Hair in a Forced-Feminised Relationship

forced feminizationI do have a thing about hair. For Alice and feminised males in general it’s all the wrong way round. They have bodies which need lots of hair removed and a head where there isn’t enough! It’s just not fair.

Alice isn’t very hairy, luckily, so her bodily shaving routine isn’t the most difficult. In fact she has hardly any under her arms naturally so it’s a nice simple job for her. So this is all good.

The problem is I want her to have a beautiful head of feminine hair which can be styled in a very pretty feminine style. It’s not possible though. So of course she has to wear a wig. The problem with wigs is that you can’t do a whole lot with them. They just sit there on her head. What I’d really like to do is to be able to style it, put it in pony tails, tie ribbons in it, put curlers in and take her to the hairdressers and all that stuff. It’s so frustrating.

feminised husbandI prefer Alice to have just one wig so that this is her girl style. I wouldn’t like her to have different colours and so on as this highlights the fact it’s a wig and I want her to be a normal girl rather than a sissy. Well, as normal as she can be in the circumstances and within my rules.

At the weekend I decided that it was time for a change though. I think the colour suits her but in truth, it was too long for a fifty-something girl as you can see in the photo. So I made her sit down on a chair and I decided I’d do a make-over. After brushing it through, I cut it. I wasn’t sure what would happen but it worked beautifully.

I gave her a nice feminine fringe to below her eyebrows and a cut to just over the shoulders. It looks lovely. It was an hour or so of female grooming and I realised what a great time I could have it it had been real hair.Never mind it was fun while it lasted.

Unfortunately I haven’t taken a photo yet as I’m having problems with my old digital feminised husbandcamera. I don’t like to use my phone camera in case I send a dodgy photo of Alice to someone in the family by accident. I know I’d like everyone to know but I’m sure they wouldn’t want to see a photo of her triangular shaved pubes and pussy. Of course the original photo doesn’t have the rose for discretion. However, it’s a reminder that even body hair can be made to look cute and feminine as you can see.

I think the moral of this post is that we dominant women can (and should) turn our partners into girls but we must accept we are always going to have to live with some of the frustrations brought about because of their former gender. One of the many many reasons we turn our husbands into girls is to have a girlfriend to discuss female things with. Regarding hair, I can’t really do that so we just have to make the most of what we have and accept that even a bewigged girl as a housemaid is so much better than having a masculine husband.

About Lady Alexa

I am a writer and a believer in the immense benefits of male feminisation and female domination. My blog records my true-life experiences in these areas. I also have several novels and a non-fiction book published on Amazon about forced feminisation which you can find under my pen name Lady Alexa. I live in a quiet corner of North London with my obedient and feminised husband/housewife.
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15 Responses to Hair in a Forced-Feminised Relationship

  1. Dani says:

    I love the picture. It’s very cute. My Mistress prefers me to be smooth but the triangle is very nice, good job. My Mistress takes me to the mall and gas my eyebrows ” threaded ” it doesn’t take long and lasts a long time. Being a 40 something feminized husband I have shoulder length strawberry blonde hair wig ( as you seen from the wedding picture I sent you). Anyway keep up the good work on Alice it took me awhile to accept what I am but now I absolutely love a girls night in on the weekends. Curtsey!


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    • dafni says:

      The picture is wonderful and Alice is very lucky to have an owner willing to take the time to help her be so beautiful and pleasing to women. Sadly my wife likes me hairy so I secretly shave under my clitty parts so I can feel a little soft and feminine.


    • Lady Alexa says:

      Yes I loved it once we could have girls’ nights in


      • dafni says:

        it would be good to have alice comment and hear her perspective on her evolution into becoming the perfect wife for you. To understand her emotional conflicts and how she got over them would be so helpful for those of us who still have conflicting feelings of total obedience and feminization but still holding on to outdated patriarchal thoughts.


      • Lady Alexa says:

        I think that’s a nice idea. I did ask her to do a post some time ago but it’s probably time for another


  2. Titiana says:

    I agree Lady A. Feminization is fun but also requires serious thought and effort.. Sometimes you have moments of unexpected surprise and fun , depending upon your viewpoint.
    Recently Betty, at my request had dressed up beautifully, short skirt, heels, breastforms and the works. The occasion was a business dinner for an important client. She behaved impeccably, standing demurely while she served us drinks and dinner interspersed with a nice courtsy whenever required. Later when I gave her a nice sweat across her pretty bottom I noticed her flinch in pain. Upon enquiring she tearfully pulled down her panties and showed me her shapely ass full of deep pinch marks and bruises where she was forcefully groped. My guest a man over 70, had unknown to me inflicted himself upon Betty. I was full of sympathy but also secretly thrilled how well Betty passed as a female. When Betty continue to complain and wallow in self pithy, I asked her to get me a drink and start cleaning the kitchen. As she was washing up, I could not resist and gave Betty a light pinch and squeezed her ass . For good measure, I pulled the gusset of her panties aside and inserted my index finger up her rosebud. I told Betty that she should not be surprised at being groped, considering how pretty a girl she was and I am prou of her. Later that night I told her next time I want to see more cleavage in her blouse. I added that I look forward to her getting breast inserts and my preference is size 38D. She protested and resisted, but ended up suggesting a much smaller insert so that it will not be too prominent . I said we could discuss the size later but was happy that Betty had accepted breast insert and we are now only discussing the size. I have no doubt she will finally consent to what I have in mind.

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  3. patti59 says:

    Titiana, I just love the way that you control your husband. More women need to learn from you and keep their men in skirts and dresses, while being totally submissive to their superior wives!

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  5. Sharon says:

    My wife has suggested she give me a spiral perm and highlights next time she layers up my hair. She is a hairdresser and has me keep my hair about nipple length. I hope she is serious about my new hair style, but scared it will be too girly for my day to day male life/work. She keeps pushing my limits, but I am no where close to Alice’s standards …… yet.

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  6. dafni says:

    This group has inspired me to do some shopping for my trip to new York. I just bought a black pencil dress, high cut panties, and stockings – this will be my first time in a dress. of course I am bringing my chastity device as well. thank you all.

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  7. whyguys says:

    What you say about the hair problem for males is so true, Alexa.

    Do you have anopinion that perhaps early in adequately training male girls for the best outcome it should become practice that hormone treatment be used so that the hideous unfortunate development of male pattern baldness be abated and even hopefully reversed so that the inferior sex develop even more appropriately?

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    • Lady Alexa says:

      I’m not an advocate for hormone treatment no. It would affect performance which would deprive me of fun. I think that male pattern baldness is an unfortunate consequence of being a male that we just have to live with. The inferior sex can be treated by conditioning instead and then wigs where the little dears are losing their hair at an older age.

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