A Late Valentine’s Night

forced feminisationOur Valentine’s night was actually early it’s just that I’m writing about it late.  We both had to work late on Feb 14th Tuesday night so we had it on the Sunday before.

Before I write about the actual evening, I need to fill in some background. I’ve written before about wondering how much further I can go now that Alice is a girl. The trouble is I like pushing the boundaries once I get somewhere. I always want that little bit more…

So what could be better than Valentine’s Night to push things on? Exactly. Nothing.

sissySome time ago I bought Alice a pink maid’s outfit. It came from China and would have been perfect on a short person like the model in the photo but Alice is around 6 foot tall. So the bottom of the hem came down to the base of her clitty. We hung it away never to see the light of day again (the maid’s dress not the clitty). Until Sunday 12th Feb that is. With pushing things on in mind, I wanted Alice to try it once more. I told her to put it on with her white stockings with the little pink bows and suspenders. I reappraised the look and decided that the lack of cover was in fact a benefit as her clitty was fully on show. I tied a nice pink ribbon in a bow around the base and behind her little pussy balls and we were ready for the evening. I then added a pink ribbon into the back of her hair (ok wig) and she looked so pretty.

forced feminisationYes I know I always say I like Alice as a girl rather than a sissy but I think on occasions an exposed humiliated sissy look works very nicely. So she cooked and served, plenty of curtsies. I just love her curtsying with her pretty little clitty on show. More than anything it’s her face. So embarrassed. I wish I could have taken a photo.

So after we’d had a nice romantic meal and Alice had cleared up and stacked the dishwasher, I told her to get my strap-on. She then had to lick and take it in her pink lip-sticked mouth like a good girl.

So a belated post on our romantic Valentine’s Night with added excitement for me (and possibly Alice). She was so good I didn’t even spank her. Maybe she wanted it, I don’t know, but it didn’t seem right that night. It just goes to show you can always think of a new twist to things. At the moment Alice is back to being a good normal girl but it won’t be long before I bring out the exposed sissy in her again that’s for sure.



About Lady Alexa

I am a writer and a believer in the immense benefits of male feminisation and female domination. My blog records my true-life experiences in these areas. I also have several novels and a non-fiction book published on Amazon about forced feminisation which you can find under my pen name Lady Alexa. I live in a quiet corner of North London with my obedient and feminised husband/housewife.
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44 Responses to A Late Valentine’s Night

  1. maidsally69 says:

    Mmmmh the ultimate feminisation tool the strap on


  2. Corsetjane says:

    Mmm Lady A hitting the spot again!..love the idea of the exposing maid outfit…sounds so sissy..which every now and then we do need, ..curtsy..! (i don’t like the sissy look all the time either!)
    i can imagine the look on Alice’s face throughout the evening..and once again…i love the fantasy but would probably squirm, if i was honest, if it was me! But as you say, its another turn of the screw and one step closer to feminisation…and i know, in her heart of hearts, Alice is loving it! 🙂
    The strapon sounds like it is the next frontier…or have you already crossed that boundary with her giving herself to you….and being taken?
    All i can respectfully say, is…keep up the good work…and a belated Happy Valentines!
    corsetjane 🙂

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  3. ahuizotled says:

    That was very hot.
    I agree, the feeling of being a girl is very erotic and preferred but at the same time having Alice be a sissy and exposing the cute little bow-laden clitty is a nice little message to tell her that you made her, you feminized her and you still control her ability to be blessed as a girl.
    Also the simple, subtle art of humiliation can be a huge turn on. Especially when you have no control over it and are made to parade yourself around exposed like that.
    Nicely done.

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  4. LLoyd says:

    I am a recent reader, and have read the blog form the beginning, starting a couple weeks ago.


  5. Sheena says:

    I must share that on Valentines Day my wife locked me in chastity. It has been a fantasy of mine but she was uninterested and thought it bad, unmanly, you name it. It was a long, slow process to get to this point, but it has brought us closer together in spite of the stress and limit pushing.
    You have been a tremendous asset, encouragement and example of how it can work. As you all know, our sex life had become stagnant and now it is rejuvenated, life happens that way.
    She has accepted the role of keyholder, and I am both proud and excited. We are working on my begging for relief and her saying “no”. In the last six days she has released me once for “relief” which I had to perform in front of her, after giving her an orgasm. So much progress and so fast. Next, I am learning how to give myself ruined orgasms.
    I just wanted to thank you for your support even though you are unaware of it.
    I am blessed.

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    • Lady Alexa says:

      I always hope that my posts give encouragement to women and the male of the species so that you are able to feel able to take these steps yourself. Knowing that it is not wrong just different to how some people currently think and what is considered ‘normal’.. I would love femdom and feminised men to enter the mainstream of society.

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  6. dafni says:

    May I humbly ask if you keep Alice in chastity or does she maintain control over her clitty? I have heard different views from women on chastity. I hope Alice knows how jealous so many of us are of her.

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    • Lady Alexa says:

      No Alice is not kept in chastity, she is able to maintain control. This is no doubt helped by the knowledge that I expect her to perform regularly and failure to do so would be a serious problem. It’s not worth the risk for her.

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  7. badger1080 says:

    wood love to be owned by such lady

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  8. whyguys says:

    Lady Alexa… as society evolves there shall likely not be any doubt that eventually Female supremacy and male feminization SHALL BE THE PREDOMINATE MAINSTREAM OF SEXUAL RELATIONS!

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  9. Britney Spanglepants says:

    Did you tease Alice by calling her a good little cock sucker as she got down to it? Perhaps you even mentioned how much bigger it was than her little clip?

    Has mexit day happened yet?


    • Lady Alexa says:

      Of course I tease her. I ask her if she likes sucking cock like a good girl. As for Mexit we’re still in intense negotiations. Alice wants to reverse the democratic vote (of one – me) but we can’t have that. She’s a re-moaner, moaning about wanting to remain a male.

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  10. Stephanie G says:

    Hmmmmmmmm I can see nappies in Alice’s future. This might be fine for a sissy but Alice is a girl and teenage girls don’t wear nappies. You must be confusing poor Alice. She should be either a girl or a sissy but not both as they cancel each other out. In addition if Alice becomes sissified you’ll find wider acceptance of her as a normal girl exceptionally difficult.
    We’ve a sissy in my town who parades up and down the shopping centre in a very short kilt sheer tights and clown like make-up. I’ve never seen this person but my mother and her friends have seen him and she’s told me that women are laughing at this sissy. ‘Why can’t she wear normal women’s clothes?’ my mother will ask. Sissies aren’t accepted by women because women feel strongly that sissies are mocking women with their extravagant femininity,their need for humiliation etc.
    I am accepted by women as a girl because I dress modestly and age appropriate. I was also completely honest with them from the start. Sissies are anything but modest and honest and if you take Alice down the sissy path you’ll undo all your good work. No woman will accept Alice as female if she dresses and acts like a sissy.

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    • Lady Alexa says:

      I can’t see nappies for Alice at all, I want a girl not a baby. I get your point though Stephanie and agree for you but not for my situation. I’m coming at it from a dominant lady’s perspective. I’ve used the ‘encouraged’ feminisation of Alice for two reasons. One is as a control mechanisam. Think of it as petticoating. The removal of her masculinity has made her a well-behaved girl and more willing to serve as my submissive. Secondly, and it may be connected, I’m always excited to see Alice feminised. It never ceases to fill me with joy. So yes I want Alice as a girl rather than a sissy as a sissy is an exaggerated feminised man if you get my drift. I love seeing sissies and I don’t see them as mocking women but it’s not for Alice. Anyway I’m not planning on taking her out as a girl or a sissy to parade her in public, just with friends in private. However, humiliation is a powerful weapon in my armoury and when I see Alice looking too comfortable in normal girls’ clothing I shake it up a bit to exert my control. That may include something very sissy for the evening before she reverts back to an everyday girl.

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  11. Timothy says:

    Dear Lady A,
    Would love it if you can share some of the negotiations with Alice on Mexit. I pray my request is not intrusive, but honestly I am curious.


  12. That sounds like a fun Valentines night in, much more fun than could be had at a restaurant… 😀
    Lol IF anyone does know a restaurant where that’d be fine..do let me know to book in!
    @StephanieG, wow that’s a whole different discussion…although it’s an interesting one in its own way…
    Anyway, whatever various people views on it are, my understanding from reading this is that Lady A does not wish Alice to become a sissy, but it’s just another (rather amusing /humiliating) tool in the Box and as such very useful, and likely mutually fun.
    Did Alice enjoy the night as well? be interested to know 🙂
    Lol know I would have, but then again I have… some er, what stepahineG might consider er ‘wayward tendencies’ as it is and love petticoatting and forced feminisation.
    I think occasional nights like this are very likely to be very good to help Alice internalise her position and help bring out her inner girl self, as now female and submissive to her Wife’s wishes.
    I think having Alice service orally the strap on, on her knees before you like a good girl is a very powerful expression both of Lady A’s Dominance and of Alice’s acceptance.
    Wonderful. Well done to Alice too. I hope she enjoyed it too.

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    • Lady Alexa says:

      Hello Juliette. No I wasn’t planning on taking her to a restaurant dressed as Alice as she’d stand out too much but it would be nice at a cross-dresser friendly location of some kind, if such places exist. As for sissy, yes it’s a tool for me to use to humiliate her although it’s very nice to see her like that at times. It’s especially nice to hear her ask me if she could wear a skirt rather than be exposed or in a sissy dress so it works nicely.

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    • SissyStephie says:


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  13. Lauren Williams says:

    Sounds like a wonderfully romantic evening!


  14. Lauren Williams says:

    Hello Lady Alexa
    I am new to your blog as well. I love your books and your writings. I am so in awe of you and so jealous of Alice! She has the life I would love to lead but sadly cannot. As you mentioned there are lots of dominant women out there that would love a sissy in waiting like me. Someday I hope one will find me.
    I hope your vision of a female dominated world where men a properly feminized occurs in my lifetime!

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  15. whyguys2016 says:

    Also find your clever use of pink ribbons exhilarating!

    So symbolic in the two uses:
    1. the one in Alices’ hair reminiscent of how the Female was once forced to adorn and display Her hair as a symbol of “ultimate feminine glory” (and now it is the male girl’s duty)

    2. a delicate frilly pink ribbon emphasis that the male sexual member is to be treated as symbol of its sex’s new feminine submission and inferior status instead of a proud remnant of archaic masculinity


  16. whyguys says:

    Oh what delightful evening your turning about even the social observance of Valentine’s Day into a more appropriate modern form. Especially find intriguing and amusing the symbolism inherent in your use of feminine pink ribbons in

    1. that the Female who was the one required to adorn Her hair in dainty submission bound by delicate girlish ribbon now demands such ritualistic obeisance from Her male underling

    2. the very past prideful male organ shall now be the sex object in meek feminized display with all its archaic importance now merely a beribboned mockery…

    As more and more such occurs to so diminish the false mystique of the fading phallus’ import, the full advance of Female social predominance shall emerge, never to be reveres ever again.

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    • Lady Alexa says:

      Do you have two logins? But yes the ribbon does indeed serve two functions as you described. I do enjoy feminising her little clitty to show that it is no longer something to be proud of in its masculinity but a pretty feminised insignificant little thing for my pleasure

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      • whyguys says:

        OOPS… may i show my chagrin in an embarrassed curtsey, Ms Alexa…

        What occurred was so long a delay before noticing the first missive posted that i assumed it had not gone through… so i tried to type similar thought again but was remiss in memory ability as to how exactly it was worded.

        apologies… but forgive me after all *snffle* i am just another bubble-brained male miss… *sob*


  17. stephaniefeminized says:

    Sounds like you had a great evening and have things well in hand😊. Mistress K and I are finally marrying this July Its now been 1 year and 7 months since I agreed to try try FLR/Femdom. Truly love it , was ment for this.

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  18. Lolo says:

    My husband is in skirts, blouses, pantyhose and frill panties every weekend. I think it’s hot. Once a month I’ll let him have sex. The rest of the time he uses his mouth on me. I have a strap on but haven’t used it. The sight of it keeps him very obedient. He will take a spanking in front of my girlfriends to avoid the strap on. I do insert a remote controlled dildo into him. It’s hot watching him squirm or jump when I press the button.


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