The New Job

the new jobThe New Job by Lady A

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The only suitable candidate for a new job at a London marketing agency was a man called Stephen. The problem was that it was an agency for women only. They therefore came up with the only possible solution. He may be a man now but that doesn’t mean it had to stay that way…

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Chapter One, the Proposal.

The office building was modern, two stories with shiny black glass windows and red brick walls. The watery morning sun was reflecting off the concrete car park of very typical modern business park in the east of London. A sharp autumn breeze was rustling the green and brown leaves of the silver birches planted around the edges of the car park, a reminder that summer was coming to an end. The constant roar of passing vehicles from the North Circular Road running past the park vibrated the air. Stephen Hayley had just turned off the North Circular road in his black saloon car into the business park and parked up against the neat evergreen shrubs that formed the boundaries of office park car parks the world over. He was now standing in front of the brick and glass office building. He’d made it to a second interview and this was a big opportunity.

He hesitated in front of the office. A deep breath, a small taste of autumn air with a slight after taste of petrol from the motorway. His short greying hair suited his lean face and tall slim physique. It’s good to be in business wear again he thought. He had been Head of Marketing more than 14 months ago when the Director had a shock for him, redundancy. At the age of 51 new opportunities were hard to find. It’s always the marketing people they cut when things get tough in the economy even though it’s precisely that marketing edge that companies need when there are fewer opportunities to go round. That’s the problem when bean counters run the business thought Stephen. Of course the other reason is that companies today want keen young highly educated young people on lower salaries. His redundancy money had run out and now Stephen and his wife Rebecca were getting into debt. He still had a small mortgage and the bank was losing patience. It had been a blow to his male pride, he’d always provided for his wife. She had a good job as a primary school teacher but he’d always felt it was his role as the man to ensure they had everything and Rebecca had always supported him in this.

It was Rebecca who had found the job advert, placed in a magazine aimed at women. The company was a marketing agency with a niche focus on women’s products. The role was for a Marketing Assistant rather than the senior role he’d had before but things were desperate now and he needed the work and a salary again. More than needed though, he wanted to work again. Rebecca pushed Stephen to apply as he possessed all the qualifications and experience they had asked for except, of course, the knowledge and experience of the female only market place. He didn’t think he was what they wanted as he was male. Plus his 51 years were starting to show.   But due to the encouragement from Rebecca, he applied and he got an interview. It was a tough interview with the MD, Ms Walker, and Lucilla Rodriguez the Marketing Director. He felt he’d had done well enough and indeed yesterday he’d received a phone call from Ms Walker’s PA, Julie. Julie had called to tell him they had been very impressed. It looks like being female wasn’t so necessary after all and Rebecca had been right, as she often is thought Stephen. Ms Walker’s PA had added that although impressed they did have concerns over his lack of experience in the female market but Ms Walker and Lucilla wanted to discuss this and possibly make a proposal to make things work out. She didn’t want to elaborate over the phone.

Stephen entered the reception area through the double doors and walked up to the reception desk where a young lady was sitting. He could hear the clacking of her long nails against the keys. She didn’t look up.

“I’m here to see Ms Walker and Lucilla Rodriguez,” Stephen said to the receptionist, “my name is Stephen Hayley.”

A large sign above the young receptionist displayed the company name FemFirst, followed by a slogan in smaller text, ‘Marketing for females by females’. Maybe by males too now he thought.

She glanced up, with a pleasant smile.

“Hello Mr Hayley. Yes they are expecting you, I’ll show you to the meeting room.”

She walked over to the meeting room door adjacent to the reception area and swung the door open without entering. Stephen slid past her and into the room.

She asked him to take a seat and wait for Ms Walker and Ms Rodriguez.

He’d had the first interview here. He hadn’t been shown the main office or the operation during his time there. He sat at a light oak conference table with a black conference phone shaped like a crab in the centre of the table. A large shiny leafed fig tree plant sat in a silver pot in the corner. Black and white photos of models in dresses and arty shots of perfume bottles hung from the walls around the room. Spotlights in the ceiling gave the room a white light.

Stephen waited there for around ten minutes when Ms Walker entered the room followed by Lucilla Rodriguez, the Marketing Director. Ms Walker looked to be around fifty. Blond hair straight hair with a slight outward curl at the ends touching her shoulders, a fringe touching her neat eyebrows. She was wearing a slim sleeveless white dress just above the knee, a pearl necklace adding an additional air of wealth. Slim arms and legs yet defined almost muscular hinting at a body that had spent many years in the gym. Botox and filler smoothed out her lines around her eyes not quite disguising her biological age and hinting at something closer to sixty. Straight back and striding walk giving away an alpha female attitude yet with a pleasant half smile on her lips and a kindness around her eyes.

Lucilla Rodriguez also strode in confidently but with no hint of a smile. Large brown eyes, long thick straight black hair halfway down her back. She was slim in an athletic way with that long sharp type of face that shows the Arabic ancestry of so many Spanish people. Her stern expression surveyed the room and then Stephen. She had not smiled once during the first interview and she wasn’t smiling now. If he were to be successful she would be his boss.

“Thank you for coming back see us my dear,” Ms Walker’s smile increased around her eyes and mouth as she looked at him.

She’d used the term ‘dear’ in the first interview which had seemed a little unusual to Stephen but he wanted the job and needed the work, so he went along with it and smiled back.

“Let’s get straight to the point,” she continued. “We have struggled to find a top class Marketing Assistant despite searching for some months. Normally we have a policy of only employing people who intimately understand the female market and this of course means women only, although that doesn’t go outside this room. We didn’t expect to get an application from a male due to our advertising channels but we thought we’d give you a try as your CV was very impressive. You did very well in the first interview and were head and shoulders above anyone else we’ve seen so far. You seem quite a sensitive person which we liked. We do however need to cover some additional areas and gain some confidence in you before we can offer the position to you. If all this proves to be ok to us and to you then we will have a proposal to make to you.”

“I’m very happy you like me and I’m sure I can provide you with the confidence to employ me, I’m very flexible and willing to fit in with whatever you need,” Stephen replied.

“I’m very glad you feel that way my dear, that’s exactly the attitude we are looking for. You see we will be expecting a very high degree of flexibility from you” said Ms Walker. ”Plus the role is far more junior than your previous role so it includes office admin duties too. You do understand that? You will be the junior marketing person here.”

“I understand I have no problem, I’m just really looking forward to working again if you choose me”.

The phone on the table rang and Lucilla picked it up. “Si, gracias, we will come and get them,” she said into the phone then looked again at Stephen. “Our receptionist has made some coffee for us all but can’t really leave the desk, could you be a sweetie and collect the coffees and bring them here for us?”

Stephen leant back his eyebrows knotting slightly. “You want me to collect the coffees?”

“Si por favor, whilst Ms Walker and I have a quick chat about this role.”

“Of course, yes, no problem,” he smiled thinly. He raised himself from the chair and trudged out to reception where the three cups of coffee were waiting on the counter of the reception desk. This is definitely going to be a bit of a challenge, he thought.

He brought the coffees in and placed them in front of the two ladies and took one for himself. They ignored him and carried on speaking between themselves for a couple of minutes until Lucilla looked up and asked a few questions on specific marketing areas and asked Stephen’s opinion of working with women only. Stephen said he had always preferred the company of women and although he enjoyed an occasional afternoon at football with his male friends, he did prefer to socialise with women, had two very good platonic female friends of his own and was very happy to spend an evening with Rebecca and her girlfriends. He wasn’t uncomfortable at the prospect of working in a female environment.

Lucilla looked at him with her eyes penetrating his a little more. He could see eyebrows raising slightly.

“I do want to be clear that at least 30 or 40% of this role is administration”, which came out as administrathion. That includes running errands, maybe photocopying, doing slides for me, taking minutes and other duties like that.”

“Yes I do understand,” he replied. He didn’t really want to do administration task but this was all he had.

“Very good,” said Ms Walker, “you have demonstrated that you have the ability to understand what motivates women relatively well and show more sensitivity than most men I know. I can see very little of any macho side. That’s why you have this opportunity. However there is one very important element missing for us which was causing us a problem and that is that you are not a woman. You don’t live as a woman, feel things like a woman, and use female products and so on. Everyone who works here has to understand what motivates women, what attracts women and what women need and want.”

“Yes I am sure I can learn that,” said Stephen, “and if I have any questions I can always ask my….”

“No”, Ms Walker interrupted, “I don’t think you fully understand.”

“Oh I’m sorry,” answered Stephen although not really knowing what he was apologising for.

“The post will carry a very good salary I think you’d agree, plus five week’s holiday and health insurance for you and your spouse. However in order to get the post and this generous package you will need to accept our proposal completely and without reservation first. This we believe will get over the hurdle of your lack of experience of the female market. Lucilla came up with the solution to our problem and, whilst unusual, is a very inventive proposal I have to say. I hope you accept it as I really like it. I wish I’d thought of it,” she said with a chuckle.

“I will let Lucilla explain as it as her brilliant idea but before she does I have to state that the proposal is quite unusual and we cannot put it in writing. If you accept you will need to sign a contractual document to state that it was your idea. Our lawyer has already drafted this letter in anticipation. No one outside of this room will know of our agreement, even the lawyer will think it was your request.”

Stephen thought this quite weird but said ok anyway. “I really can’t think there would be a problem I’m extremely keen to start work again.”

”Excellent, please explain our proposal Lucilla,” stated Ms Walker.

Lucilla turned to look straight at Stephen, a small smile appearing on the corner of her lips for the first time that morning.

“Our proposal is not negotiable,” she said staring without blinking at Stephen, the smile still on her lips slightly turned up at one corner. “If you want this job you have to accept it in full, understand you?” She added, her Spanish grammar structure invading her spoken English.

“Yes absolutely,” said Stephen, “I would be happy to work long hours and take on responsibility,” he added.

“Esta bien but let’s see. We will deny it completely if any of its detail is leaked outside of this room. You will be offered the job and start immediately if within the office you always use the products we market for our customers. Do you understand completely what this means?”

“Yes of course I’ll use the products you market, I can’t see any problem there”, said Stephen. “I can take some of them home for my wife Rebecca to use.”

“Bueno, I’m pleased you say that but I’m not sure you do understand absolutamente. We market only female products so you must use only female products.”

“I’m sure I can find some of the products you market that would be suitable to use even though they are female.”

“That’s very good but I think we need to be absolutely clear,” said Lucilla, “we market only female perfume, make up and…,” she stared straight at him, her slight smile disappearing, “female clothes. You will therefore be required to wear female clothes at all times when you are in the oficina. We do not market male clothes so you cannot wear them. Everything and I mean everything we wear and use in the office are the products we market for our clients, it´s company policy and we trade on that policy.”

Stephen stared straight at her and moved slightly in his chair. His eyes darted from Lucilla to Ms Walker then back. Both were looking at him expressionless.

“You are joking aren’t you? This is a test, you want to see my reaction?”

“Este es no yoke and test,” she replied mispronouncing joke. “If you want this job you have to dress like a woman en the oficina and wear female moisturiser and perfume. You need to feel feminine to market femininity.”

He breathed deeply. He licked his lips to moisten them as they had gone dry. He began to chew his bottom lip. His eyes darting between the two women’s faces, who remained  staring at him impassively.

“Your shoes will need to be female styles too. No socks or underwear for hombres. Everything you wear and carry has to be from our female product range. You will have to feel the sensuality of beautiful material, products and clothes to be able to market them.”

“I think this is all very fair my dear and Lucilla has come up with a quite brilliant solution to help both you and us to come to a solution. I realise that this could be a surprise and wasn’t exactly what you expected. We would love to have you working at FemFocus but you do need to accept our proposal to be employed here,” said Ms Walker, “we will of course help you by providing all the clothes you will wear in the office and ensure that are very neutral such as dark business suits, white blouses with collars and so on. I think that would work and no one will probably notice. However I will reiterate that they must all be from our female range. We will make a big concession for you to demonstrate how much we want you to join. We do have a no trousers policy here but we’re willing to waive this just for you if you meet us halfway.”

“So what’s your answer? I think it’s quite straightforward, yes or no. You need to decide now,” added Lucilla.

His face flushed. His eyes switching back from looking at Ms Walker towards Lucilla. Unblinking. There were no clues. They seemed serious. He had to decide.

He thought that it’s not exactly meeting halfway, more like meeting 90% of the way but he didn’t feel he had much choice.

His mind was running over rapidly, lots of thoughts.

Lucilla leaned forward. “So what’s the answer?”

He thought “I might be able to get away with this and maybe eventually they will find how good I am and the female things won’t be so important.” He was desperate for work and the money it would bring into the house. He was confused. He needed to buy time but had to say something.

“OK,” he sighed,” I accept the conditions, I think with neutral looking female clothes it may work.”

“Excellent,” Ms Walker leaned back and clasped her hands together as a restrained clap. “Then we will provide all your work clothing and the other products, Lucilla will sort all this out for you and get you measured up. You can start Monday.”

Ms Walker passed the standard employment contract and the contract regarding the wearing of only female products at work across the table. The lop-sided smile returned to Lucilla’s lips.


Chapter 2. Explaining

Stephen stood in front of the black painted front door of his three bed semi-detached house. He glanced at the semi-circular bay window, the same as thousands of others across the suburbs of London. He could feel the sun on his back which was much warmer than in the chilly morning. He wanted to feel excited, he’d got the job and their money problems would be over. He felt relief but anxiety. To have to dress in female clothes was just the weirdest unexpected thing. A slow metallic sound signalled his key entering the lock.

“Stephen, fantastic news, tell me how it went,” Rebecca ran to the front door as Stephen came in just 30 minutes later after giving her a quick call to explain he’d got the job. “Well although I got the job there is a major but,” started Stephen. Rebecca screamed with delight and started to jump and cuddle her husband.

“Wait, wait,” interrupted Stephen, “there is something I need to tell you.” He tried to explain.

“What but, you said you got the job?” She replied.

“Yes but you didn’t let me finish. In order to get the job I had to accept their proposal and their conditions.”

“What conditions? How can they be so bad, what are they?” Rebecca said with a bit more circumspection and calming down a little but still breathing strongly.

“It’s very weird. I have to understand the female market.”

“Ok why is that weird?”

“They want me to wear female clothes, make up and underwear in the office.”

Rebecca just stared at him, her lips pursed, her eyebrows furrowed. “Don’t be daft Stephen, will you stop mucking around. What are you saying?”

“I’m very serious,” he replied.

“No,” said Rebecca, “that would be illegal.”

“I know but they have a way around that. I had to sign a letter requesting I dress like a woman,” he replied.

Rebecca stared at him for a full five seconds. “And you signed it?”

“I had to. They will provide all clothes and products. They will find something with trousers and jacket and plain blouse, flat shoes so it’s not so obvious but they will be women’s clothes.”

Rebecca looked at the ceiling and thought for a further few seconds. Then her smile returned and shoulders relaxed. “Well we really need the money and maybe it won’t be too bad, I´m sure no one will even notice if the clothes are all plain and sort of uni-sex. Go for it! We have no choice anyway as we have no money and growing debts.”

“You’d really be happy with me dressed as a women all day?”

“Not really but it’s either that or we lose the house and car. If this means you wearing feminine cuts in your suits at work then so be it,” replied Rebecca who had strangely perked up again.

“Well thank you for supporting me yet again and I’d prefer not to speak about having to wear female clothes for the weekend.”

Of course he couldn’t forget it and Sunday evening eventually came around. He just could not believe this, tomorrow he was going to be dressed as a women all day in front of a group of women he didn’t know. This was going to be a difficult day.

Chapter 3 The First Day.

A ticking clock above the grey two seater sofa was the only sound he could hear as he waited in the reception area of FemFirst. Stephen looked around the sterile reception again as he waited for Lucilla to arrive. The young receptionist looked bored and avoided eye contact allowing the clock’s ticking to count down the seconds to his imminent challenge. Stephen read through a female design magazine on the light wood coffee table in front of the sofa. Tick tick.

A whooshing sound of air and hinges accompanied the office door swinging open and Lucilla rushed through.

“How wonderful to see you and I’m so looking forward to you working for me. You can’t enter the office until you’re changed because of our policy so please go to the meeting room. I have here a dark grey suit and two plain white blouses for you. We´ll find some more later to cover the whole week.”

The young receptionist glanced up with an unconcealed grin and her eyes met Lucilla’s who grinned back and raised her eyebrows to her.

“I had some trouble with the shoes at size 9 but these black ones are plain and flat. Here are a pack of knickers and some knee length tights for you. When you’re ready I’ll take you in to introduce you to the rest of the team,” said Lucilla.

Stephen looked at the knickers. They were briefs with a satin look and very frilly and lacy. All were in shades of pink with white details and all with flowery patterns.

“The knickers are quite feminine, I had thought we were going for a neutral look,” stated Stephen.

“Si, but they will not be seen by anyone and will allow you to experience the feel of delicate feminine clothes. I think it is a nice idea no?”

“I’m not sure,” said Stephen.

“Once you get used to them you’ll see that it will help you. It will be our secreto. If you are having a problem with them after a week or so come and see me and we can discuss. Now put them on and then the clothes and let’s get started.”

Stephen went to the room, and Lucilla followed him in.

“I´m sorry Lucilla, I need to get changed,” he said. Lucilla stared at him.

“My dear, you are entering a women’s world now and we need you to lose all your male ego and any macho side you have. The role won´t work if you don´t. Now get please get changed. We’re all going to be girls together and girls get changed together.”

“Well I´m not actually a girl Lucilla, I´m just using the products,” he said.

“You need to understand two things my dear. Firstly you´re the marketing admin. support and I am your Director so you will need to call me Ms Rodriguez. Secondly you signed a contract to say you wanted to wear female products and think as a female for this role. We need to get this right for the job to work. You will have to behave like a female during work hours. So I´ll repeat what I said…. we are all girls together now aren’t we, yes?”

Stephen didn’t reply.

“I said, we´re all girls together now yes? You do need to answer me.”

“I don’t want to be a girl, I just agreed to this proposal to get the job,” he stammered looking at the floor.

“Then you should leave as this would be breach of your contract. Is that what you want? I´d thought we had an agreement. You signed the agreement.”

“I don’t want to leave Ms Rodriguez, I want to work here,” he replied sullenly. He wasn’t going to win.

“Then what? You need to tell me something.”

“Yes we´re all girls together Ms Rodriguez,” he said staring down at the floor. A red face giving away his anger.

“That´s better, there’s a good girrl,” she said rolling the ‘r’. If we work like this it’s going to be great, yes? This is all about getting into character and you will have to play your part. Isn’t this better?”

“Yes Ms Rodriguez,” he said, while only thinking that she had just called him a good girl!

This was far worse than he had anticipated. “I’ll get through the day then discuss the humiliation with Rebecca tonight. I’m sure she’ll not be happy that Lucilla called me a good girl.”

“Ok remove all your old male clothes and put these on,” she ordered. He looked distraught.

“OK” she said “I´ll turn round and you can tell me when you at least have your knickers on. You are a shy girl are you not?” She said smirking more.

He stripped off completely and took the small pair of pink knickers with a darker pink lace surround and little flower patterns and put them on. He told her he had the knickers on. Lucilla turned round.

“There, that was not so difficult. Very pretty underwear, it suits you, so very cute. You’re a bit hairy though, especially your legs but never mind, another day. A strange growing lump at the front,” she said giggling and looking at the front of his knickers quite openly. The material was very smooth. Quite unlike cotton underpants. The partial reaction that Lucilla had seen and commented on in his knickers being the evidence.

“Another day what!” He thought. He slipped on the trousers and blouse. The trousers had a side zip and were lower on the hip than he was used to and a little wider in the leg. The blouse was fitted and was somewhat loose around the chest area but otherwise he might get away with it. The blouse was also much shorter than his shirts and although tucked in, the combination of low trousers and shorter blouse meant there wasn’t a lot to tuck in. He put on the tie which thankfully was plain grey although quite thin and then the jacket. This had a fitted shape too and was also a little shorter than his male jackets. He wasn’t sure he would get away with this with anyone who looked but he was trapped for now. He put on the knee high tights and black slim shoes. Female but plain.

Lucilla led Stephen through the door to the main offices, not before the receptionist had watched him all the way with a big grin showing her teeth. Ms Walker came up and put her arm around him. “How nice to see you my dear. Let me introduce you to the team, I have told them all about you and they are all waiting. Nice suit by the way, very pretty and a very good choice by Lucilla, no one would ever know they were female clothes, unless they looked closely of course. Lucilla will give you some instructions as to how to tidy yourself up a little after I’ve introduced you. You have a few rough edges, but more of that later.”

They walked to the centre of the office where a group of around 15 women were waiting. All seemed quite amused at the sight of Stephen. They were chatting together in loud whispers, animated and looking at each other.

“Good morning all and let me introduce Stevie to you, our new marketing assistant. We have broken our rule of female employees as he was the only candidate we could find with the required skills. However Stevie had a brilliant idea which clinched the deal. He asked to be treated the same as everyone else and to wear all the same female products as the rest of us do…. as you can see. We’ve waived the no trousers rule just for Stevie but otherwise everything is feminine. We’ve tried our best to make his clothes quite uni-sex but they are all female nonetheless. Please join me in welcoming him to our team,” announced Ms Walker. The girls all looked at each other and several giggled quietly and whispered to each other but all surrounded him to say hello.

Lucilla took Stephen to his desk outside her office followed by a young dark haired lady.

“This is where you’ll work.You’ll be working closely with Anne here who will help you settle in. You’ll be helping her and doing quite a lot of our admin. and supporting Anne on her project work. When you’ve settled I’ll call you to come and see me in my office as we have to think about your rough edges.”

Anne was younger than Lucilla, slim with straightened fair hair with a fringe to her eyebrows and hair just touching her shoulders, curled into her face under her chin. She had quite sharp features which meant that although everything was right she wasn’t typically beautiful but she did have a very kind face. As with everyone in the office, she was very well dressed with an expensive looking dress cut to just above her knees. And high 6 inch heels.

“Hello Stevie,” said Anne, “nice suit, you look good. I’ll show you the routine here and Lucilla has asked me to brief you on the projects and our customers.” A friendly smile lit her face.

Stephen felt more comfortable as he was happy to work with someone friendly, unlike Lucilla. He sat at his new desk next to Anne.

Lucilla called out from her office door about ten minutes later.

“Stevie dear, can you come and see me now please. Anne could you join us too please. Bring in some coffee for the three of us dearie. You might as well start on the office support jobs now.”

Stephen made the coffees in the kitchen area and knocked at Lucilla’s office door.

“Come in,” called out Lucilla and he entered. Anne was already sitting there with her friendly smile looking at him.

“Hello Stevie please close the door and sit here.” She indicated that Stephen sit at the chair by a small coffee table and Lucilla sat next to him.

“We have some minor things to discuss to improve your appearance pretty quickly. Firstly a very short hair cut is not really appropriate. You´ll need to trial a few hair products and one mm of hair length won´t tell us anything. Can you just let it grow a little? Start from now and I’ll tell you when you can trim it. Actually we get a hairdresser here once a month which is part of the package. You can use her too. Secondly, your nails are far too short and not well manicured. Same thing, let then grow a little and we’ll get them shaped better. The same lady can do them for you too. We have to meet customers you know and we can’t have dirty nails can we?”

Stephen didn’t reply. A female hairdresser and manicurist?

“My dearie, you do need to answer me. You will let your hair and nails grow a little, yes. You mustn’t cut them until I tell you ok?”

“Yes Ms Rodriguez,” he replied. I guess that’s not too bad. It might be nice to be a little tidier.

“You also need to sit up straight and close your legs when sitting down. You may cross them. This is all about appearance. Women are more stylish, more sophisticated in their movements and you need to understand how we sit and act so you´ll need to do the same. Anne could you stay close and help with the changes please?”

Stephen sat up straight and closed his legs together. “Yes of course Lucilla,” she replied smiling beautifully at Stephen again. “I’ll help you Stevie don’t you worry.” She touched his arm.

“Excellente, very good. I really want to help you, you know. I realise it’s a bit of a change to your inbuilt style.” Lucilla said.

“Yes Ms Rodriguez, thank you,” he replied.

“Before you go I have one final thing we need to sort out. I think you´ll agree that the name Stephen is far too masculine. We’ve been using Stevie or dearie as you know but that doesn’t seem to work perfectly either. You know you need to think feminine for the job so why don´t you think of a more feminine name we can use to help you in your job. Again let’s find something neutral. Think about it overnight and tomorrow let me know what you’ve chosen and if I like it we can start to use that. I believe in being a very supportive manager and to help you achieve and grow in your career here and I´m very willing to give you all the support you need to be successful in the female marketplace and these are very small changes and will do just that. Don´t you agree? We’ve had to make some big changes here in giving a job to a male and breaking the no trousers rule. You’re the only one allowed to break this rule you know.”

“I guess so Ms Rodriguez,” although he wasn’t comfortable at all. A female name! “I´ll chat all this through with Rebecca, I think she´ll feel this is all going too far,” he thought.

“Good girl, now run along and Anne will start you off on the work. I have important work to do on a new launch,” she said with a thin smile.

Every time she said girl his body flinched a little. However, Stephen spent the rest of the day with Anne starting to learn the systems and process.


Chapter 4, Rebecca’s Support

“They keep calling me good girl,” complained Stephen. “They want me to grow my hair and nails and sit like a woman!”

It was evening and Stephen and Rebecca were sitting at their dining room table over dinner. Stephen hadn’t wanted to discuss things at first but they agreed to talk over dinner and some wine.

“Well that´s better than calling you a bad girl,” stated Rebecca who started to giggle.

“This isn’t a laughing matter,” replied Stephen, “I’m not a girl.”

“Stephen, are you saying there is something wrong with girls? Are you saying that men are better?”

“No that’s not what I mean, I’m just saying that I’m not a girl I’m a man.”

“Well I think they are being really nice to you. To refer to you as a good girl is a very pleasant thing to do. They are including you in their world and calling you girl is, for them, a great compliment.” This was not the discussion Stephen had expected with Rebecca.

“Are you serious Rebecca?”

She stopped giggling. “I don’t think you’re seeing what I’m seeing. They have taken you into their female world, changed their own rules just for you and they are including you and you should be grateful not resentful. Take it as a compliment Stephen that they want to see you as a girl which is a lovely thing to be and you have a job. You should be happy. They have found a way around the company rules just for you. I am very impressed at what they have done just for you”.

Stephen sat back confused. “Well listen to this then, you won’t think this is nice. They now want me to think of a more feminine name for me to use in the office. Now don’t tell me that is normal.”

“I think that’s a really lovely thing to suggest and they have even given you the choice. I think you’re very lucky to have found such caring employers in this marketplace,” Rebecca sat back firmly.

“You really believe this is normal?” Asked Stephen a little more quietly.

“Yes absolutely,” replied Rebecca, “they are trying to make you more comfortable, closer to your work and closer to your colleagues. I can’t believe you are not seeing it. You’re too caught up in your selfish thoughts to see the more gentle caring side of a female workplace. Remember you are the only one allowed to wear trousers, they have made quite a commitment for you.”

Stephen hesitated and thought. His own wife was going along with the whole strange approach.

“Ok so what would you suggest then”? He asked a little aggressively.

“Well let’s think of your new name then,” Rebecca said, a big smile returning to her face.

“I meant suggest I do about them making feminine.”

“I think we should think of your new name.”

“It’s not my new name; it’s a name for work,” Stephen said sulkily.

“Whatever,” she replied standing up and looking down on him. “But you really need to get yourself together. After all that time without a job and now you’ve found a wonderful job with people who obviously care about helping you and you start to complain. Now your new name is obvious, we just need to change Stephen to Stephanie.”

“Stephanie? Are you crazy?”

“In fact we could shorten it to Steffie,” laughed Rebecca. “I really like that. Maybe we should practice tonight so you’re ready for tomorrow?”

“No,” he replied.

“No worries you can start tomorrow… Steffie,” Rebecca was actually laughing now. Stephen was feeling increasingly trapped and now Rebecca was joking about using his ‘new’ name.

“Would you like to wear your new clothes tonight?”



Chapter 5, The New Name

“So what name have you decided you would like us to call you?” Lucilla was standing over Stephen’s desk in the office the next morning. Anne looked over to Stephen. Stephen had only just arrived at his desk.

“It would be nice to have a more feminine name Stevie,” said Anne, “what’s it to be?” She leant over and touched his arm again and moved closer sliding her chair to be next to him, moving her head into his body space.

Stephen had not wanted this discussion although he was distracted by Anne’s increasing friendliness.

“Come on then, tell us. Don’t be shy. What name do you want us to call you?” Giggled Anne now holding his hand.

“Er… I, I, I discussed it with Rebecca. I think Stevie works can’t we stick with that?”

“Don’t be a silly girl, that is just not suitable, I’m sure you have a nice feminine name you’d like to use. Come on out with it I just know you have something,” said Anne smiling as Lucilla looked on impatiently.

“Come on we don’t have all the day,” said Lucilla.

“Well Rebecca thought that Stephanie was the obvious choice. She thought that you’d probably like to abbreviate that to Steffie as it sounds like Stevie so it’s not that different?”

“Excellente, me encanta,” said Lucilla. “She is a sensible lady. I’ll send out an email to everyone to let them know you prefer to be called Stephanie or Steffie from now on. This is very good.”

“Rebecca said you were being very kind to me.”

“Of course, Steffie. I know you haven’t quite seen that yet but it sounds as if Rebecca will help you. So Anne, do you like the name? It’s much more appropriate don’t you think?”

“Oh I think it’s very cute,” said Anne who clapped her hands and then gave Stephen a hug.

Lucilla walked towards her office then spun round and asked Stephen and Anne to join her after lunch in her office at 2pm ‘o’clock for a meeting.

Stephen was working at his desk with Anne for 30 minutes when he got an email. He opened it with Anne sitting next to him.

To: All at FemFirst

From: Lucilla Rodriguez

Subject: Our new Marketing Assistant

Dear All

You’ve all now had the chance to meet our lovely new marketing assistant who joined yesterday and who is very keen to integrate completely, to fit in with our philosophy and to fully adopt the ethos of our agency. With this in mind our new assistant has asked me to tell you to use the name Stephanie from now on. Stephanie has also asked to be thought of as one of the female team while in the office and in all business matters and to use her, she and girl when speaking about and to her.

I’m sure you’ll all agree wholeheartedly to her request for this and it demonstrates a truly wonderful attitude and team spirit. She told me to tell you all that you can shorten her name to Steffie.



Director Marketing



“Oh that’s wonderful,” said Anne her eyes looking into his, “you really are a lovely person to throw yourself into the job so much. I’ll be happy to do as you wish…you are such a nice girl,” she said giggling. “That really is so wonderful.” She put her arms around him and gave him another big hug.

“I didn’t actually tell her I wanted to be referred to as she or her and especially not girl.

“Oh nonsense,” replied Anne, “you’re just shy, it’s just what you wanted as you’re so keen to be part of the team. I think it’s just wonderful,” and she kissed him on the cheek whilst beaming an enormous smile.

Oh this was going from bad to worse thought Stephen. But he was starting to think of Anne as a good friend amongst all this madness, even though she seemed a little naive to think he actually wanted this feminisation.

Ms Walker passed by shortly afterwards and commented on how pleased she was at ‘her’ attitude to fitting in and throwing himself into the job and how refreshing to find a man who understood that they could embrace a more feminine side. She finished with a “well done Stephanie, this is going far better than I had expected,” and marched off. Stephen looked around him, his shoulders dropped, his face reddening, not with anger but embarrassment.


Anne and Stephen were sitting in Lucilla´s office at 2pm as she started to speak

“Now Anne, something is still not right with Steffie here. It’s her clothes, they don’t seem to quite work. What do you think we need to do?”

Anne looked Stephen up and down.

“Well the tie doesn’t work so I would remove it.”

“Yes you’re right. Steffie take the tie off you won’t need to wear one any more.”

“But that was part of the neutral look Ms Rodriguez.”

“It just doesn’t work so remove it Steffie. It’s just a minor thing and besides it’s a male item so I’m sure it won’t make much difference. Really, most men don’t wear ties these days, it’s not relevant.”

Stephen undid and removed the tie.

“The other problem is that the blouse shouldn’t be tucked in. It’s too short and some is in and some out. Woman wear them outside the trousers, so should Steffie.”

“Right again Anne. Untuck your blouse Steffie and stand up.”

Stephen did as instructed.

“Also white is little plain, you need a bit of colour. I have already thought about this,” said Lucilla. She went to her cupboard. “Men wear pink shirts all the time so this shouldn’t make much difference to your neutral look”. She handed Stephen a pastel pink blouse in his size. “Put this on and leave it outside your trousers.”

There’s one further problem,” added Lucilla. “Women wear bras and without this you just cannot understand our clothing.”

She produced a white bra form her drawer explaining that she had already thought about this. “Slip this on too and put these inside it.” She put the bra on the table along with two pieces of rubber in the shape of a small breast.

“Small A size inserts to give you the feeling of breasts and so you can feel what it’s like. They are not big so they shouldn’t show too much. Quite neutral, no?”

He hesitated staying sat down, staring at the objects.

“Steffie stand up and come here. Remove your blouse and put on the bra and new blouse. NOW.” Lucilla’s voice raised a few notches louder and some of the girls near to the office looked over into the glass walled office.

He felt like a school child being told off. He raised himself with some effort and stood in front of Lucilla. She glared at him impassive, without staring. He removed his plain white blouse. He put on the bra over his naked chest and then pushed in the rubber moulds and then put on the pink blouse. However it wasn’t just pink but had a faint flower pattern running through it in a darker shade of pink with white petals. The collars and front had a fine lace effect.

“That’s much better,” said Lucilla and Anne clapped once and agreed with a large grin on her face.

“I think it’s a bit too feminine. I look like a girl with this,” said Stephen who was fidgeting and looking out the corner of his eye at two of the other girls now watching events from outside having heard Lucilla’s roar.

“It’s definitely not too much as still stays on the side of neutral. If you wear a jacket the bra should be hidden that’s why it’s neutral. We’re not asking you to wear a skirt or a dress now are we? I think you’ll agree it’s all very neutral,” Lucilla using a brushing away motion with her hand to dismiss the idea.

The mention of dresses and skirts caused Stephen to become concerned. However she did say that they are not asking him to wear them so it was ok, wasn’t it? But why even say it?

Anne spoke up that something still wasn’t right and left the office and returned with a little nail varnish jar.

“I think she needs to use this. Don’t worry Steffie it’s a clear varnish so no one will notice that you’re wearing nail varnish, except that your nails will be smarter. Hold out your hands.”

Anne grabbed his hand when he didn’t move and put the varnish on all of Stephen´s finger nails. Stephen looked at Lucilla’s glare and didn’t resist. She gave the bottle to Stephen.

Lucilla smiled coldly. “Great idea Anne. Steffie you’ll wear the varnish every day to the office. It’s neutral so there was nothing to worry about. You’ll be fine, now run along Steffie and be a good girl and close the door after you.”


Chapter 6, A New Hairstyle

Stephen and Anne were sitting in Lucilla’s office for his six monthly review.

Stephen was wearing a pink blouse with a small frill down the front where it buttoned up and a light grey trouser suit. Lucilla had provided two new suits in addition to the original dark grey ones. Lucilla had also provided a second pair of shoes. Brown in colour but these ones had a one inch thin heel. A small heel but a heel nonetheless. Stephen had protested but Lucilla didn’t want to listen as usual. Yes it was a bit more feminine. However, Lucilla had stopped changing his clothes and appearance about 4 months ago so he guessed it had gone as far as it was going to go. Ok everyone referred to him as a ‘her’ and as Steffie but that was the price he had to pay. The other price he had had to pay was to use the new hair removal product the agency was promoting. He had, like all the employees, used it to remove all hair below his neck. Lucilla checked his legs every week and occasionally his chest to make sure he was clear of hair.

His chest was now a little more obvious after Lucilla asked him to change to a B cup. Still nothing large but it was quite apparent, especially as he had to sometimes go without a jacket when it was warmer.

There had been two other gradual changes though. Firstly his hair had become long. He had kept asking if it was long enough as it was now actually longer than Anne’s and was now over his shoulders. Lucilla would not permit him to cut it at all. She had provided a hair dye product after telling him that he was too grey and he had to fit in with the smart corporate identity. Rebecca had helped him dye it a light brown colour.

The other change was in his nails which Lucilla had also forbidden him to cut. They were about quarter of an inch long, above the top of the finger. Anne often filed and shaped them for him and painted the lacquer on. Initially this had been clear but it had changed to a pearl shade. Not quite white but definitely nail varnish. Lucilla had liked this small development and dismissed again his protests saying that it’s not red or pink so it’s neutral. Stephen had tried to point out that nail varnish wasn’t neutral but Lucilla wouldn’t listen, as usual she won the discussion.

“Your hair is quite untidy Steffie,” said Lucilla. “We do need to tidy it up somewhat.”

Stephen’s hair had a side parting which hung over his face a little.

“Of course said Stephen I’ll go and get it cut.”

“Not so fast girl, Anne will arrange that for you. We have a lady who comes to the office. She can trim it for you. I’ll set it up for later this month. In the meantime, Anne can you do something to tidy it up please?”

Anne had a brush in her hand and stood up behind Stephen and started to brush through Stephen’s hair.

“Let’s tidy this up for you Steffie,” she said. She started to brush it through and it felt quite nice Stephen thought. He closed his eyes as the brush wove through his hair, the point of the brush massaging his scalp and Anne’s hands stroking his head after the brush had passed through. This isn’t so bad thought Stephen.

“I think the side parting has to go, it looks a bit scruffy,” said Anne. Lucilla agreed. Anne carried on brushing for some minutes, then brushed some of his hair forward over his face. The fringe came down to his chin.

“Your fringe is far too long, hold on a minute.” She went to her desk and came back with a pair of black handled scissors. Stephen looked at her confused. “I’m just going to trim your fringe a little as it’s falling over your face, hold still.”

Before he could resist or say anything Anne started cutting to just above his eyes. “There that will do until the hairdresser can do the rest.”

She brushed the rest of his hair back from the middle of his head and then pulled it back tightly. She swiftly tied in an elastic band and he had a pony tail.

“”I don’t think a pony tail is a good idea, it’s a bit female isn’t it? Can’t we just let it hang until it’s been cut please?”

“I want it tidier Steffie,” Lucilla’s voice started to raise again. The girls outside were still watching. “Besides lots of men wear pony tails, lots of footballers and musicians. No one will think anything about it.”

“I don’t think footballers are wearing pink blouses and a bra.” He could also feel the fringe just above his eyes.

“Don’t let it fall out Anne, use this to tie it,” instructed Lucilla standing behind him.

Stephen could feel Anne tying something into his new pony tail. “I’ll just make sure it stays tidy.”

He turned his head to one side. It could feel the pony tail swinging. She’d tied the ponytail high up the back of his head as girls do and it was sticking out a little and then hanging down past his shoulders.

“This is a girl’s style, I can’t go out in this.”

Anne just gave him her big smile and kissed his cheek. “You look lovely.”

“Excelente Anne, that’s perfect Steffie.”

He could feel the fringe to his eyes and a female style pony tail. He felt the pony tail with his hands. He could feel the tie, it was a ribbon. It was tied in a large bow around the pony tail.

“What’s this Anne?”

“It’s just a ribbon to make sure it doesn’t fall out.”

He looked in his reflection in the glass office wall. The two girls behind were now giggling and chatting. He could see that she had used a pink ribbon and put in a large bow at the back of his head around the pony tail.

“Please this is completely female I just can’t look like this,” pleaded Stephen. “It’s pink, what are you doing to me?”

“And your blouse is pink too so just what is the problem Steffie? Anne’s spent the past 10 minutes tidying your hair for you and now you’re ungrateful!” Lucilla said firmly. “Don’t be a bad girl Steffie, now get on with your work, off you go. I do not want your hair untidy in the office and Anne has done a good job. As for the bow we don’t have anything else to tie it up with so you’ll just have to go with it. We’ll look for something else in the meantime, it’s just temporary. You will not take it out as you need to have a tidy appearance and Anne has done an excellent job for you. You should thank her. Now please.”

“Thank you Anne,” he said whilst looking at the floor, a red shade rising in his face . He girls outside had their hands to their mouths giggling. She waved him away, the discussion was over.

Anne took his hand. “Come on Steffie let’s go and have a tea break and a chat.” And with that she guided or rather pulled him towards the kitchen area holding his hand.

“Hello Steffie, I love your new hair style. So pretty. Nice pink bow,” said one of the other girls as he walked by. Stephen looked at the floor, his face redder than at any time aware he was passing all the girls in the office whose eyes were following his every step.


Chapter 7, Some New Clothes

“What do you think of the new summer skirt and sandal range Steffie?” Asked Anne. They were in the conference room. Stephen was still feeling uncomfortable with his pony tail even after a week but too worried to remove it. The fringe was a little irritating as it was touching his eyelashes but again, he didn’t dare to do anything apart from occasional brushes away with his hand.

Anne was holding up a short light cotton white skirt, lightly pleated with an elasticated waistband. I’m going to need help to promote this one from you. She held up a few others in different summer colours, pink, yellow and pastel blue and a box of white strappy sandals with 4 inch heels. They were alone in the main conference room

“Yes it’s really lovely,” said Stephen.

Anne slipped the white skirt over her own skirt then undone the skirt she had been wearing under this and let it drop to the floor. She stood out of it. Anne rummaged around in the box of sandals for her size and slipped them on. She walked around the meeting room to model it. It was quite short, about 6 inches above her knee and made with a very fine cotton.

“How does it look Steffie?” He had become used to being called Steffie now.

“Yes I think it had a great look of summer.” Stephen thought she looked very nice. Long slim legs, maybe a little too thin, but very nice all the same.

“Excellent, I’d like to see how it looks on too. Could you slip one for me to see please so I can see too?” She started searching through the skirts on the table and held up a bright yellow one. “Here´s a size 12, that should fit you,” she said with a large innocent smile on her face; sparkling eyes.

“I’m not going to wear a skirt Anne. I know I’ve changed a lot in my appearance but that’s one step too far. Shall I get a mirror for you instead?”

“Don’t be silly Steffie, it’s just the two of us here. I do need to see how it looks and moves. Come on just a couple of minutes. Steffie please just for me so I can see.”

“No I’m not wearing a skirt Anne.”

Anne’s smile dropped. Her face dropped. Her hands fell to the table with the skirt still in them. Stephen thought she was going to cry, she looked so devastated.

“I thought we’d been working together so well Steffie, why are you being so stubborn? This is my project I need it to succeed. You know how Lucilla will be on my back if I fail. Please Steffie. Please.” She continued to look down at the table and play with the skirt between her fingers.

“I need to see how it looks and there are just the two of us. No one else will see and I promise not to say anything to anyone. Here I’ll pull the blinds on the room windows.” Her face perked up a little and she went over to the blinds and shut them all. “I hope no one thinks we’re up to something else” she said with a sad giggle.

Stephen didn’t move. Anne held up the skirt again, her face looking at him, lips slightly pursed. “Just for 5 minutes, please. It’s just for me. I need to succeed in this project otherwise Lucilla will be annoyed with me, I may get marked down on my work appraisal and not get a pay rise. I do need to make this project work. It’s such a major customer.” He thought he could see tears in her watery eyes.

Stephen breathed in deeply. What could he do?

“Give me the skirt Anne,” he said with resignation. Her face lit up a little and she smiled softly.

“Thank you Stevie, you’re so lovely.” He snatched it from her and then undid his trousers, let them drop to the floor and stepped out of them. Anne passed him the short bright yellow skirt. He took it and stepped into it gingerly and pulled it to his waist, the hem some 9 inches above his knee. It felt strange to have so much of his bare legs on show. The material was very fine and felt soft against his shaven skin. The feeling of excitement he’d felt six months ago in the room with Lucilla when changing returned and he felt himself growing in his small knickers. He hoped Anne didn’t notice.

“Could you walk around a bit and tell me how it feels. Is it nice?”

Stephen walked across the meeting room his head and shoulders hanging down. He could feel the material against his thighs and he had to admit inside it did feel nice against his hairless legs, moving in the air. Another spurt of growth down below. It was now showing under the skirt, pushing out the front a little, changing the flow of the material.

“Yes the material is lovely. It feels soft against my skin. OK have you seen enough yet?”

Anne looked at him quizzically. Something wasn’t right.

“Can you put these sandals on first as I can’t see the effect with just your bare feet?”

Anne searched though the box and produced a pair of size 9 white strapped sandals with 4 inch thin heels.

Stephen sighed. He’d gone this far one more humiliation would make little difference now. And it was for Anne who had become a good friend. “Just for a minute”, Stephen put them on reluctantly, breathing out loudly as he did so.

“So how does the skirt feel Steffie, describe it for me as you walk around. Can you twirl a little?”

Stephen walked about and with his back to her twirled form side to side to make the skirt swing. They both laughed. Stephen started describing the feeling and trying to describe feeling of summer. He was actually enjoying the freedom without trousers enclosing his legs and being with Anne. She had become a good friend and wasn’t nasty to him like Lucilla. He liked to please her and repay her kindness.

“Well very nice Stephanie but please can you stop as I have something urgent to deal with.”

Stephen froze then swung round. He had been lost in descriptions and emotions and hadn’t heard someone else quietly enter the room. Lucilla was standing there looking stormy. She went across to the table and sat down.

“Anne please take a seat. Steffie can you take some notes on the white board while we discuss this urgent matter.”

“I, I, I’ll just change back quickly” stammered Stephen horrified. “I was just wearing this for Anne as she…” Lucilla cut him off

“I’m not interested Steffie just take the marker pen and take the notes by the whiteboard.”

“Can I just change back now please?” Pleaded Stephen.

“NO! You can change when we’re done but first we need to agree a promotion strategy as the customer has brought forward their launch date and we need a draft by the end of the day. How do you think we should approach the strategy this range girls?”

“I think I should change first Ms Rodriguez,” said Stephen.

“STOP NOW,” shouted Lucilla and stood up. “We need to work through this strategy, now stand there and take the notes on the board. Change back when we’ve finished. And I hope that goes down a bit during the next few minutes,” she said pointing directly at the front of his skirt where the protrusion was now very obvious.

He looked down the skirt now draped around his erection. At least there will be an opportunity to change later so Stephen just had to continue. The meeting continued for the next hour. Stephen writing the notes on the white board, his yellow skirt flowing around his thighs. He was struggling to concentrate. The feeling of the material was surprisingly wonderful against his skin but he was tottering on the heels and his calves were starting to get tight.

“Ok I think we need a short break, well done girls we’re almost there,” said Lucilla her, mood much lighter now.

Stephen walked over to Anne and asked her to pass his trousers over.

“What are you doing?” Asked Lucilla, the tone of annoyance returning to her voice.

“Just changing back into my trousers Ms Rodriguez.”

“We don’t have time, we have to finish. Go and get 3 coffees and bring them back here and we can carry on”.

“I can’t go out there. I’m wearing a short yellow skirt and high heels.”

“Well let’s see,” said Lucilla, “you asked to be called Stephanie, you asked to be called a girl, you are wearing small pink knickers and have a pony tail tied in a large pink bow and a frilly white blouse and bra. You’re now telling me you don’t want to wear a skirt? Really Stephanie, don’t be so silly. Now run along be a good girl and get our coffees before I get extremely angry. Anne will look after your trousers for you.”

“You look gorgeous Steffie there’s nothing to be ashamed about,” said Anne, “beautiful long legs. You should show them off” Anne was beaming innocently.

Stephen walked towards the door, he had little choice. Tottering a little in his new high heels and the short yellow cotton skirt waving a little around his legs, his long pony tail waving in unison with the movement of the skirt. He opened the door and walked out towards the kitchen. Everyone in the office stopped talking and all eyes were following him. He could hear the sound of girls giggling.

Ms Walker rushed past and stopped in front of Stephen.

“Well well this is an excellent development Steffie, I really like your skirt and sandals and what beautiful long legs. I hope to see more of this style from now on. We have a new summer dress range coming, it will suit you well. I think we can return to the no trousers policy in the office. I’m very happy. I’ll speak to Lucilla and see if she agrees.”

With that she walked off.

Stephen felt dazed everything had happened so fast and he was now wearing a skirt. He made the coffees without thinking and returned to the meeting room. All eyes in the office followed him back.

He entered the meeting room.

“Oh I forgot, the hairdresser is waiting for you in the other meeting room, you need to run along,” said Lucilla.

“No time to change now, just run along to see the hairdresser.”

Stephen sloped to the smaller meeting room where the hairdresser was waiting. “Oh you are a pretty one,” she said to Stephen, “nice long legs. Please sit here.”

“Well finally I can get this hair shortened at least.”

“Lucilla has given me the instructions, not to worry darling.”

The hairdresser undid the pony tail and brushed all his hair out then blow dried the front into a bobbed fringe. She trimmed about half an inch all round and feather cut the ends then curled them into his face. She hadn’t really cut it any shorter, his hair was still below his shoulders. She then used straighteners. She showed him the mirror. A softened female face stared back at him.

“You’ve turned me into a woman,” he moaned.

“I don’t think so dear. You trotted in here with a little skirt and high heels with a pony tail tied in a pink ribbon. I don’t think so, I just applied some touches.”

Surely this couldn’t get any worse.

“I have a couple more jobs to do,” said the hairdresser. Stephen was perplexed and stared at her. What now? She was standing in front of him and moved quickly to his right ear with a small gun like object. He felt a sharp pain. The she moved across and he had the same pain in the other. She stood back and admired her work and smiled.

Stephen could now see in the mirror. He had two small loop earrings in each ear lobe. He couldn’t speak. But the hairdresser did.

“Put out your hands dearie.” Stephen put his hand out on the table in front of him still staring at his new earrings.The hairdresser started cleaning off the old nail varnish. Stephen thought that finally he was getting rid of something feminine.

“Keep your hands still.” She produced a bright pink bottle of varnish and coated his nails, then applied a covering of clear lacquer.” His long nails were now bright pink.

She then made up his face. He was frozen. The mirror now showed no sign of any maleness. In fact a fairly attractive, albeit tall, lady looked back at him.

“Perfect. I think Lucilla want to see you now.”

Stephen walked unsteadily back to the other room with his new hairstyle flowing around his shoulders, new earrings glinting in the office light, bright yellow skirt moving slightly as he walked slowly in 4 inch heels. All eyes were on him.

Lucilla was waiting.

“Can I change back into the trousers please Lucilla?” Pleaded Stephen softly.

”Steffie what is wrong with you? You’ve been wearing a skirt all afternoon with no problem. You have a lovely new hairstyle and earrings and nice make-up and perfect pink nail varnish. The skirt is perfect. I know you can do it now so the answer is no. In fact you are no longer permitted to wear trousers. I’ve spoken to Ms Walker and she agrees. In fact she really likes your new look, especially your long legs. I now expect you to arrive at the office each morning already prepared, no more changing in the entrance meeting room and no more trousers. I’m sure you agree that’s much nicer. Anne show Steffie her new skirts and dresses ready for her to take home. I want to see you arrive in the short white summer dress tomorrow. Anne also has a set of bras for you. You’ll need the new inserts, size D. You’ll wear these every day as well. No exceptions. Off you go now there’s a good girl.”

Stephen thought to himself. “Things couldn’t get worse. Could they?”


Chapter 8, The New Rule

Stephen pulled into his driveway still dressed in the yellow skirt and high heels. He had to make a run for the front door. He looked around and no one was around. He let himself in. Rebecca was standing waiting.

“Well well aren’t you a pretty girl today? What on earth happened at the office today?”

“Rebecca don’t mock me. I have to wear skirts and dresses all the time and they won’t let me change at work. I don’t know what to do.” He was close to tears.

Rebecca held him. “Go through to the living room I’ll make a tea and we can talk about it.”.

“Let me clean the make-up off and change first,” he whimpered.

“Change? You look wonderful. Besides you’ve been wearing that nice skirt all day so you may as well keep it on now. I really don’t see the point of changing, it’s just more washing. I will get really angry if you keep changing things. Besides I think you look lovely in that skirt.”

With that Rebecca led Stephen into the living room.


Chapter 9, The New Product

“We have a new client and a new product to market. It’s a special hair removal product for the genital area”. Explained Lucilla in her office to Ms Walker, Anne and Stephen. Stephen sat there with his new hairstyle, fringe and curled under straightened hair.

“How lovely your hair looks today Steffie,” said Ms Walker.

Stephen cringed, his head moving down into his shoulders. However he replied as Lucilla would have demanded.

“Thank you Ms Walker. Rebecca did it for me this morning.” He crossed his legs covered in a light shiny nylon hold up stocking which finished in his white 4 inch heeled sandals. The white dress had thin straps and was very short so the tops of his stockings were the same level as the bottom of the dress. The dress’s background was white lightly covered with small pink flowers. He had the bra on which was padded out with the rubber inserts.

“This new product is very convenient for you Steffie,” said Lucilla, “you’ll learn something more about what a woman has to do to look beautiful and it will help you as you will be the one here trialling it. Remember you signed that you’d use all the products we market so this is what you’ll do. However this product has a difference and you need to use it fully. It comes with a special blade and template that can cut the hair into a Brazilian or any other design. You’ll use it to shape your pubic hairs into a Brazilian style. The rest of your pubic hair must be completely shaved. You will use the product on the rest of your body below your neck too. So all you will have is just a thin strip of hair above your pussy. This will be nice no? Oh and your nice hairstyle of course.”

Stephen looked shocked, “I don’t have a pussy, what are you talking about?”

“How can you not have a pussy Steffie? Really you are hard work at times but you’ll get there, silly girl. It’s all about feeling feminine, that’s the trick. Anyway no one will see that you have no body hair and a Brazilian, no?”

She told him they would speak tomorrow so he can explain how effective it is, how it feels and then they can work on a marketing story based on your experience.

Before he left Lucilla told him that she would now decide what he wore every day as he needs to look very pretty tomorrow. Anne passed him the skirt. A very short tight yellow skirt and small white g-string knickers. The skirt was no more than 6 inches long and looked very tight. It would barely cover his knickers.



Chapter 10, Exposed

Stephen entered Lucilla’s office the following day. He’d done exactly as she asked. Rebecca had shaped his pubic hairs into a very feminine Brazilian cut. He was wearing a short sleeved blouse with a white bra. His chest was quite large with the new bra and inserts. He had on the short tight yellow skirt. It was above his stocking tops but Lucilla didn’t seem to notice. He had to keep pulling it down as it rode up. Anyone in front of him would see his knickers clearly and probably his balls which spilled out either side of the small g-string.

Anne and Ms Walker were already in the office with Lucilla.

“Can you be a good girl and pop out and get the coffees and some biscuits please Steffie?” Said Lucilla, “whilst we finish our business meeting here. Yellow suits you Steffie, you’re quite pretty really.” Lucilla seemed a little kinder today.

Stephen ignored her and scowled. However standing in front of the three women in a micro tight skirt and small g-string gave Stephen mixed feelings. Embarrassment and anger but incredible excitement. The inevitable bulge starting to appear in the front of the tight skirt now very prominent. It was obvious that all the three women had noticed it by their looks.

When Stephen returned, Lucilla started to speak.

“This is an important new contract for us Stephanie, so we all want to see how good it has been and what you feel about it. Ms Walker is here because it’s a very important contract and wants nothing to go wrong. Anne will be managing the day to day operation. So we all need to hear what you think. Please sit down next to me.”

Stephen sat and his skirt rode up to the level of his knickers and bulge which were now clearly on display for all to see. The large and growing bulge which all looked at with some amusement on their faces. He put his hands between his knees to try to hide his growing cock and smooth balls from showing.

“So tell us how did it feel Steffie, the product I mean? I can see how you’re feeling in other ways,” said Lucilla staring at his erection barely concealed by the small g-string. The women all looked at each other giggling a little, even Ms Walker.

Stephen swallowed hard to regain some composure then explained in a watery voice how effective it was and how there was no sting. The special blade and template had been very easy to use and he had a perfect Brazilian cut.

“Excellent news Steffie,” said Lucilla, “now let us see for ourselves. Remove your blouse and skirt so we can see how it worked on your body.

“But I’ll be standing here in just a pair of knickers and bra!” Stated Stephen. “That doesn’t seem normal or right. Do you ask all your employees to strip off for the product testing?”

“STEPHANIE. HOW DARE YOU,” shouted Lucilla, “I had thought you understood our agreement”

“I’m very disappointed with this,” said Ms Walker more calmly, “I thought after yesterday we had made an excellent choice in hiring you and now I hear this outburst. It really won’t do. I think if this is the attitude maybe we need to terminate things right here. This contract is vital to our business and you are not willing to help us. Lucilla’s email explained that it was YOU who wanted to be thought of as more feminine. It was you who wanted to be called Stephanie and spoken of as her and she. Are you telling me this was untrue?”

Lucilla stared straight at Stephen. Stephen swallowed. He was trapped, he couldn’t say that it was Lucilla’s idea. “No I wanted to be known as Stephanie and referred to as a girl,” he said staring down at the floor.

“Well good then,” said Ms Walker, “I had expected that you would wear only neutral clothing and but you wanted to go further, not us, so what is your problem Stephanie?”

“I don´t know Ms Walker, I’m sorry.” Stephen stood still.

“So in that case please strip down to your knickers and bra Stephanie. I thought we’d all agreed that we’re all girls together,” added Lucilla. “Make your choice now or leave.”

Stephen had nowhere to go. He removed his shoes, stockings, removed his blouse and finally slid down his skirt and stepped out of it. Not that it had been covering much anyway. He had on the bra and the g-string knickers which was covering very little now with his full erection pushing the triangular piece of material out leaving the side of his remaining evidence of manhood and balls open to view. Ms Walker smiled. Lucilla showed little interest. Anne moved her head to look closer from the side, screwing up her eyes a little.

“That’s better, but no more unprofessional behaviour my girl or you’ll be out. This is a final verbal warning,” said Ms Walker. “If you want us to think of you as a girl then you need to act like one.”

They all stood up and walked around Stephen and inspected his chest and legs

“Yes very smooth and effective product,” said Anne. The three women inspected his depilated body and legs. Anne bent down to look closer at the g-string from the side. Just his tip was covered and his erection was very hard. Anne giggled again. The receptionist was walking past the office and stopped as she could see Stephen standing there.

“This is most impressive and very cute knickers Steffie,” said Lucilla, “I love the little frill and g-string. Pink certainly suits you girl. However I want you to remove them now.”

“Please slip them off as we need to see the Brazilian clearer,” echoed Ms Walker.

Stephen froze.

“Come on girl,” said Ms Walker, “no more of your antics please, this is a serious business meeting and I don’t have the time for any games.”

“REMOVE THOSE KNICKERS NOW GIRL OR BE DISMISSED,” screamed Lucilla. The receptionist outside was laughing with her hand over her mouth.

Stephen was beaten, he had nowhere to hide. He slowly bent down, he took his knickers in his thumbs and slowly slide them down over the erection. The three women watched. The knickers were at the end of his penis. He hesitated and looked at Lucilla. She raised her eyebrows in expectation and dipped her head. He closed his eyes and slid the knickers off. His penis suddenly bounced free which brought a stifled giggle from Anne and Ms Walker. Lucilla was impassive. They moved their chairs into a row in front of him.

“Stand in front of us girl,” ordered Lucilla. Stephen stepped up to them, his depilated penis hard and stiff bouncing slightly as he moved. The receptionist outside stared then her mouth dropped before emitting a laugh.

“Oh this is excellent,” said Lucilla.

“Yes a very good cut,” replied Ms Walker stroking his skin with her finger tips either side of his Brazilian cut.

Anne lifted his cock up delicately with her thumb and forefinger to expose his balls to all.

“Completely depilated. No hair at all. This product is extremely effective,” said Ms Walker. “And you say there was no stinging Stephanie?”

“No,” he croaked

“OK,” said Lucilla, “I´m pleased with this and we need to meet up this afternoon in the conference room to plan our programme. Anne can you invite Jane to project manage and Sandra from Sales. No need for you to put your clothes on girl as you’ll have to take them off again shortly so just put on your sandals and go back to your desk and wait for my call”.

“But I have nothing to cover myself Ms Rodriguez,” said Stephen, “I can’t walk around the office like this, can I, with no clothes to cover my privacy?”

“It’s just too much fuss as you will only have to remove them in a little while.” She got up and picked them up and put them in her desk drawer. “You’ll need to model the cut again shortly to the rest of the team.”

Stephen stood in front of them, his white bra the only item of clothing, otherwise completely naked in a pair of high heel sandals. His hair long and cut into a fringe just above his eyes and the ends of his hair curled around his face.

“Ok you look quite upset,” stated Ms Walker surprisingly kindly. “Are you cold, maybe we can find you a little something to wear? What do we have Anne?”

“Ok,” said Lucilla, “but make sure you don’t poke anyone with your cock.”

“So I can wear something?” Asked Stephen.

“Yes but you must not cover the Brazilian we need to see it,” ordered Lucilla

Anne smiled and produced a small packet. It was a pair of sheer and shiny hold up stockings. Lucilla passed him his blouse.

“Excellente, now you can be warmer, we only need to see your legs and Brazilian. Put these on a get back to your desk.”

Stephen pulled on the stockings put back on his shoes, slipped on his pink blouse and left Lucilla’s office. The eyes of the girls outside followed him to his desk as his naked penis swung from side to slide slowly like a large erect pipe.

Jane the project manager was chatting on the other side of the office but spotted him and walked over and sat next to him. Stephen always thought she looked like the tennis star Serena Williams. Her long black straightened hair was longer though and her voice had a beautiful soft BBC type accent. She looked immediately down as his erection which was pointing at the ceiling.

“Ooh I like your Brazilian Steffie,” she said staring directly at his erection, her wide grin showing a line of perfect white teeth top and bottom. Anne sat next to them.

“Oh don’t worry Steffie,” said Anne as she placed her hand under his erection and gently stroked along the top with the palm of her hand. Jane burst out laughing again.

“You do seem rather excited Steffie,” said Jane, “and it keeps bouncing when you move.”

Anne moved her hands away but then pressed his erection down and let in spring up again. Stephen put his hands over his eyes as Anne pressed and released again and the two girls laughed as it wobbled up and down. Stephen couldn’t find his emotions. He wanted to cry at the humiliation but equally he felt excited, elated and immense sexual pleasure. His face showed only a down-turned mouth though.

“Ok Steffie please don’t get upset. We were only playing. Let’s all go to get a coffee and relax.”

“I don’t want to walk through the office with everything on show Anne. Can I put a skirt on please Anne?”

“Yes but not just yet. Lucilla wants to wait as we have to design the marketing campaign first then you can. Anyway, they will get to see everything soon enough Steffie, we may as well get it over with. There’s nothing they haven’t seen before. You are wearing your high heel shoes, your stockings your bra and blouse so you shouldn’t be chilly. Not that you look chilly,” she said grabbing his erect penis at the end once again and shaking it a little.

“Let’s go to speak to the other girls. We can bring them all coffee or tea.”

Anne pulled Stephen up by his erection and gave him a kiss on the cheek. He was reluctant to move. She took him by his erect penis and pulled it up and shook it a little. “Come on let’s go.”

She led him to the other end of the office holding his erection as they walked. The girls at the far end were watching quietly as they approached. Nothing could be worse than this thought Stephen. And nothing better either.



Copyright © Lady A 2014

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  1. ahumanishere says:

    Wow…nice story.


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    A lovely story Mistress this is how to treat mere males


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    Just a wonderful story. The writing is excellent. I hope you continue……thank-you.


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    Delightfully humiliating…


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    What a great story wish this would happen to me ,how can I ask my wife to do this


    • Lady A says:

      Hello Russell thanks for your comments. Many people ask me that question. Really you have to start being submissive and doing everything for her. She’ll possibly eventually see the benefit to her of you being feminised. It’s up to you to make it worth her while. Lady A


  11. Susan Heiss says:

    I thought this a great story, but it has a great sequel opportunity. Steffie needs to be guided further along . Rebbeca seems to be enjoying Steven,s feminization. Steven is slowly accepting his feminzation. Why not continue the story with hormones and an eventual final feminization process and then a promotion to a executive position.


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    Lady A as i told you earlier i have started being submissive to my wife.Now i am doing all the housework at home except for cooking which we are sharing as she feels i need to be trained more.I do not think now only ask her what she wants and how she wants and when she wants I just hope she gets used to my being available for doing her bidding and it strikes her i could be feminised.. In addition i am doing small things indicating my preference to get feminised like sitting with legs close, wearing brighter apron while cooking and washing, using wife’s moisturiser, speaking softly, moving slowly with legs close, making more eye movements, sitting on toilet and yes she does seem to have noticed tho she hasnt said anything. I also just going on telling myself i am ‘shelby’.I also intend removing my hair (i dont have much hair on chest or back anyway), wearing bra and panty .


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    Its very difficult to do this ,I have a 10 year old ,who looks up to me ,im very manly in what I say ,and how I act.My wife though wears the trousers literally ,she actually does ,cant remember when I last saw in her in a dress ,she sometimes wears a skirt for work,the number times I say youre not wearing a skirt again ,I feel like saying or I will wear one then .But yes shes in control of the money she even does the DIY,I get to do very little,I sometimes think that shes the man of the house and im the female.


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    I am just waiting Lady A for her to realise with my subtle hints and indirectly push me into feminisation . But for sure she has settled into the dominant position in the house and decides everything. She did tell me that this weekend her friend would be coming and I have got the inkling that her dominant side would be furthered then. Though i am still dressing as a male i have moved from sober to brighter colors and she has not objected. My total submission would be to the test when her friend comes along for one day now and I will do my best to do well and hope my wife realises that i could be feminised in due course.


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