Forced Feminisation Stories

If you enjoy forced feminisation and  female domination stories then have a look at my books below.

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forced feminisationThe Reluctant Housemaid

Twenty years ago a young man finds himself living with his stepmother and stepsister after his real father is sent to prison, They are not happy at having to look after him and start a campaign to transform into someone much more to their liking. Meanwhile in the present time, a lazy husband is confronted by his wife who wants him to do more in the home. With the help of a sexy neighbour, he is forced to become their housemaid. E-book and paperback.

feminised husbandHow I Feminised my Husband

This is the true story of how I transformed my marriage by feminising my loving husband. The book explains how I took a normal vanilla marriage and moved it to a different level by taking control and introducing a sometimes reluctant husband to a life of femininity and obedience.

E-book and paperback.

feminisation is compulsoryFeminisation is compulsory

Edward Hayes is an arrogant explorer who discovers a hidden secretive tribe deep in the Brazilian jungle. This tribe of tall muscular females take Edward on a new journey of exploration: a journey of transformation.
This 8,000 word erotic novel contains scenes of a sexual nature including male to female gender transformation, sexual acts, forced feminisation, CFNM, humiliation and female domination.

Her toyHer Toy – A Gender Transformation and Femdom Story

He had been transformed into a feminised house-servant by his imposing mistress Aretta Ademola. She wasn’t satisfied though, she wanted more. She wanted a feminised bimbo.This 8,000 word novel contains explicit scenes of a sexual nature including male to female gender transformation, sex acts, domination, humiliation, reluctant feminisation, breast enlargement and CFNM.

a very dominant womanA Very Dominant Woman

Aretta Ademola is one of the world’s most successful marketing executives. However this wasn’t enough for her. She also craved control; control over men and the power to feminise them. After a successful career in marketing and in forced feminisation in Spain, she moves to a new job in London and sets about rebuilding her lifestyle by selecting an unsuspecting the man who will be her next target; or is that victim?

forced feminizationBecoming Joanne Part One

The wife of an arrogant and misogynist man has had enough of his bad behaviour. She enlists the help of her best friend, a tough professional lady called Melissa. Melissa employs him at her office as a general assistant.  And so begins the process of his forced feminisation.

Available in e-book and paperback.


a sister in laws lawA Sister-in-Law’s Law

A successful businesswoman, who believes passionately in the superiority of women, is concerned that her sister’s husband is worthless and not providing the lifestyle for her that she deserves. She hatches a plan to show her a better life by taking control of her sister’s husband and turning him to their personal housemaid.

the womans worldThe Woman’s World

Mistaken identity meant that a female only community accepts a new male member believing him to be another woman due to his name: Vivian Morgan. Stuck miles from anywhere in southern Spain, Vivian has to spend the night at the commune. Unable to accept a man there but needing his specific skills, one of the women improvises a plan: Humiliate him and feminise him. He is unable to escape so she starts to work on him from his first night there.

the-new-assistantThe New Assistant

Everything seemed perfect for a young man who found a job working as the personal assistant to a beautiful and powerful woman. Living and working in her luxurious riverside apartment it all seemed too good to be true. It was. She wanted absolute control of everything, including him and how he looked and dressed. Very soon he was being taken down a route he had never anticipated towards forced feminisation and humiliation ….



Look Ladies, he has boobies by Brianna

A husband loses his job and his wife needs a maid at home – a match made in heaven? Free

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