Reluctant Feminisation

Another term I’ve seen used which I quite like. I like it in so much as I think it describes Alice’s approach quite accurately, she likes the feminisation game but has been reluctant to embrace the lifestyle more permanently so needs a little push now and then

Anyway, one such push has been a return back to her hair. I sort of gave up as she is greying and balding so needs a wig. What I’d really like is for her to have real long flowing female locks. Well she can’t but I am revisiting the hair as I do need to think about when she’s in male guise which is some of the time.

So I’ve told her to grow it a bit longer again, over the ears at least. This softens her face somewhat. She already uses only female products such as shampoo and conditioners on it but I think we can go a little further. Women if a certain age do have to colour their hair so Alice is of a certain age and a natural greying hair in not suitable. She’s going silver. This ensures she follows a more typical female regime of caring for and doing her hair even if she’s often be-wigged.

These little things are so important in keeping them girly.



Gender Realignment

I came upon this title from a book about forced feminisation and I really liked it. I Therefore thought I’d postulate a little on the term as I believe it fits with what I’ve done to Alice and what all good women should do to their menfolk.

I receive many questions regarding about where I’m going with Alice, either as comments on my posts or as private comments through the Contact Me page. I’m asked just how far I intend to take Alice in her ‘realignment’. One of the areas I’m very clear about is that I do not want to turn Alice into a biological woman though hormones and cutting off her little bits. But… I do want her to to be a girl from a gender perspective.

Gender of course only describes those characteristics that our Western culture proscribes to someone who is biologically a female and those characteristics that our culture proscribes to a biological male. I happen to believe that in this aspect of our society and culture our traditional beliefs of what gender should be male and what should be female  are wrong and it’s time to change them. Therefore I can be very clear that Alice’s gender is feminine although she performs the biological function that the male sex performs – Alice = male sex + feminine characteristics.

Anyway, I think I feel a change in the air towards my way of thinking, at least in the way that women have become more ‘alpha’. It hasn’t escaped anyone’s notice that here in the UK we have a Female Prime Minister and a Female Head of State. More than that though, the First Ministers of Scotland and Northern Ireland are also female. Head over to Europe and of course we have Angela Merkel, probably the most powerful lady in the whole of Europe, maybe the world. Then we have Hillary Clinton running for President over in the USA although I don’t think she has managed to feminise Bill, he’s just a naughty boy.

I haven’t seen so much evidence outside our little online circles and fetish clubs of men taking on the feminine gender role openly but I really believe that like us, it goes on behind closed doors and, like us, we’re reluctant to be too open and risk abuse or worse.

Of course, there’s a bit more to it than this as I like Alice to fill the role of typical pretty housewife in the 1950s sense and have an exaggerated feminine dress style but I do think that’s necessary as part of the overall realignment of our society.

Here are some ideas from my Pinterest page on enforcing gender realignment in your menfolk.

A Reluctant Housemaid – A Forced Feminisation Story

a reluctant housemaidAnnette, a hard working professional lady, becomes increasingly exasperated with her lazy stay-at-home husband Adrian. She enlists the help of her sexy neighbour Jenny to change him into their housemaid. However, things quickly get out of control once the neighbour becomes involved.

Meanwhile, in a situation that takes place 20 years earlier, Camille is distraught when her second husband is sent to prison leaving her to look after his surly aggressive teenage son.  With the willing help of her daughter Abbie she decides to punish and improve her unwanted stepson by petticoating him and forcing him to be their housemaid.

You can read the first two chapters by clicking here

This e-book is the first of a two part series about the Reluctant Housemaid. A Reluctant Housemaid – No Return will be available soon.

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My pretty readers – Stephie

Here is one of my regular readers and contributors, Stephie from the USA. How lovely to see her looking so pretty and feminine.

Stephie has been trained in giving pedicures and manicures to her mistress, Mistress K, which you can see her doing in the photo. She also tells me that they sometimes go to have pedicures and manicures together. Delicious.

stephie 2

stephie 1




Late summer evenings

So now I have got Alice into the garden regularly in her black skirt. This was a brainwave on my part if I say so myself, a plain skirt that coupled with a plain tee skirt, doesn’t stand out too much or raise any attention. This has given Alice some confidence in being outside and has got used to being in the garden in a skirt. The other day she even hung the washing out in her skirt and this is something I’ve wanted her to do for ages – in a skirt I mean as she always puts the washing out of course as it’s her housewife duties to do so.

So things are going well again but they got even better last night. The benefit of late August evenings is that they can be very warm and it gets darker earlier.

So last night I told her to put on one of her lovely summer dresses. The one I chose is neither plain nor black but pleated and light with fine flowers and shoulder straps. I then told Alice that we’d be having dinner on the patio and she would be wearing her summer dress. Although she looked horrified, I pointed out that 1, she had been wearing a skirt outside for a couple of weeks now and 2, it was very dark (we eat quite late at around 9pm), so the neighbours are unlikely to see her. The patio is relatively secluded.

So things have been ratcheted up one more notch which shows the benefits of a gradual approach although I would prefer it if Alice were feminised all the time. Sadly this isn’t practical at present so I’m trying to push things as much as is possible and see where we go.

I haven’t told her yet but as tonight will be hot again, we’ll be eating on the patio once more. This time she will be in her pink bikini. I must remember to take a couple of photos this time.

Hello Readers

I’m starting a new occasional series of posts looking at the followers of Ladiesontop. The first set is from a lovely girly called Dani. Her mistress took her out to the park the other day dressed as you can see in the photos below.

Here are her photos and very pretty too. This is what I like to see; a very feminine girly and well done to Mistress Amy, Dani’s mistress, for achieving this.

Dani photo 1

dani photo 2

Any other photos and stories to share? I’d love to hear from mistresses too.

My thoughts on a sissy’s clitty

We’re here in the sun and I can’t wait to get out and explore and sample the food and wine.

Currently we’re in the hotel room and Alice is naked. She has to change immediately out of any male clothing to either female wear  or nothing on entering the room ; as if it were our own home. I fancied her in nothing today. Seeing her little pubic triangle and her cute little clitty as she served me a cold drink got me to thinking about how we deal with the feminised male’s genital area. I’ve used various approaches to feminise, demean and denigrate her genitals because it could otherwise be an unwelcome reminder that she used to be male and we really don’t want her seeing it that way. Feminisation of a male’s pussy area is a crucial element of any mistress’s feminisation project. Without it, it just can’t succeed, skirts and dresses just being window dressing otherwise.

What I do want is it to function effectively though. So there’s my dilemma.

So after a few years now of trying different ways to deal with this vexing dilemma, here are my opinions and what I now do.

  1. I was a bit slow to re-name her little thing. I tried sissy stick and other demeaning names but there is only one option and that is for it to be a clitty. Full stop. Alice has a clitty, like all good girls. I sometimes even refer to it as a clitoris if I’m being serious
  2. First of all I didn’t know what to do about what to call her balls. It’s obvious really as they form part of her female genital area which I now call her ‘pussy’ and if I’m really pushed they are pussy balls.
  3. I started off making her shave her whole pussy area completely. The problem was that it made her look like a young boy which was not a look I wanted. I did enjoy her clitty and pussy area exposed a free of hair though. I have tried a Brazilian on her but the best is the triangle of pubic hair above a cleanly shaved clitty. It just looks sooooo feminine.
  4. Size of her pubic triangle: I’ve her with tried several sizes from very small little triangle to a larger one. It may seem strange but the larger triangle is for me the best and most female. She has to shave slightly away from her legs so it is still well defined but I’d say it’s about 5 or 6 inches wide at the top, tapering to a point at the base of her clitty. Also I’ve let it grow so it’s a little bushy. The contrast with her shaved smooth pussy area is delightful.
  5. Clittys (or is that clitties?) need to be part of your wider discipline and punishment routine. Spanking on the bum is a fundamental part of all discipline but never forget to find an excuse to slap her clitty as punishment. It’s a perfect way to show her how insignificant it is. Imagine it, telling your girlie to remove her knickers, lift her dress so you can slap something that in the past was their reason to be. Lovely. I use a wooden spatula or crop. Sometimes I just raise her skirt and slap her there through her knickers if she’s misbehaved. I tried face slaps but clitty slaps are so much more humiliating for her.
  6. Clitty’s do need to be dressed up from time to time. A pink bow is a great adornment but I also like to hang things from it such as necklaces and clip on earrings. I’ve even used chiffon scarves. I have pink and yellow body paint and painting it is good. She has to wear pink sparkly cock rings too which I think she likes, but that’s perfectly fine.
  7. CBT. I don’t want to really hurt Alice but I’ve learnt as part of her understanding that I do what I want, it is sometimes necessary to play a little. Clothes pegs on her pussy and balls are a fun way to do this and it’s demeaning as she has to sit there with her legs wide apart while I clip them on.I once used electricity on her at a femdom event and that was very nice as she had two electrodes on her pussy.
  8. Fairly tame but useful is to pull her around by her clitty when I want to show her something. For example in the past she sometimes forgot to sit on the toilet so I would lift her skirt, drop her knickers and pull her to the toilet but her little clitty to berate her. A little cat’s leach around it is also very effective for other times.
  9. And never forget to verbally abuse it. I never miss an opportunity, for example when the weather is cold, to tell her how “cute and tiny her pretty little clitty is.” Actually even if it’s not cold it’s fun and necessary.

Anyway these are my thoughts from Italy. I feel even hotter now…


Forced feminisation- using psychology

Having a lot of contact with family and friends recently has obviously prevented Alice from being  dressed correctly but also allowed me to think about how we should go about feminising our husbands/partners/boyfriends and any man in general. This isn’t about allowing those men who want to be feminised to dress female but about force feminising those men who don’t initially want to be girls, such as Alice.

Some of the forced feminisation naturally has be be forced through orders and threats and by trickery. I got Alice into her first skirt using the trickery method and linking it to sex. I got her to wear knickers when we had sex and gradually increased their femininity until they had a little skirt attached then switched to a real skirt. Names are important and calling her girl and Alice repeatedly has become the norm.

Much of my encouraged/forced feminisation of Alice however, was and is achieved by applying psychology and getting Alice to think as a girl. De-programming I call it as in de-programming her male characteristics and then re-programming female characteristics in their place. One way to achieve this was to get her to do more and more of what would typically be called female tasks, such as sitting on the toilet and shaving her legs. In addition I have increased her submissiveness, it’s amazing what you can achieve by just asking firmly – “get me a tea would you?”, “Rub my feet please” and so on.

However this was a long-winded way to get onto my point which was to involve your feminised man, or to be more feminised man, in selecting the looks that she likes. Even when we were with family, at night in bed alone I’d open the iPad to show pictures of feminised men to ask which ones Alice would prefer to look like. I did this even in our early days of her encouraged (forced) feminisation and I continue it. I make it very clear that Alice will be becoming even more feminine in the future and while that’s not negotiable, she can help choose her preferred look and that is negotiable within boundaries. We scan through pictures of transvestites and feminised males and I make her tell me which she thinks are the most attractive. I think this makes the process more inclusive and takes it away from me just ordering her to be a girl to us both working together to achieve what I want. I then post some of her favourites on Pinterest to save them for use as a model when we shop for nice clothes or just to show her for a reminder.

I do have some rules of course. I stress that I want Alice to be a girl rather than a sissy so she needs to choose pretty but everyday female clothing. She can only choose skirts or dresses and they must be quite short. And finally they should be in feminine colours such as pink, yellow or white for example. Now sometimes I do have to get ‘firm’ with her of course if she’s being awkward and forgets to put on a skirt as soon as she gets up for example, but mostly it’s quite easy these days and I have her well trained and re-programmed.

Here are some of Alice’s favourite pictures or at least the ones she was made to choose within the boundaries I give her.



Ongoing forced feminisation frustrations

Everyday life continues to get in the way of my feminisation project. However I realise now that that’s the way it is and as it’s unlikely that we’ll ‘come out’ to our family so I need to relax and think of other ways to push things forward and there are many ways to do this.

We continue to have an extended period of family contact of various types. Younger family members like to use our computer meaning a significant downturn in blog posts. I have found that it’s possible to have a dual life though, one for public appearances and one for how things really are. This doesn’t stop me thinking of Alice as a girl and ensuring that she continues to at least wear female underwear and nightclothes when we’re not alone. In fact I’ve insisted on her wearing a pink baby doll to bed every night rather than her pink nightie as the baby doll is soooooo feminine and sooooo short. At least we have the privacy of our bedroom and I use that to cement her femininity. A soon as we have a day or so of privacy then Alice is straight back into a skirt

Once we’re alone again next month I’m going to insist on Alice accepting a significant feminine upgrade which is wearing skirts outside the home. Ive been threatening this for some time but despite the lighter nights, it’s way overdue especially after our forced feminisation frustrations.

An evening drive in a skirt and a short walk to the cash point I think.


Alice through the looking glass

A reflective post this week as I was asked for some photos of Alice by a mistress I communicate with which I sent by mail but I then realised that they were just too good not to share globally.

They are quite recent and when I look at previous photos I have to say I’ve got her looking very feminine these days and I have to say my efforts and work are really paying off now. I hadn’t quite realised before.

I really love her in this little white ra-ra skirt, I believe I need to keep her in very feminine girlie clothing. She has to wear much shorter skirts than me, in fact I often wear trousers at home – just to rub it in a little that I can and she can’t. And I keep her mostly in pinks and whites, colours I never wear either. She’s also become much better in heels, practice certainly makes perfect. She did complain at first but, like many other changes I’ve made her undergo, once she becomes accustomed to the change then it becomes second nature.


Forced feminisedforced feminisationforced feminisation

I’m working on her feminine posture and manner at present as they can still look masculine and this of course needs to be eradicated. You can also see a slight tummy roll which is still causing me problems getting rid of. I’m also wondering if I should go up from C-cup breast forms to something larger as I think she can take it.

Finally, it’s the same wig in all the photos, I just put it in a pony tail as she was baking and her hair was falling in her face. I then thought the bob style from face on looked cute.