Progress continues to be good

I’m very pleased with the progress of Alice. Despite her lack of pierced ears (at the moment), in all other respects her increasing feminisation is going very well.She now wears very very feminine clothing.

Her real hair is growing… slowly. All the time I’ve known Alice, her own hair has been very short and I didn’t realise it was quite so wavy when longer. Because of this it seems to be taking some time to grow as it’s curling up or out a little. However, half her ears are now covered and it falls over her collar, if she’s wearing one but I want it longer still. I make sure it’s blow dried flat it to make it straighter and longer looking but eventually I’ll be able to use straighteners on it. I want to be able to put two side pony tails in her hair sometimes or a back pony tail with a large pink ribbon tied in a bow. She will then be able to wear a pony tail outside the house although maybe without the pink bow although I think we could still maybe get away with something quite feminine. I’ve already started using hair bands on her head and Alice bands (appropriately) and these are starting to look good with her slightly longer style. The biggest snag is of course the thinning top. She’ll always need to wear a wig when fully female but when she’s not wearing one (outside the house or in bed) then the longer hair is better than nothing. I remember reading about a product in the past that could be sprayed on thinning hair to give it the appearance of full hair but I can’t find it now. If still around, this could be useful.

In the house I continue to make her pin the front of her skirts and dresses up and for her to go without knickers. I ensure there’s just a small area open so that she has the fullness of the skirt but that her clitty is fully on show to me. It’s not necessary when I’m out at work obviously but I call her when I’m on my way home so she’s exposed for my return. An additional area I haven’t really mentioned before is that it’s important to belittle her clitty. Not just by feminising it or slapping it but by words. It really is a key part of removing any residual masculinity in my opinion. Alice has to know her clitty is insignificant but equally I get a lot of enjoyment out of doing it. So I like to tell her she has a ‘cute little clitty’, or if she’s cooking or cleaning, to mind her ‘little thing’. When it’s decorated, I make sure I tell her how ‘pretty’ it is, a ‘pretty clitty’. It makes me laugh anyway.

One downside is in the weight reduction. Although slim she’s not slim enough but we haven’t got very far and much of that is down to me I must confess as I haven’t pushed it. We’ll see what I can do about it.

I’ve had two new ideas this week. The first one was when we were out shopping and by chance saw all the schoolgirl clothing for sale. I REALLY like this and Alice is going to have to wear this style in the very near future, I don’t know why I didn’t think about it before to this extent. I wanted to buy some straight away especially the little grey short pleated skirts. Of course they were all too small. I’ll have to look on line. The other new idea I’ve had is false eyelashes. Alice unfortunately has those short eyelashes that some men have so we’re going to buy some false ones and she can wear these.

Just when I think I’ve exhausted ideas of what to do next something else always seems to comes up.

I’ve done a naughty thing

I don’t like to involve strangers in our (ok my)¬† lifestyle choice unless it was their choice to be involved or they were accepting of it. This includes shop workers and so on. That doesn’t mean I don’t want people to see Alice fully feminised because I really do.

The young lady who comes to our house to do our nails is obviously not stupid though and painting my girlie husband’s toe nails pink, manicuring Alice’s finger nails and applying clear varnish means she’s obviously fully aware of the situation even though Alice always wears a pair of trousers and a unisex top whenever she’s been to the house.

The other week when the young lady was here, I shouted at Alice when she refused to have her ears pierced and I called her a naughty girl or something. The young lady was embarrassed and I really didn’t want to make her feel bad or bring her into things without her acceptance. It’s been on my mind so at the weekend I called her to apologise for dragging her into our lifestyle argument and then to see if she would still come to do our nails. She told me that it was perfectly fine and said she was embarrassed by the argument and not by me calling Alice a naughty girl or by painting Alice’s nails pink. She said it was up to us what we did and it was just business for her and, although not her lifestyle choice, she had no problem with our own personal choices and she would continue to come round and paint our nails. She said she really didn’t even care if my husband wore dresses and then laughed as if it were a ridiculous idea), She said she would be happy to continue to do our nails as we were friendly and good customers.

I of course spotted an opening and told her that he (I was talking to her) only changed into trousers for her appointment and at all other times he (talking to her) wore a skirt or a dress at home. “Really” she exclaimed “Are you serious?” I told her I was very serious and that’s how we lived. “Ok” she replied ” I said, it’s really not a problem for me if that’s what you want to do”. I told her to just treat my husband as a girl and call her Alice. I told her if she really wasn’t bothered then I wouldn’t worry about Alice changing out of her skirt next time.

“Fine” she said “if that’s what you both want it’s really no problem for me, see you Wednesday next week”

So on Wednesday morning next week Alice will be meeting the young lady dressed in a lovely skirt and frilly top. She was horrified when I told her. However she currently only has skirts and dresses in the house as I’ve moved her trousers to a safe place away from the home for now so it’s a skirt or nothing! I can’t wait, Alice has nowhere to hide.

Moving on…

Well! I’ve had lots of ideas and comments to the ongoing saga of my girlie husband Alice’s pierced ears all of which have been very useful in formulating my response to Alice’s stubbornness. I said I wouldn’t mention the ear saga again for a while but it has been annoying me even though I do understand Alice’s point that it would be a very obvious statement that she is not a middle aged normal man but something else more feminine to the world. She is not yet ready to tell the world or at least not our family and friends that she’s a girl.

Anyway whilst I understand, I’m not going to actually let her get away with it entirely because I’m not that happy as I really want Alice to have pierced ears. So in the meantime I’ve ordered Alice to make a few other changes, all of which make her more feminine and girlie. Alice is going along with them as I think she feels a bit guilty.

Firstly I used to allow Alice to wear plain dark skirts and a unisex top during the day and no wig so that if anyone passing the house or the neighbours catch a sight of her through the windows their eyes aren’t drawn to pinks or yellow or flowing skirts. This has now stopped. Alice will wear light colours, pinks, whites and so on. She will also wear very obvious dresses or skirts. She will be wearing knee length skirts as well but they will be full, flowing, colourful and bold. Equally I want to only see very feminine tops, no more unisex.

I even allowed her to not wear her wig during the day but now I want it on all the time and I want pink bows and ribbons tied in her hair. She will wear necklaces all the time, bracelets and rings.

I also used to allow her to wear her flat ballet style shoes. No more: it’s heels all the time or wedges. Since she won’t have pierced ears she has to wear clip-ons all the time which makes her lobes a bit sore. So be it. I’m going to look into ear cuffs and magnetic clip ons though thanks to two ideas from my readers.

It was the same with make up, I had allowed very light make up but now every morning I expect full make up, eye shadow, lip stick the works. I had also not kept up with the sanitary pads so these have been re-implemented inside her knickers.

I’ve also hidden all her trousers for the time being. I can’t say where on the blog as she reads it. So she only has skirts and dresses to wear. She hasn’t therefore been out all weekend except into the back garden a little.

I think that really increasing her feminine appearance being very girlie all the time will be much better as allowing concessions has not worked. My goal is for her to eventually ask me to have pierced ears but let’s see.

That Thursday morning feeling

This will be the last post regarding Alice’s pierced ears for the time being since she refused again yesterday. So she has nice pink toes nails and clear varnished finger nails but no earrings.The lady who comes to our house said she actually does lots of men’s nails although most just have a manicure, Alice is not the only one though to have coloured toe nails. Interesting.

Back to pierced ears, Alice explained that she would like pierced ears but having pierced ears is something that can’t be easily hidden. It’s ok for younger men but Alice said it would be quite dramatic for a seemingly average English middle aged man to suddenly start wearing earrings. I’m obviously concerned about Alice’s feelings although I’m not in the least bit worried myself if everyone (when everyone?) finds out that my husband is actually¬† living now as a girl, a very feminine¬† girlie. Short of actually having her held down I’m not sure what to do.

I was a quite annoyed all the same as I was really looking forward to this step in her feminisation. I confess to deliberately embarrassing Alice by calling her Alice in front of the lady and telling Alice she was a silly girl in an angry way. The nail lady kept quiet and looked out the window pretending not to hear. Alice complained afterwards but I snapped at her that it was her fault I did that and she shut up.

Regarding the idea I’ve been having of Alice growing her real hair longer despite the thinning top, I’ve told Alice to grow it to cover her ears completely and then with a change in her external style and the ability to hide them a little in public, we can re-visit the pierced ears plan. Currently her (real) hair covers the top half of her ears for the first time since she was a teenager and this has softened her face a lot.Soon she will be able to have a small pony tail.

I’ve put in place some punishments. I’ve continued the clitty on show rule with her skirt front pinned up. She’s also had extra spankings and harder on her bum and clitty. I’ve also withdrawn from doing anything in the home and Alice has to do all the housework and cooking and then pamper me. She has to curtsey every time she sees me and kiss my feet when I come home from work which is a new rule. She also has to curtsey gently outside the home when bringing me something. Maybe something good will come out of this as Alice has been complying with these new rules perfectly. She’s feeling guilty I suppose.


A feminised husband, earrings and humiliation

I’m not sure whether to call Alice my feminised husband any more or my wife? Anyway it seems that finally Wednesday’s the day to get her ears pierced. Something so simple has been a bit of a saga for one reason or the other not least because of Alice’s reluctance to have something SO obvious to the outside world. Never mind we’ve got over that with a compromise and the young lady is coming Wednesday to do our nails and pierce her ears. I’m very excited about this as I so want my girl to look more feminine.

However now that this is almost done I’m thinking of other things I like to do. I enjoy the power of humiliation and subjecting Alice to this. I got an idea from some of my Pinterest pictures of some humiliation ideas. One of the best ways to maintain control over your girlie husband is to control her clitty and pussy and humiliate and feminise it. So for a while I’ve told Alice that when I’m in the house her clitty and pussy has to be permanently on show. I want her to continue to wear female clothes of course so I’m not talking naked exactly. I’ve therefore banned her from using knickers for the time being and she will:

  • wear skirts so short they don’t cover her clitty,
  • have her dresses and skirts pinned up at the front to expose her clitty or
  • wear no skirt at all, just stockings, shoes and blouse.

Her clitty will have a nice pink bow tied very tightly around it and must not be hidden. Here are a couple of the pictures I got the idea from.

I so much want to find a female friend to come round with Alice like this. That would be wonderful.



I’m a very happy Mistress

After our chat last week about my girlie husband Alice’s concerns, her ongoing feminisation has actually increased! No I didn’t quite expect it quite so much either. I admit my strategy was to allow Alice a couple of concessions in return for some blocking points. That way I move things along, she gets used to them and then I can return to the things I allowed and start pushing again. So what’s happened?

Well I agreed not to make her go to a place to have her nails done which she found quite humiliating (that was the point for me but never mind for now). In return a lady will be coming to the house to do both mine and Alice’s nails nails next Wednesday. Alice will have bright pink toe nails but clear lacquer finger nails. That was the agreement. The lady also does pierced ears and this will also happen next Wednesday for Alice. She’s now worried but that was the agreement. I said we can remove her earrings and cover and fill the holes with make-up if we are with family or something. I’m not really sure whether that will cover them or not but it’s calmed Alice down a little.

The other big change is in calling her ‘Alice’ and ‘girl’ all the time. I agreed not to shout it out loud outside the house but we agreed that in normal conversation at any time anywhere she is ‘Alice’, ‘girl’ and ‘her’. So we went to the supermarket and I used ‘be a good girl and pick up some apples” as we we walking round and “What do you think Alice?” about some product and so on. We went for a coffee another day and she brought the coffee to the table I said “thanks beautiful” and when she sat down I told her “you’re looking pretty today Alice”. She agreed this and so I did it. To be honest I overdid it but it was necessary.

A long discussion on feminisation in our marriage

As I’ve mentioned many times, on the outside we appear to be a normal middle aged (sigh) married English couple. Although I write this blog about my increasing feminisation of my girlie husband Alice and the fact she wears entirely feminine clothes, our life isn’t just about Alice’s feminisation. We do everything an otherwise normal married couple does: shop, go to the cinema, cook, eat out, eat in, go on holiday, listen to music, watch TV and so on. We also talk to each other, of course about things other than feminisation: the news, the weather, what we want to do etc. etc.

So, I decided it was time to have a serious conversation on Alice’s continuing feminisation; my goals and hers. We are married, we live together and I do have to take into account her opinion obviously. Whilst we have both agreed that I lead the marriage, it’s not all about me just giving orders and spanking Alice when I feel like it. I had a strong feeling, well more of a realisation to be honest, that our feminisation goals may not be fully aligned. Time to talk. Alice agreed.

So Saturday evening, glass of wine in hand, we talked. I started.

“We have agreed I should be the lead in our marriage” I said and Alice agreed. This is really not in question. She has suffered from society’s patriarchal view of life where the man has to show leadership and take decisions. Why? Exactly it’s ridiculous. I on the other hand believe strongly in a MATRIARCHAL society where women lead. Alice is no wimp but she is happy with this view. So a good start to our discussion.

“As part of the matriarchal household where I lead, you have to be female.” Again Alice agreed. Well she couldn’t do anything else as she was sitting there in a white flared mini skirt, bra and tight pink blouse. However there was some doubt about the definition of being female. She explained that she had become used to wearing nice feminine clothing but she hadn’t had a wish to be a girl and didn’t want to be a real girl physically, as in taking estrogen and other pills to feminise her. She was heterosexual and attracted to women. She was uncomfortable with being obviously feminine outside the house. This included being embarrassed last week at the department store, my desire for her to have her ears pierced and to go to a nail shop to have obvious nail varnish applied. I had got to the bottom of the reluctance.

I explained that I, on the other hand wanted her to be a girl, but also not to have to take pills to remove her ability to use her clitty on me. I want her to have pierced ears and if I’m honest, to have implants and real boobs. I would also like her to have a hair weave to cover her thinning top and have hair extensions to her shoulders. I want to do things as two girls together, for her to wear dresses ALL the time even outside and for Alice to look just like a girl – but with male sexual abilities and this is my goal.

A slight impasse on the extent of Alice’s feminisation. Time for compromise. Alice agreed that my wishes are the most important but that if she was quite upset about something then we could think of a softer approach.

  • Firstly I agreed to stop embarrassing her in public by calling her Alice really loudly. I was not going to stop calling her Alice though and we agreed this but it would be at a normal speaking voice level. I also insisted that I would continue to call her ‘girl’ but agreed that it would be at a normal speaking voice outside the home, i.e. “be a good girl and get me a coffee”, or “silly girl” and so on.
  • I agreed not to hold female clothing up at her body in pubic in shops. We would go shopping together and I would still ask her opinion of her new female clothes.
  • I agreed that she didn’t have to wear coloured nail varnish outside the house and we wouldn’t have to go to a nail shop. We agreed we would have someone come to the house to do Alice’s nails. Alice’s toe nails would still be coloured bright pink or red but her finger nails could be clear.
  • I agreed not to force her to wear a skirt or dress in public. Alice still has to wear a skirt whilst driving and female trousers/blouse at other times outside the home. Skirts/dresses always at home of course this wasn’t up for negotiation. We would look for a fetish club where she will have to wear a skirt or dress. We also agreed that I will invite female friends to the house and she will have to wear skirts and dresses in front of them.
  • I agreed that she would not have to undergo breast implant surgery, which was a new revelation for her to be honest and a bit of a shock. In return she has agreed to have her ears pierced. I will allow her to remove the earrings for family get togethers and we will try to think of a reason for the two little holes. At other times she can wear two little studs outside the house and very feminine earrings inside.
  • We will look into the hair weave but for now we’re probably fine with the wigs due to cost.
  • Shaved body, make up, perfume etc. no change, as before.

All in all a fair compromise I think bearing in mind that many people are still very narrow minded. I’m pleased I have a girlie husband who accepts my view on the correct order of life.








So pretty

Here in London the weather is really warming up, summer is here. It’s been fun having my girlie husband naked for a while but now I really want her looking very pretty and very summery. One of the things that really excites me is that even after 3 years of increasing feminisation, my girlie husband Alice still gets embarrassed when I talk to her about what a pretty girl she is, how feminine she is and how I want her to be even more feminine. I told her how pretty she would be in a new little summer skirt with flowery patterns. I like to make her talk about which skirts she would like and how they might feel.

So we went shopping. She has a nice selection of skirts but I really enjoy choosing new ones with her. We’ve been shopping for her many times but this time I wanted to continue to increase her feminisation outside the home as well. So I told Alice we were going to the shopping centre (a mall to my North American readers). Of course she now has to drive in a skirt, and then pull some female trousers over it in the car park before getting out. I do look forward to the time when she wears a skirt in public too but for now we do this.

So eventually I found a couple of nice summer skirts in the department store and held them up for Alice to see. “What do you think Alice, do you like these ones?” I said out loud. “Shhhh” she said “People can hear” Alice was looking very embarrassed but it has to be this way and she’ll get used to it. “I think you’ll look pretty in this one” I said holding up a nice flared skirt, white background with yellow and large green flowery patterns on it. By now Alice was very nervous, her eyes darting around. To be honest I’m not sure if anyone was really taking any notice but that didn’t matter as the idea is to get Alice used to being out shopping together for feminine things as one of the girls and for us to talk and act normally as two girls together.

Alice asked me not to be so obvious. My plan of course was exactly the opposite. So I held the skirt up against her body and said loudly “Yes that one suits you, you’ll look very pretty in it” and smiled at her. One or two people did actually look at this point which was great. I think they weren’t sure if I was joking or not.

“Ok go and buy yourself this one Alice” I said to her giving her the skirt to carry. I did go to the cashier with her but she had to carry it and buy it, I just stood beside her smiling happily.I don’t want to embarrass the cashier or bring someone else such as the young cashier unwittingly into our feminisation so I was careful what I said. I couldn’t resist saying to Alice when she was waiting for the cashier to put it in the back, “It’s very a very pretty skirt don’t you think?” She went red anyway.

So of course when we got home Alice had to change into the new skirt. Perfect, it had quite a bit of material and flared out from her waist. When she bent over I could see her bum (no knickers). Perfect with her white frilly vest, large chest and white sandals. I love summer, I think Alice does too really.




Lady A is in charge

In previous blogs I’d described how I prefer to bring my girlie husband (wife) along on her journey into womenhood. I like it to be largely consensual as she adapts and accepts so much better. I have to be clear though that it is my programme and we are following my wishes. Alice does enjoy being a girl and enjoy her clothes, and she enjoys leaving the leadership to me. Of course we have our disagreements over things but I really do try to bring her along with me. To be honest, without me driving things along she would have a fantasy but probably do little about it.

So back to my programme of getting Alice to be more comfortable outside the house in a skirt and a dress. Whilst exciting for her, the reality is she’s quite worried, obviously people may not react well to someone who might appear to be a man wearing a dress in the street. I understand this but there is much we can do. Going to more secluded places is one. The car is another. I had been trying all sorts of things to manoeuvre Alice into going outside in a skirt/dress but to be honest, I’ve got a bit tired of being gentle about it and about her feelings. I am the lead in this marriage after all. So I decided not to get any special ‘outside’ skirts or be gentle about it. I announced on Saturday that on Sunday we were going out in the car for the day. I told Alice that she will be wearing a short black pleated skirt and a tee shirt (female of course) and her flat shoes. She will not be taking emergency trousers to change into (which are female too but anyway) and she will be leaving the car for a picnic. Alice’s face was a picture and she made all sorts of excuses but I told her I’d had enough and this is what I want.

On Sunday morning I laid out her clothes. Alice dressed of course but there was a tension in the air as I confirmed that this was what she would be wearing to go out. I did have to get firm to order her into the car. She had to drive of course as I’m the Lady. It was a lovely day in the end and although quite amusing when we stopped and I had to coax her out of the car, It was a pretty deserted spot in Epping Forest out of London. We sat on the grass by the car and occasionally some people wandered by but no one noticed anything. Alice forgot and enjoyed herself. By 7pm we couldn’t see anyone around and I actually got her to walk for 20 minutes through the trees.

One of the things I always do is get Alice to describe how nice it is. I ask in the positive for example. “Tell me how it feels with the wind on your bare legs and blowing your skirt. It feels nice doesn’t it?” (although I had jeans on).

So in the end a success and a learning point for me that I will have to get annoyed sometimes to get what I want and I want Alice feminised ALL the time not just at home and I don’t really like her in trousers, even female ones.