Female led relationships and forced feminisation

I get lots of questions about these subjects. I don’t pretend to be an expert but I am in an FLR and I have ‘force’ feminised my husband so I always reply with what worked for me and my experiences.

The questions I receive from males are very different to those I receive from the ladies.

  1. Taking the males first, a general question is either how do I find a woman for a female led relationship or how do I get my girlfriend/wife to accept my desire to be a sissy/girlie etc? This question is the wrong one. Firstly, if you’re in a relationship then you should be there for reasons of love, affection and attraction. Never tell a prospective or current partner that you want to be feminised or turned into a sissy girl. What’s in it for them? All ladies want to be treated with respect and the more respect you give them and the more control the more chance they will eventually want to feminise you. Secondly, be a feminine friend to your lady, be more sensitive, especially to their needs. Pamper them, do housewife chores for them. Show them the benefits of you being a female like them only a submissive one. You’ll really need to forget yourself as priority and make her the priority and give her full control.

I had a problem with Alice in that she forgot about my needs and started enjoying her female clothes just a little too much. I of course took steps and made her wear nothing at all at home until she learnt the true order in the household and the true priority – it’s always the lady of the home who comes first

2. For the ladies who want their men to be feminised, you’ll often need to take a softly softly approach. Of course being assertive and demanding is necessary but also praise your girlie when he’s in beautiful feminine clothes. Get him to associate pleasure with being a girl and displeasure with being male. You’ll need to constantly nag and keep on top of things to ensure he dresses and acts appropriately. You’ll need to throw away his pyjamas and underpants very early on in the feminisation process and move him into knickers and nighties immediately. This isn’t actually so difficult as they feel nice and no one else can see. I also learnt that you need to make him grow his hair long. I waited too long for this. Obviously get him to shave legs and chest as soon as possible. Again not so difficult as it’s hidden from the outside world and once they do it, it feels nice on their nicer female clothing. Vital to the whole process, once you have decided to feminise him, is to get him into skirts as soon as possible. Do not delay this step at all. I know it’s daunting to tell him to put on a skirt but associate it with sex and pleasure for him – it works every time. Get him to explain how nice the female clothing on his hairless body is. Make him explain how wonderful it is to be female and make him directly speak about wearing a skirt. And finally start calling him girl as in pretty girl, good girl and so on. Give him lots of compliments associated with the word girl, “you look so sexy as a girl” and so on. Start during sex games and then gradually bring it into permanent use along with a proper feminine name.

So I hope that helps to answer a few questions. I think in short, whether male or a lady, be aware of what’s in it for your partner. For males, think about how your lady partner will benefit from feminising you as a man. For ladies associate the forced feminisation process with pleasure and compliments, especially if he is reluctant beyond the bedroom.

About Lady Alexa

I am a writer and a believer in the immense benefits of male feminisation and female domination. My blog records my true-life experiences in these areas. I also have several novels and a non-fiction book published on Amazon about forced feminisation which you can find under my pen name Lady Alexa. I live in a quiet corner of North London with my obedient and feminised husband/housewife.
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14 Responses to Female led relationships and forced feminisation

  1. chloe cashmere says:

    Very true, Mistress. There are different types of males – There is a very small group of real alpha males but even these are still below women on the hierarchy. Most males are submissive at heart. Some fight it and hide it from themselves and some embrace it. All of these submissive majority of males should wear female clothes and makeup at all times. Society has to catch up with this idea. When women wear beautiful and attractive clothing it gives them power and status above all men. When sissies like me wear beautiful and attractive female clothing it reinforces power and status of those above me – this being all women and a small handful of men who i should be of service to. i for one think it is a very great privilege for me to wear women’s clothing and makeup.

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    • Lady A says:

      I don’t know if I’ll see it in my lifetime unfortunately but yes, it’s about time society recognised that men should be wearing female clothing and other feminine attachments such as pretty earrings and so on. Our society has become much more accepting of all other differences which is a great thing, but we’re not yet there with male feminisation in the open. I’ll do my best to encourage it.

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      • chloecashmere says:

        i truly believe that when other women learn of your example, many will start to follow and it will slowly but surely spread.

        You have inspired me to start my own wordpress blog in the hope that writing about my self feminization it will help it to become more permanent and help the process. Hopefully some real ladies or other femme males will see it and encourage.

        here it is

        chloe x


      • patti59 says:

        Please continue to do the Great work you are doing. More Women need to realize the Great Benefits of having Feminine men in their lives!


  2. Ramsh says:

    I am a male aged more than 50. I have always wanted to be a female. I have smooth skin..hardly any hair on my chest and backs, voice never broke and am not very muscular too like a man. I had secretly worn female clothes but never dared to tell anybody.I like to be in the company of females and talk like them , move like them etc. I am married but never told my wife about my preference. I read your response to the comments from males. So you think if i am more open with her, assist her in housework, talk to her like a female friend and give control to her she may dominate my thoughts and try to feminise me..i hope you are right but whether my wife would do that? thats the question


    • Lady A says:

      Hello Ramsh. I can give you my opinions on how to progress although I don’t know your wife of course and everybody is different. I do believe that males who enjoy being feminised focus on being feminised over what is in it for their partners. I wouldn’t tell her that you want to be feminised at all as that’s your needs not hers. I would progress along the lines of what you say: assist her around the house, bring her drinks, give her more relaxation time while you do things for her. Listen to her, ask her about her day. Make her the centre of the household, her needs should become paramount. This is the starting point. From here you could add a few little changes to your clothing and so on. Care for yourself more, maybe ask to share her moisturiser, share shampoo and so on. I can’t predict that she would eventually feminise you but if you start to act like a submissive female then maybe she might eventually accept and enjoy this.


  3. Ramsh says:

    Thats really helpful Lady A.I have already started sharing her shampoo. I will start with her moisturiser too and such other things.I have also let her dominate me in bed and otherwise too. i will certainly bring in submissiveness and little by little feminity too may be wearing women’s clothing, sandals, etc. Thanks a lot Lady A


  4. Lady A says:

    And don’t forget that a Lady enjoys having her feet massaged, maybe her shoulders. When I don’t have time to see the nail lady, Alice will apply nail varnish to my toe nails, do this for her. She may enjoy you combing her hair? Anyway you get the picture. Good luck Lady A


    • Steven Sims/Stephanie says:

      So true Lady A just catching up on your awesome blog! I ve been doing my mistress/finances nails now for months. Foot scrub first tho in a nice scented foot bath I run for her. She loves me at her feet. I do a calf massage also when I’m doing the foot massage after the scrub. Then get onto filing, painting, top coat. Stephanie

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  5. Ramsh says:

    Its very sweet of you to share all this Lady A. In fact I was worried being past 50 whether i can really think of being feminised.You have put the things in perspective.I spoke to her sometime back and told her that i have been thinking that she is the pivot of our house and told her i have realised that she needs to be the one person in the house whose aspirations and needs are taken care of. And in whatever way she wants I shall always be taking care of her and keeping her pleased.She need not bother much about housework including cooking washing cleaning , all will be taken care of me . Just she has to guide me and train me to do the chores well. I also told her that I am ready to help her in keeping herself fresh and relaxed, Whatever she says I am ready to do. She looked at me for a minute then she said if I have really mean it she is glad for it and will certainly train me to keep her pleased and happy.As regards your advice on massaging I know that and I do massage her feet sometimes though never tried my hand at combing or applying nail varnish to her toe nails (i think thats a terrific idea). Thanks again for all the advice and i will keep on posting you with my progress,

    Ps I started sitting in ladies posture with legs close to each other and hope to maintain it.


  6. Lady A says:

    Good news. Plus I feminised Alice in her 50s, age is no limit. Grow your hair if possible and keep your body hair shaved and ALWAYS sit down on the toilet

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    • Ramsh says:

      Really that is great news that Alice too was feminised in her 50s and age is no bar. Yes i will start growing my hair though i do not know how long it may be possible. I am looking for some good cream to remove my body hair. Yes as relates to sitting down on the toilet i will start that rightway! i am keeping the sitting posture of a woman with legs close . The whole day i have sat like that only.Lady A, I am also thinking of buying some panties !..Would go on keeping you posted,


  7. Ramsh says:

    Have a lovely day Lady A


  8. Michelle says:

    I would love so much for my lovely wife to feminize me; and order me to wear sheer nylons on a regular basis for her inspection. Having a cuckold marriage would be fun for me; as I’ve always had thoughts and fantasies about my wife with other men since before we were married. I could never figure out a way to tell her; as I didn’t think she could be open minded enough to include it in our marriage; even though she knew I was a crossdresser. Maybe too little; too late!

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