implement crashed down. Juanita jumped with the impact which left a large spoon shaped red welt on his bum cheek. She followed up nine further times, each time Juanita’s body jerking with the stinging pain.

Once finished she pulled his hair standing him up and spun him round to face her. They were eye to eye as she lifted the front of his dress with her dark slender hand exposing a pink cock cage firmly encased around a cock struggling to expand inside and held in place by a small golden padlock. Aretta gave out a “ha” as she lifted his caged cock to expose hairless balls and brought the wooden spoon down on them with a loud slap which for the first time made him stifle a scream before tears came onto his eyes, causing his mascara to begin to run down both cheeks of his face through the redness on one facial cheek.

Ok turn back into the corner and stay there until I tell you to leave,” she said, breathing loudly though her nose in impatience as she mumbled to herself about having to be forever managing and controlling her girls. “What do you have to say to me stupid useless girl?”

Thank you for punishing me Mistress.” His head bowed, knickers crumpled around slim ankles.


dominant woman



About Lady Alexa

I am a writer and a believer in the immense benefits of male feminisation and female domination. My blog records my true-life experiences in these areas. I also have several novels and a non-fiction book published on Amazon about forced feminisation which you can find under my pen name Lady Alexa. I live in a quiet corner of North London with my obedient and feminised husband/housewife.
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  1. explorer3000 says:

    Sensational writing !

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  2. alexvyaz says:

    I like this book. It needs a sequel.


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