High Heels for Feminised Men

feminised men

Clack clack. Clack clack. The stereo sound of heels on wooden flooring. Two sets of heels walking in sync. Walking practice for Alice. How to walk like a proper girl. Alice and I walking side by side up and down.

I realised that I’d been letting Alice off far too lightly. She has high-heeled shoes of course but I often allow her to wear flat sling-back female shoes. For her comfort. They’re nice but not really what we want are they? She’s a girl and she needs to walk like one in high heels. So I’ve started a regime of walking practice in the living room. Up and down together and then on her own while I make comments. Alice still isn’t able to walk like a good girl. So for now I’ve implemented two new rules. One she has to wear high heels at all times at home. I know it’s inconvenient but needs must. The second rule is that she has to wear tight pencil skirts  to restrict her male gait. Her steps are too long, she needs small delicate steps.

feminised menI bought two mini pencil skirts for her the other week. She was with me as I like to hold them up to her in the shop. They are very short not like this photo, but they do the trick. They have the added benefit of making her sit down in a very feminine way. She has to sit carefully with her legs together and to the side. I wish I’d bought this style for her a long time ago.

Unfortunately I haven’t replaced my broken camera yet so I don’t have any photos of Alice. I’ve had to use stock photos instead although they are rather nice as they look rather like me and my style of clothing. You’ll probably see them on a future book cover.

I think this is only the first step. Once I’ve got her walking better, I’m going to try the old technique of a book on her head to make her stand straight too.

The moral of this little story is to never rest on your laurels when you’re feminising men. Never relax and assume all is perfect, even though it’s certainly fine to spend some time just enjoying the life of a female led relationship. Men won’t ever feminise themselves properly, they need us to force it on them. They have little idea and they’re inherently lazy in this regard. Too much effort they think. Well not in my house. This was the case with Alice, she was comfortable in flat feminine shoes and had no incentive to wear heels or walk like a proper girl. That’s going to change now. She has an incentive too. Heels and delicate steps mean rewards. No heels and male steps, spanking. And I mean hard spanks that make her eyes water.



About Lady Alexa

I am a writer and a believer in the immense benefits of male feminisation and female domination. My blog records my true-life experiences in these areas. I also have several novels and a non-fiction book published on Amazon about forced feminisation which you can find under my pen name Lady Alexa. I live in a quiet corner of North London with my obedient and feminised husband/housewife.
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32 Responses to High Heels for Feminised Men

  1. maidsally69 says:

    Heels are a must for the feminised males training Mistress.
    A tampon or but plug inserted in her arse also does wonders for her posture.
    Brings about a lovely wiggle and mincing steps especially with a tight pencil skirt

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  2. Jennie Jaye says:

    I agree with maid sally…the new little jeweled plugs come in 4 dimensions…I notice when I use mine…not only do i feel more femme …my gait is much shorter…Ta ta for now …jj

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  3. Corsetjane says:

    Thank you again LadyA for a delightful post… it is so true…we need a bit of guidance when it comes to detail…
    i could do with some for walking in high heels too..but inspired by your post i will try the same routine as Alice…
    cjane. 🙂

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  4. Titiana says:

    I suggest you tie a coloured string restricting her stride. It can be a soft string that breaks easily, so that Alice does not fall, but the string breaks if she takes a longer step. Of course any time she causes the string to break, she must be punished and you can redo the same. Over time she will learn and adjust to a more dainty feminine walk. You may later ask her to wriggle her hips and even practice a catwalk on an imaginary ramp. The important thing is for Alice to stop imagining she is male but automatically and habitually walk like the girl she is. I really admire you and wish you more success and hope to read about the progress Alice makes. Love.Titiana

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  5. Sara Jacob says:

    I practiced something slightly different while training my girlie husband to walk like a lady. I used a corset, which I had earlier used for waist reduction. I used to lace the corset around her thighs under her skirt. There was no way she could remove the corset and I could lace it as tight as I wished. My girl’s gait was determined by the slack I permitted her. Before long she had got accustomed to taking ladylike steps. Whenever I spotted any long strides she was back in her corset. I seriously urge you to try this. Love Sara

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  6. Sowmya says:

    For Alice to be truly reminded of her feminity, I believe pierced ears are a must. Every time she sees her reflection, or when someone sees her, the face is first to be noticed. A nice pair of earrings will make her status obvious to all. Only on rare occasions, depending upon necessity, should she be allowed to remove her ear rings. The challenge is how to explain the holes in the ear to curious people, although I was surprised how little most persons especially men notice such details. In our case, piercing of ears for male children is quite common. Although my husband was not pierced as a child, I got his ears pierced for my pleasure after marriage. We explained it off as a ritual we did at a temple. For Alice , I suggest you tell any person who asks, that her earswere pierced as part of an acupuncture treatment. Feminization can never be complete without pierced ears. Alice has held out too long , and maybe you should now push her a little bit.

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    • Lady Alexa says:

      Thank you for your lovely comment Sowmya. You are completely correct. You also identify the problems in explaining why a 50 something externally normal male has decided to have pierced ears. I’m sure most males would never realise but I know that women would. For now she wears clip-ons which look amazingly like pierced ear rings. I accept this is not good enough and Alice will have to bite the bullet very soon. You’re right it’s time to push


  7. Titiana says:

    Yesterday was Valentine’s day. Betty was surprised when I returned home with a big box wrapped in pink paper and decorated with flowers. After dinner I asked her to open her gift. She was taken aback, by surprise and perhaps shock. I gave her a large doll almost the size of a new born baby, dressed in a beautifull dress, with tiny panties, ribbon in hair.. The box had a set of change clothes, a small feeding bottle. The doll could be programmed to cry every four hours and had to be bottlefed and would wet her panties at regular intervals. I told Betty that it was her job to think of a name for her new baby doll and to take care of her properly. She was to feed and change her baby when required and handwash her dress and panties. Betty almost opene her mouth to speak, but better sense prevailed and she meekly nodded acquiescence.
    I want Betty to focus on being and acting a girl at all times, even when I am away at work. This will keep her occupied in girly activity. Feminization by not only the body but also the mind!

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  8. Philipp says:

    I fully agree, Lady A. Feminised men should wear high heels. They have to learn to walk like women in high heels and tight pencil skirts. I am glad to hear that Alice has to wear high heels at all times at home and that she has to wear tight pencil skirts with the heels. I hope my future Mistress will make wear high heels and tight skirts too.

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  9. whyguys says:

    WHAT SWEET IRONY! How the once haughty male thought his sex so vauntedly in control as they luridly ogled the Female passing by now to be the object of mirthful Women relishing hearing the male girl’s 4-inch heels’ dainty lyrical cadence on wooden floor carrying wine and hors d’oeuvres she dutifully prepared for amused Female guests reveling in the final and complete perfection of the hierarchy of the sexes as they were meant to be…

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  10. Lauren Williams says:

    Hi Lady Alexa
    I am so glad you started the high heel training program. Being in heels as much as possible is an absolute must. I wished I had h the proper instruction and motivation to walk in higher heels than I do now. Heels look sexy and classy plus they make your legs feel so feminine.
    I freely admit I have a passion for heels and own at least 20 pairs. I love the idea of being punished for not walking properly and earning rewards such as wearing flats from time to time fir being a good girl

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  11. Jennie Jaye says:

    that would be so wonderful….perhaps by then Alice will have her new earrings on? 🙂


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