Becoming Joanne Part 1

forced feminizationPart one of a future three book series on e-book and paperback

Julie has had enough of her husband’s arrogant and misogynist ways and, with the help of her friends, decides there is only one way to change his behaviour…

This story charts the transition that Joseph undertakes from arrogant man to submissive girl.

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Here’s the first chapter


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Introduction to the book:

My name is Joanne and I’m a 45 year old housewife and part-time administration assistant at a law firm in Central London. I live in North London and I’m tall for a girl but I am very slim with long slim legs although my shoulders are a little too broad for my liking. I wasn’t always as pretty as I am now.

I’m married to Julie and have been for ten years. Thankfully, two women living together as wife and wife is no longer considered unusual although some of my own family and friends think I’ve changed a little too much in recent months. Julie however, says I’m now like a beautiful butterfly who’s emerged into the light after years as an ugly caterpillar.

Julie is very much in charge in our marriage and you could say she wears the trousers in our relationship, sometimes in reality and always metaphorically. She doesn’t permit me to wear trousers ever in any sense of the meaning. Julie doesn’t do any housework, laundry or cooking, that is entirely my responsibility. She chooses all my clothing and insists on me wearing very short skirts and dresses with high heels saying she loves me to look pretty and very girly. No tights for me, only stockings, as Julie says they are more feminine and far more sexy.

My fingernails are long and coloured with bright pink nail varnish in shellac thanks to my regular attendance at the local nail-bar. My make-up is perfect; I’ve learnt how to apply it myself expertly. My hair is deep brown and shoulder length with large curls at the ends. Julie accompanies me to the hairdresser every week to make sure it is kept looking pretty. My fringe curls under slightly and touches my top eyelashes which makes me blink at times. Julie says my blinking makes me look cute and innocent, which I’m not. Not innocent that is.

I wear a C-cup bra but as I’m naturally flat-chested, I have to wear breast forms. Julie says she is going to pay for an operation to have breast implants inserted so that I can have real breasts. She’s considering a D-cup but I’m not keen. However, Julie says it doesn’t matter what I think as this is what’s going to happen and that it’s not my fault that nature neglected to give me large tits. She says she’s going to rectify the situation. Another thing is that I have something extra in my knickers that most girls don’t have. Julie says I’ll be keeping it as a reminder of my past misdemeanours plus she likes to play with it sometimes for her personal sexual enjoyment. At all other times she locks it away in a small cage and keeps the key.

My name is Joanne but I used to be called Joseph. My wife Julie became very unhappy with my past behaviour and so she arranged for me to be transformed into the girl I am today.

My name is Joanne and this is my story.

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