Feminisation is compulsory

feminisation is compulsoryEdward Hayes is an arrogant explorer who discovers a hidden secretive tribe deep in the Brazilian jungle. The tribe of tall muscular females take Edward on a new journey: a journey of transformation.

This 8,000 word erotic novel contains scenes of a sexual nature including male to female gender transformation, sexual acts, forced feminisation, CFNM, humiliation and female domination.
Strictly for adult readers aged 18+ only.

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Feminisation is compulsory.

A gender transformation and femdom novel

Copyright © Lady Alexa 2016

All rights reserved. No reproduction, copy or transmission of this publication may be made without written permission of the author.

This erotic novel contains scenes of a sexual nature including male to female gender transformation, sexual acts, forced feminisation, CFNM, humiliation and female domination.

Strictly for adult readers aged 18+ only.


A perfect transformation

They said he would see the changes after three, maybe six months. It had taken just one month. He rubbed his finger tips around his nipples. They felt sore. He sat up sharply, his hands pushing into the muscles around both his tender nipples. His breasts were growing fast, much faster than anyone had expected, the whole area now fitted inside the long fingers of his cupped hand. They were not enormous yet, maybe a B cup? But he now had girl’s tits without any doubt. A moment of panic took hold, he knew they had told him he was to become a girl but he never really believed it was going to happen. Not to him, he was all alpha male. It wasn’t possible he had thought. Well he certainly wasn’t an alpha male now. It was doubtful he was even fully male any more.

He jumped naked out of bed to look in the large full length mirror in his bare sparsely furnished room. He stood side on to see his reflection lit by the early morning light from the open window. Yes, there was no doubt he had tits, just like those of a young woman. He was thirty-eight. His new tits were very sore. He poked his unusually engorged and extended nipples, his chin on the top of his breast bone as he peered at his bodily transformation. A small tear of white liquid seeped out between his fingertips from the end of his nipple. It couldn’t be, could it? Milk?

His face flushed, a bead of sweat on his forehead. He felt hot and flustered. He approached the mirror and gazed at his face closely. Were his lips thicker? They looked fuller. He liked them, they looked more sultry and it took his mind off his new tender breasts for a few moments. And what had happened to his facial whiskers? They had become wisps of fuzzy hair. He had lost weight around his middle too, that can only be a good thing he considered. His waist was now smaller than his hips. He stared again. His waist was definitely smaller but did that make his hips look bigger, or were they bigger? Yes that was it, it must be an illusion, his hips couldn’t have got wider could they? His bum had filled out too, more rounded. His eyes fell onto his cock and balls. It must be colder than he thought as they appeared to be smaller than in the past. But it wasn’t that cold today.

The tall dark lady entered his room without knocking and headed straight to him, her position in their relationship clear by her superior manner and bearing. She had seen him naked many times of course. That was how he had to remain at home. Naked. She knelt down and inspected his cock and balls. She cupped his balls feeling their size and pursed her lips and nodded. She lifted his cock and produced a piece of string and held it along its length as a measure. She nodded to herself again; she was very pleased with his progress.

She stood up again and looked intently at his breasts and put a hand to one and rubbed them and gave a slight squeeze in several places before letting go and looking him in the eye.

Yes they are growing extremely well, you’ll soon be fully transformed and become the girl you are supposed to be.”

Chapter 1

First Contact

Edward Hayes grasped at the tough woody root vegetation at the edge of the summit. His arm muscles bulged as he made one last effort to pull himself up and onto the flat grassy surface above. He turned to lean over the rim of the summit to link hands with his assistant Eva and pulled her up with him and onto the flat area.

An overwhelming sense of achievement gripped him as he lay his exhausted body on the flat edge of the plateau-topped mountain he’d just climbed with Eva. He looked back over his shoulder at the 3,000 feet drop to the central Brazilian rain forest below him. An arduous climb. He continued recording the moment on his iphone on the selfie-stick as he lay there on his front. Eva lay beside him and he threw her a tired smile.

The discovery of a previously unknown hidden tribal community deep in the highlands of Central Brazil would make Edwards Hayes, explorer, linguist, anthropologist and adventurer, ably assisted by the loyal Eva Schmidt, world famous. Well he would become famous he thought, she was just his capable and somewhat boring and plain assistant. This would be the culmination of his career. They had travelled for five days through the rain forest below to reach the mountain. They had never shaken off the feeling they were being watched, sometimes there were sounds of braking branches. They both felt it. He put that down to the wildlife. Nevertheless, it had been disconcerting, the continuous feeling of invisible eyes on their backs.

He slipped off his rucksack and turned over onto his back to allow his muscles to recover from that final exertion before the last stage of their adventure of discovery. Eva unpicked her natural ash-blonde Germanic hair which had been tied up in a sensible bun away from her neck to allow it to fall down with relief onto the top of her shoulders. She shook her head to release the strands of her thick light-coloured hair. Eva took over the recording, sweeping the iphone around the vista behind them as they sat up together to grin with tired expressions at the screen.

A large dark-skinned female face filled the entire image. They spun round in shock, their backs now towards the precipitous drop. They were facing an arc of ten tall muscular dark-skinned women. They seemed to be aged between twenty-five and thirty-five, carrying a variety of smooth wooden-handled spears. All had similarly styled long straight black hair, enormous almond shaped brown eyes and were dressed in smooth mid-thigh length suede skirts of various dark shades of green, brown and cream. Some wore separate suede tops others were dressed in full suede dresses. Large firm breasts hung free but taut and strong under their tops. An eerie silence ensued as they observed each other with just the hiss of the breeze and the calls of an unknown animal from the trees a few feet from the grassy ledge. The expressions of the women showed a deep perplexed interest. Edward and Eva hadn’t expected a welcoming committee so soon. Now they knew exactly who had been watching them on their journey through the jungle.

The all-female group moved to within touching distance of the two explorers. A sour looking native woman with a scar on her left cheek strode forward aggressively. She put her fingers through Eva’s unkempt hair and then touched her breasts with force. Eva pushed her away, anger in her square face. Blue eyes blazing. The scar-faced woman then lifted a strand of Eva’s blond hair again in demonstration to the group behind them and they all spoke together in a language unknown to Edward and Eva. The scarred native woman let out a “humpf” sound and appeared to lose interest in Eva and turned to meet Edward eye to eye and scowled as she bent down to face him. Her lips opened a fraction and her teeth bared like an animal ready to attack. She wasn’t happy about something he thought. She stared a moment more and then removed his wide-brimmed bush hat and threw it over the edge of the plateau; a challenge. He looked around in alarm and saw it catch a thermal, flying off and up towards the afternoon sun and clear deep-blue cloudless sky.

Edward looked at Eva. “I don’t think that Scar Cheek is very friendly.”

They both felt a sense of threat for the first time. Scar Cheek put her hands on his chest and began to push him back towards the edge and then raised a clenched fist and drew it back. Eva gasped and tried to move to protect him but was shoved back by Scar Cheek’s long-fingered open palm. Edward closed his eyes involuntarily waiting for the strike that never came. He opened his eyes with anguished anticipation to see that one of the other native women was holding Scar Cheek’s arm and they were engaged in a brief intense tussle of strength. She gave an order in their language and Scar Cheek withdrew. Eva and Edward breathed out in unison. Danger averted for a while.

His saviour observed now him, looking all over his face in close up. She was a striking looking dark-skinned women with high prominent cheekbones on a sultry face and she matched his six-foot height inch for inch. She barked some more orders to the rest of the group. She was the leader and Edward surmised that she had probably got there by virtue of her physical size and strength.

The leader took his and Eva’s arms with a look of friendship on her face and gently pulled them away from the edge to a safer distance as the others watched and Scar Cheek looked down at the ground. A slight smile crossed the Leader’s lips, that was a good sign he thought, wasn’t it? He glanced at Scar Cheek who looked up to stare at him with undisguised venom.

A short moment passed while both sides observed the others again. One or two of the women made comments to each other in their language, but without the malevolence of Scar Cheek. They approached and stroked the five-day growth on his chin and the blond hair of Eva. It was obvious that blond hair didn’t exist in their community and they were intrigued. This led to more chattering and comments between them. They appeared bemused and fascinated by his beard. One stroked his short hair leading to more pointing and loud discussion. The leader barked a short order again. They all stopped at the same time and seemed to make some kind of agreement as they nodded at each other.

The Leader stood back and suddenly held Eva’s arms. Their friendship passed as quickly as it had come. Eva struggled without success, her slight feminine frame no match for the muscular native. The rest of the group descended on Edward like a pack of feeding seagulls, ripping at his clothing, no attempt at removing or unbuttoning but frenzied tearing. Eva tried to pull away from the Leader’s grip without success. In seconds he was naked, his underpants torn from his body and now lying in shreds in the hands of one exultant native woman who held them aloft like a trophy. They stepped forward again, closer, looking at him now laying back naked on the green, grassy ground his legs open like a submissive pet. He felt a frightening shock at the sudden turn of events. A moment ago he had reached the culmination of his travels and now he was naked before ten native women… and Eva. Frumpy plain Eva. Eva’s eyes were as wide as saucers, she couldn’t believe what she had just observed. He watched as they threw his shredded clothing behind them and then they stared at his exposed open groin area.

The leader let go of Eva and pushed her to one side as she moved forward and lifted him by his armpits to a standing position with a strength and ease that demonstrated the power of her athletic body. He stood naked, not knowing what to do or what they wanted. He covered his cock as his assistant Eva stood motionless with a hand over her mouth in shock. It wasn’t how he had expected first contact to be with this unknown tribe. He looked over to see his iphone in the hand of one of the native women who was prodding it without comprehension before jettisoning it over the steep edge and into oblivion. Five days of video records gone forever.

What’s going on Edward?” Eva asked plaintively. He just looked at her in disbelief.

They native women began to all focus their attention on his cock and balls, pointing at it. They looked surprised, as if they had never seen a man’s genitals before, their faces pursed and lined with amazement. The Leader pushed out a hand and pulled on his cock suddenly. They all started chatting together in their language, faces looking disturbed, surprised, uncomprehending. She then took his cock and lifted it and they all stared at his balls. He thought it best to stand still and try to keep the situation calm.

What do you want with me?” He said, but he didn’t expect them to speak English and his pleading question was ignored. He hadn’t recognised their language as anything he’d heard before despite his skills as a linguist.

I suggest you keep still and quiet Eva,” he said looking back at her standing. “Let’s not make the situation worse than it already is.”

Then they all descended on him again but this time pulling, poking, pinching at his cock and his balls. First contact with a new tribe and community and all they seemed interested in were his genitals. Eva looked on, frozen, not knowing what to do. “Why are they so interested in you?” She asked. He shook his head slowly.

The Leader shouted something at the others and they stood back. She began to rub his foreskin up and down. This was even more bizarre, but not unpleasant he thought. Her rubbing became more forceful. Edward looked over to Eva who was staring with eyebrows that had disappeared into her hairline in shock.

Hey not so hard,” he complained. She stopped and glared. She began to rub again as the other nine native women watched, heads to one side, eyebrows furled as they came in close, kneeling and hunching down. Eva stood behind the group and saw his plaintive eyes looking back at him. She was powerless to stop their sexual advances on Edward, ten to one didn’t work, especially when each one was significantly more powerful than her.

Despite the discomfort as she pulled his foreskin back and forth with a force that worried him that she might tear it, he grew hard and large. A collective gasp emanated from the group, more jabbering and shocked faces.

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