Growing a Feminised Female Led Relationship

forced feminisationGrowth is all around us at this time of year. As I sit on my sofa relaxing, sipping a cold drink, my eyes are drawn out to the garden. The plants starting to spurt, green shoots and budding flowers. A promise of reds and yellows to come, pretty petals now folded waiting to burst out from hibernation. A low sun brings unexpected warmth for early March.

So why did this make me think about growing my husband’s feminisation?

To answer that I think about the sound system playing Mozart as it explodes into a sunlit crescendo. My husband Alice sweeps passed my vision, cloth in one hand, a can of furniture spray in the other. I’m distracted by his movement as he lowers himself maintaining the body upright. His back erect. He rests on her haunches to dust the low wooden unit. His short pleated skirt hangs across black stockings, their frilly tops exposed against her white thighs.It was such a feminine movement it stimulated my mind and gave me the idea for this latest post.

In the past, Alice would have just bent over. It’s not something that enters the mind of a male, even a feminised one.  Now as a girl, Alice has to consider her dignity and femininity. Although she has nothing to hide, it become a natural movement to keep your legs together and avoid showing your knickers when you’re a girl. Especially if your skirt is as short as Alice’s. I watched her as she cleaned self-consciously, very aware of my gaze. Of my eyes falling over her legs. Her regular walking practice in heels is paying off, she glides effortless around clearing up in heels. I insist on them at home all the time now, even when she’s working.

I’ve often though about buying her a maid’s uniform but the truth is I prefer her in something very feminine, very pretty. Very short.

forced feminisation

I know now that I will always grow her femininity and my leadership. Introducing new ideas keeps her on her toes and the excitement building. It’s not necessary to always make a major change, sometimes a tweak is sufficient. Today I made a small change. She put on the skirt and I had an idea. I remember when I was a young girl at school. We would roll up the waistbands on our skirts to look sexier, to try to make those grey heavy school skirts look better for the boys. So why not Alice? I rolled up her waistband. The hem level higher that the bottom of her white thong. A skirt length reduced to three inches. The more leg on show the better and the more likely she is to be careful with her movement. Delicate and feminine.

A female led relationship can never be static, change is the fundamental basis. Your feminised male should never become comfortable in a skirt or dress. Instead grow the depth of your control with changes, each one an incremental growth in their femininity and humiliation. It keeps your feminised male in check never knowing what will come next, never settling in, never feeling completely comfortable. This is the desirable state to keep your submissive in, dependent on you and your whims. In return you get days like today.


About Lady Alexa

I am a writer and a believer in the immense benefits of male feminisation and female domination. My blog records my true-life experiences in these areas. I also have several novels and a non-fiction book published on Amazon about forced feminisation which you can find under my pen name Lady Alexa. I live in a quiet corner of North London with my obedient and feminised husband/housewife.
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19 Responses to Growing a Feminised Female Led Relationship

  1. Philipp says:

    Lovely post, Lady A! You are right that a feminised male should never feel too comfortable in his skirt or dress and always be kept on his toes – figuritively and literally! 🙂

    I am happy to hear that Alice’s high heel training is paying dividends.

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  2. whyguys says:

    Lady A… with each of Your posts one can see you brilliantly adding subtle layer upon layer of dominance on your part and acquiescence of Alice in replacing one archaic ‘masculine’ behavioral trait after another for that of a proper feminine one necessary in the coming new role as your submissive girl partner. BRAVO!

    LOVE particularly Your statement, especially the last word, quote:

    “Instead grow the depth of your control with changes, each one an incremental growth in their femininity and humiliation”

    At last You’ve given vent to the fact that humiliation ( which can and should be gentle!) MUST be considered an integral tool at times in the re-training of males for the New Era led by Females… at least until all possibility of resistance or revolt stemming from the inadequate male ego is rendered hopeless and/or futile in their minds. For the male as a sex has always had the problem of its hubris far overestimating itself beyond its actual abilities, which has created many problems and for this alone Females are much better equipped to rule. So, yes, the final result shall be a sexual hierarchy where Females have virtually all power… but since Women shall surely be much more ‘benign’ in their rule than males ever were. No other system even slightly ‘patriarchal’ could be more viable and necessary for advancement for our human race that shall be in posterity soon denoted as WOMANKIND… whatever small price the male girl of generations hence must pay in servitude and ego is a small mandatory price to pay for what is best for all, even the male in its appropriate inevitably diminished, subordinate and, yes, feminized role and status..

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  3. whyguys2016 says:

    Curious Lady A… would You be open to being asked a few specific questions about the history of Your journey of Female Led relationship? If not, please pardon such inquiry. (We males are becoming such girlish gossips… but since continually being retrained we do need something to keep our dizzy minds busy instead of in running the world as Women are more involved than us anymore.

    1. What was the FIRST instance in which You felt You would or should be the dominant over the male?

    2. a. Did the above incident coincide with a general belief in the superiority of the Female in general?
    b. if not, was a sense, knowledge (or even a desire for) of Female supremacy manifest in you before that earlier in life?

    3. What was the FIRST step taken where dominance over Alice was taken.

    4. What incident was her FIRST feminization?

    5. Alices’s FIRST punishment?

    6. Might you list some of Your most memorable and most satisfying moments?

    7. Most amusing?

    8. This may be a tad science-fictiony and/or cerebral (well, as ‘cerebral’ as we males might be), but do You have any futuristic vision on how You might like to see society and its sex roles re-defined, both in general and specific (even if only those aspects might be personal projections.)

    i understand these inquiries may not be proper from a male, yet it might be of value to know what our Female Masters may desire and demand of us as mates having some possible usefulness. Pardons… and timid curtseys, if we overstep our bounds in the asking of such from our betters.

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    • Lady Alexa says:

      I am always happy to answer questions. Most of these ones though I have written about in this blog and in my book “How I Feminised my Husband”. Questions 3 and 4 are well-covered the book and earlier posts. Qs 1 and 2 less so but covered. I’m not sure about question 8 happening in my lifetime but I am seeing the start of a shift and of course in certain households, the future is already with us

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  4. Sowmya says:

    Dear Lady A, how long did it take you to train Alice to do household chores properly and up to your standards? Did you have any help in this and was punishment frequently used? In India we are lucky in this respect. My wife (formerly husband) does some of her duties under strict supervision. We have a live in maid, but in our pecking order she is senior to wifey. My maid does the cooking and cleaning but wifey assists her. Some tasks are exclusively performed by wifey under my maid’ s watchful eye. These include hanwashing my lingerie, cleaning the bathrooms including the toilet bowls and ironing my clothes, polishing my shoes and keeping my cupboard tidy. My maid is allowed to be in charge, but not punish wifey as that is my exclusive right. I know our maid wil not talk to others about the rules in our home, as I not only pay her well, but take care of her children’s education.

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    • Lady Alexa says:

      Hello again Sowmya. I really had little problem with Alice as she already knew how to cook and do housework when I first met her. What I did have to do was make sure she did it the way I wanted. That wasn’t too tricky either. I check the quality of her work at times, I think of it as quality control. Sampling. I love the idea of having a female live in maid too as senior to Alice but sadly the cost of living in London and minimum wage stuff makes this impossible. I’m envious. I’d probably allow the maid to discipline Alice.


      • Philipp says:

        Very interesting to read, Lady Alexa, that you would love having a female live-in maid to train and supervise Alice. Why is that?



    • Philipp says:

      Dear Ms Sowmya, it is great to hear that you trained your male wife in Housekeeping with the help of your live in maid. Congratulations! Has he become good in handwashing your lingerie, polishing your shoes and cleaning the toilets?


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  5. Reginald says:

    The first quarter of the year is almost gone. Theresa May has made more progress on Brexit than Lady A on Mexit! Are you sure Alice will continue to take you seriously? Or is she just playing with you and vice versa? Do we foresee any ” structural reforms” or major policy changes as foretold in Mexit? Or do I sense some fear and uncertainty on what the way forward should be?


    • Lady Alexa says:

      Hello Reginald. Yes I do need to make a statement on Mexit soon. Unlike Theresa May, I’ve not had any political posing about unrealistic independence referendums. Alice has also accepted there will be no second vote on the terms of Mexit either. Mexit still means Mexit of course


  6. badger1080 says:

    you are indeed very wise I like the thoughts you have and agree with you totally
    I bet your feminized sissy would agree and be proud to belong to you


  7. Lady Alexa says:

    Yes and no. There’s always some tension about always being a girl and always being submissive but that’s fine. I wouldn’t want a total wimp as a feminised husband, the excitement is in the power to be able to feminise and control a strong male.


  8. Carol says:

    Lady Alexa, 10 years ago I would have brushed off your FLR blogs as fantasy. But now I’m a believer. This is a Woman’s world ! For me, having a benevolent mistress is the only way to live.

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  9. avhuck says:

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