Inside Alice’s World

I’ve had a request, via Alice, from one of my readers, CorsetJane. She wrote to Alice on Fetlife to ask what her thoughts and feelings were about our relationship and she suggested that Alice write a post. Alice spoke to me about it and I think it’s a great idea so here are her extensive views on our lifestyle (after I checked what she wrote first of course and made some ‘suggestions’).

Alice’s Story

So how do I feel? Well that depends. Obviously I enjoy what we used to call ‘the game’ – a feminisation bedroom game. Lady A has obviously gradually extended it beyond the bedroom. When Lady A introduced feminisation as a game it was really something different and exciting and I continue to be excited by it, it adds a lot to our relationship in all ways. Over this time Lady A has not only increased my feminisation and brought it into our everyday life, but gradually taken control of the marriage. This doesn’t mean she’s the aggressive type of woman you read about on other internet sites, no she leads the marriage in a very caring, loving way. That said I sometimes feel some discomfort about losing my masculinity.

Lady A is always extremely happy to see me feminised, it never seems to have worn off for her and she has never become bored with it. When I’m told to pick her up from the tube station in a dress or skirt and she gets in the car her face breaks into the widest happiest smile of pleasure although I’m feeling uncomfortable and although she’s seen me in a skirt hundreds of times; it’s nice to see her so pleased though. In fact every time I shave or remove my body hair she smiles with great pleasure and makes a supportive comment when inspecting me and looks contented. Often when I’ve made a special effort she says ‘wow’ or ‘so pretty’. When I put on a dress she loves to watch with an enormous smile. This makes me feel good. I would say it makes her extremely happy and very satisfied that I’m feminised. I like to see her happy even if I’m feeling a little strange myself about it at times.

That said, I do cringe when she calls me Alice or good girl outside the home but I’m not sure anyone has noticed yet. Even in the home I haven’t quite got used to being called a ‘good girl’, I find it embarrassing, belittling even. But she really enjoys this and never tires of calling me a girl and watching for my reaction with obvious pleasure.

Where we diverge slightly is that she is clear that she would prefer me as a girl permanently and believes this is part of the overall ‘package’ we’ve signed up to. On the other hand I would prefer to pick and choose when I’m feminised. She says I have to be female as it’s all or nothing and nothing isn’t an option any longer. She doesn’t really seem to understand my reluctance to go the whole way and she’s completely disinterested about what other peoples would think of me as a girl. She says it’s their problem. But she is aware of my reluctance and although not sure why I’m so reluctant at times, she accepts it and is (mostly) patient.

Now, in many cases I’ve learnt to prefer feminine clothing. Lady A removed all my male underwear and night clothes a long time ago and replaced them with knickers and nighties and I raised no objection as only we knew plus I preferred wearing them and I now choose to wear them. Skirts and dresses feel very nice  and have a certain freedom, especially against my shaved legs but often I do want to be able to wear trousers at home sometimes and yes, be a male. However Lady A’s law is that I wear skirts or dresses only at home, that I’m a girl and I really have to comply with this. Only she is permitted trousers. Lady A is a lovely person, very friendly, loving and always happy. Except that is when I forget to put on a skirt in the morning or when coming in from outside and then I can be in big trouble. We’ve agreed that she is the boss here and I know I have to do what I’m told and that means doing what I don’t always want to or feel like. It’s a balance as after many years living as the expected Alpha Male, it’s a release to not have to.

I also have to say that we do many normal things that any married couple do. Lady A has never stopped my interests which include sport for example even though she isn’t keen herself. She says plenty of girls like football so it’s no problem.

Much of my problem is that I continue to be quite lazy as a girl, for example, removing my body hair is a pain, especially legs but Lady A insists and this will be another time when she gets very annoyed when I’ve been lax. Equally if I’m slow to change out of trousers and into a skirt or dress after being outside, she can become quite angry. It’s laziness rather than fighting it as I’m quite used to it and I know I have to follow her orders. At home I’m dressed as a girl and outside as a male although Lady A calls this a disguise and that I’m still a girl. I enjoy a quiet life and Lady A likes being in charge so it works. Don’t let me give you the impression that Lady A is often angry. instead I usually get a very gentle reminder to shave my legs or put a skirt / bra/ dress on. As soon as we come in, for example from shopping, she’ll say something as soon as we close the front door like “while you’re putting on your skirt and making yourself pretty I’ll make us a tea” or some such gentle reminder. But I know it’s a gentle order.


The problem for me is the next stage. So far my changes have been largely invisible to the outside world but I’m quite concerned about others, including family and friends, knowing what is happening. This is our current tension but to be fair she treads carefully and takes small steps at a time and is always careful that I’m not too uncomfortable with what she’s proposing. That said though when I have accepted something it becomes Lady A’s LAW and there is big trouble if I don’t follow it.

She is very caring though and really wants me to accept my position as a girl more or less willingly so she always discusses what she wants and how we can achieve it together. She says she knows she pushed too hard too soon sometimes, with the pierced ears for example and that we’ll look at it again when I’m more ready. However she is able at times to be tough to get over a sticking point. If it’s something in the home then it’s easiest for me to go along with what she wants.

She is quite open with me that she wants me to be a girl in all ways except one (thankfully). She is also a believer in Female Domination and has recently introduced a new rule which is that I must call her Mistress at home, no more can I use her first name or even ‘my Lady’ which I used to call her. As you all know I have to curtsy to her regularly and she spanks me regularly. I really don’t mind this at all as it shows her the respect she deserves and my place in the relationship. However when we’ve had a bit of an argument, as couples do, and I still have to curtsy to her when I’m sulking or she spanks me even if I think I’m in the right. These times are not comfortable.


So what’s next? She has told me she’d like much of my body hair permanently removed by electrolysis with my little triangle of pubic hair retained. She’s been mentioning this for a while and has purchased an electrolysis machine on the internet although she’s only used it for herself so far. I’m unsure about this as although it would make my life easier, if I ever had to go to the doctor’s for example, this would be embarrassing but she’s not concerned and just says that as I’m now a girl, why is it a problem? Obviously the subject of pierced ears has never gone away. I would probably agree now  if I could hide the holes somehow when with friends and family. She also wants me to have a far more feminine body shape. This includes real breasts. She’s not sure how to go about this yet as she doesn’t want to use hormones obviously. She talks about it a lot though and, although she enjoys me in breast forms, she says it’s just not the same. Her thinking is to shape me with a corset which sounds uncomfortable.

I’ve asked her many times why she wants to change me into a girl. She says she just loves to see me as a girl, how it’s made me a gentler and more graceful person and that she loves the power it gives her over me and that’s that. So it seems there’s no going back for me, it’s just a question of how much further she takes me.

Alice x



The clitty is so much fun

Why do I insist on keeping the one remaining significant indication of Alice’s male side? Her clitty and pussy balls. In all other ways, I want her to look like and be like a girl physically and in her ways.

So to answer my rhetorical question, it’s because I have so much fun with Alice’s clitty on so many levels. We are married and we do as all married couples do albeit with me in the lead of course and her clitty performs the role it’s supposed to.

Ok that’s the most obvious reason it’s so much fun but there are many others too. Firstly it’s been completely feminised which is wonderful. It’s a clitoris and the rest is her pussy. It’s shaved of course except for the small feminine triangle of pubic hair above it. This leads into the second area of fun; making it pretty. I adore decorating it  – with a pink bow for example, or I occasionally use pink body paint to colour it or draw flowers on it. I sometimes like to clip dangly earrings from her pussy or tie necklaces around it and make her stay like that for the evening. Thirdly it’s such a pleasure to tell Alice how feminine it is, such a “pretty little thing” or “girly clitty” and so on. Finally an important area is discipline. I spank Alice on her clitty when she’s been naughty, this may be through her knickers or skirt when it’s an immediate punishment I need to make or mostly I tell her to lift her skirt and drop her knickers and she has to hold it out while I spank it with a crop or often a wooden spoon or spatula when I can’t be bothered to go looking for the crop. It’s also enjoyable to pull Alice around by her clitty when I want to take her somewhere in the home and I also want to buy a leash to tie around it. Another area of discipline or punishment is some minor torture. I have these strong plastic clothes pegs and I like to see how many I can get clipped on to her clitty and pussy balls. You wouldn’t believe how much fun that is although Alice’s eyes do water by the end.I do have some photos somewhere which I must post

So whilst I really wish I could give her hormones to make her breasts grow and her body feminise, the side effect of her having a non-working clitty would be too much and destroy my fun. So I will have to shape her body in the more practical ways. All in all, Femdom is such a brilliant lifestyle!!!




Husband feminised: situation normal

Yes after three years of gradual feminisation, we’re now at the stage where this is the norm. I do of course have a few more ‘encouraged feminisation’ things to do to Alice but in general all is good.

As with her nighties, I need to buy Alice some new knickers. Alice has two types of knickers, those plain everyday cotton ones and those which are far more ‘naughty’. So we need to go shopping for these too. And as usual I will talk with her in the shop to ask her if she likes the ones I’ve chosen for her. When I say plain cotton I mean pink or white with a little bow on the front of course, but comfortable for everyday use under a nice skirt or dress, particularly for during the day when I’m not around so much.

I know I usually write about some of the sexier or very feminine clothing Alice has to wear, but I also enjoy her being just female since aside from the Female Lead Relationship thing and Alice being a fully feminised male underneath, then the rest of our relationship is a normal one. Therefore on many occasions Alice is dressed quite soberly in a plain skirt (always above the knee) and a blouse or top with flat or small heeled shoes. In autumn or winter she’ll wear normal tights like any girl. For me this cements in her mind the fact that she has to live normally just as any girl does.

Then of course there are times when she has to be sexy for me and wear much more revealing things (or nothing much) but that’s her role as a feminised housewife.





Busy, busy, busy

So back to everyday life this week after that weekend and I’ve been extra busy at work and socialising. I don’t know what I would do without my beautiful girlie house wife/husband to do everything at home.

It was extremely useful to meet with other Mistresses as for the past four years I’ve been making it up myself. I noticed how Miss Treat had a very pleasant firm and no nonsense way about her. There was another lady there who helps organise the events who spoke in beautiful condescending way to Alice. I’ve adopted some of these approaches with Alice and it is working very well. For example last night I was out socialising  and had to change trains and had a long wait for the train to my home. So I called Alice and told her to come and pick me up. I was about three miles from home. Alice was obviously very happy to come and get me although a little more worried about my instruction to not change to go out in the car but to wear the little skirt she had on when I left earlier. Now she has worn skirts in the car before of course but I really want her in skirts/dresses the maximum amount of time possible now. So she did as she was told. This direct instruction is an effective way to speak to her. I just love to get into the car and see her legs in stockings and a little skirt on her thighs. It’s wonderful. No one can see into the car anyway but she had a nervous moment going from the driveway to the front door.

I’m out again late afternoon/early evening so I called Alice and pointed to the housework I wanted done while I was out.

“Alice you’ll clean the dining room floor and skirting boards and you will wash the kitchen floor. I want you to pick me up around 9pm from the local tube station. You’ll be wearing a dress tonight in the car when you meet me. I want dinner prepared and ready for me when we get back”.

The other things I’ve changed is the increase in curtsying. I really enjoyed this at the event so although Alice did this, it had subsided somewhat. I’ve now re-energised this and Alice has to curtsy every time she does something for me, anything at all. It doesn’t have to be a deep curtsy, just one leg behind the other and a gentle bend of the knees.

And finally, I now have the idea of using a leach on Alice. I had thought of this before but never did anything. However when I was walking Alice around with the electrical leads attached to her clitty last weekend it gave me some ideas of where the leach should be attached….





Alice’s weekend

I’ve had a few requests to ask how Alice felt about the weekend, her first outing as a girlie in front of other people. Surprisingly she told me that she did actually enjoy most of her first Femdom event. However she did have a bit of a funny turn the afternoon before due to severe nerves. I thought she was going to pass out but after a lot of sugar she was ok.

As I’ve said previously, I was a bit naughty and made her wear her tiny mini skirt and also a pair of stockings and a tiny G-String. She wasn’t that comfortable with this but never mind. What she was comfortable with though was that it was a Femdom event so all the Ladies there had seen feminised men before and many of the men were feminised so Alice was no different really. She doesn’t like to stand out too much. The only difference was that I decided at the last minute that Alice wouldn’t wear her long brown wig. I wanted her to show her male hairstyle with hair-clips with flowers in her hair to show she was male underneath. Added humiliation I thought. I quite like that look anyway.

First off was the Ladies tea party. Only Mistresses were allowed except for those sissies and girlies who served the food and drinks. Alice actually volunteered which surprised me and she did a fabulous job. She told me she quite enjoyed this and was very embarrassed when one of the other Mistresses told her what a pretty name she had. Alice removed her shoes and the Ladies could see her pink toes nails and they told her how pretty they were too – cue more embarrassment.

There were party games which Alice did not want to do but I made her. In the end she didn’t mind too much – I think. Alice wasn’t too happy that one Mistress spanked her bum a little too firmly in the spanking game with a paddle and left a large bruise.

Another Mistress wanted Alice to paint her toenails pink too which Alice did. I enjoyed seeing Alice at the Lady’s feet very much. We’ll be doing this again and more. The Mistress was very happy too. Alice enjoyed doing this and all was fine until I started telling the Mistress about Alice’s pretty little pink G-String. I told Alice to lift her little skirt to show the Mistress. Unfortunately for Alice, her knickers were so small that her movement made her little bits fall out much to our amusement and Alice’s complete embarrassment.

Finally Miss Treat introduced us to electric play. You attach two electrodes, one to her clitty and one to her other bits and turn up the power. It was safe and really fun and again, surprisingly, Alice liked it. Regular readers know how much I like to play with her clitty and pussy in a naughty way so this was fun for me too. Gentle torture.

So all in all a great success. Alice enjoyed most things too. I think the time is ready for another increase in her ‘encouraged’ feminisation. Now let me think….

Lady A xxx



That was the weekend that was…

I enjoyed myself so much… first Femdom event with my girlie….

The wonderful Miss Treat, who runs the event with Alison, said that I didn’t stop smiling during the whole day and evening. I just don’t know where to begin.

We drove up the day before to the West Midlands where it all happens and met with Miss Treat and Alison. After lunch Miss Treat had arranged for Alice to try on some dresses in front of us. I have to admit to being rather naughty and I made Alice wear a small pair of see through pink knickers knowing she would be seen. Miss Treat of course noticed her little pubic triangle of hair.

In the evening Alice felt quite sick with nerves but she knew she had no choice. The event was the next day and I was naughty again. Alice has a lot of skirts but I made her wear her shortest one, a little tartan pleated school girl skirt and tiny pink G-string knickers. Probably a little unfair on her first public display as a girlie but then it is up to me so why not?

Here she is at the hotel. I bought some shorter kitten heeled shoes for her just for the event so she was comfortable; I like to be kind as well. I think Alice needs to learn to stand a little more lady-like though.

Alice mini skirt

I did want her to wear the skirt from the hotel to the event but Alice pleaded not to so I gave in as it was her first time.

The event was Femdom only which was just what I wanted. Mistresses and their submissives: some slaves, some feminised girls like Alice and others complete sissies.

Here’s the Fetlife link to the event, called Devotion, where you can read reviews: You will need to register as a user first.

And here’s the club where it all took place:

I will write a lot more about what happened when I have a bit more time but Alice was very well behaved and I had the most amazing time and learnt many new things. I just love being a mistress and I’m going to watch and learn from an expert: Miss Treat :-)

Love from a very very happy Lady A xxx

It’s almost the weekend…….

And that means Alice’s first public showing as a girlie. I really can’t wait. Alice told me she has butterflies every time she thinks about it.

I have started planning our clothing, especially Alice’s :-) I’ve told her that for the event at the club she will be wearing a very short mini skirt, a blouse, stockings and women’s shoes (obviously) plus her long brown wig as the greying balding look isn’t very feminine. A debate has centred around the skirt she’ll be wearing which I consider progress as initially she’d been arguing about wearing trousers and shirt and ‘see how it goes’. Alice has said she would prefer to wear her knee length chiffon skirt rather than the mini skirt if forced to choose but still prefers trousers to start with. I am so happy to be discussing which skirt she will wearing out, this is really massive progress and of course she’ll be forced to wear a skirt.

I’ve told Alice that she needs to be cleanly shaved all over her body, including making sure that her little pubic triangle is nice and neat. I know it will be hidden but it’s all part of her feeling feminine.

The lovely lady who organises the event has suggested we meet up beforehand so we can make Alice try a few dresses on for us. I accepted but Alice thinks I’m joking about this.

Finally, but very important, I get to have other sissies serving me, being respectful and generally treating me as the Lady. You really can’t believe how much I’m looking forward to this weekend!

An excited Lady A xxx

The ultimate sanction part 2

I just thought of an addition to the previous post regarding sanctions. Whilst the ultimate sanction would be to stop all feminisation for Alice, the reality of the discipline is usually enough. One discipline I often apply is not allowing Alice to wear female clothing which since she can’t wear male clothing at home, means wearing nothing or, more usually, not being allowed to wear a skirt or knickers for a while so she’s all exposed. I usually apply this when she comes into the house after being outside and forgets to change into a skirt immediately. Or she sometimes puts on trousers as we’re going out soon.

I particularly love it when she finally asks and pleads to be able to put a skirt on. She then has to tell me how nice it feels. It’s the ultimate satisfaction (for me).

The ultimate sanction

Although we’re on a countdown to Alice ‘coming out’ I’m still on the theme of keeping my husband feminised. Alice really enjoys being feminised BUT…. if she had her own way it would be a regular sexual game rather than a lifestyle. She would certainly not want to be humiliated in front of many others as she will be next weekend. I have found out that I really love having a girlie feminised husband in female clothes – all the time.

So I’ve written about having to maintain Alice as a girl. Firstly Alice can be lazy with regard to feminine necessities such as hair removal, make up, perfume and so on. Secondly after 50 odd years of social conditioning about how to live as a male, I have had to teach and condition her regarding a whole new female approach to life

Whilst I generally apply a mix of coaxing and discipline, I have found the ultimate sanction which I’ve applied twice, when things have come to an impasse. Bear in mind that being feminised is an incredible turn on for Alice hence the fact that she does it. However a short while ago she had become incredibly lazy in her hair removal and the shaping of her little pubic triangle. I told her clearly that if she didn’t keep her body hair removed (and shaped) and be a girl in all ways then we would stop the feminisation entirely and never return. This was too much for her and from then on all has been pretty good. I have had to remind her regarding the event this weekend that it’s going to happen otherwise no more feminisation ever.

We’re going.


Watch out for back sliding…

As part of my theme on maintaining your husband, boyfriend or male partner as a feminised girl, you have to be aware of ‘back-sliding’. These are the excuses for not putting on female clothing. With Alice I have her feminised now and she puts on her skirt or dress every morning without any involvement from me. There are still times however, when I need to intervene as she’s still prone to looking for ways to put on trousers at home.

The latest excuse was that she was doing some decorating and it was a little chilly so she said she would just ‘slip on a pair of old jeans’. These are the jeans she wears when gardening – an unfortunate necessity as the neighbours can see into the garden. All ladies have to watch out for these little ‘innocent’ comments and react instantly and reaffirm her femininity. I usually use friendliness and compliments although this isn’t the first time she’s tried this trick when decorating.

“You don’t want nasty trousers. You’re a pretty girl and pretty girls don’t wear men’s clothes now do they?” and I fished out an old skirt and some thicker tights and held them out with a smile. Alice reluctantly slipped them on. “Oh you look sooo cute” I said and occasionally watched her working in the little skirt and smiled and made some compliments and even put my hand up her skirt once or twice.

Problem solved.