Feminisation was his Destiny

feminisationI don’t want you playing with yourself when we’re not here so I need to see you milked and drained. It seems the only way to control men.”

She flipped on two medical-type rubber gloves and stretched them over her fingers, pulling the rubber on to fit snugly. She grabbed his erection between two gloved fingers as her face screwed up in exaggerated distaste. Abbie watched as she began moving her fingers up and down the length of his cock.

Camille sighed in frustration as she rubbed as she stood beside him. She held the container under the tip of his cock with her free hand. His erection stiffened more and then a feeling of electricity sparking throughout his body as his cock pulsed. The first jerks were dry, straining, but then he shot into the plastic, He felt distraught as Abbie laughed at him.

Camille squeezed the last drops out, squeezing on the end of his cock like a cow’s udder, and gave him the container telling his to wash it away. She flipped off her gloves and told him to clean them too. She added that at night he would have to do it himself as she didn’t want to keep touching his little thing. Even with gloves on.

Once you’ve cleaned up, come back in here, stand in the corner and put your hands back on your head.”

He went to the toilet and flushed his semen away and came back and did as Camille had ordered. He stood in the corner, facing out. Camille spun round and disappeared into the kitchen. Abbie stayed behind, a wide smirk appeared on her face as her eyes ran over his naked body. She walked up close to him and put her face close to his. She knelt down, his gaze following her sinking head until she was level with his limp cock.

So what is this little pathetic little thing then girly?” Abbie tucked a crooked finger under his flaccid cock and lifted it. A buzz flitted though him once again from her light touch and abusive tone. He questioned himself why he hated her so much yet was excited by her at the same time. She moved her head from side to side inspecting his cock. He knew he had to put up with this to avoid another spanking from Camille.

It’s so tiny, more of a little clitty which is appropriate since you’re a girly,” said Abbie as he grimaced. His closed tight lips extended in a rictus-like expression of humiliated pain.

Two hours later, he was still standing in the corner. He heard Abbie’s heavy steps on the stairs announced her imminent arrival. She flew into living room, a bundle of clothing held  tightly under her right arm. She then raised it high above her head as if in triumph, her face beaming. He saw she was holding a pleated green tartan school skirt and a white blouse. In her other hand a pair of pink knickers and a white bra.

We need to economise now we have less money so you will be wearing Abbie’s hand-me-downs. She’s grown out of them but they should fit you as you’re that much smaller.” Camille was glaring at him.

I can’t wear Abbie’s old clothing, they’re girls’ clothes. Skirts! Dresses!” He exclaimed in desperation. “I have my own clothes anyway so you don’t need to give me these ones.”

Abbie walked over to where he was standing and glanced down at his soft cock for a moment. She looked back into his face.

Well I don’t have any boys’ clothes so you’ll have to make do with these… girly.” Abbie said. Her eyes pierced into his. She flicked his cock with a finger and gave out a short laugh. She was relishing every moment of the situation.

Abbie, don’t taunt him, give him the clothes will you dear.” Camille scolded Abbie and then looked back at him. “We won’t have much money now your father’s left us with nothing. So, you’re now going to have to start to get used to wearing your sister’s cast-offs. You may as well start with her clothing now as that’s all you’re going to have once you have grown out of yours. Abbie has a lot of clothes in good condition that she no longer needs. It would be a waste to not use them considering the position we’re in; no money. Thanks to your father and you being an extra mouth for me to feed.”

But she doesn’t have any trousers… only skirts and dresses,” he complained again. Camille looked at him with her large unblinking eyes and a faint smile.


forced feminisationI hope you enjoyed these excerpts from my latest novel, The Reluctant Housemaid. It’s a substantial re-write and update of two of my earlier books, A Reluctant Housemaid and A Reluctant Housemaid No Going Back. I’ve combined them together into one e-book for the price of one – US$2.99 / £2.48 / €2.99.

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About Lady Alexa

I am a writer and a believer in the immense benefits of male feminisation and female domination. My blog records my true-life experiences in these areas. I also have several novels and a non-fiction book published on Amazon about forced feminisation which you can find under my pen name Lady Alexa. I live in a quiet corner of North London with my obedient and feminised husband/housewife.
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