Maintaining Power in Female-Led Relationships

pumps-2048573_1920 (1)There are, of course, many ways to maintain and reinforce a woman’s position in a Female Led Relationship (FLR). They are all very well documented and I’ve written about them myself various times.

In this post I  want to touch on three very important things I do to reinforce my position as the ultimate leader in my marriage.

Before I do, I want to state that feminising Alice was the most important thing I did to bring her under control. Add in short skirts, high heels and large breasts and you have the base for full control. Forced feminisation, for me, was a fundamental requirement for taking control of my formally male partner.

However, even once feminised, our girls can become used to being a girl and occasionally forget their place in the home. Punishment is important but can be a fleeting reminder for that instance of disobedience. One problem in Alice’s case, is that she is much larger physically than I am. In high heels she towers over me which, as anyone knows, could be used to intimidate.Alice doesn’t ever do that but she may feel that she’s not as inferior as she really is when she’s literally looking down on me as I’m giving her orders or admonishing her. Therefore my power has to derive from something more physiological.

Here’s my list of some of the small but important rules that work well to maintain our situation.


This should be low, head bowed, with both hands holding the hem of her skirt. Of course, curtsying, rather than bowing, emphasises her femininity. From a power perspective it obviously puts her in a lower physical position to me. This removes the physical height problem to some degree. I insist on being curtsied to whenever she does anything for me or when I arrive at home, she arrives and so on. It needs to be constant to ensure she is fully aware of her subservience to me.


I often make her kneel before me or sit on the floor. She then has to massage my feet and legs or put nail polish on my toenails for example. Again the reason is obvious, keep her in a lower position.

Citty Exposure

I’ve written about this topic before but in short, men are female led relationshipproud of their little things for reasons I can’t explain. Even when they have become girls, they may be tempted to still think of their worms as a hidden sign to themselves of male virility and strength when combined with their often physical height. This is nonsense. Apart from calling it by its proper name, clitty, I provide a constant commentary of how pathetic it is. I find it useful to inspect it and make comments, like ‘it’s a little worm’. Other times how pretty it is. Alice often has to leave it exposed for the evening to demonstrate its vulnerability and my control over her little thing. It’s not important at all, it’s just a little citty. Now that I have a couple of femdom friends, I’ve shown them how pathetic it is for them to comment on too.

So these topics are not everything you need to do to ensure you have a submissive girl but rather some things you should never neglect. They negate any physical presence (in Alice’s case) by demonstrating that the stronger intelligence, superior psychological strength and the leadership of a real woman is the most important aspect in any relationship.

female led relationship


About Lady Alexa

I am a writer and a believer in the immense benefits of male feminisation and female domination. My blog records my true-life experiences in these areas. I also have several novels and a non-fiction book published on Amazon about forced feminisation which you can find under my pen name Lady Alexa. I live in a quiet corner of North London with my obedient and feminised husband/housewife.
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16 Responses to Maintaining Power in Female-Led Relationships

  1. Corsetjane says:

    As ever Lady A, your blog gives further insight into the power you have and continue to develop over Alice.. to say that i don’t take avid interest..would be a lie..
    Lucky Alice..
    …curtsy… 😉

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Penney Panties says:

    I enjoyed reading your thoughts on this topic Lady A. I love that you have shown off her clitty to your friends.

    As I thought about your suggestions I am reminded of a few ways my Mistress reminds me of her authority. Delivering her coffee every morning to her in bed which involves presenting it with a curtsy. Starting each day with the panties she has selected, no discussion, just a thank you Mistress. Penney

    Liked by 1 person

    • Lady Alexa says:

      It’s necessary to demean her so she knows her place. Alice does delivery tea or coffee in bed at the weekends. I don’t have time for tea or coffee in bed during the week as I have a full-time job outside of writing too. Unfortunately.

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  3. Britney Girlypants says:

    She should be bent over and given a good ass pumping with her silly little knickers and tights round her ankles. Just to bring home the erotic hopelessness of her girly position (literally). Perhaps with a running commentary comparing your strapon to her clingy. Perhaps when you get tired one of your friends could take over for you?


  4. britney girlypants says:

    in some factories they have a ign up announcing number of days since last work accident. the number gets updated daily or gets set to zero if there’s an accident.

    a nice analogue for alice would be number of days since male underwear last worn. a nice big number on the wall for her to update daily, praise and rewards to follow when certain landmarks are reached. a nice conditioning tool

    i’m glad you liked my other idea. i try to be a good girly for you, miss. and what else could i be but girly when i spend my christmas money on lingerie?

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  5. britney girlypants says:
  6. punkahwallah says:

    Three wonderful rules. Thank you for sharing them, and the principles that they express. A lovely post!


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