A Sister-in-Law’s Law

a sister -in-law's law book coverA successful businesswoman, who believes passionately in the superiority of women over men, is concerned that her sister’s husband is worthless and not providing the lifestyle for her that she deserves. She wants to help her sister and hatches a plan to help her by showing her a better life by taking control of her sister’s husband and turning him to their personal housemaid.

This 20,000 word story starts off as a slow burner, building up the scene, hinting at his future life before describing how the sister-in-law transforms her brother-in-law into a girly housemaid and, although he resists at first, he gradually learns to accept his new role and status in life.

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Or read the first few pages below: Copyright ©Lady Alexa.

Chapter 1

A plan is hatched

It was one of those moments that come to you and you wonder why you hadn’t ever thought of it before she thought. Samantha lent back in her high backed leather executive chair and nodded her head to herself, it was a perfect plan. Outside two large black birds hovered by her office window floating in the thermals swirling gently around the building, their bodies nodding as if in agreement to her idea before flying off in synchronisation. A sign maybe.

Samantha’s office was large and impersonal, just a place to get business done and there were lots of things to get done. She removed her black stiletto high-heeled shoes and placed them under her massive prime ministerial style desk and looked over to the door where her back suit jacket hung smartly on a wooden hanger. She smoothed out her tight black suit skirt against her smooth sheer stockings. Samantha buzzed the intercom and a male voice answered. “Yes Ms Stone.”

She told him to bring in two fresh coffees. “Right away Ms Stone,” came the swift response.

Samantha looked over to the young lady sitting stiffly on a small square grey sofa by the window.

Remember and beware Isabel, men are weak and need instructions. Don’t let them ever think they are in charge and ensure you always control them. Completely. It’s very easy though as they are simple creatures with simple needs.” There was a knock on the door and Samantha called out enter.

A slim young man came in, hunched slightly as if expecting to be admonished, with a tray carrying two white bone china cups on small saucers. A slight wisp of steam rose from the cups and a smell of coffee followed him.

Be a good boy and put them over there,” Samantha ordered.

The young man scurried over to the coffee table, placed them down and scurried out, looking back briefly with anxiety before closing the door behind him

Keep them under control Isabel,” Samantha smiled. “They make great Personal Assistants as long as they have clear simple instructions.”

Her niece scribbled down some notes and tucked a strand of her bobbed hairstyle behind one ear as Samantha continued, explaining how to build, manage and control an organisation.

Never let men make decisions, they will ruin things,” she told her. Isabel looked quizzical and asked why Samantha had two men on her management board: the Finance Director and the Operations Director

Men are structured but unimaginative, ideal for the types of roles that are reactive but I would never let them actually make a decision, just to manage their departments efficiently and let me make the decisions for them. Whereas Sales, Marketing and Products need someone more creative with independent decision making abilities. Only women can do this effectively.”

Isabel nodded at her aunt and mentor’s words. One day Samantha would hand it all over to her and she wanted to learn everything about how she succeeded.

Samantha swung her office chair round to face Isabel and told her that was enough for the day, she had to get on with her work. Isabel thanked her and left.

Samantha didn’t have any specific work to do but wanted to put her idea into action, the one that had come to her in that moment earlier. Once she had an idea there would never be any hesitation. She had been worried for some time about her younger sister; married to a loser. Her own sister who could have done so much better just as she had done but her sister, little Suzy, was a bit of a dreamer. Yes her husband was kind and gentle but he was poor and had little aspiration, or inspiration for that matter. Submissive, simple and easy to order around. And she did often like to order him around. A thin smile appeared on her lips. The idea that had come to her while she was mentoring Isabel about how to deal with men was the best way to deal with her sister’s loser of a husband and help her sister.

She wondered just why she had never considered this idea before now. She had always managed men by using them to do as she demanded and this was rewarding and an improvement on their inferior ways, but she now realised that there was a way to improve them more permanently. That was to to make them act as females do and that was the answer and that was her master-plan. She smiled broadly. She would turn her lovely sister’s loser of a husband into a female. Her sister would be shocked at first of course, but Samantha was convinced she would see how much better it was for her…eventually.

If she can’t see how useless he is, let me transform ‘him’ into a ‘her’ so she can see for herself the improvement this will surely bring. Now,” she said out loud to herself picking up the phone. “Let’s invite the fly into my spider’s web.”

To find out what Samantha does to her sister’s husband click here on Amazon.

Copyright © Lady Alexa

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29 Responses to A Sister-in-Law’s Law

  1. Sallyblonde says:

    Absolutely wonderful Mistress just how we feminised males should be treated

    Liked by 1 person

    • ladiesontop says:

      Thank you Sallyblonde. Indeed it is how males should be treated, feminised and made submissive. Lady A.

      Liked by 2 people

    • Paul (aka Emiliana) says:

      Hi, having read a couple of your stories i have enjoyed them, apart from a few typo’s they were great, Oh How i wish i could find a woman who would employ me as her live in maid 🙂 especially since i am currently seeking employment and that i love to express my femininity, and i can cook, clean etc, so i’ve been well trained.


      Liked by 1 person

      • Lady A says:

        Thank you Emiliana I’m pleased you enjoy them. Yes I will correct the typos, I sometimes get word blind when writing. I’m pleased you understand that you should be feminine and keep the faith as there are many women like me who also understand this. Lady A


      • PaulaPlaytex says:

        “Paul”…My Sister-In-Law Gave Me My First Bra…I Am Now A “Woman”.


  2. joanne says:

    Wow, scary but wonderful Mistress


    • Lady A says:

      Thank you Joanne. My stories are all based on my own interests. I don’t have a sister but I’d love my husband to be treated this way by another dominant woman. Lady A

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Johnn says:

    Havind stumbled on this and other stories I have become rather surprised. Eventhouig I do take it that most is fictional, the question rises why would some allowed himself the be subjected to such treatment by a person of the other sex. Ofcourse emancipation is part of the story, but this sort of activities are from before the womens lib movement.
    As a man I don’t mind wearing a skirt or if you want to call it a (modern) kilt if you want to, escpecially as the skirt is by origin men’s attire. Same with heels due to horsrinding to hold the feet in the stirrups.
    Another interesting point is, that people who live in accordance with what is described, do one thing that is missing in most marriages nawadays, they talk, they communicate concerning likes and dislikes and there is a set of rules “agreed” to. Thus there is more interaction than couples not praticing S/D lifestyle or one practises it withouit the others consent asnd thus problems evolve.
    And A, why do you want your husband be dominated by another woman?

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Lady A says:

    Hello Johnn, I am happy to reply to your questions. Although firstly I must say that whilst the stories are all fiction, the blogs are true. So as to why somebody would wish to submit to feminisation and humiliation then there are many answers. My own view is that both female and male often come from very matriarchal families. For both it is a retreat into a comfort zone of a kind. Of course it is consensual and this is important. From my experience, the male is often in a responsible position either in their career or in other circumstances. The feminisation/humiliation game then offers an opportunity to retreat into a submissive role as a kind of relief. It’s also very sexual even if sex, per se, might not be involved. Both the female and the male get some kind of sexual gratification from it. Another element is the excitement of the social role reversal where the female is in charge and the male submissive and in skirts/dresses or even naked. It breaks the rules. I hope this helps and also answers your last question. Lady A

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  5. Adam says:

    This story is sooooooooo dreamy and lovely,you have captured a fantasy of mine so well ♥ Thank you


  6. Ramsh says:

    I thoroughly enjoyed reading the story. I am a man but loved the way he is feminised and almost envied him.John was fortunate that he had a sister-in-law like Samantha.. Thanks Lady A.


  7. Ramsh says:

    I am reading.Yes also started reading the blog. I just read about “New Job” and wished I had got such a job!… I respect your liking of seeing all men feminised and i also hope to do so …

    Liked by 1 person

  8. corsetjane says:

    Mmm..hit a number of buttons for me…
    Just love the idea of a slippery slope to serving a strong woman…


  9. I just loved the part about her waxing, leaving a little landing strip above his penis is perfect, areal girly girl.


  10. this sissy would love to live this lifestyle.
    demure and respectful curtsies


  11. Lady A says:

    I wrote it as I’d like to be the sister-in-law 🙂


  12. CC says:

    This is an amazing story! It is not only well written, but insightful into the psyche of the superior woman and the submissive man. The moments when John/Jane is laughed at by his sister-in-law, then his wife, and then the beautician are so perfect they sent chills up my spine. When his member betrays him and they laugh, emasculation is complete and the power is fully in the women’s hands. And they continue to feminize him and depower him. I love the moments when he struggles with women’s clothes and high heels. As a sissy submissive, I am in awe of your talent. Thank you! You have helped plunge me further into submission to women.


  13. WantServeToLadyA says:

    before I comment something I want to courtesy to you Mistress A.
    had great enjoy i was imagine there was myself and hfemale is in charge and the i m. as submissive and in skirts/dresses or even naked . I wish u write many story or publish books .m Respecting and bowing on knees


    • Lady A says:

      Thanks you ad I’m pleased you are ready to be submissive and feminised I hope you have a lady to boss you. I am planning on more stories and a book in the near furture


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  15. jim sedrut says:

    I love your ideas and imagination! Hot read :)))))


  16. Michelle says:

    My wife knew of my crossdressing before we married. She does not participate or encourage me in any way. I keep my body and legs smooth shaven, and would love for my wife to encourage, even better, order me to wear sheer nylons on a regular basis for her inspection, seeing as my legs are so feminine. She could even tease me about my crossdressing, calling me her feminine, “bitch husband”. Thus; I would enjoy a dominant side to her nature. Also; I’ve always had thoughts and fantasies of my wife openly flirting with other men. The thought of my wife having an intimate, personal relationship with another man, has always been a turn-on for me. I’ve had these thoughts and feelings since before we were married, but could never tell her as I didn’t want her to think I didn’t love her, and also didn’t think she could be open-minded or accepting enough to include them in our marriage. Maybe too little; too late.


  17. Sissy Susan says:

    As a 100% FEMINISED SHEMALE living as a Woman 24/7 I find everything you say essential in training males to be TOTALLY FEMME in every respect . Training ones maid to become Submissive,Docile and Obedient whilst fully made up and being taught to walk in high heels brings a feeling ““out of this world” and needs to be enforced in order for the sissy to acquire the desired effect of becoming a Woman. I myself would not be seen dead without my high heels.


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