How much more progress?

I realise that my husband and I have come a long way in our relationship. Three years ago we were a ‘normal’ couple when we discovered a new activity to spice up our love life; ‘forced’ feminisation and submission. He now lives a feminised life in the home but much less so outside the home. I call him a her and a girl (not a women as girl shows the relationship levels between her and me) and I have named her Alice. I speak down to her as she is my inferior. It’s been a voyage of discovery and I wish I’d found out about this lifestyle many years ago. Alice obviously enjoys the lifestyle  too of course but sometimes has to be dragged along a little into new areas she is initially uncomfortable with.

I, on the other hand, prefer my man to be feminised BUT still able to perform his sexual duties even though I am completely in control in the bedroom. That’s to say feminine in appearance and manner and submissive to me. I particularly like her to be extremely feminine, with a short pretty dress or skirt in white or pink or yellow maybe, stockings with high heels and so on in order to accentuate her feminisation which turns me on sexually and in a control sense. I have feminised her gradually to a point where she accepts that is her gender now, more or less, and is happy with this. This works very well inside the home but continues to be difficult outside for her to accept this despite various discussions and blogs on the subject which she reads and initially accepts. Many of the changes I have made Alice initially doesn’t want to do but she slowly becomes used to them and finally they become a normal part of her life. Knickers being a great example, she prefers to wear them and would never consider male underpants.

I can understand, to some extent, the reluctance to wear skirts and dresses outside the house as this could cause problems in some situations but I continue to face refusals on getting her to have her ears pierced. I also want her to wear feminine rings on her fingers. I suppose nothing goes completely smoothly and I probably want too much too soon. I’ve found the best way is to introduce these things gradually. For example for her to wear the rings in the home then she‘ll get used to them. For her to wear skirts in the garden outside to become accustomed to this and while driving which she does at times. I know this is the way. I know that eventually she will get her ears pierced. But I really want her fully feminised now. Patience. I will get there eventually and report it here when I do..

What’s next for my girlie husband?

We’ve come a long way in our lifestyle over the past 3 years but what’s next? I’ve been thinking about what more there is to do and what I’d like to happen. My girlie husband Alice thinks we’ve probably come to a natural limit on her feminisation and my domination of the relationship. She did think this before many times and look where we are now…

husband in pink skirt

I however, disagree with her and I believe that there is still a lot more to do. We have discussed this between us of course but I have told her that although the timescale might be a little in the future, a further increase in her feminisation and my domination is going to happen. These are what we discussed and what I’ve told Alice will happen, sooner or later:

1. Pierced ears. I’ve already written about this as I’m very very keen on this idea. Clips-on earrings are just not the real deal. Alice doesn’t want to although likes the idea hypothetically. However she says it’s not practical in real life as people will notice the holes even when she is not wearing them. I told her that people won’t see the holes as she’ll have earrings in them. Cue a look of horror. Very very amusing.

2. A wig. I really want her to look like a girl not a man in female clothes so this is necessary. I’d also like to see her sometimes with a cute pony tail or a pink hair band, hair clips or maybe big pink bows in her hair. The wig is really important now. Alice accepted this and it was not a big debating point.

3. Bigger boobs. I just love her feminine looking breast but I now want them VERY big so we’ll be looking on line for larger falsies. Again no real problem. She wears a bra outside the house which isn’t filled…yet.

4. Cock cage or in her case a clitty cage. I like the idea of the control and Alice understands this is necessary and I can unlock it anytime I want to play or get pleasure.

5. CBT. I enjoy slapping her clitty stick a lot but I want to ‘play’ a whole lot more. I think her clitty needs much more humiliation. I really enjoyed decorating it the other week and making her spend the evening with no skirt or knickers and although that was a punishment, I think this needs to happen a little more often as normal. A little bit of physical ‘discomfort’ in this region would not go amiss in my opinion, I saw some slaves with clothes pegs and weights on their cocks and balls which were also tied up very tight when I went to the dungeon. I’ve already started being quite a bit rougher and although Alice complains a little while I’m playing with her clitty, this will increase. She didn’t really raise any concerns beyond asking me to be careful.

6. Introduce Alice to my female friends for an evening or weekend dressed as a girl and or naked/semi naked. I’m still not sure how to go about this yet or which of my friends would be interested. Alice has known that I’ve wanted to do for a while and this is a matter of time and is not for debate. She accepted it but is worried.

7. Names. She is Alice inside and outside the home and referred to as a girl. She can only call me Lady A, my Lady or Mistress. Alice is very uncomfortable about this outside the home but I ignore her complaints and enjoy her squirming when I call out ‘Alice’ or ‘come here girl’ in public.

8. All female clothing. Start the switch to female clothing outside the home. Obviously she always wears knickers and usually a bra under her top and stockings or tights under her trousers. She will now have female jeans and trousers (to start with :-) ) and blouses to replace shirts and flat female shoes. Alice has reluctantly accepted the move into an all female wardrobe outside the home.

9. Skirts and dresses outside the home. I really do need to get her into skirts and dresses outside the home at some time in the future. I accept it won’t be possible all the time but I really want it on some occasions. My girlie husband is extremely worried about this stage and is refusing to consider it . I’ve punished her for arguing but I’ve told her that we will get there eventually so start to think about it.

Girlie husband has accepted that she’ll be wearing feminine clothes outside as in point 8. I do sometimes get her to collect me in the car in a skirt and I’ll get her to wear a skirt more and more while driving. She seems to accept this. I’m also going to start to get her to go into the garden in the darker evenings in a skirt or dress to get used to being outside more. We will be driving out to some quiet place to go for a walk in her skirt or dress. Small steps at first but progress over the past 3 years would suggest that eventually she will get used to it no matter what she says and I will get what I want.

I can’t wait to get started on the plan.

My feminised husband

I’ve taken a few new photos of my girlie husband, now called Alice. To be honest, Alice is still a work in progress but she’s coming along nicely and seems to largely accept her new role in life. We can discuss favourite perfumes, nice dresses and skirts and so on. I do let her follow her own interests in her free time, we’re not always doing things together, but she has to do them all dressed in a skirt or dress of course. She has her own make up bag and earrings and necklaces. All her products are female: deodorant, moisturiser, hair brushes, lady razors and so on. We’re 80% there.

The 20% outstanding things are: Pierced ears, which she is quite reluctant to have done, a wig as the slightly balding look is not at all feminine and finally reduction of her waistline. Alice is quite slim as you can see but I want her to have a much smaller waist as there is a little bit of fat around there and she would look so much better in her dresses without it.

Here’s my girlie Alice in her secretary type clothes. I really like this new look for her. I think she does do. You can see I’ve increased her breast size somewhat from earlier times and you can also see her newly lacquered nails. They are not quite as obvious in real life as in the photo, but you can still tell if you look.


husband in tight skirt

Although her finger nails are now a kind of pearly colour, I went for a much more vibrant colour for her toe nails. I like this, they will stay coloured at all times now; I may switch them to bright pink next time but I didn’t want to freak the beautician out too much. I think she’ll be used to us for next time. In fact I don’t think we were the first couple to go there to get the husband feminised a little.

husband in high heelshusband in red nail varnish

I just wanted to finish the post showing her new bra size more clearly. I really prefer her with the larger bust and at home this is now the norm. I’m actually considering going even bigger in the bust. Alice is tall and I think she can take it. :-)


husband with bra



Some older photos of my girlie husband

Here’s a reminder of how my girlie husband looks. The photos are a compilation of some earlier blogs but I’ll be taking some more very soon as this was in the early days. Nowadays she’s a girl permanently in my mind, but with a rather large clitty which comes in very useful for me. This will be the subject of a future blog now I’ve recently discovered the joys of CBT.

husband in a dress

So first up, here she is in a lovely summer dress, this is my favourite as it’s so feminine. It was a little chilly that day so she has a cardigan on. She also has a bra on but not sufficiently padded out. I changed that later on of course but this is the bra size she wears under her male clothes when she leaves the house. It just looks like she has moobs   :-)

husband in a mni skirt

I really like this very small tartan pleated skirt. It’s so short it doesn’t really cover her knickers. I particularly like her to wear school girl socks with this skirt as you can see. I often make her wear this without knickers. I can then slap her clitty with a crop when I need to discipline her. Here you can clearly see her in a bra with nice little breasts which unfortunately are not real. I would love her to have real boobs without affecting her performance down below of course which means we can’t use any estrogen so I’m not yet sure what to do here yet. These days she has to use a much larger bra cup size which is so much better.

Husband in a tartan micro skirt

Sorry for the quality but here she is about to curtsey to me in her tiny tartan micro skirt. Curtseying is a fundamental part of our relationship and she has to do it whenever serving me anything at all from breakfast to tea and coffee through to the evening meal and when greeting me whenever I arrive home.

sissy cooking

Here she is in a nice black pleated mini skirt and pink top preparing to cook for me. Nice smooth shaved legs but these days I generally prefer her to wear stockings. She also has some two inch high sandals and she’s graduated to four inch heels these days for the evenings.

husband in patterned mini skirt husband in mini skirt

I really love these photos. My girlie is 6 foot tall so I often allow her to wear ballet type shoes when working around the house during the day. Here she has a nice patterned mini skirt which actually has lots of volume in it so is very feminine. Plus some lovely shiny sheer stockings showing off her beautifully smooth long slim legs.

showing her knickers

Here she is in her red polka dotted dress and pink cardy. I like this photo as you can see her white knickers. I also allow her to wear these sandals during the day when she’s working. It’s always high heels for evenings though nowadays. Here she’s wearing tights which are fine when the weather’s a little chillier. You can also see her pink nail varnish.

husband in a pink nightie

And finally here she is in one of her pink nighties ready for bed. She’s only permitted to wear pink nighties for bed of course.  If it’s really hot in the summer, I do sometimes allow her to remove the nightie but then she has to wear a pair of little knickers instead. For winter she has a longer cotton nightie to her knees but still very feminine. She also has a new nighties with a lovely white lace around the hem. Again you can see her lovely smooth legs.

I hope you enjoyed this look at previous photos and I think it may be time for some new ones very soon.

Good Girl

A couple of months ago I spotted a couple in a supermarket and they looked quite normal until she clicked her finders at him and then moved her index finger to to tell him to come over to her. She then told him off quietly but firmly that she expected him to come to her much quicker and she’d punish him when they got home. He looked down at the ground in front of her.

From this time I realised that in every day life I can now speak to my girlie like this and to refer to my girlie as a female outside the home. I call her good girl and so on. Most people don’t seem to even notice as they are busy getting on with their own lives. I will also tell her she’s a bad girl when she hasn’t followed my instructions properly. I can also get her to do things such as carrying my things obviously, including my handbag, and getting things for me in shops or coffee shops. For example in a clothes shop I get her to pick up items of clothing for me with “be a good girl and pass me that” or in a coffee shop, “be a good girl and get me an Americano” and so on.

So I think the time is right to give her a new female name, especially with her nice new nails. I did used to call her Cindy but in the end I didn’t really think it was suitable so I have resisted up to now as I have enjoyed the anonymity of just calling her ‘girl’. Now I have started to always refer to her in the female form outside the home as well I realise it would be really satisfying to use a female name. I need to think exactly what and I have some ideas but I’ll announce it here when I’ve decided.

This is an exciting thought for me I can’t wait to use her new name outside the home.

I just couldn’t resist it

I had promised (threatened?) that I’d take my husband to a nail place to get his finger and toe nails tidied up and lacquered. Well I found a place in the high street that actually advertised that it was for women and men. I think they actually meant that they would manicures and do pedicures for men minus the colour but anyway that was a good excuse to choose this place. I used the advert in the window to persuade her (as in girlie husband) that it was fine and they were used to dealing with men. I booked and told them it was for my husband and he wanted his nails tidied up. I booked it in person as I told them that he (I) may want something a bit feminine. They were quite ok with this. What I didn’t want was to put them in a bad position. It’s ok in those feminisation stories but I didn’t want it to be uncomfortable for the woman doing the nails. I was happy for girlie to be uncomfortable of course. In fact I wanted it.

So we went into a private room which was good. The young lady did a very nice pedicure and manicure in that she shaped, did the cuticles and generally tided up his toe and finger nails. When done she looked at me to ask if we wanted anything more. Girlie husband said that this was fine. I said no, they need some ‘protection’ and a nice tone. I would like some varnish on the nails. Girlie husband looked horrified but the beautician didn’t actually bat an eyelid. She said that they often did this for men. I told her I’d actually like a colour on his toes. Red. Girlie husband started to stand up but I pushed him back. “Continue” I said to the beautician. “Red.”

To be fair he accepted it without any complaint. He thought he could keep it covered. “And on the fingers?” asked the beautician. “No not the fingers” said my girlie. “Yes the fingers too” I said “but do them with a pearl effect, not too obvious… but obvious enough.”

The beautician did them without any embarrassment. She said she had done this before on men.

Oh this is wonderful. When we got home I made him change into his short tight skirt and high heels with no stockings so I could see his beautiful red toe nails. Life is great when you have a girlie to admire.


New experiences for Lady A

Our journey deeper into feminisation and femdom continues. In an effort to branch out and find other like minded people to share our lifestyle with, I attended a fetish market in Central London last month with my girlie husband, who was not being girlie for that night. There was an after market party where we saw some interesting sights but it all seemed a little contrived. The male slaves seemed to be almost like actors playing a role, “look at me” their body language screamed as they walked around in little mini skirts with pride and confidence rather than the shame and humiliation I wanted to see.

I then went later that month to a Mistress Workshop, run by Mistress Kim and which I bizarrely found on Groupon.This was much better and we learnt the basic techniques of being a Mistress, which I have started to apply at home, as well as meeting a full time professional, Mistress Kim. Click on the photo to link through to the event.

mistress workshop

From this workshop I was then invited to a free event at a Dungeon in West London which included the use of about 8 naked slaves to play with. Click on the image below to see.

London Dungeon

I left the girlie husband at home of course where she had the opportunity to watch the football, albeit in her tiny pink tight skirt and shaped white blouse (which she later picked me up dressed in from the tube station – in the car of course!).

We were a group of Mistresses and wannabe Mistresses playing with inferior beings – males. One or two of the slaves we played with were feminised at times but most were naked. We did have a sissy serving us food and drink. We got to do a number of perfectly sensible activities for females to do to men, such as spanking of course but also treading on their balls with our heels and pulling and squeezing their cocks and balls very very hard. We made them lie down on beds with their legs wide open and we got to inflict humiliation such as putting clothes pegs on their cocks and balls and tying their balls up really tight with twine. The feeling of power was wonderful.

At the end of the month we have a CFNM event. I can’t wait and I’ll tell you all about it. Girlie husband will be going with her shaved legs and little triangle of pubic hair above her shaved pussy. I wonder what the other ladies will think.

In the meantime, I must say that I REALLY enjoyed the Cock and Ball Torture so watch out girlie husband, I am going  to practice this on you. A lot!!!.

Love Lady A

A bad girl’s punishment continues

Despite the fact that Lady A and her girlie husband live in a female led relationship, it is important to stress that it is a loving and otherwise normal relationship. They eat together like any other married couple, watch TV together and generally do everything vanilla couples do. Lady A and her girlie were talking over dinner last night. The discussion point was regarding the fact that girlie didn’t seem 100% aware that he had to be a girl every moment possible. It was a normal wife/husband friendly discussion except for the topic of course. Lady A told him (the male term is only used to differentiate between girlie and Lady A), that he (she) didn’t seem to be fully aware that he (she) was now female every possible moment and that he only wore male attire outside to conform to social expectations and avoid problems. She was correct he hadn’t quite bought into the idea. At times he (she) dragged his (her) feet or ‘forgot’ to change immediately on entering the home. Or at times ‘forgot’ to put on a dress or skirt in the morning and found a pair of trousers. Lady A explained that she loved him feminised. It was what she wanted , it was exciting for her and she felt even more loving seeing him in a pretty dress with nice make up and hair band

Girlie was still being punished for the indiscretion two days ago. He was wearing high heeled shoes, a necklace and a bra but nothing else. Lady A told her girlie that he had to learn that he was now a girl and as a girl he will always wear dresses and skirts whenever possible. So Lady A had a plan and what Lady A says goes. The two day punishment is now over. However, whilst girlie will be permitted to wear a blouse, a top and stockings he (she) will not be allowed to wear anything else until Lady A is convinced that he really WANTS to wear a nice pretty skirt. He will have to plead to her that he wants to wear a pretty skirt. She has to believe him. Until that time he will remain uncovered at all times at home from the waist down and the top of the legs up.

He will have to dress like this for the whole weekend and she will ask him on Sunday night and guage whether he really wants to be a girl and wear a skirt. In the meantime the words BAD GIRL Lady A wrote on his clitty stick will be on display for a little longer.

Feminisation Stories

Why don’t you have a look at my FREE feminisation stories. These are my fantasies, I would like to be in the situations of the dominant lady in my stories. I like to imagine the humiliation of my girlie husband as the other protagonist. Click on the my feminisation stories link below and choose one of my stories: The new job or A Sister-in-Law’s Law

My feminisation stories

I hope you enjoy them and please do let me know what you think of them, give me some comments and new ideas….

Lady A