The Women’s World

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An early outline draft version of this story originally appeared on this blog site from 2014 to 2016 as ‘A Woman’s World, parts one and two’. The story has been updated and expanded significantly and now appears on Amazon as as this completed work.

Chapter 1

Where am I?

Hot, still and airless. He woke in plain humid room and found himself lying on a bed, the morning sun glaring through the unlined curtains and into his eyes, the imperfections in the white walls filled with a light sandy coloured dust. He jerked his head away to avoid squinting, feeling the heat; it was going to get much hotter. Disorientation filled his mind as he looked around, where he was? Why was he here? He looked down at his uncovered naked body, the rays of sunlight catching the gleams of sweat drops sitting on his chest and belly button. His eyes travelled further down and he squinted as he saw a thin black leather strap tied tightly around the base of his penis and balls which stretched tightly out from his body. A frown appeared across his forehead as he focussed on his tightly extended reddened balls, which should have been painful, but his still sleepy brain acknowledged that they were merely vaguely uncomfortable and oddly satisfying. A small metal loop lay across the base of his cock attached to the strap and a long metal chain, like a dog’s lead, was attached to the strap through the metal loop and then padlocked to the metal bedpost near his head. He continued to stare, not yet comprehending in his sleepy state what he was trying to process. Why was he naked, why was he here and why did he have a strap around his balls with a leach attached?

“Well good morning,” came a deep yet familiar feminine voice from somewhere in the room. His head jerked up and his eyes scanned the room for the source of the comment. They settled in the corner of the room by the bright window and on the seated form of a tall muscular lady, slightly obscured by a hazy sun’s strengthening glare. Long crossed legs clad in loose light cotton mid length light blue shorts, a white flat sandal hanging on the toes of a raised foot. His foggy eyes could make out light blond flowing hair falling over her shoulders and over a faded yellow blouse, unbuttoned to expose a deep cleavage. A wide toothy smile expanded across her angular sun-kissed face.

As he concentrated on her appearance, recognition and realisation flooded into his waking brain. He sat up briskly, conscious of his nudity and cupped his exposed penis with his hands. The tall woman laughed from her throat, throwing her head back and her breasts out making the remaining closed blouse buttons threaten to momentarily pop open before her head moved back upright and her breasts retreated back removing the temporary strain. She was still smiling broadly.

“I think we’ve all seen plenty of that little thing by now,” she said in a mischievous manner while looking directly at his now covered manhood.

She stood and cast a long shadow across his cupped hands and stomach. She slid the ineffective curtains wide open and the sun poured in making the man look away again and a large black insect to scurry up the wall and away from the curtain. His eyes became gradually accustomed to the light as he looked out at at the dry brown landscape, so different from the green of England he had left just two days ago

He remembered now; his shoulders slumped as he recollected just why he was naked in the room and why the tall muscular lady was there. He remembered why he was attached to that lead and why the strap was attached to his cock and balls. The lady was now standing tall and straight in front of him, erect as if she were balancing an invisible book on her head. He had only been there one day but he knew exactly what to expect. The tall lady unlocked the padlock on the bedpost and motioned for him to get off the bed and then to bend over. He did as instructed knowing he had to acquiesce, bending in half, his eyes now exploring the knots on dry worn wooden floorboards, his hands hanging loosely by his side and his tightly bound cock and balls pointing downwards. His cock twitching and nw displaying a morning glory, in all its glory. His eyes glanced up and behind between his legs and he saw the lady standing directly behind his exposed naked arse. His face flushed with the humiliation of his position and his bare arse cheeks tensed as he saw the lady’s legs move sideways on beside him.

Slap, the stinging sound of palm on skin as her hand came down on his bare bottom and his whole body twitched in reaction. Slap, again and then again, his eyes watered, his bare arse now shining bright with the imprint of multiple long fingered reddened hand shapes, heat radiating from the slaps. Maintenance punishment, she had called it the first time, just to let him know who’s in charge: as if he didn’t know that by now. Once in the morning and once before bed and other times during the day he would receive punishment if he committed a misdemeanor. Exactly what constituted a misdemeanor was still a little vague to him and seemed to be at the whim of the tall lady. Misdemeanor punishment was usually a slap of his cock and balls which, if she caught him unawares, would be painful. She would usually make him stand there in front of her to be scolded while she slapped his cock in time to her scolding. He was learning already to be overly respectful to avoid this punishment, or at least to minimise it.

She told the man to remain bent over. He couldn’t see her but he instantly suspected something new was about to happen. He heard her move across the room, her sandals clacking on the wooden floor and then she returned. She told him to hold still as he felt her fingers caressing his arse, rubbing around his ring with a feeling of a cold wet gel being applied. Her fingers entered him with copious amounts of the cold gel which dripped off his bum cheeks and onto the floor. He jerked automatically as she inserted her fingers into his arse but she told him in a soothing voice to remain calm, she wouldn’t hurt him, this time. He wanted to turn round to see what was happening but couldn’t twist his neck sufficiently. He had never had anyone play with his arse on this way before and it was a surprise to him that it was not unpleasant; a tingling sensation rose in that area and up to his stomach. Her finger twisted around the channel inside his body, he could feel her finger nail, a slight scratching feeling as she applied the gel lotion. He twitched, mirroring her finger movements. It wasn’t right he thought, to enjoy this but he was trapped and there was little to do but enjoy it a little and allow his cock to continue to react with a fierce erection. Then the woman’s finger withdrew and he stayed there, bent, the pleasure turned off in an instant to be replaced with something larger and clearly artificial touching his arse ring piece. It entered him deeply and he tried to jerk his body up only to find the woman’s hand on the back of his head pushing him down again.

“What are you doing?” He howled.

“It’s a butt plug and you’ll be wearing this inside you from now on as I want your little arsehole blocked off. I think that will be much cleaner and tidier for all of us here, we don’t really want to see your arse ring when you’re bent over working. You may only remove it with my permission, do you understand me girl?” The woman was smiling brightly and she spoke kindly despite the tough course instructions she had just given.

The man winced again at being called girl but he knew he had to agree. The object inside him had a satisfying feeling, one he had not experienced before. The woman removed her hand from the back of his head and allowed him to stand. He felt the object inside his arse and the base of it across his bum cheeks stopping it entering completely. His hand moved involuntarily to feel it there and there was a soft silicone touch. He reflected again that it was an agreeable sensation although an intrusion of his privacy. Privacy, a lost right.

She told him to turn round. He turned, his rigid erect cock pointing directly at the tall lady and a faint smirk came over her face as her eyes fell down to it.

“Mmm, I think you like the butt plug, I didn’t expect that but it’s good as I want you to get used to your life here and to be comfortable,” she cooed smoothly in her deep voice.

The man looked down at the floor, his face flushing. He couldn’t understand why he was so turned on by such intimate humiliation from someone he had only met two days ago. She was doing what she pleased, outrageously intimate things to him but without emotion, without conscience. His guilt returned, guilt for enjoying something he would have thought of as perverse behaviour just two days ago. It was still perverse behaviour.

The tall woman continued to look at his erection and put her hand to her chin, and stroked it lightly.

“I’m not sure whether to take you to breakfast with that erection or whether I should get you to milk yourself.”

The man looked up at her, still unable to take in that she could speak to him so plainly and openly about such deeply personal and private matters yet she had no shame and spoke as if it were an everyday occurrence to have a naked man with whom she could do whatever she wanted: sexually, physically and verbally.

“No, I’ll take you with the erection, I think it’s so sweet that you are excited. Besides I know that one or two of the ladies want to use it later so let’s keep your powder dry, shall we?”

The man jolted back at what she had just nonchalantly said but she smiled again as she spoke to herself and nodded her head absent-mindedly. He was struck again by the everyday manner in which she spoke about the bizarre humiliation she was inflicting on him, she could have been talking about whether to have tea or coffee.

The woman picked up the slim shiny metal dog lead and clipped it onto the small metal ring on to top of the strap around his balls.

“Come on let’s get going,” she said tugging on the chain playfully, stretching out his balls, his erection pointing directly ahead. The foreskin on his cock fully retracted with the strength of his erection, exposing the sensitive head part to the humid air and to the tall lady’s amused gaze.

“There’s a good girl, you can shower and brush your teeth after breakfast. Maybe you’ll need a cold shower,” she grinned impishly. She showed no malice toward him and spoke gently yet treated him as a possession.

He looked down at his erection, exposed and on show and cringed at the comment from the tall lady, his shoulders slumping, his head drooping as he started to think about how his life had changed so dramatically in just one day. The day he entered the woman’s world.

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  2. Hellen says:

    I guest I had better watch were I go walking. Feminization no problem, but slavery!


  3. Ramsh says:

    Agree with Hellen


  4. Kitty says:

    Great intro, looking forward to the rest. kitty


  5. whyguys says:

    More great fiction (or would this be foreshadowing!) PLEASE!


  6. sara elise says:

    Oh, my!! 😀 sara


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