The good, the bad and the slightly unattractive

The good

Let’s take the good things first – clothes shopping for Alice – yeah!!!. This Sunday coming is Alice’s second outing at the Femdom club Devotion hosted by the wonderful Miss Treat and Alison. So firstly we went shopping for a nice new bra and knickers set. We know her size by now (Alice not Miss Treat); 40C chest and size 16 knickers so that was quite straight forward. I have no idea if those sizes mean anything to readers outside the UK so I’m afraid I can’t do a translation to metric.

Secondly I decided a nice new dress would be in order. Last time she wore a very short skirt and blouse but this time I wanted her in a dress. In the end I bought two but both online. They haven’t arrived yet so I can’t show them on Alice yet but here they are on line:


Then we went to a number of charity shops in North London. The problem with charity shops is that there is what there is and there wasn’t much yesterday. We did get a nice little sparkly shoulder bag and a couple of blouses for Alice but it was good we’d already bought the dresses online as there really wasn’t much that was very pretty.


The bad

Despite a month of no chocolate, no cakes, no beer, very little wine, very little in the way of carbs (rice, pasta, potatoes) and regular gym, Alice’s weight and tummy size remains stubbornly at almost the same as a month ago. I’m at a loss to know what to do. When she was younger weight would fall off her easily but now it seems to cling on. I’m guessing that things are much more difficult in middle age. I admit I haven’t done the calorie restriction so maybe I really have to get tougher.


And the not so attractive

Well that has to be the slight male paunch that Alice still has due to the failure explained above. Until I get rid of this she’ll continue to display a middle aged male body shape and I won’t be able to move into the next phase of shaping her body to be more female.

So I’m looking forward to next weekend but disappointed that Alice won’t be looking her best with that tummy. Oh well I suppose that our lives will always have their ups and downs before reaching our goals.


Feminised Men need breasts

Alice always has to wear a bra – obviously. She wears a size C cup which is a good size, I like it. Her natural chest size is 40 inches but these days I’ve found you can buy 40C quite easily in supermarkets clothing departments and department stores. That may reflect the growing sizes of real women today or, as I like to think, the fact that more males are wearing bras.

Now whilst I am obviously very strict about Alice wearing a bra I realise that I’ve been a little slack on the breast front (a little joke there!). So I’ve told Alice that in the home wearing her breast forms is now mandatory at all times. She really has to look like a girl at all times and that means she needs to have tits. The moment she gets up they have to be put on. She has complained a little but it’s really not my concern. I really like to see them on her I am not sure why I was so slack before in making her wear them.


A new forced feminisation story on the way

An apology for my readers. You may have noticed that my posts haven’t been so regular lately. The truth is I’m currently writing another story about forced feminisation which has taken up a fair bit of the spare time I would have used for writing posts. I enjoy writing the blog but also the stories which you can find on another section of this site:

Feminisation stories

However this time the story has become quite complex and is already around 10,000 words and I haven’t even got half way through. I’m writing this one in the first person from the man’s perspective and the women in it all have elements of me in them and some other strong women I know. Although the man is being feminised in the story, he isn’t like Alice as I’ve made him a bit of a loser who needed sorting out whereas Alice is a very good person who I just wanted to be feminised because I like it.

Anyway I’ll let you know when I’ve got it done and I hope you’ll like it.

Happy forced feminisation times to everyone




Her own female wardrobe

I’ve just realised something.

As Alice has to unfortunately have her male set of clothes for outside the house, she has both her male and female clothing mixed up together in her side of the wardrobe in our bedroom. In addition, in her drawers she had male tee-shirts, socks and stuff mixed up with her female tops, stockings, tights, knickers and so on. I have realised that this is very wrong.

So last night I told Alice she is to move all her male clothing out of our bedroom drawers and wardrobe and to put them away in the spare room. Our bedroom is a female zone.

She has packed her male clothing into a storage box in the spare room. I realise that she does have to wear these sometimes for appearances sake outside the home but I really want her to understand that as she’s now a girl, she can only have female clothing in our bedroom and male clothing is the exception. I want her to have to sort through a box to find her male disguise clothing for the times she has to put them on for outside appearances. It has to be a chore.

I’ve also noticed that she still had a few pairs of male socks. I’ve told her the time has come to dispose of them, which I did. We will need to find some nice warm ladies’ socks for her for the colder weather but generally she can wear tights or stockings under her clothing when in her male disguise which will show when she sits down of course.

This actually all happened quite smoothly. I really think my girl beginning to understand.

Limited progress

The first measurements of the new regime and 2 pounds reduction in Alice’s weight. OK it’s something but I’m guessing not enough effort is being made.

So I have spanked her harder than I usually do. She now has to wear her pink ballerina dress for the whole weekend.

A new year, a new Alice

It all starts from today, the new more feminine Alice is coming my way.

First off, her weight. So before anything else this morning, the weigh in. Nearly 13 stone (that’s 82 kilos in the rest of the world and 181 pounds for the USA – I looked these up on the internet :-) ). So to be fair to Alice, she hasn’t put on any extra weight over Christmas knowing this was coming. Her immediate target is to be at 12 stone (78 kilos, 168 pounds), quite a drop of 1 stone (16lbs) but necessary.

Second, the waist: 36 inches (91 cm – what would we do without the internet?). This is far too much. Her immediate target is 32 inches (81 cms).

I’m going to be generous and give her until the end of Feb to achieve these targets.

However, this time it will not be a case of telling her and then leaving it to her to achieve. No, I’ll be measuring her every day and charting her reduction and publishing it here on Ladiesontop. I will expect a drop of 2 pounds (about a kilo) every week. I will also expect a drop of around 1 inch in her waist every week. Any failure to hit these targets will result in more severe punishment than I’ve meted out before, not just physical, and an even stricter regime of dieting. Anything not achieved in one week will be made up for the end of the next week.

Alice seems quite happy to go along with my targets at the moment. We’ll see what problems I get when she fancies a glass of wine or a piece of chocolate cake.

I have a series of other progressive increases in Alice’s femininity for 2016 which I’ll tackle on the next post

Femdom & Feminisation a gift that keeps on giving

There are times when I think “What next?” I’ve managed to feminise my husband and currently we’re going through a period of consolidation so she gets used to being a girl and I don’t push too hard and cause (too much) friction in our relationship.

There have been many times when I’ve thought that I’ve taken things as far as I can go and then something else pops up. As I’m newish to all this femdom lifestyle (3 years or so) I often get new ideas from the comments on my posts. I just love the ideas I get and also the encouragements to push a Alice little harder into feminisation. It’s always worth the effort.

The end of the year is always a good time to reflect and consider future plans. Obviously getting Alice to become very slim is key and to shape her body more. However I’m going to finish our consolidation period on Jan 1st and move to the next stages. In addition to the slimming I really need to get her going out in female clothing. Alice is more than reluctant but it’s necessary. Like the slimming, it’s my fault for not pushing hard enough and it’s now time.  I really want Alice to ‘jump in the deep end’ but I realise I have to get her onside as well. The only way to do this and get her used to it is gradually. So we’ll be going to more femdom events with her as a girl, introducing her to other females at home, female blouses and trousers which are not too obvious (at first glance maybe) and making her go out in skirts at night time in more secluded places.

So the objective next year is getting Alice outside in female clothing. However as a little aside I received the most brilliant suggestion from one of my readers, Kitty, regarding a butt plug with a horses tail. Alice hates the idea of anything put in that part of her body but for this it just has to happen, a gift for me at Christmas to see her with a little tail.

As I said, femdom is a gift that just keeps on giving.



A Beautiful Letter

I receive many comments and contacts from followers on this blog and I enjoy reading and responding to every one. However I recently received a wonderful letter from a feminised cross-dresser called Kendra in the USA. It was actually for Alice as clearly Kendra understood the concerns and conflicts going on inside Alice and wanted to make Alice feel more comfortable about being feminine. Alice was quite touched by the letter and I think it has helped her come to terms more with where she is going and I’ve found her more accepting and relaxed about being a girl since reading the letter.

Kendra kindly gave me permission to reproduce the letter below and here it is in its entirety. I hope you enjoy it as much as we did and if there is anyone else out there going through the same transformation as Alice whether from the Mistress’s side or the former male then I hope it strikes a chord for you too.

Hello Alice,

My name is Kendra and Lady A has allowed me to write you with some encouragement.

I live in the NW part of the US and am 55 years old. I am currently single but my ex-wife did one thing for me that I’m thankful for. Our split up was not a result of our sex life or my crossdressing. She did try to take the lead in our marriage and we both enjoyed it and learned from it. She also encouraged me to find my feminine side and did so by dressing as a woman and we both went out with a group of other gurls to restaurants, shopping, and even to a golf event.

At first I was reluctant to go out dressed as a woman and I was afraid someone would point at me and make fun of me. But with my wife by my side and all the other gurls, I found out that nobody really cared about how we were dressed. Sure, there were a few stares, but I realized they were more interested than being mean. Besides, what should I care about what they thought? The only people I cared about was myself and my wife. We weren’t doing anything wrong and we started to have fun shopping as two girlfriends and talking about fashion and shoes and other girly things.

As Kendra grew and developed she became more comfortable going out and soon it became natural. The more attention I took to my looks and most importantly, HOW I ACTED, fewer and fewer people even looked at me. I was blending in as a woman.
When you are out and about, look at how real women act in real world situations. Most of the time they are smiling and LOOK HAPPY. They hug and air kiss if they are with friends. Look at how they move, walk, what they laugh about, how they wear their clothes, shoes, hair, makeup, accessories and how they walk. Here’s a tip. When you walk, pull yourself forward when you put your foot down. DON”T push off your back leg, GLIDE and use your forward leg to pull you where you want to do. Don’t clomp like a man, glide smoothly like a woman. Give your hips a sway when you walk and keep your legs together and try to touch your knees when you walk. Not bow legged like a man, YOU ARE A WOMAN!
Women move with grace and poise. They flow and make everything look effortless. When you can move like that, you will look like a woman to the world and feel like one inside.
Lady A wants your feminine side to come out and if you want to please her you need to WANT to be a woman and ACT like a woman. That would make her VERY happy and proud, and I think you want that. If you walk into a room, act like you own the room. If you are confident that you are a woman, then the world will see you as a woman. If you are hesitant and have doubts, the world will eat you alive. YOU ARE A WOMAN! Act like it and the world will accept you and you will be happy and at peace.

I understand you have some hesitation about getting your ears pierced, don’t! I had mine done and nobody has ever said anything negative about it. I wear 4mm silver studs with a small diamond and they are not very noticeable. If you wear clip-on earrings, you know how they hurt your ear lobes after a couple of hours, well, with pierced ears, the earrings don’t hurt at all. Unless you are wearing huge, heavy ones that will pull down, but you don’t wear those very often anyway. The assortment of earring you can wear with pierced ears is incredible and you won’t regret it. If you have a small crease in your ear lobes, have them put the hole there and it will disappear if you aren’t wearing earrings. You will love the way earrings pull at your lobes and swing and the sound of the tinkle of some earrings. And besides, if Lady A wants you to have pierced ears, then that is all that matters. You have been given a gift of her power and dominance, bathe in it and accept her position and do what she says. It will make her happy and that is your job as her wife, to make her happy and her life easier. You are lucky Alice!

If you’re worried about having big shoulders, wear something to cover them. Your pink cardigan is cute and when your shoulders and upper arms are covered, they look smaller. I’m 6’2” so I’m tall too, but if you dress right, you look normal. I even wear pumps with 5 inch heels! Wear long flowing clothing and scarves are a wonderful accessory now that it’s getting colder. I know Lady A demands you wear short skirts at home, but outside if you wear long skirts, leggings or dresses, and then a long cardigan or other outwear, then it all flows together and if you walk like a lady, you will look like a lady. Be sure to clear your skirt before you sit down, even if it’s a micro skirt, it will be good practice. Look for websites that describe different fashion tips and ways to cover up things you don’t like. Be sure to get permission from Lady A first, if she demands it. If she doesn’t still ask her anyway, it will show her you are interested in advancing and taking your feminization seriously. It will be a nice touch and show of submission to Her power over you.

Alice, I’m sure you realize it already, but you are so very, very lucky to have found Lady A! She is a gift from the heavens. You can’t know how many gurls would kill to be in your position.
I’ve read her blog and I can tell you that she truly loves you and has only your best interest at heart. You can trust her to never do anything that would hurt you. She may push you out of your comfort zone, but that is okay. That is how we grow and develop. Think about where you were 3 years ago. How far have you come and did you ever think you would be where you are at now? Aren’t you happier now than back then? I bet you are. And you only have Lady A to thank for that. You both decided that she is the leader of your marriage and have become her wife. Because you are her wife, she is the ONLY person that you need to be concerned about pleasing. If she wants do to something to you, trust her! It is only for your betterment as a person and the woman she wants you to become. And I bet the woman you also want to become?!

I don’t know your situation with work or other commitments where presenting as a woman would be a problem, but I don’t think Lady A would jeopardize them. Trust Her.

If you ever have doubts, remember that your submission to her is a gift greater than any diamonds or gold. You are giving yourself to her. There is no greater show of love than that.

If Lady A will allow you, look at YouTube videos on how to walk in high heels, how to act like a lady and there are many websites that give tips and tricks to crossdressers on how to look more convincing and increase your femininity. After all, that is what SHE WANTS. And that is all the motivation you should need to increase your desire to become the woman she wants. You can also find hypnosis videos on YouTube for feminization and submission. There is one that has 16 videos that you can play one after the other and lasts about an hour. Listen to them with headphones and it is amazing how you feel after listening to them a few time. I’ve downloaded them to my phone and listen to them at night in bed. There are also hypno videos on relaxation and stress reduction.

Something I’ve found that has really helped my feminine feelings are by wearing a bra every day. I’ve even worn silicone breast forms in a B or small C cup and gone out. I do wear a jacket or something bulky to help hide them, but I do know they are there and the feeling is so very feminine it puts a smile on my face. And I figure if any one says anything it is probably out of interest and they want to know more. If you can’t wear a regular bra somewhere, you could always wear a sports bra. It would be easier to hide but is still a bra and you still know it there and is a sign of your commitment to your Lady. It is like your wedding ring but more feminine. And wear your bra and breast forms to bed. It will help your feeling of femininity and real woman don’t take their boobs off at night! Maybe Lady A will like reaching around you and playing with them, wishing they were real and not fake breasts.

As you become more feminine you will become gentler, kinder and more understanding and become a better lover to your Mistress. And that is a win for everyone!

Alice, I hope some of what I said makes sense to you and helps you realize how lucky you are and how proud of you Lady A is. Remember, IF YOU BELIEVE, THEY WILL BELIEVE!


Inside Alice’s World

I’ve had a request, via Alice, from one of my readers, CorsetJane. She wrote to Alice on Fetlife to ask what her thoughts and feelings were about our relationship and she suggested that Alice write a post. Alice spoke to me about it and I think it’s a great idea so here are her extensive views on our lifestyle (after I checked what she wrote first of course and made some ‘suggestions’).

Alice’s Story

So how do I feel? Well that depends. Obviously I enjoy what we used to call ‘the game’ – a feminisation bedroom game. Lady A has obviously gradually extended it beyond the bedroom. When Lady A introduced feminisation as a game it was really something different and exciting and I continue to be excited by it, it adds a lot to our relationship in all ways. Over this time Lady A has not only increased my feminisation and brought it into our everyday life, but gradually taken control of the marriage. This doesn’t mean she’s the aggressive type of woman you read about on other internet sites, no she leads the marriage in a very caring, loving way. That said I sometimes feel some discomfort about losing my masculinity.

Lady A is always extremely happy to see me feminised, it never seems to have worn off for her and she has never become bored with it. When I’m told to pick her up from the tube station in a dress or skirt and she gets in the car her face breaks into the widest happiest smile of pleasure although I’m feeling uncomfortable and although she’s seen me in a skirt hundreds of times; it’s nice to see her so pleased though. In fact every time I shave or remove my body hair she smiles with great pleasure and makes a supportive comment when inspecting me and looks contented. Often when I’ve made a special effort she says ‘wow’ or ‘so pretty’. When I put on a dress she loves to watch with an enormous smile. This makes me feel good. I would say it makes her extremely happy and very satisfied that I’m feminised. I like to see her happy even if I’m feeling a little strange myself about it at times.

That said, I do cringe when she calls me Alice or good girl outside the home but I’m not sure anyone has noticed yet. Even in the home I haven’t quite got used to being called a ‘good girl’, I find it embarrassing, belittling even. But she really enjoys this and never tires of calling me a girl and watching for my reaction with obvious pleasure.

Where we diverge slightly is that she is clear that she would prefer me as a girl permanently and believes this is part of the overall ‘package’ we’ve signed up to. On the other hand I would prefer to pick and choose when I’m feminised. She says I have to be female as it’s all or nothing and nothing isn’t an option any longer. She doesn’t really seem to understand my reluctance to go the whole way and she’s completely disinterested about what other peoples would think of me as a girl. She says it’s their problem. But she is aware of my reluctance and although not sure why I’m so reluctant at times, she accepts it and is (mostly) patient.

Now, in many cases I’ve learnt to prefer feminine clothing. Lady A removed all my male underwear and night clothes a long time ago and replaced them with knickers and nighties and I raised no objection as only we knew plus I preferred wearing them and I now choose to wear them. Skirts and dresses feel very nice  and have a certain freedom, especially against my shaved legs but often I do want to be able to wear trousers at home sometimes and yes, be a male. However Lady A’s law is that I wear skirts or dresses only at home, that I’m a girl and I really have to comply with this. Only she is permitted trousers. Lady A is a lovely person, very friendly, loving and always happy. Except that is when I forget to put on a skirt in the morning or when coming in from outside and then I can be in big trouble. We’ve agreed that she is the boss here and I know I have to do what I’m told and that means doing what I don’t always want to or feel like. It’s a balance as after many years living as the expected Alpha Male, it’s a release to not have to.

I also have to say that we do many normal things that any married couple do. Lady A has never stopped my interests which include sport for example even though she isn’t keen herself. She says plenty of girls like football so it’s no problem.

Much of my problem is that I continue to be quite lazy as a girl, for example, removing my body hair is a pain, especially legs but Lady A insists and this will be another time when she gets very annoyed when I’ve been lax. Equally if I’m slow to change out of trousers and into a skirt or dress after being outside, she can become quite angry. It’s laziness rather than fighting it as I’m quite used to it and I know I have to follow her orders. At home I’m dressed as a girl and outside as a male although Lady A calls this a disguise and that I’m still a girl. I enjoy a quiet life and Lady A likes being in charge so it works. Don’t let me give you the impression that Lady A is often angry. instead I usually get a very gentle reminder to shave my legs or put a skirt / bra/ dress on. As soon as we come in, for example from shopping, she’ll say something as soon as we close the front door like “while you’re putting on your skirt and making yourself pretty I’ll make us a tea” or some such gentle reminder. But I know it’s a gentle order.


The problem for me is the next stage. So far my changes have been largely invisible to the outside world but I’m quite concerned about others, including family and friends, knowing what is happening. This is our current tension but to be fair she treads carefully and takes small steps at a time and is always careful that I’m not too uncomfortable with what she’s proposing. That said though when I have accepted something it becomes Lady A’s LAW and there is big trouble if I don’t follow it.

She is very caring though and really wants me to accept my position as a girl more or less willingly so she always discusses what she wants and how we can achieve it together. She says she knows she pushed too hard too soon sometimes, with the pierced ears for example and that we’ll look at it again when I’m more ready. However she is able at times to be tough to get over a sticking point. If it’s something in the home then it’s easiest for me to go along with what she wants.

She is quite open with me that she wants me to be a girl in all ways except one (thankfully). She is also a believer in Female Domination and has recently introduced a new rule which is that I must call her Mistress at home, no more can I use her first name or even ‘my Lady’ which I used to call her. As you all know I have to curtsy to her regularly and she spanks me regularly. I really don’t mind this at all as it shows her the respect she deserves and my place in the relationship. However when we’ve had a bit of an argument, as couples do, and I still have to curtsy to her when I’m sulking or she spanks me even if I think I’m in the right. These times are not comfortable.


So what’s next? She has told me she’d like much of my body hair permanently removed by electrolysis with my little triangle of pubic hair retained. She’s been mentioning this for a while and has purchased an electrolysis machine on the internet although she’s only used it for herself so far. I’m unsure about this as although it would make my life easier, if I ever had to go to the doctor’s for example, this would be embarrassing but she’s not concerned and just says that as I’m now a girl, why is it a problem? Obviously the subject of pierced ears has never gone away. I would probably agree now  if I could hide the holes somehow when with friends and family. She also wants me to have a far more feminine body shape. This includes real breasts. She’s not sure how to go about this yet as she doesn’t want to use hormones obviously. She talks about it a lot though and, although she enjoys me in breast forms, she says it’s just not the same. Her thinking is to shape me with a corset which sounds uncomfortable.

I’ve asked her many times why she wants to change me into a girl. She says she just loves to see me as a girl, how it’s made me a gentler and more graceful person and that she loves the power it gives her over me and that’s that. So it seems there’s no going back for me, it’s just a question of how much further she takes me.

Alice x



The clitty is so much fun

Why do I insist on keeping the one remaining significant indication of Alice’s male side? Her clitty and pussy balls. In all other ways, I want her to look like and be like a girl physically and in her ways.

So to answer my rhetorical question, it’s because I have so much fun with Alice’s clitty on so many levels. We are married and we do as all married couples do albeit with me in the lead of course and her clitty performs the role it’s supposed to.

Ok that’s the most obvious reason it’s so much fun but there are many others too. Firstly it’s been completely feminised which is wonderful. It’s a clitoris and the rest is her pussy. It’s shaved of course except for the small feminine triangle of pubic hair above it. This leads into the second area of fun; making it pretty. I adore decorating it  – with a pink bow for example, or I occasionally use pink body paint to colour it or draw flowers on it. I sometimes like to clip dangly earrings from her pussy or tie necklaces around it and make her stay like that for the evening. Thirdly it’s such a pleasure to tell Alice how feminine it is, such a “pretty little thing” or “girly clitty” and so on. Finally an important area is discipline. I spank Alice on her clitty when she’s been naughty, this may be through her knickers or skirt when it’s an immediate punishment I need to make or mostly I tell her to lift her skirt and drop her knickers and she has to hold it out while I spank it with a crop or often a wooden spoon or spatula when I can’t be bothered to go looking for the crop. It’s also enjoyable to pull Alice around by her clitty when I want to take her somewhere in the home and I also want to buy a leash to tie around it. Another area of discipline or punishment is some minor torture. I have these strong plastic clothes pegs and I like to see how many I can get clipped on to her clitty and pussy balls. You wouldn’t believe how much fun that is although Alice’s eyes do water by the end.I do have some photos somewhere which I must post

So whilst I really wish I could give her hormones to make her breasts grow and her body feminise, the side effect of her having a non-working clitty would be too much and destroy my fun. So I will have to shape her body in the more practical ways. All in all, Femdom is such a brilliant lifestyle!!!