How I Feminised my Husband

feminised husbandThis is the true-life story of how I transformed my marriage by feminising my loving husband.

My book explains, entirely from my own perspective, how I took a normal vanilla marriage and moved it to a different level by taking control and introducing a sometimes reluctant husband to a life of femininity and obedience. What began as an exciting bedroom game exploded into a programme of enforced feminisation. The book describes the reasons and beliefs that guided me to take this path and the tactics I had to employ to turn an unknowing and unaware masculine man into a submissive housewife called Alice. Their marriage continues to be loving and affectionate but with me in complete control and with my own needs now paramount. Although Alice has come to accept her new status as a girl, we haven’t yet come out of the closet entirely and so I also write about some of the barriers we continue to face and how I will work to overcome them and also how to deepen Alice’s feminisation and submission further still. I describe what it is that I expect from a femdom relationship and why I believe that all males need to be feminised.

The cover shot is an actual photo of Alice.

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