Lady A is in charge

In previous blogs I’d described how I prefer to bring my girlie husband (wife) along on her journey into womenhood. I like it to be largely consensual as she adapts and accepts so much better. I have to be clear though that it is my programme and we are following my wishes. Alice does enjoy being a girl and enjoy her clothes, and she enjoys leaving the leadership to me. Of course we have our disagreements over things but I really do try to bring her along with me. To be honest, without me driving things along she would have a fantasy but probably do little about it.

So back to my programme of getting Alice to be more comfortable outside the house in a skirt and a dress. Whilst exciting for her, the reality is she’s quite worried, obviously people may not react well to someone who might appear to be a man wearing a dress in the street. I understand this but there is much we can do. Going to more secluded places is one. The car is another. I had been trying all sorts of things to manoeuvre Alice into going outside in a skirt/dress but to be honest, I’ve got a bit tired of being gentle about it and about her feelings. I am the lead in this marriage after all. So I decided not to get any special ‘outside’ skirts or be gentle about it. I announced on Saturday that on Sunday we were going out in the car for the day. I told Alice that she will be wearing a short black pleated skirt and a tee shirt (female of course) and her flat shoes. She will not be taking emergency trousers to change into (which are female too but anyway) and she will be leaving the car for a picnic. Alice’s face was a picture and she made all sorts of excuses but I told her I’d had enough and this is what I want.

On Sunday morning I laid out her clothes. Alice dressed of course but there was a tension in the air as I confirmed that this was what she would be wearing to go out. I did have to get firm to order her into the car. She had to drive of course as I’m the Lady. It was a lovely day in the end and although quite amusing when we stopped and I had to coax her out of the car, It was a pretty deserted spot in Epping Forest out of London. We sat on the grass by the car and occasionally some people wandered by but no one noticed anything. Alice forgot and enjoyed herself. By 7pm we couldn’t see anyone around and I actually got her to walk for 20 minutes through the trees.

One of the things I always do is get Alice to describe how nice it is. I ask in the positive for example. “Tell me how it feels with the wind on your bare legs and blowing your skirt. It feels nice doesn’t it?” (although I had jeans on).

So in the end a success and a learning point for me that I will have to get annoyed sometimes to get what I want and I want Alice feminised ALL the time not just at home and I don’t really like her in trousers, even female ones.


My girlie

I like to think about things and particularly my relationship with  my girlie husband Alice. I think I need to stop using girlie husband and just call her my wife. I realise that I just want her to be a girl (with a large clitty for me to play with). I’m not sure why exactly, but I do – the girl bit not the clitty stick  bit which I do understand. She also enjoys it obviously, although is more worried about what everyone else would think if she were to be seen feminised. I am actually not worried at all. In fact I want her to be seen but one step at a time. I have realised that I don’t want her to be a sissy man but a women, I like her to wear normal female clothes so she looks and acts like a women. In fact I am thinking of relaxing the rule that she has to always wear very short skirts to allow her to have longer skirts. Still above the knee of course, but normal female clothing. Now she’s transitioned a long way into my Alice I don’t need to accentuate things so much as before. It might help her to accept more outside showings if dressed in a more modest length skirt. In fact I think we’ll go shopping together for the ‘outside’ skirt. If Alice helps to choose it as a going outside skirt we’re that much closer to the exciting day when she walks along the street in it. (I haven’t forgotten the pierced ears either). If you look at my Pinterest page you’ll see some of the photos of former husbands that I am using as models for Alice. I am enjoying Pinterest, I wish I’d thought of it before.

Stalled progress

The weather intervened in my plans to progress Alice’s outside female training significantly. I had planned a car ride into the countryside on Sunday as before but this time I was going to stop somewhere and make her go for a walk with me in a quiet area in her nice little skirt and blouse. The end game is of course that she goes out regularly dressed like this but small steps and so on.

Sunday was drizzly and although we went out for the drive it was a little miserable so we came back. I guess on the positive side, going out dressed as a female again in the car is a forward step. It’s just I wanted to go for a walk together in the daylight with her feminised. Oh well I see that next weekend will be nice…I hope so.

My new site

I’ve started a Pinterest site for my favourite pictures of feminisation. I believe all men being feminised would be a good thing for us women. Have a look and see if you like them too.


I love this particular photo as it’s pretty much how I’m planning my girlie husband Alice to look. Alice is a little older of course but  I can’t do anything about that, I think I can do the rest though. Alice actually has a skirt and a clitty very similar to this which is another reason to like the photo although  I do need to work on her  boobs and figure to get to this.





Great comments and more progress

One of the advantages of writing this blog is the comments I receive. In reality I am quite new to this having discovered feminisation only around 3 years ago so the ideas such as summer shoes and flowery skirts cement in my girlie’s mind that she’s a girl as did the comment about her wearing female trousers and blouses outside the home so she was always feminised. I will also take her to a fetish club to get her used to dressing in front of others but in a safe environment.

What started off as purely a bedroom game mushroomed quickly. I so enjoyed seeing my husband in feminine clothes and manner that I’m completely committed to turning him into a female although, I stress, not in the department down below where I continue to want him to operate as before. I’ve even feminised that calling it a clitty and making him shave his pubes into a female triangle shape above it; his clitty and balls of course completely shaved as is the rest of his body.

I continue to have progress on the wearing of female clothes outside the house. Wearing a skirt/dress in the garden has now become normal for her and, as in every part of this process, it’s about pushing her to the next increment of feminisation which then becomes normal and then you move onto the next one. So with her more used to wearing skirts outside albeit in the garden and occasionally in the car to pick me up from the station in the evenings, I’ve moved things onto the next small increment. Yesterday when I returned home from work around 6pm I announced I’d like to go out for a drive into the countryside. Alice was of course working at home in her nice white summer dress. It has straps and bare arms and shoulders and was perfect as it was quite humid yesterday. Alice said she’d change into trousers and blouse. “Oh no, I want you to drive in the dress”. Alice looked horrified. I did allow her to put on a cardigan but other than that she had to drive in the dress. Alice did want to put some trousers in the car in case of emergency, flat tyre or whatever. I did allow this but they were folded on the back seat. We drove north out of London which is of course in bright daylight at 7pm up to about 10.30ish at this time of year. She drove in her dress and flat shoes and we got back a couple of hours later without incident. We didn’t leave the car but I think you probably know where this is going. Tomorrow we’ll be going out again but during the day. Alice doesn’t yet realise it but she’ll be going in a little skirt and blouse and we’ll be going to the countryside again but this time we’re going to go for a short walk somewhere secluded. Each time little increments. I’m getting there and to be honest I’m in the mood to push a little faster to complete the process.


A more feminine look

I’m in full on feminisation mode at the moment as I’m excited about completing the feminisation of my girlie husband Alice. Following the success of the weekend where I got her to spend time in the garden in a dress and heels, I’ve continued this using my technique of “but you’ve already spent time doing this so what’s the problem?” approach. So Monday evening we again spent time outside in the garden but this time in the evening before it became darker. The patio area is directly behind the back of the house so is not visible from the neighbours’ upstairs windows. To be safe I got Alice to wear a little black skirt and a plain white blouse so no bright colours to attract any attention just yet. At a pinch the black skirt could possibly be mistaken for black shorts from a distance. Well that’s what I told Alice anyway even though it was pleated and quite short. Of course I will increase the amount of outside time and extend her usage of skirts to other areas away from the safety of the garden. That’s in the future for now, but not too far off I hope.

In tandem with the introduction of wearing of dresses and skirts outside I’ve put Alice on a diet. She was always very slim but some middle age spread has meant she has a waist of around 36 inches. When she was a man she could carry this with no problem due to her height. Now as a female it’s not really suitable as I want her waist to be down at 30 inches max, which she had when she was in her 20s so this should be quite achievable. The whole point of course is for her to look very feminine and in particular, for her to look the part when wearing her dresses. I really want to see her with a definite waist when in dresses. Maybe a corset if this doesn’t work but I’m trying for the natural look first. I think a small waist with her newly large breasts will look wonderful. You can see why I’m so excited.

An evening outside

The key to feminising your man is to take things slowly but steadily. Men will gradually allow themselves to be feminised but are often reluctant when the change is a big one. For example moving them into wearing a skirt is a big step and can only be done gradually by increasing the femininity type of their clothing until a wearing a skirt becomes inevitable. I got him to wear knickers then gradually increased the femininity of the knickers from plain black to pretty knickers with a little skirt built in to them which covered the knicker bit. Then I replaced these knickers with a real little skirt that was very similar but without the knicker bit and asked innocently what was the difference? I gradually ramped up the time he spent in a skirt until he became used to it. I then got him into a dress by pointing out that he wears a skirt with no problem so what’s the difference with a dress and then the next stage and so on.

Now obviously in our relationship we are at the stage were my girlie husband always wears a a skirt or dress at home. So the next stage is to get her to wear a skirt or dress OUTSIDE the home. I’ve got her to meet me occasionally in the car with a skirt on but in many ways this is just an extension of the home. What I really want is for her to actually be outside the house and car in a dress or skirt. A future stage is a club where this is accepted. However this is still a big stage for my girlie. So the point is to get her outside and I’ve achieved this by taking advantage of the warmer evenings over the weekend to get her outside in a dress. We did have to wait for the light to fade and then we went out to the patio to have something to eat and drink. Our garden could be slightly overlooked if the neighbours were to look-out from their upstairs windows and we’re not quite ready for this stage yet. However on Saturday night (our girlie night) we had dinner on the patio with my girlie husband dressed properly in a yellow short dress and heels. Once it became a whole lot darker we went for a walk to the end of the garden so she could feel the air around her legs and the feel of her dress against her legs in the open air.

It’s all about getting her used to this before the next stage, a more public area. Slowly but steadily I think I’m getting there.

My thoughts are turning to summer

I love summer as I can put away the boots, tights, jumpers and coats. I still generally wear black even in summer and knee length dresses or skirts. Sometimes I’ll wear trousers in a lighter cotton material. Of course trousers are not an option at home at any time for my girlie husband Alice nor is anything knee length, especially in the summer! I do allow her to wear tights during the winter months but now it’s summer it’s stockings only although bare legs are ok when it gets quite warm. I have also bought her a nice pink bikini. I prefer her to wear feminine colours and summer is perfect for this.

I have a general rule that she has to wear skirts/dresses at least 6 inches about the knee although I apply discretion and she has a beautiful chiffon skirt which although only a couple of inches above the knee, is so feminine that it’s permitted. So is her knee length thicker material pencil skirt when it’s really cold. However now it’s summer my rule is applied very strictly, 6 inches maximum and generally much much shorter. I do enjoy the feeling of me with elegant clothing which gives me some measure of maturity whilst ensuring my girlie husband is just that: girlie and hence submissive.

Saturday nights are always our girlie nights in together. I’ve already chosen her dress, a nice bright yellow one. I may allow her to have bare legs tonight but she will have to ensure they are perfectly smooth. Alice will cook and serve me all night. Yes life is really great when you have a compliant girlie husband.

It’s good to be kind

There are a number of misconceptions about Female Led Relationships, particularly when there is a large dose of Femdom and Forced Feminisation thrown in. I guess that most of these misconceptions come from fiction and fantasies in books and on the internet. Many of us who lead in these type of relationships are in fact in very happy and loving relationships where there is a high level of cooperation in regard to the way we have chosen to live. That is certainly the case with me and my husband.

I always prefer to speak about my husband’s ongoing feminisation as ‘encouraged’ rather than ‘forced’. He/she enjoys it but needs some encouragement to go to the next step. At times I will need to be a little firm as, after all, I am the lead in the house. I wear the trousers and he most certainly does not, literally and figuratively. I would also never ever want him/her to become an actual women without the clitty stick. I do want him/her to look like a woman in all other ways though as I love both the look and the control. As I often say, you will get little argument and no macho traits from a man in a little mini skirt and stockings. So this is a very necessary element of our relationship accepted by both although how far it goes is a question of ongoing debate and persuasion by me.

So a misconception regarding control is about being aggressive, verbally abusive or angry. This is not true. Assertive yes, dominant yes. But also kind and helpful. For example yesterday my girlie husband had to go into the centre of London to the offices of the company he/she works for. Usually she works at home. She returned around 7pm. I was ready. I couldn’t risk her staying in her suit so I was waiting with a smile, a kiss and holding up a nice white summer dress as she walked in the door. “Here you are darling, I know you can’t wait to pop this on” I’ll make us a nice cup of tea while you’re changing”.

This is how it works in the real world :-)

How much more progress?

I realise that my husband and I have come a long way in our relationship. Three years ago we were a ‘normal’ couple when we discovered a new activity to spice up our love life; ‘forced’ feminisation and submission. He now lives a feminised life in the home but much less so outside the home. I call him a her and a girl (not a women as girl shows the relationship levels between her and me) and I have named her Alice. I speak down to her as she is my inferior. It’s been a voyage of discovery and I wish I’d found out about this lifestyle many years ago. Alice obviously enjoys the lifestyle  too of course but sometimes has to be dragged along a little into new areas she is initially uncomfortable with.

I, on the other hand, prefer my man to be feminised BUT still able to perform his sexual duties even though I am completely in control in the bedroom. That’s to say feminine in appearance and manner and submissive to me. I particularly like her to be extremely feminine, with a short pretty dress or skirt in white or pink or yellow maybe, stockings with high heels and so on in order to accentuate her feminisation which turns me on sexually and in a control sense. I have feminised her gradually to a point where she accepts that is her gender now, more or less, and is happy with this. This works very well inside the home but continues to be difficult outside for her to accept this despite various discussions and blogs on the subject which she reads and initially accepts. Many of the changes I have made Alice initially doesn’t want to do but she slowly becomes used to them and finally they become a normal part of her life. Knickers being a great example, she prefers to wear them and would never consider male underpants.

I can understand, to some extent, the reluctance to wear skirts and dresses outside the house as this could cause problems in some situations but I continue to face refusals on getting her to have her ears pierced. I also want her to wear feminine rings on her fingers. I suppose nothing goes completely smoothly and I probably want too much too soon. I’ve found the best way is to introduce these things gradually. For example for her to wear the rings in the home then she‘ll get used to them. For her to wear skirts in the garden outside to become accustomed to this and while driving which she does at times. I know this is the way. I know that eventually she will get her ears pierced. But I really want her fully feminised now. Patience. I will get there eventually and report it here when I do..