How to Find a Dominant Woman to Feminise You

feminise your husbandProbably the single biggest topic of the mails and comments I receive from males is about how to find a dominant lady who would wants to feminise them.

Now while there are many ladies out there who do want to control and feminise a submissive man, you need to follow my advice or you will fail.

The fact that I receive so much correspondence about this clearly means that many males don’t get it.

To start with we need to set some ground rules.

Ground Rule One – The Lady must come first and be the beneficiary

In any domme/sub relationship it has to be about the domme. There always has to be a major benefit to the lady. Never forget that we are alpha females so this is not about you but us.

Ground Rule Two – If you only want to play then you pay

Males need to decide whether they want a permanent Domme/Sub relationship or a part-time one. If you want a part-time domme/sub relationship then it’s just a game and you won’t find someone to feminise you unless you pay. Remember Ground Rule One – the lady must be the beneficiary. In this case if you only want to play then you must find a lovely lady who provides this as a service and you will pay her. Lots of money and gifts.

Ground Rule Three – If you want permanent, you must always work hard.

So you want to live the lifestyle of a feminised submissive to a beautiful dominant lady. How will you find this wonderful lady who will control you? Well there are many ways but before I go into them you must remember Ground Rule One again. In any permanent relationship  you will be her maid. You will cook, clean, wash, iron, shop. Everything. This will be on top of your permanent job and include all those chores you did when you were a man such as decorating and gardening. You will never argue and will follow her orders.

Don’t think you can just swan around the home in a pretty dress and think your wife or girlfriend will sit there and compliment you on how pretty you are while she then has to do the cooking and cleaning. It doesn’t work like that.

Finding your dominant partnerfemale led relationship

Once you have accepted the ground rules you are ready to find a dominant lady to feminise you. Don’t think that you can pay lip service to these rules. Remember, although you may yearn for a lifestyle of subservience to a dominant lady, it’s not about the submissive man it’s about the benefits for the lady.

So let’s assume you realise you must conform to the ground rules, how will you find the lady of your dreams? There are many approaches to finding or even persuading someone you’re already with to dominate and feminise you. Let’s look at the two main options.

1. Getting your current partner to feminise you

This is what happened in my own relationship although it was me who wanted to move to a female led relationship and feminise Alice. If this is your case too then you don’t need to read much further.

So you’re in a loving relationship with your wife but your hints and even requests cut no ice with her. What to do? If you’ve got this far and you can’t answer that question then there’s no hope as you need to show what’s in it for her from your being feminised. So what you do is to move yourself into the role of housewife. In these situations your partner hasn’t yet seen the benefits of a female led relationship all she can see is her husband wanting to wear female clothes. You see, look at it from her perspective and it doesn’t work. Whereas if the husband were to start to take over the housework, make her the queen, massage her feet, serve her the dinner. She’ll start to see how a feminised husband is in fact a great benefit to her. Grow your hair, take more care of your nails, wear softer colours, SIT DOWN TO PEE. It will take time for her to adjust but adjust she will as she’ll see a kinder softer and more hygienic husband (becoming housewife).

You might say she’s not an alpha lady, not very dominant. Fine, but what woman doesn’t wasnt to be the queen of the home? Spoil her everyday and put her first in everything. You’ll be on your way to life as a submissive girl.

2. Finding a new partner to feminise youfemdom

You’re single and you’ve decided the relationship you want is with a dominant woman who will feminise and humiliate you. First of all don’t be too desperate, no one likes a desperate person and it would advertise the fact that all you want her for is so you can prance around in a pink dress. Back to ground rule one, it’s about the benefits to her not you.

So you’re relaxed, not being desperate and you meet a lovely lady. My recommendation is to tell her early on in your relationship, second or third date, that you are not an alpha male, you prefer to be more submissive and you like to accede to your partner’s wishes and demands. If they’re happy with this, tell them you are a feminine male and ‘sometimes’ wear feminine clothing. This will probaby make or break things but fine, you know where you are and you can move on to the next lady and try again.

Now this option may not work as many women are blinkered due to their upbringing and male propaganda. There is a perfectly sound second option: Advertise. You can use Internet dating sites. Be very clear what you are looking for, a female led relationship. Don’t of course write that you’re looking for a woman to feminise you (What rule must you remember?). Write that you will always put your lady first, her pleasure would be your objective. Even say you were born to serve. A true dominant woman will not be there to serve your fantasies but to be an alpha female and she’ll expect to be put first and her orders followed. Your fantasie will be permitted to come out once you accede to her demands. The two are inextricably linked.


Putting it all together

I hope this article helps to answer the question, how to find a dominant woman. I think you’ll see that any prospective submissive feminised male must make a great deal of effort if they want a permanent relationship of this type. For many people it’s just a sexual fantasy. Fine, pay up. If not then work hard and put your new partner first in everything you do at all times. It’s what she deserves as a true woman; it’s what all true women deserve. Remember the three ground rules and never ever forget ground rule one – the lady must always be the beneficiary.

About Lady Alexa

I am a writer and a believer in the immense benefits of male feminisation and female domination. My blog records my true-life experiences in these areas. I also have several novels and a non-fiction book published on Amazon about forced feminisation which you can find under my pen name Lady Alexa. I live in a quiet corner of North London with my obedient and feminised husband/housewife.
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21 Responses to How to Find a Dominant Woman to Feminise You

  1. dafni says:

    Lady Alexa, words cannot describe how incredible you are. You provide such hope for so many of us males. Your rule; ‘benefit the woman’ is now in my every thought. I will be more caring and helpful in all of my relationships with women; work, home, professionals like doctors, bankers and lawyers. Please let us males know if there is ever anything we can do for you as your loyal fans. PS I sat down to pee this morning after reading your post earlier. sincerely, dafni

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Philipp says:

    Great advice! Your three rules are absolutely correct. I loved this paragraph the best: “In any permanent relationship you will be her maid. You will cook, clean, wash, iron, shop. Everything. This will be on top of your permanent job and include all those chores you did when you were a man such as decorating and gardening. You will never argue and will follow her orders.” That is so true. Yes, feminised males have to be obedient and submissive maids.

    Liked by 2 people

  3. dafni says:

    Has Alice ever questioned your authority or simply refused to dress as instructed? I remain conflicted as I have moments of clarity where female supremacy is grounded in logic and reasoning yet I also have moments of patriarchal privilege where I want to be the one in charge (albeit knowing full well that males should never be in charge). i would love to hear from real couples about how they over come these real challenges in every day life outside of the fantasy realm.


    • Lady Alexa says:

      It’s a great point dafni and the answer is yes, she does rebel at times. I have touched on the problem that she would probably prefer it to be a game and to choose to dress up when she’s in the mood. It’s not as bad as it used to be but in here in the real world of femdom and feminisation I still sometimes get some issues or excuse. I’m tired, it’s too late to change and so on.


  4. PaulaPlaytex says:

    “Alexa”…Not Able To Find A Woman…But I Now Have A Wonderful “Cute Boyfriend” Who Makes Me Feel Like A Sexy Girl”.


  5. sarajane104 says:

    I looked for that special lady all my life NEVER found her I’m 66 I think it’s a little late


  6. Marianna says:

    Just to let you know I enjoyed looking through your website, I have for a long time believed ladies should be on top but despite her saying she accepted my feminine self my wife was never of that sort of mind and eventually divorced me for being trans. Now I’m alone and my health is not great but that at least means I get to spend more time as my feminine self for a bit and when I awake in the morning wearing my nightdress my view is very feminine, with wigs on stands and shoes and other things no longer hidden away, handbags and coats on the back of the bedroom door or often hanging in the hallway. The drawers that used to hold my wifes bras, panties etc now have mine in there and the wardrobe she left now has my dresses and blouses hanging in there. I would love to have a wife/partner who could share my love of the feminine with me, but it’s unlikely for oh so many reasons. I’m waiting to see what sort of life my latest health issues will leave me with, but plan to eventually live just about full time as a woman after my son leaves home as he plans to next year.


    • Lady Alexa says:

      Sorry to hear about your health and I hope that living as a woman brings some relief


      • james says:

        I would serve as my mistress instructs no matter what. it is finding the woman to dominate me and let me treat her as she deserves. following her desires and being disaplined when she knows I deserve it. I just need help finding the Waman to submit to.


  7. Charles Bevell says:

    It would be embarrassing to be treated as a fem in public, but I’d love to be in a LTR with a woman who was very controlling in private- so, just between us.- Charles


  8. maid angela. says:

    Dear Madam. I enjoyed your site. I am a trained male maid and have a number of female working uniforms. Nothing frilly or fancy just plain domestic work clothes. I am a widower but I do have some lady friends who will use my domestic services from time to time. What I would like is to find lady who would allow me to visit her on regular basis and do housework in uniform. If possible arrive dressed as a woman. A bit of problem as I don’t “pass” very well and I am rather old. I keep hoping.


  9. james says:

    thank you for giving me hope that my mistress is out there, I can’t wait until she finds me and guides as she wishes. I will be submissive and beg to serve her wishes


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